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Fast Track to the Cloud
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Fast Track to the Cloud


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Learn how you can transform your IT and perform at a lower cost with greater agility in less than one hour with a cloud solution.

Learn how you can transform your IT and perform at a lower cost with greater agility in less than one hour with a cloud solution.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Facilitator Guide Symphony Product Launch Sales Training June, 2010
  • Facilitator Guide Symphony Product Launch Sales Training June, 2010
  • Transcript

    • 1. Fast Track to Cloud –and Business AgilityCenturyLink™ Enterprise Cloud Networking© 2012 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The CenturyLink mark, pathways logo and certain CenturyLink productnames are the property of CenturyLink, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. cp121993 5/12
    • 2. Competitive Pressures “How do I stay ahead of smaller, more innovative competitors?” “How can I connect with my customers in a crowded marketplace?” “How do I deliver superior value with limited resources?”
    • 3. Leading Insurance ProviderBEFORE AFTER Wanted to engage  Launched a site in younger consumers weeks Needed a social media  Marketing ran the solution in record time project Wanted a low-risk way to  Proved application test new applications and value without large up- processes before front investment committing resources
    • 4. What If You Could… Deploy a full data center on demand? Achieve enterprise-grade compliance, security and performance? Pay only for what you use when you use it?What would that mean for your business?
    • 5. The Promise of the Cloud Performance Speed Control
    • 6. Your Challenges CFO: “What will IT: “Howdo ILine-of-business Head: it cost now and support this?”“I need this NOW!” in the future?”
    • 7. Financial Perspective Minimize up-front costs to test and deploy applications Avoid stranded capital investment Add capacity as needed "Savvis has been very agile with us as we have changed our demands." - Greg Fay, Director of Technology, Hallmark Digital
    • 8. IT Perspective Enterprise-grade reliability Best-of-breed hardware Global high- performance network “If an airline’s systems go down for more than four hours, the entire easyJet fleet has to be grounded.” - Andy Caddy, Chief Architect, easyJet
    • 9. ExamplesE-commerce/Retail: Financial Services: Web 2.0/SocialPeak seasonal demand Spikes in online Computing: Scale to transactions meet rapid growth
    • 10. ExamplesCommunications, Life Sciences/ ISVs (SaaS):Media & Entertainment Biotechnology/Energy: Support SaaS growth(CME): Special events Server proliferation forand breaking news workgroups and projects
    • 11. Enterprise-Level Infrastructure  SLAs from 99.9% to 100%  High performance servers & storage  24/7/365 global support  Support for hybrid environments  Easy to use portal for access & control  Security services  Best of breed hardware  Global high performance Network  SAS-70 data centers
    • 12. Two types of Cloud for the Enterprise Public Cloud Private Cloud •Multi tenant •Single tenant •Very Flexible •Flexible •Very Scalable •Scalable •Secure •Very secure
    • 13. Private Cloud ModelsResource Demand Demand Time • Minimal Elasticity • Steady or Near Steady State • Cost Savings comes from server consolidation and utilization • Server utilization improves from an average 12% to over 50%
    • 14. Public Cloud Efficiencies Lost Business Opportunity CostIT Infrastructure Cost Projected Demand Traditional Hardware Expense Actual Demand Cloud Expense Time
    • 15. Hybrid Cloud SolutionsCenturyLink Provides the Building Blocks for the Solution Private Cloud Public Cloud •Application Tier •Web Tier •PCI Compliance •Scalability Data Base •Physical Hardware •High Performance
    • 16. With CenturyLink, You Can…  Transform your IT Perform at a lower cost with greater agility…quickly on demand