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Welcome to your new home2

  1. 1. Telephone:06 355 55 22 Facsimile: 06 929 4973 Tenancy Application Form Please complete – The more information you give us the easier it is for us to helpProperty address applying for ________________________________________________________________________________________________Your Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth______________ Current Address: Age_________ Marital StatusTelephone: Day_________________ Evenings__________________ Mobile____________________Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fax ____________Emergency contact: ______________________________ Phone: ______________________ What is their relationship to you: _________________________________________________Are you over 18 years? (circle) Yes No Smoker / Non Smoker? SOME Landlords will ask these questions. Filling them out now will save time. • What is your income? _________________ • How often are you paid Weekly Fortnightly Monthly • Who is your employer? _________________________________________ • Do you mind if we contact them to confirm this? Y N • Previous Employer:__________________________________________ • Have you rented accommodation before? Y N Previous Landlords: (Compulsory) Name Address Phone 1 2 3 4 5 Where have you lived in the past two years, and how long did you remain at each address? 1. _____________________________________________________ Time_________ 2. _____________________________________________________ Time_________ Why are you leaving your current accommodation? ___________________________________ How much notice does your present Landlord require? ___________________________________ • Can I contact your current landlord? Y N • Current Rent __________ • How long do you intend living in this property? _________________________ • Would you be interested in a fixed term tenancy Y N 6 months 1 year 2 years • Do you have a good credit history? ________________________
  2. 2. • Do you have any pets? Cat Dog Other_________________ • How many children do you have? _______________________Ages:________________ • How many people are going to live in the property? ___________ • How many vehicles? _________________ Motor Vehicle Particulars Make/Model___________________ ____Year _______ Registration ____________ Make/Model_______________________ Year _______ Registration ____________ Make/Model_______________________ Year _______ Registration ____________Photo Drivers Licence or Passport is required as ID Driver’s Licence No: ________________________________________ Community Services Card Number: ____________________________ Passport Number___________________________________________ Can you provide a written reference? Y N What we require from you • All our tenants must provide satisfactory testimonials and current references to be eligible to rent a property from Tararua Realty Ltd. MREINZ • We carry out credit checks if required. • An official photo ID is required or 2 Forms of ID. • Rent is paid 1-2 weeks in advance. • 1 week’s rent + gst is charged as a letting fee. • 3 weeks Bond is standard. As a general rule we do not allow dogs unless specifically allowed on the property Credit Check You have authority to obtain information about my creditworthiness from any agency holding such information. I agree to any of this above information or any other information obtained about me to be given to the or another landlord or credit bureau or tenant default data base. I authorise the landlord to report any breach of the tenancy agreement or breach of the residential Tenancies Act 1986 to a credit bureau or tenant default data base and I consent to these details being passed on to another subscriber. I agree that the landlord may use any of the information on this form to enforce any judgement or money order obtained against me. I authorise any Electric Power or Gas or Telecommunications supplier or Ministry of housing or Housing NZ and Income NZ or departments of Courts or Postal service or any person or agency operating under their respective control to give to the landlord any information about my past/present or future address. I / We warrant that the above particulars are true and correct. I/We also authorise the organisation(s) and people detailed above to divulge any information the landlord may request. I/We make the above authorisation irrevocable. SIGNATURE: ______________________________________DATED________________ SIGNATURE: ______________________________________DATED________________ Century 21 By The Lake, : 1185 Kairanga Bunnythorpe Rd, R D 5, Palmerston North 4474 Phone 6 355 5522 Fax 6 929 4973 Mob 0274 495 547 Licenced Agent 2008 REAA
  3. 3. Welcome to Your New Home- Moving in checklistImportant information concerning your tenancy is in this booklet.Please read it carefully and store in a safe place.Pay rent to National Bank . Century 21 By The Lake Limited 06 0471 073 2320 001OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY to FRIDAY 9.00am – 5.00pmOur tenancy go from 12 noon to 12 noon . Overtime is charged another dayPhone: 06 355 55 22If there are any problems or repairs that require attentionplease text 0274495547 after hoursAny calls to our office outside of normal business hours will be directed to our message service.Phone: 06 355 55 22. Messages get text to our duty agentMessages are checked regularly with the appropriate action taken.Important Documents to be Retained: • Tenancy Agreement • Inspection Report • Copy of Bond Form • Moving In Check List • Insurance acknowledgement form • Notice to Vacate • Tenant Request for Maintenance Issues • Staff Member Complaint
  4. 4. Welcome to Your New HomeWelcome to the home and we congratulate you on a successful application. We know it is a renters nightmare outthere in the market place at the moment. We know you are relieved to have ticked this process off. We do havesome definite ground rules and now is the time to spell them out.Please address ALL CORRESPONDENCE torentals@inspire.net.nzOur Postal address is:Century 21 By the lake1185 Kairanga-Bunnythorpe RdR D 5, Palmerston North 4475Ph 06 3555522 fax06 929 4973 Address Carpets are to be professionally cleaned _________________________________ Insurance Disclosure at the end of tenancy. I the tenant of Reference ______________________ The tenant is responsible for any Address plumbing blockages proven to have been Our tenancies start and finish at 12noon caused by the tenants. ____________________________ No smoking inside the premises. Rental Guidelines are as follows Your Property Manager can be contacted on Have been informed by Century 21 All lawn clippings, tree trimmings & 06 355 5522 between the hours of 9am to By the that I require garden waste to be removed from the 5pm Mon to Fri property at the end of tenancy. No car Household Insurance for the above We have 3 basic Rules bodies or rubbish to be left on the property. 1. The rent must be paid on time; premises. 2. The property must be kept clean and tidy; The tenant shall make sure all rooms are and Signed by the tenant sufficiently aired to prevent mould. 3. Do not disturb the neighbors Rent is to be paid to The landlord and the tenant agree that on the breakage of any glass windows, doors ____________________________ etc, the tenant will be liable to have all Date Failure to pay rent constitutes a breach of repairs carried out within (7) days at their ____________________________ tenancy and you will be sent demands and own expense. notice to pay. Failure to do so will result in tenancy court applications and possibly added The tenant is responsible for the Signed by the tenant replacement of light bulbs. costs. The tenant is responsible for any service You may request a rent summary at any stage. call charges made by trades people, when ____________________________ Helpful Hints a time has been arranged with tenants to Date give access to trades people and the ____________________________ Rubbish Collection is __________Blue Rubbish Bags at gate (obtained from Council) or tenant is not home. __________________________ Only picture hooks to be hung, where Signed by the Property Manager landlord has approved, tenant will be Power provider is________________________ IPC number for them is____________ responsible for any holes not approved. No drawing pins! ____________________________ Phone______________________ Date Door stops help prevent holes in the walls The Tenant shall maintain the grounds. ____________________________ behind door. The Tenancy is subject to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. This forms an annexure to the Be careful of windows that stick. Call us rather tenancy agreement than forcing them and breaking a window, The tenant shall NOT assign or sublet the particularly the first time you try opening the tenancy without the Landlords written window. A copy of this form has been consent. Flat mates & partners leaving received by the tenant Permission to swap to Card Power can be require notice to the Landlord/Agent. arranged. Please refer to pet Contract- signed and Signed by the tenant attached and forming part of this tenancy Damage All damage, including wear and tear, is to be The Tenant shall be limited to _ vehicles reported to the Property Management team. parked upon the property and will not ____________________________ Ph 06 3555522 store any vehicle parts/engines or vehicle Date bodies upon the property unless ____________________________ No nail holes in walls for pictures. Use existing holes or hooks ONLY. No drawing pins permission is given by the landlord. Rubbish is to be removed regularly ( Cleanliness The oven and carpets are clean and expected weekly ) from the property Signed by the tenant to be clean at all times. No mattresses are to be on the floor all It is easier to keep kitchen walls and oven beds and furniture is to have bases. clean from grease as you go rather than ____________________________ having to do a big cleanup at the end of the No car bodies or engines or unregistered Date tenancy. vehicles are to be left on the property. Oil ____________________________ The carpets are to be in the same state or or chemical spills and leaks are the better when you leave responsibility of the tenant. Any damage Parking shall be repaired at the satisfaction of Do not park on lawns. century 21
  5. 5. Important Information:1. Paying RentIt is your legal responsibility to pay your rent, to the Landlord in advance. Please ensure that your payments reach uson or before the due date. We will not physically collect your rent. Rent must be paid by automatic payment, or with adeposit book into our bank account.If you have any problems with your rent payments please notify your Property Manager at the earliest possible time. Ifyou fall into arrears, application will be made to the Tenancy Tribunal for termination of your tenancy and your debt willbe lodged with Baycorp or any other tenancy database.2. Inventory / Pre-inspectionIncluded in this pack is a pre-inspection report that you will have seven days to bring to our attention any faultthat was not noted on the Inventory/Pre-inspection Report. If we are not notified then you will be liable for anysubsequent defect.3. Maintenance InspectionsInspections will be made 13 weekly (3 monthly) during your tenancy. Your first inspection may be earlier tocoincide with the inspection roster. Inspections will always be made by appointment. Unfortunately due totime constraints it is not possible to alter the inspection time. You dont have to be present, but you are mostwelcome to be there so we can discuss any problems or aspects of your tenancy that requires attention.4. OccupancyOnly the people (and the number of people) included on you tenancy agreement are permitted to reside at theproperty on a permanent basis. Should a tenant wish to move out please notify us immediately.5. Giving Notice / Vacating Premises .When you decide to leave the property you are required to give three weeks notice in writing. You will find a “Notice toVacate” in your Welcome Pack. Please fill this in and send it to us. Notice is effective from the date it is received by ouroffice. You will be liable for rent up to and including the 21st day of your notice period.For tenants on fixed term tenancies the above does not apply as your agreement cannot be terminated by notice.6. Leaving the PropertyThe house must be left clean and tidy (including garden), meter readings are taken and keys ready to be handed over atthe pre-arranged final inspection time. Commercial cleaning costs could be deducted from your bond if the property isnot left clean. (Remember the stove!)Remember your tenancy can not be finalised until all the keys are returned to the Property Manager. If all keys are notreturned locks will be changed and costs deducted from your bond.7. Change of Employment or Phone number .Please ensure you notify us immediately of any change to your employment and business or home telephonenumber. This is to ensure that we can contact you should the need arise.8. InsuranceThe landlord is responsible for insuring the property. The Landlord is not responsible for any damage totenants possessions. Tenants should take out their own contents insurance for their possessions.
  6. 6. 9. Water RatesIf you are on a metered water supply the council issues water accounts every six months. You as the tenant will then becharged for the water consumed according to the water meter reading taken at commencement of tenancy.9. Utilities BillsIt is your responsibility to have the utilities (gas, electricity, telephone) connected in your name. You must have theaccount finalized when you vacate.11. Painting/Decorating/Renovating .Should you wish to make any changes to the property including decoration you must obtain written permissionfrom the Landlord before any work commences. If consent is given, colours and products used will need to beagreed on.12. Animals .These may be kept only with the written permission of the Landlord, and in accordance with local by-laws.13. Car Parking .Tenants are to park only in the designated areas. Please ensure cars are not parked on grass verges or lawns. Carsthat are not warranted, registered or running are not to be parked on the premises.14. Gardens and LawnsIt is a requirement of your Tenancy Agreement that you as the tenant are responsible for keeping garden weedsto a minimum, and lawns mowed regularly, unless otherwise provided for in the Tenancy Agreement.15. Repairs and Maintenance Problems .Should you have a problem with your home, please telephone our office and speak to your Property Manager. If he/sheis unavailable, please leave a detailed message and telephone number and when they can gain access. If you are notgoing to be home, we can give a tradesman a key or alternatively you can leave one somewhere for him/her. If younotice anything dangerous on or about the property you must advise your Property Manager immediately.If access arrangements are not adhered to and the tradesman cannot gain entry, the call out charge will be passed ontoyou the tenant to pay.Should an extreme emergency occur, please dial 111; you should then try to contact your Property Manager by phone.Any maintenance arranged by a tenant will be at the tenants cost unless it is proven to be an emergency.16. Damage to the PremisesThe tenant shall ensure that all care is taken to avoid damage to the premises. You are required to give notice to theLandlord of any damage to the premises as soon as you become aware of it.Please ensure that only picture hooks or appropriate supports are used on walls. Avoid nails, stick on tapes, blue-tack,thumb tacks and other fixings.
  7. 7. Lines and electricity chargesThe tenant agrees to pay all gas, electricity, water and telephone connection to the property.It is habitant’s responsibility to notify the relevant authorities when they vacate the premisesKeysKeys receivedInsert photocopy here of keys givenSign hereRefuse and rubbishThe tenant will be responsible for the regular removal of all household and garden refuse and rubbish. Including Junk mail. If the eventof unacceptable accumulation of such rubbish at the Premises century 21 by the lake reserve the right to engage a contractor at thetenants expense to remove the same.Lawns and groundsThe tenant shall be responsible for moving lawns. No lawn clippings to be resting against any buildings or fences. Large tree trimming isthe responsibility of the landlord.Gutters are to be kept clear of vegetation.
  8. 8. InsuranceThe tenants have been made aware that they require or have been told that they require Personal household insurance; In the event ofany insurance claims being made that is the tenant’s responsibilityDisclousureI the tenant ofHave been informed by Century 21 that I requireHousehold Insurance for the above property.Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the PropertyManager.............................................................................date......................A copy of his acknowledgement receivedSigned by the tenant...........................................................date......................
  9. 9. Your tenancy agreementA tenancy agreement is a legal document that outlines the landlord and tenants responsibilities. The TenancyAgreement and any additional clauses or annexure. is a legal document, and as such It confers rights andresponsibilities on both parties which can be defended in a court of law. It also records the number of people who can live at a house. Whether you may or may not have pets The initial inspection process is important. We require a signed copy to be referred to at the end of the tenancy. Make sure you keep a copy of your tenancy agreement, and refer to it if you have any questions about your tenancy. The agreement at a glance: Some of the responsibilities explained in our tenancy Mediation: agreement with you are that we will: Mediation is a way for people to sort out problems • make sure your home is in good condition and that the with the help of a trained, impartial person. The locks and fastenings are adequate mediator will try to help the people in a dispute to • make sure your home meets building and health and come to an agreement that works for both parties. safety standards For more information about mediation, contact • arrange for essential repairs to be done as quickly as Tenancy Services on 0800 83 62 62. possible The Tenancy Tribunal: • give you 24-hours notice before doing any planned maintenance work The Tenancy Tribunal is a court set up to deal with • give you 48-hours notice before an inspection unresolved problems between tenants and landlords. • We will review your rent if the number of people living We go to court if we cannot mediate it prior, the court in your home changes – as technically the agreement is appoints a mediator firstly. We may apply for a changed if the landlord agrees Tenancy Tribunal Order if you: • give you 60-days notice in writing of any rent increase • owe more than 21 days rent, and then we • not increase your rent within 180 days of moving in or can ask for eviction. your last rent increase. • have caused or threatened to cause • Upon increasing the rent require the tenant to increase substantial damage to your home or garden the bond to reflect this increased rent • have assaulted or threatened to assault a Your responsibilities: member of staff or neighbor • have had 10 days notice to do something By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree to: under the tenancy agreement but havent • pay your rent on time done it • keep your home and garden tidy and not damage the • have broken one or more of the terms of property - if friends, family or visitors damage the property, your tenancy agreement with us and the you need to pay for the repairs problem cannot be resolved • call us when repairs are needed • it maybe a breach of the pet contract • pay your phone and power bills, and for light bulbs • have used or allowed your home to be used • insure your furniture or belongings against damage, for illegal activities. fire or theft • notify us immediately if the number of people living in For more information about the Tenancy Tribunal, your house changes contact Tenancy Services on 0800 83 62. • leave the property clean and tidy, remove all your possessions, and return all sets of keys when you move out Independent advice for tenants: • consider your neighbors If you have a complaint or concern about us, contact • not let anyone else rent your home or let anyone us in the first instance. If youre not satisfied with the other than you and your family live there without our result, you may decide to apply for mediation or to go permission to the Tenancy Tribunal. Application forms are • not use the property for an unlawful purpose or let available from all Tenancy Services offices. There is anyone else use it for unlawful purposes an application fee of $20. • not change the locks on your home without our Tenancy Services also provides free advice for agreement. tenants. If you dont meet the conditions in your tenancy agreement: If you break the conditions of your agreement and it is something that can be fixed, we will ask you to fix the problem within 10 working days. If you dont fix the problem, we will ask Tenancy Services for mediation or go direct to the Tenancy Tribunal to end your tenancy and get you to pay any money owed by a specified date. If youre having difficulty paying your rent, let us know. We may be able to help you with advice with WINZ, arrange a suitable way to pay money you owe, or suggest you get budget advice. If you break the conditions of your agreement, and it has a serious impact upon us or any other person we will ask the Tenancy Tribunal to end your tenancy immediately.
  10. 10. Moving in checklistOn behalf of Century 21 By The Lake REAA 2008, I would like to personally thank you for rentinga property through us.I have enclosed a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and the Property Inspection form which werequire to be checked and signed by you and returned to our office.You will soon have your Bond Acknowledgement form sent to you by the Housing department bymail. • Have you signed the Tenancy Agreement? • Do you have a copy of the Tenancy Agreement? • Have you connected the power? • Have you connected the phone? • Have you checked the rubbish days (phone the Council, ask the neighbors)? • Does this home have an alarm or key code? • Does this home have a smoke alarm? Is the battery working? • Do you have all the keys please check that the doors and latches work? • Does the property manager have all your contact details? Cell, home phone, Fax, Address Email? • Does NZ Post have your forwarding address? • Do you need to forward the paper and the milk at your last address? • Do you need to send ‘just moved’ cards to friends and family?
  11. 11. Paying rent Re direction orders from WINZ APs Rent Receipts will be given when asked for , as a general rule we do not print this unless requested
  12. 12. Property InspectionsAs part of the agreement we have with the owner we carry out regular inspections of the property -inside and out. We also like to give reasonable forward notification of the visit to you as tenant. • All homes are inspected at least three times a year sometimes 4. We may also do inspections at other times when necessary. We do inspections to check that: o the condition of the home meets our maintenance standards o the property meets the Building Act and fire safety regulations o you are meeting your obligations as a tenant o we are meeting our obligations as a landlord o if we get complaints from neighbors we will often do an inspection • Before you move in, we will visit the house and give you a Property Condition Report to sign. We will also Photograph or Video the home .This allows us both to agree on the condition your home needs to be in when you leave. • Three to Six weeks later we will visit to make sure everything is okay. We will also do an inspection after you have given notice and before you leave. Well check the Property Condition Report to see if there is any damage, and arrange for repairs and payment if necessary. We will also Photograph or Video the home again and compare this to the initial inspection. Notice before an inspection: • We will let you know by letter 48 hours before we arrive to inspect your home. If the time is not going to suit you please let us know and well arrange another. Sometimes if we are going to visit you on another matter, we may ask your permission to do the inspection at the same time. Who has to be home? • No one but: an adult can be home for the inspection - preferably the person who signed the tenancy agreement. If that isnt possible, you can arrange for an adult friend or relative to be there instead. But we do have a key or you may leave one for us. Dogs are to be restrained. And you cannot with-hold permission to allow us to do our job and conduct an inspection Who does the inspection? • Either our staff, a property inspection company or the landlord does the inspection. All inspectors must show you their identification. If they dont have any, ask them to wait outside and call us immediately on 06 355 55 22.
  13. 13. PetsAllowing the tenant to have pets on the premisesSome landlords strictly refuse to allow a tenant to keep any type of pet on the premises during a tenancy. However, sometimes the best tenant may ask aboutkeeping a pet on the property. The parties need to agree on the terms that a pet may be on the property at the commencement of the tenancy. It is therefore bestpractice for landlords to write terms about the keeping of pets into the residential tenancy agreement.Landlords who let their unit title or cross lease properties should also check the terms of their body corporate rules and leases respectively to see what restrictionsthere may be on keeping animals.Assuming a tenant wishes to keep a dog on the property during the tenancy, some examples of terms landlords might want to agree upon with their tenants include:• The ______ (insert breed of dog) dog named _______ (insert name) and aged (insertage) and registered (insert number of registration) must be suitably kenneled at ____(identify location of kennel on property) and must not be allowed to live inside thehouse.• The tenant acknowledges that the landlord has agreed to allow the tenant to keep(insert name of dog detailed above) on the property as a specific term of theagreement and the landlord does not warrant or imply in any way that it will consent toother dogs being kept on the property in the future.• If the tenant wishes to keep a different dog than (insert the one detailed above) thetenant must obtain the prior written permission of the landlord. The landlord is notobliged in any way to grant consent to any other dog being kept on the property.• The tenant is only allowed to keep the… (Insert number) dog(s) at any time.• The tenant must remedy any damage caused by the dog to the house or groundsimmediately.• The tenant must regularly clean dog fouling from the grounds.• The tenant must care for the dog properly and comply with general SPCA standardsand guidelines for the treatment of dogs.• The tenant must control the dog so that it is not allowed to roam beyond the boundarysection and it is not allowed to create any other type of nuisance to neighbouringproperties.• The tenant must restrain the dog on days the landlord advises an inspection is due tobe carried out.Assuming a tenant wishes to keep a cat on the property during the tenancy, some examples of terms landlords might want to agree upon with their tenants include• The tenant is only allowed to keep the… (Insert number) cats(s) at any time.• The tenant must remedy any damage caused by the cat to the house or groundsimmediately.• The tenant must regularly clean cat fouling from the grounds.• The tenant must care for the cat properly and comply with general SPCA standardsand guidelines for the treatment of dogs.• The Cat must be neutered or spade, and no kittens are to be kept at the property whatsoeverAssuming a tenant wishes to keep a rabbit, bird or guinea pig on the property during the tenancy, some examples of terms landlords might want to agree upon withtheir tenants include• The tenant is only allowed to keep the… (Insert number) animal(s) at any time.• The pet must at no time ever be kept inside , even if it is in a cage and the tenant must remedy any damage caused to the house or grounds immediatelyTo avoid any doubt about the significance of the terms chosen from the list above, the partiescould then state:If any of these terms are breached, the landlord may follow standard procedures relating tobreach of tenancy agreement.Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the tenant...........................................................date......................Signed by the Property Manager.............................................................................date......................A copy of his acknowledgement receivedSigned by the tenant...........................................................date......................Yours faithfullyTim KearinsProperty ManagerRental DivisionCentury 21 By The Lake REAA 2008
  14. 14. A Brief Guide to Mould and Mildew:Its causes and prevention.From time to time some householders raise the question of mould and mildew in a household or residentialrental accommodation. The following information has been prepared from available technical and otherliterature.Surveys show that mildew occurs in more than 40% of New Zealand homes. One home in five has repeated orprolonged attacks of this unsightly by-product of humidity and condensation.Three conditions have to be present for the growth of mould:3. Mould spores4. A surface with sufficient food source to maintain life5. A source of moistureMould spores are in the air everywhere. Any thought of excluding them from a household can be forgotten. There isnearly always a source of foodstuff, cooking fumes, or even dust can be sufficient. These conditions are invariablypresent in all households.There remains the third condition, and that is moisture within a household that comes directly or indirectly from thepeople who live in it. Washing, cooking and drying operations are obvious sources of moisture but moisture also comesfrom the inhabitants themselves.An adult can breathe out and naturally perspire nearly half a litre of water in eight hours while asleep. This maynot sound a lot, but consider the situation where two people sleep in a bedroom then visualise the condition ofthe bedroom if this amount was sprayed into the air and over the furniture, walls and fittings of the room.Generally the moisture generated within accommodation vents to the outside as a result of ventilation (e.g. viaopen windows). If surfaces cold or cooler than the air temperature exist, moisture from air holding excessmoisture will condense on these surfaces when cooled. In winter, cold surfaces do exist – windows, forexample – while at the same time there is a tendency to cut ventilation to a minimum. Therefore, the normalescape of water vapour or moist air is slowed, the moisture or humidity level in the household rises and theresultant excess moisture will condense on any cool surface.To understand how much the air temperature affects the amount of moisture that air will hold, one cubic metre of air canhold 30 grams of water at 30°C while that same cubic metre of air can only hold 11 grams of water (approximately)when the air temperature is reduced to 15°C. It is clear from this that if air of high humidity is reduced by contact with acool surface, the excess moisture will condense out as the air temperature reduces to a level where it can no longerhold the moisture. In this case, about 19 grams!To give a guide to the average mount of moisture generated in a household per day, cooking will generate 3litres, dishwashing 1 litre, showers/bath 1.5 litres, clothes washing 0.5 litres, clothes drying 5 litres, all of this isquite apart from the up to 4 litres per person per day from breathing and perspiration. Heating with gas orkerosene heaters also produces a lot of moisture. 1 litre of kerosene produces 1 litre of moisture, 1 2ks gasheater produces 1 litre of moisture every one and a half hours.Prevention:To prevent moisture build-up from the interior of accommodation, it is desirable to have a balance between adequateheating and ventilation. The interior temperature should ideally be maintained between about 18 to 22° for comfort,with about 1 and a half air volume changes per hour with more in bathrooms and kitchens. This airmovement will keep the relative humidity at a manageable level. This ventilation can be achieved by leavingwindows open a centimetre or two depending on the outside air movement and the amount of crossventilation.
  15. 15. The rule is, ventilate little and often, rather than in short vigorous bursts. Window glass is a good guide, if itstarts to show more than a minimum of condensation, the windows should be open a little further.Remember, increase ventilation so that the moisture generated is not retained within the household. This mayrequire a bit of willpower during the winter months, when every instinct calls for the house to be sealed againstescaping heat, but if you fail to follow these basic rules, you are going to get mould.Control:• Ensure there is some ventilation in all rooms at all times. Keep internal doors open.• Vent clothes dryers directly outside.• Fit an extraction fan in the shower.• Cupboard heaters can help in wardrobes if mildew is likely to occur.• Do not put damp clothes or shoes in a wardrobe.• Insulate ceilings of existing homes and ensure new homes are insulated as required by the building codes.• Clean wallpaper with a damp cloth and household bleach (1 part bleach and 4 parts water). Test a small hidden patch first to make sure the bleach does not affect the colour. If it does, try a fungicide from a paint shop.• Never paint over mildew. Gloss-painted surfaces can be wiped down with household bleach as above. Matt finish paint can be wiped down with fungicide.• Do not use abrasive cleaners. ∗• The removal and containment of mould and mildew is the tenants responsibility!
  16. 16. Stains and smellsThe Consumer A-Z stain removal guide tells you what you can use on everything from adhesive tape andbeer, to varnish and wine. It includes some common household stain removers for:UpholsteryBleach and BAM kill mildew and mould, and is effective at removing colored stains, but may fade or damage the item. Mildbleach like hydrogen peroxide (5 tsp /0.5L water) is less likely to damage fabric if used correctly.Solvents remove stains by dissolving them. Nail polish remover works on lacquers and some paints and resins, as well as nailpolish. Methylated spirits is good on adhesive tape, PVA, latex and water-based paints, ballpoint ink, waxes, makeup, correctionfluid, grass and chocolate. White spirits, turpentine, and kerosene can cope with fat/oil stains, tar/asphalt and some adhesives.Always check for colorfastness before using on fabrics. Many pre-wash spot treatments contain solvents.Mild acids such as white vinegar, cream of tartar or lemon juice help remove rust and some food stains. Eucalyptus oil canremove some adhesive glues, fat, wax, gum and tar.Lubricating agents such as glycerin and petroleum jelly (eg Vaseline) help soften old stains.Washing agents weaken the bonds holding the stain so it can be washed away. Ammonia and Borax are all-round cleaners.Enzyme laundry detergents and soakers target protein based stains, such as grass, blood and egg-yolk.Carpet careLarge or stubborn stains may need professional carpet cleaning. We recommend you go straight to the professionals. JaeServices or suchlike who operate throughout the country.You can work through the simple options first and if they fail, go to the professionals. “Try the supermarket stain removers first.If they don’t work, you may be able to get a patch from somewhere that doesn’t show like in a wardrobe. But if it’s going toshow, go to a reputable professional.”Or, call the carpet stain removal helpline: Cavalier Bremworth: 0800 808 303. Cavalier Bremworth has put together a cleaningguide, for specific stains, for wool carpets only. It’s available in all their retail outlets.StainsThere’s plenty of helpful information on how to remove carpet and other household stains on the Net. Check out:www.carpetstains.co.nz/stainguide. For for good ideas on how to remove crayon, grease, chewing gum, coffee, red wine, urineand highlighter stains. Another one is www.unilever.co.nz/ourbrands/aroundthehouse/MoreArticles/Stain_Removal_home. As forfilm on bathroom tiles, rust on ceramic tiles, removing brown stains from enamel baths and removing mould from tiles.SmellsThe Unilever site recommends Domestos for destroying smells and smell causing germs found in the S-bend/trap under manysinks. “Simply pour DOMESTOS disinfectant undiluted into the drain. Leave for 10 minutes to destroy smell and smell-causinggerms. Rinse with water.”Recommended Hi-Tech Pure Air for cigarette and pet smells. This environmentally-friendly, nontoxic produce can be bought fromsupermarkets and comes in a pump or trigger spray. Spray it liberally around the room. When it comes into contact with thesmell molecule it turns it into a non-volatile salt and the smell is removed. But you’ll need to get rid of the source.Plug-in air fresheners which intermittently release a spray into the air. “When homes have been closed up for a while, openingwindows and letting the sunshine in always helps. Dropping vanilla essence onto the stove element and letting it infuse throughthe home gives a nice smell. There are some lovely room sprays from places like Crabtree & Evelyn, which seem to eliminatemusty smells,”Positive feedback from those who have used Odarid. Especially good for neutralizing cat or dog urine and smelly organic proteinssuch as blood, vomit and faces - Odarid Pet Stain and Odor Remover works, getting rid of stains and smells in just 30 seconds.You dowse the floor surface with the Odarid and it eats into the uric acid and salt residues. Odarid also gets rid of coffee andwine stains.Some people say that there is NO product that works on cigarette odours, some people have sensitive noses. SO DON’T SMOKE INSIDE. “The only thing that works is ozone machines, “which we use, but it’s not a simple process and can take up to four or five hours. But it’s very effective.”Nil ODOUR is another product that can be purchased off the supermarket shelf
  17. 17. Looking after your home Well make sure your home and grounds are clean and tidy when you move in. You are responsible for keeping it in that condition, including mowing lawns, removing rubbish and weeding your garden if you have one. More information about your responsibilities and ours are in your tenancy agreement. Preventing mould:A dry, well-aired home is easier to heat and healthier for you and your family. To keep mould at bay: Open windows and doors when youre home Open windows so steam can escape from cooking or bathing Open curtains early in the morning and close them when the sun goes down Keep lids on pots when cooking Wipe condensation off walls and windows when it happens Hang washing outside to dry Open windows when using a clothes drier so moisture can escape Dry clothes and shoes before putting them away Leave wardrobes slightly open for ventilation Keeps the shower curtain hanging inside the shower/bath so water doesnt drip on the floor, and wash the curtain every few weeks? Use an electric heater rather than gas, which creates a damp heat Pull beds and furniture away from the walls so they can breathe Keep only a few plants inside. Removing mould:Wash mould with diluted household bleach (one part bleach three parts water mixed together) as soon as it appears, as its harder to remove once its been there a while. Use a clean sponge or cloth when washing off mould and rinse it often to reduce the risk of it spreading. Wear gloves when washing it away - be careful not to splash any liquid on your clothes or in your eyes and open windows to improve airflow while you clean. Pest control:We can organize pest control for you if you need it, but you will need to pay. Pest control is listed under P in the Yellow Pages. You can do a lot to keep rats and mice away by keeping your place clean and tidy so they have no food source and nowhere to nest. Steel wool is good for blocking up mouse holes. You can also get mousetraps from the supermarket or buy poisoned bait from garden or hardware shops. Be sure to set bait out of reach of children and pets, and always wear rubber gloves when getting rid of dead rodents. Cockroaches:Keep bay leaves or garlic in your cupboards to keep cockroaches away. Wash the floor and wall behind fridges and stoves regularly, and spray these areas with long-lasting insect spray. Ants:Ants in New Zealand are generally harmless but can be a nuisance. Sprinkle ground or whole cloves in cupboards to keep them away. You can also sprinkle talcum powder or cream of tartar at the point where they come inside. If you find an ant nest, pour boiling water into it. White-tailed spiders:White-tailed spiders usually live in cool dark areas like under bark in gardens, wood piles, litter and walls. They also hide under beds and in clothing left on the floor. Their bite can cause pain, swelling redness and small ulcers. Use fly spray to get rid of them.Total release aerosol pesticide cans are also available from hardware stores. Call us if you think you have an infestation, moist often it is usually only 1-2. White tails hunt and eat other spiders, so having a few around rids others. If you have daddy long legs, you probably don’t have white-tails
  18. 18. TENANT REQUEST MAINTENANCE /REPAIRS FORMIt is a policy of our office that all repairs or maintenance requests must be in writing and posted or faxed to our office asa soon as possible (We only accept emergency repairs by phone).Century 211185 Kairanga Bunnythorpe RdRD5Palmerston NorthFAX: 06 9294973Email realestate@inspire.net.nzTenant Name: ………………………………………………………………………..Property Address.…………………….…………………………………………….Contact Phone:Mobile…………………….. Work…………………….. Home: ……………………...Nature of problem:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If this is an emergency, please dial 111 and then phone your Property Manager immediatelyTenant Signature:______________________________ Date:_______________Phone Business hours 06 3555522Emergency after hours text 0274 495 547EMERGENCY PHONE 111
  19. 19. Repairs and maintenanceWe have obligations regarding maintenance and repairs, and so do you. If something at your house needs urgent attention - such as ablocked drain - call 06 355 55 22 anytime. A txt then goes to the duty agent stating that a message is on the office phone. We usuallyanswer the phones, except during the all blacks games. Our responsibilities:We will:• make sure your home is clean and tidy when you move in• keep your home in good structural condition - we have an ongoing maintenance programme for all our properties• do any urgent repairs as quickly as possible• Repair normal wear and tear as soon as possible. Your responsibilities:You need to keep your home in good condition and call us as soon as you can about any damage. You also need to pay for any damagecaused, such as:• Burns, stains, marks and scratches• Accidents, such as broken windows• Damage from building or repair work you have done• Forced entry or vandalism that you may have caused• Damage that your house quests or visitors doIf you lose your keys or lock yourself out you can either arrange a locksmith yourself or call us and well arrange a new key for you. Youwill need to pay for this as we dont have spare keys. Just one set. Tenancy ServicesYour rights can be explained to you by a representative at the Tenancy Services, phone 0800 836 262.Internet site www.tenancy.govt.nzhttp://www.tenancyservices.govt.nz.The Act of Parliament that covers rental arrangements is The Residential Tenancies Act 1986.The Act that requires the landlord to maintain a standard for properties is the Housing Improvement Regulations 1947.Maintenance issuesMaintenance will be charged to the landlord. Damage is your responsibility under the Residential Tenancies Act.Any leaky pipes, taps or roof, please contact us immediately.If the children or visitors scribble on the walls, or make holes it must be attended to.If work is required around the house, we shall inspect it. If it is deemed to be damage, not fair wear and tear, we shall charge you for it.All damage, including wear and tear, is to be reported to the Property Management team.General repairs:Call us if your home needs repairs. If the work isnt urgent well get a contractor to size the job within 10 working days. They maydecide that:• the job needs to be done as soon as possible• The job becomes part of our planned maintenance programme, when we do the same kind of work across a number of houses, like painting six homes in one neighborhood.Urgent repairs:Urgent repairs are problems that affect your health and safety. Well fix these quickly, wherever possible. But you need to be contactable and allow us access for us to do this. That includes restraining any pets. Urgent repairs can include:• blocked drains, toilet or sewage problems• Gas leaks or bad water leaks• No power or hot water• Electrical faults• A stove-top not working. Please note that you may be charged a call out fee if someone is not home to let the tradesman in.Doing maintenance yourself:You can do small repairs like tightening screws and changing light bulbs. You dont need to call us about these jobs unless you cant dothem yourself or you dont have the right tools. If you want to do some maintenance around your home, talk with us first. We havestandards that must be met and will check your work. If it doesnt meet our standards contractors may have to redo the work, whichyou might have to pay for.Trades people in your home:Contractors that work for us are bound by a Code of Conduct that requires them to:• contact you to agree a time for the repairs to be done - unless the job is urgent in which case we would assume you would be home• leave their name, address, phone number, date, time and reason for calling if you are not home when they call• show you their identification before entering your home• leave your home safe, clean and tidy at the end of every work day, and remove their rubbish • respect your privacy and treat your home and possessions with care• be appropriately dressed and polite to you at all times. You can help by:• being home at the agreed time or give us plenty of notice if youre not going to be home• Moving furniture and personal items that may be in the way• Keeping children and pets out of harms way.
  20. 20. Flat/house sharing agreementFlat/house sharing agreements between tenants and other flatmates are not covered under the Residential TenanciesAct 1986. Tenants and other flatmates will, however, find it useful to have a written agreement. The following is asample of what could be included in an agreement.This agreement is between the Head Tenant and Flatmate. Head tenant details Flatmate details Name: Name: Address for service: (other than the flat) Address for service: (other than the flat) Phone: Phone: Email: Email: Address of rental property Street: Suburb: City: Postcode: The flatmate and the head tenant agree to share premises on the following terms: 1. This agreement starts on the / / and will continue on a weekly / fortnightly basis. 2. The rent is $ …………....per week / fortnight and is to be paid weekly / fortnightly in advance by the flatmate to the head tenant / landlord. 3. A bond of $...................is payable to the head tenant. A written receipt will be given to the flatmate. 4. The flatmate cannot assign the right to live in the flat. 5. If the head tenant receives notice from the landlord, the head tenant will give a copy of the notice to the flatmate immediately. 6. This agreement can be terminated by 14 days notice given by either party in writing. 7. The flatmate shall not keep any pets on the premises without the head tenants permission. 8. The flatmate must pay ………….. percent of the cost of food, electricity, gas, water and telephone rental each week or as the bills are received. 9. The flatmate must pay any telephone toll charges incurred by the flatmate when asked to by the head tenant. 10. The flatmate must not remove any chattels or fixtures from the premises that do not belong to the flatmate. 11. At the end of this agreement, the head tenant will return the bond to the flatmate immediately. The head tenant can deduct from the bond any cost which is outstanding and is the responsibility of the flatmate. 12. In the event of any dispute, the parties agree that the dispute will be determined by the Disputes Tribunal. Signature Signed by: Date signed: / / Head Tenant Signed by: Date signed: / /
  21. 21. NOTICE TO VACATEDate: _______________________________________________________I/We _______________________________________________________Tenant/s of__________________________________________________In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (1986) I/We hereby give at least 21 days notice to vacate the above premises. I understand that I am liable for 21 days rent from the date at which you receive this notice even if I have physically vacated the property prior to that date. I/We intend on moving out of the property on the: _____________________I/We understand that should the property be relet prior to the required 21 days that I/We will only be required to pay rent to the commencement date of the new tenancy.My/Our Forwarding Address/ Address For Service Is:___________________________________________________________Contact Phone Numbers: __________________________________________I/We give consent to the landlord, or his/her agent to have the property shown to prospective tenants prior to my/ourvacation.Signed by tenant: _______________________________________________Century 21, By The lake, agrees to give notice to you, as the current tenants, of any intention to have the propertyviewed by prospective tenants and if required, to make a convenient time for all parties.Received by landlord______________________________________________Date: ________________________________________________________
  22. 22. Guidelines for tenants upon vacatingYou must give 21 days ( 3 weeks ) Notice in writing to vacate. 1. Keys must be returned to the office on vacating date or another full days rent will be charged, and will continue to be charged until all keys are returned. 2. Any oil spills on the garage floor or driveway are to be cleaned where applicable. Garage to be swept out. 3. Cobwebs to be swept from the exterior and interior where possible. 4. Windows cleaned inside and out. 5. Skirting boards, door frames, doors and handles all to be wiped down. 6. Any rubbish removed (particularly in garage or carport). 7. Light fittings and switches cleaned and bulbs in working order. 8. Oven and stove to be cleaned and free of grease. 9. Dishwasher to be cleaned where applicable. 10. Kitchen cupboards and drawers cleaned. 11. Grease stains and any unauthorized art works removed. 12. Carpets to be professionally cleaned. As per the tenancy agreement. 13. Toilet cleaned. 14. Shower recess, bath and basin to be cleaned. 15. Curtains to be reasonably clean. 16. Lino and inside tiles etc to be cleaned. 17. Lawns to be mowed, edges trimmed, and gardens weeded with all rubbish removed. 18. Rent must be paid to the date of vacating and bond money is not to be used as rent. 19. Cleanliness of the property is your responsibility and must be completed in a workmanlike manner. 20. At any time you have land and animals with your tenancy, the property must be at the same standard when you moved into the property. 21. Lawns and grounds must be resown with grass seed and re leveled if cars at any time if parked upon( although the tenancy states clearly that no cars are to be parked upon the lawn )NB This will be your final inspection. You must have vacated and cleaned the property before theproperty is inspected. All keys must be returned at this time. Would you please ensure all the abovehas been attended to before you return the keys. Upon receiving the keys, and after a property inspection,the bond refund will be attended to.Leaving ChecklistHave you cleaned:1. Carpet2. Oven3. Windows4. Shower5. Bath6. Toilet7. Sink8. Section9. Repaired broken windows10. Light switches and replaced broken light bulbs11. Curtain tracks, rails or curtains12. Nail holes, hooks, holes in walls13. Removed Rubbish14. Repaired broken handles, latches and knobsRubbish must be removed (from section and garage also) when you leave otherwise you will be charged toremove it.
  23. 23. Staff Member ComplaintIt is a policy of our office that all complaints must be in writing and posted or faxed to our office as a soon as possible.We treat this extremely seriously, your feed back is welcome.When you have breached the rules, we do shelve the complaint and will revisit it when the breach is correctedOur aim is to be the best little rental agencyCentury 21By the lake1185 Kairanga Bunnythorpe RdRD5Palmerston North 4475FAX: 06 9294973Tenant Name: ………………………………………………………………………..Property Address.…………………….…………………………………………….Contact Phone:Mobile…………………….. Work…………………….. Home: ……………………...Nature of problem or complaint: ie I requested a work order from........................3 weeks ago and havent heard anything ie I requested a receipt 3 weeks ago and havent got one___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tenant Signature:______________________________ Date:_______________
  24. 24. Unlawful Acts Section Description $Amount RTA 1986 of fine RTA Amendment act 2010 S12 Unlawful Discrimination 4000 S16A(6) Failing to appoint agent, when overseas for 21days 1000 S17 Requiring key money 1000 S18 Landlord requiring excess bond 1000 S18A Requiring unauthorized security 1000 S19(2) Breach of landlords duty with bond 1000 S23 Landlord requiring more than 2 weeks rent in advance 1000 S27(2) Landlord requiring rent in excess of market rent 200 S29 Failure by landlord to give receipts 200 S33 Landlord seizing or disposing of tenants goods 2000 S38(3) Interference with tenants privacy 2000 S40(2) a b Tenants interfering with fire alarms escapes etc 3000 S40(3A) (a) Tenant failing to follow obligations on termination 1000 S40(3A) (b) Tenant using premises for an unlawful purpose 1000 S40(3A) (c) Tenant harassment of neighbors / tenants 2000 S40(3A) (d) Tenants exceeding number of occupants 1000 S44(2A) Tenant unlawful subletting/ assignment 1000 S45(1A) LL failure to meet health/safety/cleanliness/maintenance 3000 S45(2A) LL interfering with supply of services 1000 S46(3) Altering locks without consent 1000 S48(4)(a) Unlawful entry by landlord 1000 S61(5) Abandonment with rent in arrears 1000 S108(2A) Intentional breach of a work order 3000 S137(2) Contravening or evading the provisions of the RTA 1000