Brainport Story - Design as Learning Ecosystem


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Brief introduction to the Brainport regional development program in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, its historical roots (Philips with its focus on technological innovation), current focus on design and creative industry, and future perspective related to open and networked innovation.

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Brainport Story - Design as Learning Ecosystem

  1. 1. Brainport The past, the present and future of… learning management talent education corporate training innovation design ?summ n
  2. 2. This short story was prepared for an international study tour “Best practices of corporate education” offered by MAKO (Russia) to a group of representatives from a few large corporate universities and training in Russia. The goal was not only to introduce Brainport (both a program of regional development in Eindhoven and an entity in charge of it), but also to explain the reasons of its origination as well its specific focus on design and innovation. Various design activities and organizations are presented as a novel ecosystem of learning and development. Backgroundsumm n
  3. 3. The pastsumm n
  4. 4. “Donut Hole”summ n
  5. 5. Kampina, mon amoursumm n
  6. 6. The province of potato eaters Vincent Van Gogh, The Potato Eaters (1885)summ n
  7. 7. Philips anno 1891 Gerard Philips Anton Philips (1858-1942) (1874-1951)summ n
  8. 8. Complex technology behind a simple bulbsumm n
  9. 9. Het Lichttoren (The Tower of Light) becomes the symbol of Eindhovensumm n
  10. 10. From a simple bulb to … huge multimarket portfolio …………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… …………………………… …………………………summ n
  11. 11. Philips is a dominating company in the city (and region) Strijpsumm n
  12. 12. NatLab, one of the first private research labs in Europe The first building of NatLab built in 1923; A place of work or studies for the leading scientists for decades to come In 1914 Gilles Holst becomes the first director of Philips Natuurkindig Laboratorium (the laboratory of physics)summ n
  13. 13. Philips Research: one of the largest corporate labs worldwidesumm n
  14. 14. Philips – both an investor in, and a ‘consumer’ of education in the region Philips Bedrijfsschool 1929 ROC, Regional Training Centersumm n
  15. 15. Philips is one of the initiators of the Eindhoven Technische Hogeschoolsumm n
  16. 16. Philips Management Training Centersumm n
  17. 17. Philips is also a main agency behind social and cultural life Philips Sport Vereniging Philips Sport Verenigingsumm n
  18. 18. Philips, Philips, Philips… through XX centurysumm n
  19. 19. Closer to the present… September 2012summ n
  20. 20. The times of changes Philips HQs moves to Amsterdam ...summ n
  21. 21. The reasons behind the changes New (financial) rules of the game New players New field to play onsumm n
  22. 22. Chto delat’ ? ? ? (*)summ n (*) What to be done
  23. 23. Brainport: Response to the challengesumm n
  24. 24. Is it about ? Volumes/ distribution of R&Dsumm n
  25. 25. Or is it about ?summ n
  26. 26. Dreams of something BIGsumm n
  27. 27. Present Perfectsumm n
  28. 28. From…. to…. Open Innovation 100 + companies Share facilities, reduce costs 8,000+ researchers Ecosystem 50%+ patents Faster, better, smarter Customer-focusedsumm n
  29. 29. From…. Is it about to…. ? Philips Homelabssumm n
  30. 30. - new ecosystems of stakeholders n
  31. 31. - new ways to conduct fundamental research www.holstcentre.comsumm n
  32. 32. … and new models of collaborative innovationsumm n
  33. 33. New forms of educational programs…summ n
  34. 34. …when curricula and research are aligned with regional goalssumm n
  35. 35. Education and innovation happens in stakeholder networkssumm n
  36. 36. Design will save the world Brainport!summ n
  37. 37. Academy of Design www.designacademy.nlsumm n
  38. 38. Dutch Design Week 9999days days 80 locations 80 locations 340 events 340 events 1,500 designers 1,500 designers 220,000 visitors 220,000 visitors www.ddw.nlsumm n
  39. 39. Dutch Design Week is a new form of education and innovationsumm n
  40. 40. And DDW is not the only one Glow: Festival of Light STRP: Art & Technology Festival John Kormeling (Eindhoven) – Dutch Technology Week Dutch Pavilion at Shanghai Exop’10summ n
  41. 41. Talent is international From Basque country to North Brabantsumm n
  42. 42. The Future?summ n
  43. 43. summ n
  44. 44. summ n
  45. 45. Exploring Understanding People PossibilitiesWe summ( )n the futures. Transforming Minds To play with them now.summ n
  46. 46. Education 2024 in NLsumm n
  47. 47. The Future of the Internet of Thingssumm n
  48. 48. The Future of Social Mediasumm n
  49. 49. Walking Backward to the Futuresumm n
  50. 50. I Think That You Think That I Think…summ n