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Managing Your Data Growth with Cloud Storage


Published on

Are you prepared to migrate your data to the cloud? Our experts weigh-in on this important topic in our newest presentation.

Are you prepared to migrate your data to the cloud? Our experts weigh-in on this important topic in our newest presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. © 2013 savvisdirectManaging your data growth withCloud Storage
  • 2. © 2013 savvisdirectOur presentersScott Good has over 18 years of experience in productdevelopment/management and operations roles driving IPproducts including hosting, e-Commerce, Internet access, VoIPand fixed wireless initiatives with start-up divisions within largerService Provider organizations.Mr. Good is Senior Product Manager for Cloud Infrastructure atsavvisdirect with a focus on designing and delivering cloudstorage products that meet customer use cases and IT budgets.He serves on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Disaster RecoveryAssociation and holds CDCP accreditation from ICOR andABCP certification from DRII.Andy Maier has 15 years of experience as a leader inbusiness and technology, including IT management, productmanagement, e-Commerce, marketing and enterprisearchitecture. His areas of experience include cloudcomputing, ERP, social networking, collaboration, marketingtechnology, user experience, security infrastructure andportals.After leading many major enterprise initiatives for a Fortune100 financial services institution, he led the socialnetworking and collaboration initiatives for Oracle Fusionapplications and middleware.
  • 3. © 2013 savvisdirectAgenda• How do we store all of this data?• What makes cloud storage so different?• Prepare to migrate data• Use cases – examples of cloud storage applications• How cloud storage authentication works and some best practices• Evaluating potential providers• Summary• Questions
  • 4. © 2013 savvisdirect?Digital media of all types continues to growexponentially
  • 5. © 2013 savvisdirectHow do we store all of this data?Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS)Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS)Cloud Management and Security ServicesCloud Application Services (SaaS)Cloud AdvertisingCloud Business Process Services (BPaaS)Public Cloud Services Total0 10 20 30 40 5041.3%27.7%26.7%19.5%17.0%10.7%17.7%5-year CAGR (2011-2016) (%)Source: Gartner (February 2013)Forecasted growth ofthe IaaS market$6.1B2012$24.2B2016
  • 6. © 2013 savvisdirect © 2013 savvisdirectWhat makes cloud storagedifferent?Benefits• Reduce expenses associated with physical data centers• Deploy in minutes, not weeks or months• Pay no upfront expenses• Gain peace of mind and security• Reduce the scope of your traditional planning routine• Access and manage from any Internet connectionWeb AccessElasticity PriceAPIsFastProvisioningScale-out
  • 7. © 2013 savvisdirectHow do you prepare tomigrate?1 Create a migration plan with diagrams of current data storage locations2 Plan a data upload schedule to minimize impact on other services3 Procure necessary file upload apps4 Web application software developers use target storage RESTful APIs intheir code
  • 8. © 2013 savvisdirectUSE CASE:Images and other static content stored byWeb-hosting customers leverage APIs toaccess cloud infrastructure
  • 9. © 2013 savvisdirectUSE CASE:Long-term, low-cost data retentionUsers requiring storage of legal documents, graphics/pictures, video,architectural documents, imaging, archiving, scientific research can turnto cloud computing.
  • 10. © 2013 savvisdirectUSE CASE:Medical imageryUsers requiring storage of legal documents, graphics/pictures, video,Medical picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) archivemedical imagery. At-home medical devices send data to the cloud foraccess by medical professionals.
  • 11. © 2013 savvisdirectHow authentication works and somebest practicesHost URL: https://api-dc.savvisdirectstorage.netBelow is a sample Token / structure detail & Host URL
  • 12. © 2013 savvisdirectFor software developers, using a RESTful API may be the preferred way to target storagein the cloud. The following is an example of an API request to create an object.How authentication works and somebest practices
  • 13. © 2013 savvisdirectConfigure a letter drive to act ascloud storage.How authentication works and somebest practicesUse bindings and libraries with aRESTful API
  • 14. © 2013 savvisdirect © 2013 savvisdirectDeciding on a cloud storagevendorConsider:• Price• Accessibility• Live tech support• Security• On-demand scalability• Future-proof• Provider viability• Supported technology
  • 15. © 2013 savvisdirectAlthough prices are fairlylow and comparableacross vendors, it still paysto learn how you’ll becharged. Pricing flexibilityis a great feature with avendor.Benefit:Offers predictable pricingmodels for usage and fixedterms.PriceBe sure you’ll have accessto your data when youneed it, as well as theability to run reports 24/7.Benefit:Universal availabilityspanning domestic andinternational locationshelps ensure that you canget business done anytimeand anywhere, whichtranslates into higherproductivity.AccessibilityFrom the start of theproject and ongoing,research which vendorsoffer for writtendocumentation, demos,online tutorials, FAQs,white papers, blogs andother online support.Benefit:Makes efficient use of yourIT staff’s time when theyget customized, on-demand help.Live TechSupportDeciding on a cloud storage vendor
  • 16. © 2013 savvisdirectCloud vendors should provide:• Object credentials encryption at rest• SSL for secure data transfer• RSA encrypted nodes and a multifunction perimeterfirewallCloud storage is generally more secure than on-premise storage because it located in a secure datacenter.Benefit:Peace of mind that your data is secure.SecurityDeciding on a cloud storage vendor• Order to provision—upload data immediately• Increases or decreases in storage space canhappen effortlessly online— no need to call support• Real-time online experience for education,purchase, configuration and supportBenefit:Immediate fulfillment and responsiveness improvesyour experience, resulting in long-term efficiency andproductivity.On-demand configuration, capacity and modificationsmaximize investment through automated, flexibleprovisioning of network VLAN, servers, operatingsystems, CPU, memory, local storage and locations.On-demandscalability
  • 17. © 2013 savvisdirectSince the software andhardware resides with thecloud provider, there’s noneed for your company toto keep the latest versions.Benefit:Saves you money inhardware and softwareupgrades.Future proofMake certain the providerhas the financial and ITresources to be around forthe long haul and canupgrade their infrastructureand software to keep upwith current trends.Benefit:Increases peace of mind.ViableProviderBe sure the vendor’senvironment is compatible withyour technology requirementsincluding operating systems,programming languages,adherence to industrystandards, etc.Benefits:Enablement of web servicesand other common API resourcefunctions so you can leverageyour existing infrastructure andlanguages, reduces re-work forimmediate efficiency.SupportedTechnologyDeciding on a cloud storage vendor
  • 18. © 2013 savvisdirectSummaryDecrease the need to:• Configure servers and VMs with attached local storage• Manage file security and the number of configurations in your server operating systems• Spend time on basic tasks like adding storageManage everything from anywhere:• Developers can use their own code, simplifying deployment and ongoingmanagement• Applications can run anywhere with Internet connectivity, and have accessto all files without configuring storage connections to the OS orworrying about replicating files across multiple storage arraysConsider the benefits of having more than one provider:• Estimate costs, test code integration, test usability andperformance• Weigh the provider’s level of partnership and support
  • 19. © 2013 savvisdirectQuestions?• Provision storage in minutes at• Learn how easy it can be to take advantage of cloud storage fromsavvisdirect• Stay up to date on the latest savvisdirect news by reading our blog• Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook• Visit us online at to learn more, or call us at855.459.5121Thanks for joining us.