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Central Test - Global Presentation

  1. 1. Central Test:: The Leader in Online Psychometric Testing :: Global Presentation Central Test, 2011
  2. 2. Get To Know Central Test Specialized in HR assessment solutions since 2002 Provides and publishes a range of high quality psychometric tests in 8 languages 5 international offices, present in more than 50 countries, serving 3,500 clients worldwide All tests accessible from an easy to use online platform
  3. 3. What is psychometric testing?Psychometric testing measures numerous dimensions of an individualspsychological makeup, such as their: Competencies Job Temperament Motivations Intrinsic Nature Intellectual Abilities Career Preferences
  4. 4. How Does It Benefit You?Employing the wrong person can result in costly detriments to your company.With information provided by a psychometric test, you will be able to optimizeyour HR practices by: Easily knowing which prospective candidate to recruit for a position Improve management of employees performances to achieve the most productive and gratifying results Effectively allocate employees within your company Skilfully establish and maintain enduring employee relationsOne psychometric test can provide information about an employee which wouldotherwise take years to discover.
  5. 5. Explore Our TestsDiverse selection of online psychometric tests measuring the personality andaptitude of an individualPersonality & Competency Intelligence & Aptitude Professional Profile Reasoning Test Sales Profile Emotional Intelligence Test Big Five Personality Business English Test CTPI-Pro French Language Test Management Style Inventory Occupational Interest Inventory
  6. 6. Which Test to Use for What Purpose? Test Domains Evaluates Target Employees, managers, jobProfessional Personality Intrinsic nature, job temperament, candidates, recentProfile career aspirations, work personality (12 dimensions) graduates Five fundemental dimensions of Job-seekers andBig Five Personality personality: openess, employees across all jobProfile conscientiousness, extroversion (Big Five Model) categories and levels agreeableness, neuroticism Work Mostly recommended forCTPI-Pro Leadership style, work personality, recruitment and career Personality and management competency management of executives (20 dimensions) and managersOccupational Induction, Motivations and professionalInterest aptitudes based on 12 dimensions Students, job-seekers, and CareerInventory outlined by the RIASEC model entry-level employees Orientation
  7. 7. Which Test to Use for What Purpose? Test Domains Evaluates TargetSales Profile Sales Potential The sales potential of an individual, Sales & marketing which business environment they candidates, product are best suited for (field sales, managers, telemarketers, business development etc.) business school studentsMangement Managerial Candidates aptitude for leadership Senior and middleStyle Style & whether they would be effective in managers, team leaders,Inventory a management position entrepreneursReasoning General Logical, numerical, and verbal Technicians, engineers,Test Intelligence reasoning abilities of a candidate to college students, managers, Factors assess suitability for positions that job-seekers, employees require anlytical thinkingEmotional Emotional How well a candidate understands Managers, engineers, job-Intelligence Intelligence their emotions & can establish seekers, students, trainees,Test harmonious relationships with and employees at all levels others
  8. 8. Which Test to Use for What Purpose? Test Domains Evaluates TargetBusiness Proficiency of an individuals Job-seekers, students inEnglish English English in the areas of admissions process at businessLanguage Language comprehension, grammar, & schools, employees at all levels vocabularyFrench Proficiency of an individuals Any non-native French speakerLanguage French grammar, vocabulary, and spelling pursuing a career in a French-Test (written) of the French language speaking environment
  9. 9. Why Choose Our Tests? Ability to configure company specific job-requirements into reports Control and measurement of social desirability phenomenon Regularly updated tests to correspond to todays HR demands On-demand customized training programs Cost-effective, you will never pay for a test you do not use No installations and software necessary, all you need is Internet access Intelligent and easily accessible online interface Centralization of evaluations (all your evaluations on one account) Fast generation of reports with personalized comments and graphs
  10. 10. A Globally Connected CompanyWe know that companies are becoming increasingly global. Our testsare conveniently available in 8 different languages: English, French,Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, and Polish
  11. 11. Competitive Prices, Flexible OptionsOption 1: Purchase Credits (Pay As You Go) 1 Credit = $1. Each test is worth a certain number of credits. For example, 200 credits could be used in the following way:Test # of Tests Credit per Test Credits TotalProfessional Profile 3 30 90Sales Profile 2 25 50Reasoning Test 4 15 60Total 9 - 200Option 2: Unlimited Subscription To All Tests Special offer for companies that have a larger requirement for psychometric testing Minimum price for unlimited access is $450/month for at least 3 months Prices vary with number of employees or number of consultants for an agency
  12. 12. Competitive Prices, Flexible Options Multiple Account AccessIdeal for companies with mulitple branch offices or subsidiariesFree with unlimited subscription!Account PersonalizationWith your company logo, color, and brand name, $189Multilingual OptionsAdminister a test in one language and reports in others, $199 Import Candidates and GroupsAdminister one or more tests to candidates, $149
  13. 13. Use Your Credits EasilySelect Login under Company Section on our website and enter youClient ID & Password sent to you by email.
  14. 14. On the left menu, select Request a TestNext, click Request The Test To A New Candidate
  15. 15. Register their information, select the test youd like to be taken.
  16. 16. Your candidate will automatically receive an email with an individual ID,password and link to the test.
  17. 17. Once at the test page, the candidate will proceed totake their test
  18. 18. Once the applicant takes the test, you will be informed viaemail and provided with a link to the candidates test results
  19. 19. Central Test, At Your Service:: Customer CareNeed assistance selecting which test is most suitable for you? Our customerservice representatives are easily available to you. After assisting you inidentifying your needs, our consultants will suggest which tool will optimizeyour human resource processes.:: Research & DevelopmentHave questions concerning the development of our tests, validation, or testsresults? Our psychologists are consistently available to answer any questionspertaining to the tests.:: Technical ServicesOur well-trained team of technicians are routinely available to you to resolveany technical difficulties you may encounter.
  20. 20. Central Test in the Media The Times of India Speaks to Central Tests Director, Vijai PandeyAbout Psychometrics Central Test is Sponsoring the 46th National and 15th International Conference of the IAAP (Indian Academy of Applied Psychology) Central Tests Popular Career Test is nowan Available App for iPhone
  21. 21. Our Client ReferencesBanking and Insurance Job Agencies Manufacturing and Distribution BLOM Bank Adecco DHL Chase Consultancy Alexander Hamilton McDonalds Mondiale Assistance Deloitte Renault Sociéte Générale Manpower ToshibaGovernment and Public IT and Communication Schools and UniversitiesServices Bell University of Paris VIII Airport Geneva British Telecom Warwick Business School Dr. Reddys Labs Chess Telecom UCSI Malaysia Intl. Airport Lyon Team Business Solutions IFAG Paris
  22. 22. Enhance Your HR Practices Today...Central Test invites you to optimize your HR practicestoday. At no cost, you will be provided with a free trialaccount allowing you to use any of our HR tests for 15daysPlease sign up today for your Free Trial Offeron our website www.centraltest.com Thank you! We look forward to doing business with you.