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Managed Marketing Services
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Managed Marketing Services


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Customer Equity Solutions (Cequity) is a technology-enabled Customer Experience Management Company. Our end-to-end suite of integrated services includes customer management consulting, marketing …

Customer Equity Solutions (Cequity) is a technology-enabled Customer Experience Management Company. Our end-to-end suite of integrated services includes customer management consulting, marketing database & information management solutions, analytics, metrics & dashboards and campaign measurement. We use best in class proprietary methodologies, to create a cohesive, easy-to-use platform and generate measurable results throughout the entire customer lifecycle in very less time.
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  • 1. Managed Marketing Services (MMS) Moving from tactical to strategic Analytical marketing 20 May 2008  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 2. Managed Marketing Services Business Transaction Data Analytics & Campaign management Market research Competitive & Lifestyle Data indicator data We support data based decisioning by providing ACTIonABLE AnALYTICS™ using enterprise and external data in a MAnAGED MARKETInG SERVICES model. 2 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 3. CEQUITY offers a range of Managed Marketing Services Cequity — our service offerings Envision Explore Extract Enable Empower Customer Management Managed Analytics/ Custom Database Managed Marketing Marketing Operations & Consulting Campaign Services Design Solution Services Measurement services ß Customer ß Customer Analytics ß Build Databases ß Campaign Services ß Measurement Management ß Digital Analytics ß Manage databases ß Event-trigged frameworks framework ß Campaign Design & Services ß Dashboards ß Customer Execute Loyalty Marketing on-boarding on-boarding ß Campaign Tracking & ß Lead Generation & ß Loyalty Analytics ß Customer Lifecycle RoI Management Management ß Managed Loyalty ß Managed Service Campaign services Solutions Data Quality ß Managed Channel And Information Solutions Management  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 4. Tools and Techniques Modeling and Business Performance Data Management & Enabling Optimization Research Analysis quality Operations ß Forecasting ß Market Mix modeling ß Customized reporting ß Data quality audits ß Database Hosting ß Customer Lifetime ß Benchmarking, ß Univariate / ß Creating Design of services value ß Financial Impact Multivariate analyses Experiments ß Return on Marketing modeling ß Pareto analyses ß Data cleansing & investment ß Trend analyses classification optimization ß Survival analytics ß Regression Business Applications Demand Management Supply Management Strategy simulation Financial Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Supporting data-driven business decision process How can clients quickly obtain the infrastructure and skill-set required to deploy an analytics solution?  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 5. Managed Marketing Services Success Stories ß S hopping basket analysis and cross-sell optimization for the Grocery Retail business to improve targeting and conversion efficiency ß R eturn on Marketing Investment for packaged consumer goods companies for optimal allocation of marketing budget ß C ustomer Segmentation and Churn Analysis for a renowned telecom company ß Predictive models for Cross sell & up sell programs for a financial Institution ß H igh Frequency Store PoS data analysis for new product, promotional, purchase timing etc. for packaged consumer goods companies ß L arge Scale up in Campaigns ,both in terms of complexity and volume for a very large Retail Bank  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 6. Cequity - Managed Marketing Services Solutions Cequity‘s Managed Campaign services solutions allows clients to offshore their key customer marketing processes to a partner who can flexibly bring “best in class” skills sets to the entire customer marketing process. Cequity supports campaign management & marketing decisioning by bringing the client’s data into a managed services framework which allows the client to rapidly scale up their Customer marketing efforts. Cequity also brings a robust  stage Campaign management process, Smart campaigning™, which helps clients rapidly scale up their Customer marketing efforts. e Tra ns p ons act R es ion ign Da pa ta am C ta Da Smart Campaigning ™ Action basis Customer insight ry co nda Ca mp l/ Se s aig n B e rna urce lue Ext a so prin dat t  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 7. Actionable Analytics framework™ Situation Analysis Behavioral Segmentation 1 to 1 Plan Behavior Customer Scoring Model Optimisation Matrix • Absolute Scores / 1-to-1 Plan Business Objectives • Relative Scores • Portfolio level Objectives • Predictive Scores • Possible actions to • Historical Scores bridge Behaviour Gap Customer Portfolio Map (different score/behavior combinations) • Multiple Portfolios Data-BO Matrix ROI Map • Portfolio Characteristics BO-Data Matrix • Portfolio Behavior trends • Portfolio Opportunities & Value Iteration Behavior Gap Analysis (for each Portfolio) Existing Customer Data Current Ideal Resultant Portfolio Portfolio ROI Campaign Lists GAP Offer Ideas Behavior Behavior Opportunity  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 8. Typical Marketing needs across Industry ¬ Explore Extract ß Which market should I play in? ß How will it be profitable? ß What should be my products? ß How to generate good leads? ß What is my demand? ß Make my Sales team more ß What is competition doing? effective? ß How much will my customer value ß Which Channels? my services? ß What price should I set? ¬ Customer Life Cycle ¬ Empower Enable ß How profitable are my customer ß How can I reach my customer strategies? across multiple channels? ß Can I build Customer lifetime ß How do I analyze customer value approaches to manage my behavior to make my offers more customers better? ¬ relevant? ß How do I scale up my Marketing processes to campaign to my customers in a seamless way? 8 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 9. to address c lient needs Bread th of services Extract ting Models Explore ß Target Mk Mgmt. ence ß Campaign ß Market Intellig ß Price Sett ing ence ix Model ß Comp. Intellig ß Market M ß Price Tracking ß Sales Effe ctivess Strategy ß Product Dev. ß offer opti misation entation ß Market Segm ß CLTV Mo deling Empower Enable ß Credit Scorin g -sell ß Loss Model ß X-Sell, Up Collections S trategy odel ß ß Attrition M Fraud Detecti on ß Loyalty S corecard ß Sat. Study ß Customer entation ß C ustomer Segm ß Trigger M arketing nagement P rofitability Ma ß Customer  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 10. Through utilising CEQUITY’s Managed Marketing Services… …Clients are able to increase speed to market with minimal capital investments ß CEQUITY offers a managed service model which allows Clients to: − inimise capital expenditure technology M − everage the skills and expertise of CEQUITY’s L investments Analytics Services practitioners 0% Consulting Clients Transactional Data – 0% % Customer, vendor, SCM, Phd Marketing Marketing Solicitations, 20% 0% 2% ITES Product Data, Financial Data Masters MBA 2% 0% Analytics 20% External/Secondary Data BSc / IT Engg. % Prospect List/reference Files others CEQUITY Managed Analytics Platform Business Research Modeling Performance Analysis Primary Research Process Support 60 Apples 120 Management / Solutions 100 S. California 50 Bananas C. California 80 40 N. California 60 30 tive 40 20 20 10 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0 A B C D E F tra llus C Jan B 1990 ß members onboard I Product A A 1980 1970 Feb Product B Mar Product C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 ß Ramp-up to 00+ by end 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 0 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 11. MMS End to End Campaign Solution Internal/External Hosted Environment External STAGInG ª SFTP Raw Files: Customer Details • Consumer details registration, Profile • Transaction details Promotions by Channel updates, Surveys • Reactions • Survey updates • Reference files TP Transaction Data ª SF Current Promotions Reactions to Promotions Current Promotions Customer relations Reference Files ETL & DQA oDS/DW X Campaign Mgt X https [ Consumer Integrated data Shared hub  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 12. A Proof-of-Concept engagement is proposed to… …demonstrate the business value to our clients ª ª ª ª Benefits of MMS Scope Definition Data & Systems Analyze Business ß inimal capex M Piloting & Mobilisation Assessment Value & ROI investment − EQUITY C D ß efine scope ß dentify data I D ß efine pilot I ß dentify infrastructure for pilot required for scenarios business ß aster time-to-market F M ß obilise team analysis ß xecute E value I − mproved ß nalyse A scenarios ß erive return D effectiveness internal and ß nalyse A on investment ß ncreased value-add I external results − ransparency of T systems operations & risks and identify sources of − nvestment I data efficiency ß ncreased business I agility ß cope defined S ß ources of data S A ß nalysis results B ß usiness value − usiness and B Team mobilised identified reviewed from MAS market insights identified − rends / impact T ß oI determined R anticipation A proof-of-concept approach will allow clients to determine the value of MMS before embarking on full deployment of the solution 2 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 13. MMS Campaign Analytics Campaign operation Components Design & Planning Pre-Campaign Work Customer Selection Performance Tracking ß Customer Selection ß Workbook creation ß Customer Selection ß Tracking criteria Strategy ß Production Planning ß Selection Auditing identification ß Execution gap ß Data Identification & ß Mail file Creation ß Tracking report analysis & closing Mapping ß vendor coordination ß Analysis & ß Process Mapping ß Data validation ß Compliance & other recommendation fulfillments Business Analyst Campaign Managers Reporting Managers Skill sets ß Quantitative & Analytical skills ß Direct Marketing / List Processing Knowledge ß Relationship Mgt. Skills ß SAS / SQL knowledge Tools Utilized ß SAS Analytics wide knowledgebase ß Unica-Affinium Campaign,e message,model & Detect ß Encryption Software for Data Protection ß KXen  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 14. Managed Marketing Services Engagement Model (/2) I. ‘Pilot / Project’ engagement II. Managed Services engagement ß Duration ß Duration −  –  months −  –  years ß nature of engagement ß nature of engagement ª − – subject experts deployed  − edicated resources (gradually d parttime / full-time for the duration of staffed-up) engagement − eam normally located off-shore T − Team located on-site / off-shore with account manager in place ß nature of deliverable ß nature of deliverable − ne-time, identifying specific o − n-going deliverables with clear o data collection / analyses SLAs recommendations ß rationale behind offering ß Rationale behind offering − ong-term engagement with growth L − hort engagement to assess data S potential based on delivery availability and benefits of analytics − lient assistance provided to drive C long-term relationships  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 15. Managed Marketing Services Engagement Model (2/2) Internal/External Data Client CEQUITY Data mining & Campaign Option1: Project Based Engagement tools (Kxen, SAS & Unica) Raw data, Project Objective and Timeline & Data Requirement Analysis/Campaigns Flat files Deliverables Provided Agreed Upon Ad Hoc Data Transfer Based on objective Modeling & Optimization Data • Cleaning • Market intelligence & research • Performance analyses Option2: Managed Services Engagement • Campaign Planning & Execution • Internal/External Reporting Raw data, Periodic Analysis Requirement, Timeline, Data Requirement & Campaigns/Analysis Flat files Staffing agreed upon before the engagement Data Ad Hoc Data Transfer Based Cleaning on objective Feedback Loop on Data Quality/ Campaign Response  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 16. Proposed Pricing Models There are several pricing options, highly customizable Fixed Rates option Charge model is based on number MMS HUB of customers and service spectrum, $ taking away any significant upfront investment giving quantifiable RoI to the client number of outputs in Month Base Plus Transaction Loading MMS HUB MMS HUB $ $ number of outputs in Month number of outputs in Month Pricing for services would be at market rates for similar services, which suggests direct savings of 20-2% to most clients  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential
  • 17. In Summary, our value Proposition Client benefits Key differentiators ß Financial Impact ß CEQUITY in partnership - “skin in − emonstrable savings through RoI D the game” calculators ß Skilled resources/Leveraged ª − Fixed to variable/no upfront investment models − Pay-Per-Use ß Scalable capacity ß Time To Market (TTM) − Best practices − Improved Effectiveness − Repeatability ß Increased value-add − xperienced domain/industry business E − Transparency of operations & risks analysts − Investment efficiency ß Proven benefits ß off-the-shelf jumpstart modules − xperience in driving benefits for E for “analytics starter” CEQUITY businesses & selected clients ß Increased business agility − Solution expertise − Business and market insights − Trends / impact anticipation ß End-to-end offering − Consulting led Managed Analytics − Trends / impact anticipation [[ Focused on delivering business impact  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential