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How long will it take to sell
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How long will it take to sell


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Published in: Real Estate, Business
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  • 1. How long will it take to sell?Recent experience show Express sale 2-3 weeks maximizing the peak sale period or 60days Auction 2-6 weeks Tender 4-6 weeks or 120 days By negotiation 90 days Buyers over a fixed price 90 days Set a Price 120 days
  • 2. How long will it take to sell?It is our frequent experience that the following factors have the greatest effect on the length oftime it takes to sell a property: I Presentation I Price I Accessibility I MarketingIf the property is well presented, is sensibly priced, and you make it easy for your Agent to gainaccess, there is little reason why it should take more than four to eight weeks to sell.
  • 3. What else do I need to do now? Entrust us to fully market and sell your property. Create an atmosphere Net curtains should be open, cut some flowers, remove clutter, take pets away, music is good, baking or incense or toilet sprays are good. First impressions count Fix letterbox, grass removed from gutters, mould and lichen removed. Fix windows, tidy garage to create space. If you are moving put half of your clothes, linen and pantry stuff in boxes, it makes your cupboards look bigger. Small improvements add up People look at window frames and will often determine the soundness of the whole house from this, paint them! Kitchens and Bathrooms Polish bathroom and kitchen and wipe dry. People will open your cupboards. Make sure nothing falls out of draws and cupboards are not too full. Trim hedges, mow lawns, clean carpets Open days: Jewellery and valuables should be safely locked away or taken with you. Breakables removed and personal photos taken from walls and mantels.Do I need to List with Another Company? No! If another company has a buyer we can make arrangements to conjunct with them.What extra marketing should we do? It takes about two weeks to tell the market your property is for sale. With Auctions and Tenders we need to publicize a date. A Premium is usually generated with Competition; the cost of advertising is usually covered by only one extra bid. If you have a date you are working to, we would need to know
  • 4. Marketing methods
  • 5. How long will it take to sell?
  • 6. 1. If you want a very quick sale, then an AUCTION or a QUICK SALE may suit your needs2. With AUCTION over a marketing period of 30 days plus a few more days, you have 3 main chances of selling your home3. You also have a chance of attracting an emotional buyer who will judge your home by its features rather than its price4. With CENTURY 21’s QUICK SALE,the property is offered for sale at a published price which reflects the current prices offered by buyers for similar properties5. If A QUICK SALE is not sold within 14 days - then the property is “over priced” and a price adjustment must be made
  • 7. 1 Evidence has shown that most properties marketed by CENTURY 21’s EXPRESS SALE sell within 60 days.2. For the first 21 days of the marketing period, the property is offered without a price and buyers are asked to give feedback on what they would pay for the property. If the price offered by a buyer is suitable as a start for negotiations, you could be offered an attractive price for your property.3. If this is the case, you could sell yourproperty within the 21 day “no price” marketing period.4. If you don’t sell your property after 21 days, then the property is placed on the market with a price, but you have a greater chance of selling within 60 days as your asking price will reflect the “feedback” regarding the price you have received from potential buyers.
  • 8. 90 DAY PLUS PLAN. EXCLUSIVE LISTING WITHA PUBLISHED PRICE.When you list your property with a published price, in most cases you choose a price based on what you want and not the “buyers price”. Then you add room for negotiation to allow for “offers” so the price of your property could be well above the buyers price.2. For this reason, nearly 90% of all properties listed with a price take over 90 days to sell3. The reason it takes 90 day or more to sell is because it take sellers that period of time to be “educated” to the marketplace and accept the prices being offered by qualified buyers
  • 9. 1. If you want more than one agency to market your property, CENTURY 21 can offer you LOCAL LIST2. This method of sale allows CENTURY 21 to list with any other agency you choose and CENTURY 21 will share commission with the agency that sells your property3. The benefit of LOCAL LIST to you is that you get one agency to manage your property and give you correct advice when offers are received but you have your property promoted by more than one agency
  • 10. Black market- Confidential listing90 DAYPLUS PLAN.CONFIDENTIAL LISTING.A Confidential Listing is designed for those sellers who have no time, pressure to sell their property and who want to keep the sale as confidential as possible2. Obviously no signboards appear on the property, no “open for inspections” are arranged and the address of the property doesnt appear on the web page3. Buyer inspections are by appointment only with qualified buyers4. Because of the lack of promotion, it may take longer to sell the property compared with other methods of sale5. Less than 2% of sellers choose a Confidential Listing as a method of sale