At LifeWay, we work hard to know kids. We take time to
    understand how they play and how they learn. And we...
                                                                                        YE A
our Promises

          1 3
    come to one of our camps, and you Will receive all of the folloWing:

    A Safe Place ...
is list
                                               i zi ng
           a l time
e Play
       mor rk
        ess Wo

     &l       FOR ADuLT L
                           eADeRS SO T
n eW ca mP
     YE A

                 oP tions!
                       O R e 3- D Ay AnD W
Alabama                               Georgia                                  Louisiana                              nort...
loW uook     s
   One LifeWay Plaza
   nashville, Tn 37234

                                     ExCitinG CEntRikid ...
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2010 Centri Kid Brochure


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2010 Centri Kid Brochure

  1. 1. 10 YE A RS 1
  2. 2. Promise At LifeWay, we work hard to know kids. We take time to understand how they play and how they learn. And we know you need resources you can count on to connect kids to God’s Word— leading them toward knowing Christ and growing in relationship with Him. That’s why LifeWay Kids promises to offer resources that are biblically sound, age-appropriate, fun, and easy to use. Our foundational resources and camps help kids hear God’s Word, know God’s Word, and do God’s Word by learning to apply it to their lives. 2 3
  3. 3. 10 YE A RS What are They are Christ-centered camps specifically programmed for kids who have completed 3rd–6th grade. Bring your church group to CentriKid for five days and four nights of Bible study, recreation, track times, and worship that will impact their lives and your ministry for years to come! Kids get to participate in exciting activities of their choice, and the message of Jesus Christ is purposefully incorporated into everything they do. What’s the scriptural focus of the Week? Bon Appétit–God’s Recipe For Your Life. This summer we’re going to look at what it means to be a child of God. We’ll concentrate on the fact that He has ad- opted us as His own. We’ll look at the ways that He is constantly changing us and molding us for His purposes. We’ll look at the fact that He has made each of us incredibly unique. Most of all, we’ll learn to celebrate the fact that He is our God, and we are His kids. “But to all who did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His name” (John 1:12). 4 5
  4. 4. our Promises 1 3 come to one of our camps, and you Will receive all of the folloWing: A Safe Place to Be We take safety seriously, and we make it a priority with kids. Age-Specific Bible Study Groups At LifeWay, we’re always learning more about kids. We know they GeneROSIT y We also promise to teach your kids ab 2 4 At camp they’ll find a safe place—emotionally, spiritually, and learn differently at each stage of life. We train our staff to teach kids 2010 marks year fo out generosity and ur in our five-year missions. physically. Our trained staff values the safety of your kids! about Christ in a way they can grow and learn with kids their own people of eastern partnership with th europe. The money e Romany age. In addition to Bible study, we keep God’s Word at the center of has played a huge given by CentriKid part in spreading campers Ministry Through Relationships every aspect of camp. Roma people. Give the gospel to the to the mission offer oppressed Our staff will invest in your kids’ lives by showing the love of God so the Lord will co ing in the summer ntinue to answer ou of 2010 through the way they live. Staffers aren’t performers; they are Kid-Friendly Programming expectations in se eing His gospel sh r prayers and exce ed our ministers. Meanwhile, we take care of all the details of camp, so We are committed to providing excellent programming that keeps ared in the Roman y culture. you can focus on relationships with your kids rather than running kids engaged. We work hard to stay at the top of our game when it around with a clipboard delegating tasks, or worrying about comes to planning and leading recreation, worship, Bible studies, picking up the rec field. track times, and parties. 6 7
  5. 5. ogether Quiet Time Track Times mi xt each camper will receive a Quiet Time guide that each camper chooses two organized activities. See unDATIOn In will encourage an important daily habit: time alone pages 10–11 for a list of interesting choices. A SOLID FO Opening Day with God in His Word and in prayer. The theme Hang Time ’s GWoRrGdF “Bon Appétit–God’s Recipe For Your Life” will start 1–4:00 p.m. Registration 7:30 a.m. Breakfast We want you to hang out with your kids, and we gToAdROn FLAvO In O here and be carried throughout the day of activities. 5:30 p.m. Dinner 8:30 a.m. Quiet Time with want to hang out with your kids too! Depending I Can’t Wait . . . n, 6:30 p.m. Opening Activities Church Group on the location facilities, you can go swimming, 10:15 p.m. In Room This high-energy morning celebration will be loud visit the camp store, hang out with staff, or take a fu 9:00 a.m. I Can’t Wait . . . 10:30 p.m. Lights Out 9:30 a.m. Bible Study/ WI H ST and rambunctious, but camp is supposed to be this kind of fun! break with a yummy snack. Worship Recreation 10:50 a.m. Recreation/ Bible Study Led by a camp pastor and a worship band who These small groups reinforce the importance of understand kids, this is a time for age-appropriate Typical Day 12:00 p.m. Bible Study Lunch applying God’s Word to everything we do. Led by staffers who will teach spiritual truths in age- worship music focused on the Lord, a powerful message, and opportunities for reflection about 1:15 p.m. Track A appropriate ways, campers will walk away with a what campers have learned that day. 2:45 p.m. Track B eC T ReCIPe life-changing biblical foundation after they discover Closing Day Church Group Time 4:00 p.m. Hang Time OT THe PeRF that God has a purpose for each of their lives. AT C A M P ! G 7:30 a.m Breakfast/ 5:30 p.m. Dinner AnD yOu’ve eeK Love the ones you came to camp with as you R A G R e AT W debrief the events of the day and get to know each Quiet Time Recreation 8:30 a.m. Load Buses 6:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Worship Church Group Time FO Get ready for fun, sweaty challenges on the rec other on a deeper level. 8:45 a.m. Bible Study 8:30 p.m. Party field! each Bible study group will work together Parties 9:15 a.m. Closing Celebration as a team to accomplish the exciting tasks set each night will be a different treat as the staff 10:15 p.m. In Room out for them each day. Bible study leaders interacts with kids during a time of good, clean fun! 10:15 a.m. Churches Depart 10:30 p.m. Lights Out will follow up each activity with spiritual application discussions. 8 9
  6. 6. is list of i zi ng a l time le th n t ck ons: p Sam ta tra oPti • Praise Team • Archery • Creative Painting • Disc Games • Foot Praise • No Boys Allowed! • Splish Splash • Make It, Take It • Photography • Soccer • Percussion • Cheernastics • Weird Science • Baseball/Softball • CK Football • CK Hoops • Drama • Babysitting 101 • Kitchen Chaos re! and mo Tracks vary by location. 10 11
  7. 7. e Play mor rk ess Wo We DISH uP &l FOR ADuLT L eADeRS SO T H e C AM Hey CAn Ge T P exPeRIenC e TOO! A TASTe OF T ORGAnIzeD MASS CHAOS! • Step away for one-on-one time with God We believe that kids learn through study, worship, and PLAy, so • Participate in Bible study and leader tracks with other adults we make sure that playtime always includes Orangized Mass • Interact with your students during worship, recreation, track times, Chaos. you’ll have to experience the mess and the madness to meals, and free time understand why campers, leaders, and staffers alike look forward • Engage your students in deep conversations that build trust and to this event every week at camp. ministering opportunities • Go home with a renewed spiritual life and Organize your own mass chaos at home! stronger bonds with your entire group now available for purchase: OMC DvD and Game Cards To order, visit LifeWay.com or Organized Mass Chaos is the large group game that will get your call 800.458.2772. 1st through 6th graders going crazy with a purpose. Perfect for vBS, Wednesday nights, and any other children’s gathering. Kit includes a complete instructional DvD and 300 OMC task cards. Designed for up to 200 participants. 12 13
  8. 8. n eW ca mP 10 YE A RS oP tions! O R e 3- D Ay AnD W eeKe nD CA M PS TO FIT y OuR Bu DGe T 14 M 15
  9. 9. Alabama Georgia Louisiana north Carolina Tennessee 10 shocco springs conference center, norman park conference center, louisiana college, campbell university, lambuth university, talladega, ala. tifton, ga. pineville, la. Buies creek, n.c. Jackson, tenn. JOIn July 5–9 ($289), *July 9–11 ($164), July 12–16 ($278), *July 16–18 June 28–July 2 ($266) June 29–July 3 ($280) June 4–8, June 9–13, ftf July 26–30, august 2–6 ($289) ($153), July 19–23 ($278) June 14–18 ($263) Jaegh er Maryland lifeWay ridgecrest conference center, 2010 DATeS California toccoa falls college, skycroft, ridgecrest, n.c. lee university, AnD LOCATIOnS Jenness park, cold springs, calif. toccoa falls, ga. June 21–25, June 28–July 2, July 5–9 middletown, md. July 12–16 ($260), *July 16–18 June 19–23, June 23–27, July 26–July 30 ($286), cleveland, tenn. June 7–11, June 13–17 ($259) * More 3-day and weekend camps June 14–18 ($287) ($257), *July 9–11 ($144), July 12–16, ($139), July 19–23, July 26–30, *July 30–august 1 ($164) to fit your budget July 19–23 ($257) august 2–6 ($260) Texas Florida call skycroft directly at South Carolina austin college, Kentucky u eckerd college, 1.800.536.6759 to register. anderson university, sherman, texas sl st. petersburg, fla. campbellsville university, anderson, s.c. June 21–25, June 28–July 2 ($288) June 21–25 ($277) campbellsville, ky. Mississippi July 12–16, July 19–23, July 26–30 June 7–11 ($250), *June 11–13 mississippi college, ($241) virginia FOR WORSHIP YE A lake yale conference center, ($128), June 14–18 ($250) clinton, miss. eagle eyrie conference center, leesburg, fla. June 13–17, June 21–25, June 28–July converse college, lynchburg, va. Jeff Slaughter has been leading “I love teaching kids what it June 14–18 ($307) georgetown college, 2, July 4–8, July 12–16, July 19–23, spartanburg, s.c. July 5–9, July 26–30 ($299), RS worship for CentriKid for the means to worship in Spirit georgetown, ky. July 26–30 ($263) June 21–25 ($307), *June 25–27 *July 30–august 1 ($160) past seven years. If you’ve ever and truth and helping them June 7–11, June 14–18, June 21–25, ($179), June 28–July 2 ($307) had the pleasure of meeting discover the passion and June 28–July 2, July 5–9, July 12–16, Missouri Jeff, then you know his freedom that comes from an July 19–23 ($254) southwest Baptist university, For more information about specific dates and locations, infectious personality and love intimate relationship with Bolivar, mo. call 1.877.CAMP123 or visit www.lifeway.com/centrikid. for God and kids shines through Jesus.” —Jeff Camps fill up quickly, so register today! July 5–9, July 12–16 ($256) Prices, dates, and locations subject to change without notice. in everything he does. 16 1.877.CAMP123 • www.lifeway.com/centrikid JeFF’S DATeS In yeLL17 OW
  10. 10. loW uook s fol ceb yOu MAy ReSeRve yOuR SPOT AT CAMP AnyTIMe BeFORe FeBRuARy 1, 2010, WITH nO DePOSIT. on fa tter February 1 *Auto Payment Opti Authorized Group Le on i & tWm/centrikid for each A $50 per person deposit is required aders may give perm o facebook.c to charge the remain ission February 1. If you reservation to be paid on or before ing balance to a chur s ch trikidcamp r.com/cen ired to pay a LifeWay account or cre have already registered, you are requ events Registration at dit card by calling Lif eWay twitte r reservation. Any $50 deposit per person to hold you be done by May 1, 20 1.877.CAMP123. This must e after February new or additional reservations mad drops or additions wi 10. Any adjustments for osit per person. 1 will require an immediate $50 dep account after camp. ll be applied to the sp ecified cannot be ALL deposits are non-refundable and applied toward balance due. May 1: Cancellation Deadline Phone: 1.877.CAMP123 All cancellations made after May 1 will incu r an additional $50.00 fee for each person drop e-mail: registration@lifeway.com ped. When cancellations occur, deposits cann ot be applied toward balance due. General Questions: Telephone: 1.877.CAMP123 centrikid@lifeway.com mp 14 Days Prior to Caed 14 days before Final balance must be rec eiv Web: www.lifeway.com/centrikid ll be your arrival at camp. If it is not, your group wi 5.00 late fee.* charged a one-time $7 18 19
  11. 11. LifeWay One LifeWay Plaza nashville, Tn 37234 005274585 ExCitinG CEntRikid CAmp dEtAiLs insidE! 10 YE A RS 20