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  • 1. Easy rentingCentury 21 By the Lake Property ManagementLicensed Agent 2008 REAA We are very excited to be able to offer you this letting and management service. We have some very capable staff and computer programs that can assist you. I the owner of century 21 have rental portfolios ourselves; so understand intrinsically what and how keeping on top of things and dealing with people, rents and property is all about. Accurate and detailed paperwork is crucial. Problems in Property Management arise when you do not use the powers of the law, but rather try to take the law into your own hands or get behind in your checking systems. We understand the law and have those checking systems in place. Knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act is a requirement to being able to manage your property efficiently. The Property Management team at Century 21 are conversant with the necessary aspects of this act as well as the workings of the Tribunal. Our computer system reconciles all rental payments and immediately alerts us when a tenant misses a payment. We will then gently remind them with a written notification of their responsibilities to keep on top of their rental payments. Handing over the responsibility of gathering in the rent to Century 21 eliminates one of the biggest headaches for many property investors. By alleviating you of the responsibility of this task, we can provide you with peace of mind, without having to think about whether the rent has been paid.
  • 2. What if you are managed with anothercompany and want to change?We will grant you a three (3) month exemption of fees to transfer .How much better than that can we do?What if you manage yourself and want toget it managed?Simply give us a call and we will get underway