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Prime minister speech
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Prime minister speech


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  • 1. PRIME MINISTER SPEECH I'm very pleased to be here. And for one very simple reason. This is where people do more than talk; here they build the future. The old saying that the world rests on the youth must once again be brought to the fore. Young people with courage, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity can match all their peers around the globe. While many indicators suggest our decline in a number of areas, it is thanks to you, the headmasters, teachers and all those working in schools that we still rank very highly on the European scale when it comes to the knowledge gained by our young people in primary and secondary schools. However, we now face the challenges of the future. The world around us has changed. Today, we are looking at new ways of communicating, new ways of learning, new ways of working. We compete and work in a different environment where value is placed on being open, thinking outside the box, innovation, connecting, interaction, courage, action and tenacity. Mere knowledge is unfortunately no longer enough for the success and future of individuals and society. Neither are knowledge and hard work alone enough for young people to find jobs.
  • 2. We need a new generation that will be creative, that knows how to access information and link their knowledge. We need self- confident individuals who can think, make decisions and be proactive. The future of Slovenia rests on our common ability to form open individuals with the social skills of connecting and communicating who can build international links, see opportunities, seize them and follow them through. They are focused on finding solutions, dare to take risks and accept responsibility for their own future. At the same time, they have tenacity and the ability to learn from their failures. This is being entrepreneurial. Our school system, which you are a part of, plays a key role in this. The educational process must help young people improve their social skills, make them open to the environment and able to integrate with the so-called real world so that they can enter it fully prepared as soon as they finish their schooling. We should support the uniqueness of individuals, seek out and encourage new talents. We should look for the good in young people rather than build around the bad. They should be supplied with more tools and fewer facts. Young people are preoccupied with areas
  • 3. they are not good at whereas schools should be helping them on their educational path to recognise and shine with their own talents. We need independent individuals who can take care of their future and cope and compete successfully in the new world. In order for change to happen, we first need to change ourselves. That’s why we need to change our working methods and values. If we want our school system to produce open, self- confident individuals who are able to integrate with the real world they are going to enter, the first step is to change the system itself. Schools should open up to and integrate with the local and international community. I support initiatives such as "Centres". This project embodies everything that the future requires of us. Integration with the wider geographic region involving 8 countries. Its key aim is to connect students, teachers and schools with businesses and the local community. It is about building social skills as a prerequisite for interaction with others, observing the environment and looking for ideas and opportunities. I firmly believe the supply of such opportunities is vast.
  • 4. As for myself, I have fought for one thing only since taking office as Prime Minister: to optimistically embrace everything that will make our lives better. I would like us to work together to create a new generation of individuals who will be courageous, creative and entrepreneurial; focused on looking for opportunities and solutions. This is how we can provide them as well as Slovenia with a better future.