Century21 property management mission statement


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Century21 property management mission statement

  1. 1. Century 21Property Management 1. Mission StatementRespect the tenants as our customers, they pay the bills.Assist Landlords - Optimize income, minimize expenses, focus on capital growth, buy more houses, and make it easy andstress free2. Our Communication with landlords If you the landlord want to know whats happening and send an email, a voice message or phone. We will get back to you with a reply as soon as we psychically can. At worst we will have a reply to you that day. Only smiles. We dont want complaints .Simply put some public view property managers as lazy, we NEVER want that sentiment placed against our names . We will be viewed as proactive3. Our Arrears Policy • 2-3 days late , a polite phone call as a reminder • 3-8 days a 14 day letter to remedy is sent, (ask the landlord if they would like to spend $20 on court)
  2. 2. • 14 days late is a court application automatically • 21 days late is an application for immediate eviction. (We can add this to the 14 day letter, when we get the mediation hearing.4. Our Enforcement & Collection Policy21 days in arrear we apply for immediate eviction ……in ALL CASES .If we mediate a satisfactory outcome that does not mean we require the eviction , at least we had the option to do so.When we are at arbitration unless we get full payment , we ask for eviction .We will consult with you the landlord and ask what you would like us to do.Most landlords entrust us to make those decisions on their behalf at mediationWe can arbitrate to get the arrears paid off, if that is possible.We state that our policy is a 3 month payoff timeframeEven if we can get the rent some landlords still want the tenants out. One strike and you are out sort of thingWe prefer to not act on your behalf without knowing what you would like us to do. In that circumstance.Do you want us to evict or collect the arrears over time?Or do you entrust us to make those decisionsWe use the court bailiffs where possible and will use them to seize assets or vehicles if we can, our tenancy application formasks for a vehicle registration number .5. Our Relationships with tenantsThey like us are part of the community. We provide on yours and out behalf a gift basket when they move into the propertyPUBLIC RELATIONS; NO.1 CHART TOPPER. If you would like us to do this it costs you only $20.00 1. We provide a new tenant with a tenants basket ,mainly free stuff from council, businesses, and brochures like you would get when you go to a motel 2. We provide a letter telling them the rules and guidelines. 3. Add: Maps, What to do in the area, Pen, Long life milk, home made jam, chux cloth, and toilet paper etc this might cost $20 a plate, but are thoughtful things that are required for the first night in the new home 4. Role reverse; what would it feel like getting a plastic plate wrapped in cellophane with a bunch of small things in it saying “Dear ……………………. Welcome to your new home from all of us at Century 21. 5. The tenant is no longer a second class citizen 6. This is a good way to get the relationship off on the right footing.We also Provide all outgoing tenants a reference un-solicited (those who qualify). Who have paid rent kept the property tidyand was an asset to the neighborhood. . We tell tenants who begin to become an arrears problem, about our references, Sothat it helps them with the next property, Helps when applying for credit and most people will move close, it helps securingthe next property also. No references, no property!6 Our tenant selection policyAll our tenants must provide satisfactory testimonials and current references to be eligible to rent a property from Century21. We also require the applicants to sign a privacy clause allowing us to carry out credit checks if required. In this way weare able to ensure that both the tenant and the property owner are satisfied with the tenancy. An official photo ID is required.We state that rent is paid 1-2 weeks in advance. 1 week’s rent is charged as a letting fee, plus 3 weeks’ rent as a bond.As a general rule we do not allow dogs unless specifically allowed on the property if the property suits this. In someinstances tenants with dogs will pay a higher rental. In this case dogs should not be allowed inside.We also at times will talk to the local policeHow Do We “Vet” Applicants?Tenants fill in a Tenancy Application Form and Questionnaire and you get to see this before you decide. Some owners liketo meet the tenants. Some like to “see” where they have lived in the past, get references, OR go and see them where theyare now!7. Ask us aboutOur Video Inspections
  3. 3. Or if you want to know1. How much notice must a tenant or a landlord give to vacate2. How much notice must the tenant or landlord give to vary the rent?3. What is the difference between fair wear and tear and negligence?4. What is the maximum bond that a landlord can charge?5. What is the maximum period that a tenant to be in arrears for the landlord to proceed formal eviction proceedings? (21days).6. Can you briefly explain the steps involved in a formal eviction proceeding.7. Can you briefly explain the steps involved for rent arrears?8. Can you briefly explain a works order from the tenant or the landlord?9. Can you briefly explain how you go about Collections?8. Repairs and MaintenanceAll of our Tenancy Agreements clearly state the individual responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant in regards tothe ongoing repairs and maintenance of the rented property.We provide the tenants with a Rental Guideline.As part of your management contract we will arrange for any necessary repairs and maintenance up to the agreed value.These costs will then be deducted from the rents received and will be clearly shown on your monthly statement. TararuaRealty Ltd, using local trades people, can arrange repairs and maintenance.Other payments for such items as rates and insurance can also be made directly from rentals to alleviate the need for you toarrange separate payments.9. Office Hours We are not open on Saturdays , but Tim can be reached on 0274 495 4710. Who are weWe have some very capable staff and computer programs that can assist you. We have rental portfolios ourselves; sounderstand intrinsically what and how keeping on top of things and dealing with people, rents and property is all about.Our staff are constantly up skilling and attending property management courses .Go ahead ask them what they are studying now!