Our commitment to you


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Our commitment to you

  1. 1. Seller service pledgeOur Commitment to you1. To sell your home to the most qualified buyer in the shortest possible time at the best price possible2. To provide you with regular market reports showing properties that have recently been sold and new listings that are similar to your home so you have the information on which to base your listing price or adjust your listing price3. To expose your property to the marketplace to attract as many qualified buyers as possible4. To list your property for the price you choose5. To bring you all offers and negotiate the best price for you with the most qualified buyer
  2. 2. Quality Service Is measured within the group.Quality service is my goal. After each sale, to help us maintain a high level ofcustomer service, we invite our clients to complete a Quality Service Survey andreturn it to an independent research group.
  3. 3. Our Guarantee We are committed to helping you until the property is sold.We will not make promises we cant keep, NOR get your hopes up or expectations up on the value ofyour home although if there is a truly good price we will not stand in the way of achieving this foryou. The price is what a buyer will pay if it matches what you will take, not what we say.We will provide constant, regular feedback (if you go to bed early or children sleep through the dayor if Saturday or Sunday are your day tell use) and we will not contact you at these times.We will try something else, when one method doesnt work, if that doesnt work we will trysomething elseWe have marketing plans, but different things work for different properties and at different marketclimates and conditions. We will try to get you the best price; we adamantly believe this is possibleby finding all the buyers, getting all their offers and selling to the one prepared to pay the most.Deadlines are good for this whether we put one in or it happens naturally.We can be subtle and sell properties "Prior to marketing" if you choose. (There is a small downsidein this, in that not all buyers may have been aware the property was for sale, possibly missing thetop buyer, although sometimes this method can actually encourage the buyers to lift their price,not wishing to miss out if it goes to market, lets talk about this and see what we both decide. Whoknows maybe we have the buyer "just waiting" for your property to turn up. If this doesnt work, wewill tell you if we believe the property needs to be promoted further or needs to be advertised.We will strive to be sensitive to your needs and desires by listening. If we are not doing things asyou want please just pull us aside and say "…….. I dont think youre doing this right or could youdo this or dont do this". It is in both our interests to sell your home, and we are working on thistogether.We will do exactly as you say or if you choose to we are happy to be allowed the freedom to simplydo our best.We will promote your property in a way, from our experience and discretion ( unless you choose afurther advertising campaign ) of what works best, and to whom we believe are the best buyers. Noteveryone will be able to or want to pay for or afford your home although we are always surprised inthis job.We believe the paper work preparation and marketing plans for real estate, as well as discussingour strategy and tactics for negotiations are of prime importance. If you are thinking aboutsomething ,a suggestion , or would like it done,mention it that one week early to us.We will do conjunctional sales with other companies so long as we are not already talking to theseclients.We are happy for you to tell us if you are unhappy with anything we do, We will endeavour to fix itor at least refer you on to another agent or company. There is no point in us working together if wecannot get along.We believe advertising is designed to sell the house. This is best done by well-selected, targeted ads,not necessarily every week. You need to know we advertise properties consistently and this drawsbuyer enquiries that are collected in a sophisticated database. These buyers may not buy the houseadvertised, and most often they do not, but indeed buy another one, perhaps your one!!We make an effort to contact our buyers regularly when new properties become available thesebuyers will in most cases be quoted yours.We dont want to forget you and once we do sell feel free to contact us anytime. We are alwaysinterested to hear how things are going and of course wed love to know if anything is coming up forsale in the neighbourhood or if your family needs any assistance.Once we have done the business it will be a lot easier to do business again. Heres wishing us all success.