Boden Case Study


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Boden Case Study

  1. 1. Boden delivers improved marketing ROI Boden are renowned for catalogue based retailing of high quality women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. Starting in 1991 Johnnie Boden delivered his first catalogue with only 8 men’s wear pieces, Boden now sends out over 20 million catalogues per annum. 500 employees jointly share responsibility for shipping more than 4000 orders per day Cequity's end-to-end suite of from the warehouse and Boden continues to grow. Customer integrated services includes customer management consulting, The Situation Boden marketing database & information management solutions, analytics, In early 2001 Boden identified a requirement to gain better insight into their growing metrics & dashboards and Industry Sector customer base and purchased smartFOCUS Intelligent Marketing Analysis solutions. campaign measurement support. Boden are now in the position one year on, where the purchase of smartFOCUS Retail Our state-of-the-art technology solutions has enabled better customer segmentation - an increase in specific customer solution, Cequity ACE is powered cells for targeting from 20 to 80 individual segments. In addition, cost savings in the by smartFOCUS and is a hosted region of £200k have been achieved from just one piece of analysis. This saving alone customer marketing system that Solution Components can be quickly implemented without has delivered Boden with a multiple return on their original investment in the major hardware or software smartFOCUS technology and supporting marketing services. investments. This helps us deliver Data Quality/Management The Challenge rich yet valuable, information- driven, customer experience opportunities Customer View Single for you. Specifically, Boden use the smartFOCUS analysis and visualisation, data mining and campaign planning solutions to enhance their understanding of the 2.2 Million people “From our experience,Visualization Analysis & the Intelligent on the database. Propensity to buy information discovered through smartFOCUS Analytical Marketing from smartFOCUS technology now indicates that the women’s wear range is delivering faster growth makes it possible to instantly analyze, Predictive Modeling than other ranges, specifically men’s wear buyers have a higher lapse rate and are segment, identify and communicate with large volumes of customers and contacts more likely to buy every other year (Boden clothes are designed to last!). This type of Campaign Management on an individual basis. Intelligent customer knowledge helps Boden plan more accurately and to forecast more Marketing improves customer effectively. Email Marketing communications - throughout the entire lifetime of a company-customer In essence, everything that Boden now achieve with the data they hold is enhanced relationship and makes performance Online Execution through the use of smartFOCUS technology. The recent purchase of MOSAIC data to driven multi-channel marketing a reality. smartFOCUS is faster and more efficient enhance the Boden customer view will enable even more sophisticated segmentation Performance Management than we thought it would be!” and marketing in the future. Boden will improve response rates by profiling profitable customers and identifying groups of prospects with similar profiles for specifically Manage Service targeted marketing promotions. In addition, improved product transaction history will CEO - Cequity Solutions enable models to be built ensuring that customer retention is maximised. The awareness and usage of smartFOCUS technology within Boden is also developing - even the clothing designers (traditionally technophobes) are requesting profile information on customers to create a better picture of their target audience. Designers want to ensure that more of their products meet customer expectations more of the time. To summarise, in the years since Boden purchased and implemented smartFOCUS solutions, Boden have delivered: Improvements in customer acquisition through better profiling of customers and greater awareness of likelihood to purchase Improvements in the segmentation of the database to allow more cost effective mailings Improvements in customer retention through detailed knowledge of customer purchase behavior and channels Improved life cycle value and hence customer management and planning. Continued overleaf
  2. 2. The Challenge continued… In the words of Mark Binnington, Marketing Director, Boden “We now know more about our customers, a great deal more. We have more access to more detail (purchase history) giving us a single customer view. We know more top line information (channel and response propensity by segment) and this enables us to better plan and manage marketing activity, delivering Boden with increased profitability and productivity.” Boden has already met its ROI case for the investment in smartFOCUS marketing solutions through its improved catalogue mailing strategy. Further savings, have been realised through Boden dispensing with the services of external agencies, previously employed to report on Boden’s customer and prospect data. We now know The future use of smartFOCUS Intelligent Marketing technology within Boden will focus on achieving not just further cost savings but also in driving incremental revenue more about our identified from opportunities discovered from within the customer data. customers, a great deal About smartFOCUS more. We have more smartFOCUS (LSE:STF) is a leading international marketing software company that access to more detail empowers marketers with the intelligence to drive high performance multi channel (purchase history) campaigns and more valuable customer relationships. Its Intelligent Marketing solutions integrate off-line and on-line data, analysis, campaign and performance giving us a single management to deliver better targeted more timely and relevant communications that increase campaign conversion rates and improve customer’s insight. customer view. smartFOCUS now has over 300 customers worldwide using its marketing software including AAA, ABN AMRO, ATOS, Centreparcs, EMI, Fig Leaves, Harrods, Hilton International, NSPCC, Societe Generale and QVC. Reach us at: smartFOCUS is headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US, continental Europe 105-106, 1st Floor, Anand Estate, 189-A, Sane Guruji Marg, Mahalaxmi, and Asia Pacific. Mumbai-400 011, India Phone: +91 22-43453800 Fax: +91 22-43453840 For more case studies, white papers and presentations log on to: Or Write to: For the latest thinking in Analyical Marketing, check out our blog at: Contact Details Powered by