The Pink Purse Project Presentation 2


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What is the Pink Purse Project?

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The Pink Purse Project Presentation 2

  1. 1. PINK PURSE PROJECT “Giving women confidence they can carry.” (c) 2009 The Pink Purse Pink Purse Project
  2. 2. What is the Pink Purse Project? Pink Purse Project is a non profit organization designed to help women overcome their current negative circumstances and be empowered to fulfill their purpose for life. We want to do more than just put a purse in the hands of women. Each purse given is distributed with an intended purpose of being used to transform the life of a woman. Pink Purse Project
  3. 3. What is the Mission? The mission of the Pink Purse Project is to empower and encourage women to become assertive and confident by building their self esteem and giving them a brighter outlook on their life and future. Pink Purse Project
  4. 4. History of the Pink Purse This project started as a small community service project for the women’s ministry at the Church of Minneapolis in 2008. Although small it greatly impacted the lives of those that gave and those that received. As a call to the nation from President Obama to serve our communities the project was made public for anyone to join and participate in 2009. Pink Purse Project
  5. 5. Why a Purse? A purse is a statement. A purse is one accessory that reflects your own personality and uniqueness. Your purse while it complements you it can help change your mood and encourage you to be confident. Pink Purse Project
  6. 6. What can this project do? Pink Purse Project will help women overcome the fears of being strong and confident by addressing personal issues and tearing down walls of excuses and stereotypes. Strong, influential women will help other women become strong and influential by taking the time to exchange strengths for weaknesses and create opportunities for growth. Pink Purse Project
  7. 7. Target Population Homeless Women Battered Women Women exiting human trafficking Women with low/no self esteem Women lacking confidence Women who have been impacted by the current economic system Women with an expressed attitude for change in their lives Pink Purse Project
  8. 8. 10 Ways to Support this Project Donate a new or gently used purse. Purchase toiletries, such as deodorant, toothpaste, or lotion that can be used for stuffing the purses. Participate in our upcoming gala event later this year. Give a donation of your time by volunteering at one of our events. Place a donation bin for purses or toiletry items at your place of employment. Ask your company’s giving program to include the Pink Purse Project as an option for donations. Buy an item from our website. The proceeds benefit the Pink Purse Project. Donate new or gently used plastic bins that can be used for sorting items. Tell your friends and family about the Pink Purse Project. Invite a representative of the Pink Purse Project to speak to your employer or a group you are involved with about the benefits of the program. Pink Purse Project
  9. 9. Purses Accepted New Purses All Sizes Large Sized Backpacks Totes Gently Used No holes No Rips/Tears No Worn Leather Pink Purse Project
  10. 10. 2009 Pink Purse Project Goals Distributed to 500 women in the Twin Cities Metro Area Locate a warehouse space for the PPP home office 1st Annual Pink Purse Project Gala Fundraiser 4Q09 Encouragement Seminars once per week to women’s groups across the Twin Cities beginning in 3Q09 use as opportunities to distribute purses. Establish an Internship Program for the Pink Purse Project Partner with women’s advocacy organizations for the distribution of purses Raise a minimum of $25,000 for the Pink Purse Project in 2009 through donations and contributions Pink Purse Project
  11. 11. Upcoming Pink Purse Project Events April 15, 2009 - New Website Launch May 2, 2009 – Distribution August 1, 2009 – Collecting & Sorting September 12, 2009 – Distribution Pink Purse Project
  12. 12. Contact Us 763-657-0133 PO Box 43217, Minneapolis, MN 55443 Pink Purse Project
  13. 13. Thank You (c) 2009 The Pink Purse Pink Purse Project