Campaign Pack for Retail Marketing


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Campaign pack is a collection of solutions created for Retail Marketing Managers to help them develop, execute, track and analyze campaigns more effectively.

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Campaign Pack for Retail Marketing

  1. 1. Campaign Pack for Retail 1
  2. 2. Introduction Campaign pack is a collection of solutions created for Retail Marketing Managers to help them develop, execute, track and analyze campaigns more effectively What is Campaig n Pack Campaign pack contains solution for all the phases of campaigning right from analytical models based campaign list generation for Why use different customer segments to automated execution and tracking Campaign Campaig to analytics driven insight generation on post-campaign Pack n Pack performance • Its strength lies in highly simplified result delivery mechanism supported Benefits by a very robust data and analytics engine • The modeling factory platform allows the solution system to churn a large number of models in very short time making it highly scalable • It hides the marketing manager from all the data complexities and straightway brings to him the target customer lists and insights through simple automated reports (completely integrated with MS-Excel) 2
  3. 3. Campaign Pack: Components Campaign Manager Campaign List Generator Campaign Manager is a dynamic solution, enabling enterprise-wide integration of customer This is a propensity modeling management strategies through solution. It helps to identify the power of seamless event-driven potential responders for a marketing particular campaign It has large scale databases and Generates probability scorecards for employs multiple communications all customers and then selects the and customer contact channels, top deciles including direct mail, email, SMS, Campaign Analyzer point of sale, call centre, branch and dealer, as well as Analyzes the post-campaign internet. performance. Generates comparison snapshots of performance across different channels, customer segments, time and geography Generates automated reports completely integrated with MS- Excel 3
  4. 4. Solution Framework Customer Campaign Demographic Lists Data Campaign Data Audit List Generator Transaction Automated Reports History Data Campaign Enrichment Manager Insights Campaign Derived Campaign Data Variables Analyzer Addition MS-Excel Integration Loyalty Data 4
  5. 5. Campaign List Generator It’s a propensity modeling solution. It generates the probability of customers to respond and identifies the parameters which influences response. Defining List of target variables or Probability variable Dividing the scores of characteristic Scoring of data into (customer Propensity each s which new Model Model modeling set who scorecard for Development customer to define the validation customer and responded to the campaign respond to probability of base validation set similar the festival a customer campaign in to respond past) ‘Modeling Factory’ platform helps to generate the models for every campaign in very short time 5
  6. 6. Campaign Manager It is a highly efficient, modular and flexible application that integrates all of the data and services necessary to develop, execute and track campaigns. It combines fast access to constantly enriched detailed customer level data and high volume transactions, consolidating customer insight and interactions across all channels of communication. • Allows deliver simple to complex multi-stage, multi-wave campaigns • Integrates easily with all of all kinds of databases and flat files • Rapid implementation and integration to existing business systems, leveraging existing investments in IT • Support for all marketing campaigns including above and below the line • Allows local marketing teams to subscribe to central marketing campaigns and deliver them to local audiences • Storage of campaign creative and documentation • Campaign rules, for example, next best action, can be easily defined and delivered through all marketing channels • Configurable reports on campaign effectiveness, budget, costs and marketing ROI • Automatically refreshed reports, scorecards, indexes and campaign lists • Complete integration with MS-Excel 6
  7. 7. Campaign Analyzer Insights generated Performance comparison of different customer segment Comparison of sales with previous year performance Comparison of sales and number of visitors across different channels Distribution of purchase value bands before and after campaign Performance comparison of different stores in terms of sales and number of visitors Distribution of average ticket size before & after Geography-wise comparison (zone-wise, city-wise) Sale distribution of items under offer Channel-wise performance comparison Email category comparison for response rate and click rate 7
  8. 8. Campaign Analyzer: Snapshots Sales and number of visitors per day 8
  9. 9. Campaign Analyzer: Snapshots Store wise average ticket size and growth 4,000 20% 15% 3,500 10% 3,000 5% 2,500 0% 2,000 -5% -10% 1,500 -15% 1,000 -20% 500 -25% - -30% Ticket size Growth in ticket size 9
  10. 10. Campaign Analyzer: Snapshots Store wise Comparison – Number of visitors and sales 30,000 120 Hundreds Thousands 25,000 100 20,000 80 15,000 60 10,000 40 5,000 20 0 - 2007 Sales 2008 Sales 2007 -Number of customers 2008 -Number of customers visited 10
  11. 11. Campaign Analyzer: Snapshots Lag effect of e-mailer sent 450 3,500 400 3,000 350 2,500 300 2,000 250 200 1,500 150 1,000 100 500 50 0 - 2-Oct 3-Oct 4-Oct 5-Oct 6-Oct 7-Oct 8-Oct 9-Oct 10-Oct 11-Oct 12-Oct 13-Oct 14-Oct 15-Oct 16-Oct 17-Oct 18-Oct 19-Oct 20-Oct 21-Oct 22-Oct 23-Oct 24-Oct 25-Oct 26-Oct 27-Oct 28-Oct 29-Oct 30-Oct 31-Oct 1-Nov 2-Nov Number of customers visited Ticket size Note: line indicates Weekend 11
  12. 12. About Cequity CEQUITY is a “marketing automation & analytics” firm combining tier 1 advisory skills with a highly qualified and world-leading analytics engine delivered in an Onsite- Offshore model We help organizations • Manage data present across different data silos • Reduce dependency on IT and give more power in the hands of marketing managers to be able to perform train-of-thought analysis and generate insights from their data • Build analytical models and scorecards on their data to identify right target segments for campaigning • Develop , execute and manage campaigns to show ROI generated We bring our strong domain, data and analytical expertise through specialized solutions to our highly satisfied and rapidly growing client list spread across Retail, Banking, CPG, Telecom, Travel, DTH and Insurance. 12
  13. 13. INDIA USA Worldwide OfficesOFFICE: 626, GROVE EVANTSON, 1ST MUMBAI OFFICE: 105-106, FLOOR, CHICAGO STREET, ANAND ESTATE, 189-A, SANE GURUJI IL 60201 MARG, MAHALAXMI, MUMBAI – 400 011 PHONE: +91 22 43453824 F: +91 22 43453840 For the latest thinking in Analytics & insights on Customer management, check out our blog at 13