Centerline Capabilities - Content and The Buyer's Journey


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Centerline Capabilities - Content and The Buyer's Journey

  1. 1. Content Examples | Powering the Buyer’s JourneyAugust 2012
  2. 2. 60% of theB2B buying processis over before thefirst sales touch.
  3. 3. WE ARE ACONTENT We believe inMARKETING accountable creative: strategies and assets that our clientsAGENCY love, and that achieve business goals.
  4. 4. Centerline Services & DeliverablesWe are a single-point solution, working as an extension of our client’s in-house marketing team. We helpour clients craft the right content strategy, and create the digital content to activate that strategy. SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING & SERIOUS DESIGN GAMES WRITING 2D / 3D STRATEGY ANIMATION SEO & SEM YOU MOBILE / WEB APPS CASUAL VIDEO GAMES PRODUCTION SALES TOOLS EDITING INTERACTIVE SOUND DESIGN & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT
  5. 5. Content Creation & Delivery (Our Sweet Spot) When it comes to the buyers journey, we help you do the heavy lifting. Creating awareness isn’t easy. But it’s also not as difficult as moving people from consideration to purchase to advocacy. Once someone becomes aware and decides to learn more, you have to be ready to nurture them through the buying process with a series of well-timed and crafted touchpoints. Content is the key. SERIOUS GAMES/ ASSESSMENT TOOLS SIMULATIONS & CALCULATORS CUSTOMER REFERENCES SALES TRAINING VIRTUAL CUSTOMER REFERENCE WEBSITE WHITE PAPERS PROGRAM AWARENESS CONSIDERATION DEMONSTRATION OPPORTUNITY PURCHASE ADVOCACYSAMPLES: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 MICROSITE SALES ENABLEMENT TOOLS THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PRODUCT & SERVICE EMAIL NEWSLETTERS PIECES DEMOS ETC. OVERVIEW VIDEOS/ LIVE EVENT ANIMATIONS CONTENT
  6. 6. CEI “Color For Pennies” Broadcast Commercial AwarenessWe created a robot to help brand an office automation company. Think Transformer. This animatedcharacter has been put in commercials, on vehicles, on NHL Jumbotron screens and in print toproliferate this company’s unique brand. Using the well-known Transformer motif, we incorporated thatbranding around the notion of “Transform Your Business.” BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  7. 7. DuPont Kapton Product Animation AwarenessAn animation that helps illustrate the universal applicability of DuPont’s Kapton product. This "voice ofthe expert" animation was given an organic, whiteboard feel… to create the feeling that the DuPontengineer himself is walking you through the benefits of the product. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  8. 8. Physicians Pharmacy Alliance - Manifesto Video AwarenessIllustrating one company’s bold vision to make a huge difference. PPA has developed a disruptivetechnology that will change the way physicians, payors and pharmacies (which PPA is) will worktogether to help the most chronically ill patients in America. As such, this manifesto is a first shot to makethe industry sit up and take notice. It is part of a complete re-brand. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  9. 9. IBM “History of Tape Storage” Awareness/ConsiderationSpreading the legacy of a great innovation. IBM distinguished fellows reflect on tape storage innovationand its significance. This was a premier episode of a series of IBM thought leadership series. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  10. 10. IBM Microelectronics Thought Leadership Awareness/ConsiderationThought leadership on the state of an important industry. The simple goal of this piece was to helpestablish IBM as the principal technical innovators behind most all of the technology inside mobilephones. They truly enable our connected world. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  11. 11. Wake County Economic Development - Defense Microsite ConsiderationDisparate content doesnt mean a disjointed experience. A well-done landing page eases customers inby capturing their curiosity first. Here video interviews lead to a site leveraging focused content andrigorous infographics to illustrate the industry potential of a major metropolitan area. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  12. 12. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Customer Reference for IBM ConsiderationAuthenticity and empathy lead to connections. That’s why customer references are so important to acontent marketing mix. And the importance of video customer references is growing. They are now asinfluential in the purchase process as written case studies; and the Google Panda changes — the latestchange to the search algorithm — has increased the value of video in search results. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  13. 13. Eaton UPS “Professor Wattson” ConsiderationA unique and engaging story begins with the storyteller. Character-driven animations — in which theviewer can identify with the personality and humor of the presenter — help translate complex conceptsinto informational, yet entertaining demos. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  14. 14. IBM Mobility Infographic Consideration/DemonstrationSometimes, the “facts” are powerful, but simplyaren’t that engaging. A well done infographic canmake them so. Why? Because the bestinfographics create a narrative — information plusinterpretation — that give statistics gravity. And inthe case of the Mobility Infographic, the extrastep was taken to make it interactive, giving thesite visitor an extra dose of emphasis. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  15. 15. IBM Smart Work 3D Interactive DemonstrationTeaching a C-level audience to work smarter. The IBM Smart Work Interactive cleverly illustrates howvarious industries are working smarter, and then strategically ties those solutions to IBM’s products andservices. This quickly became the second highest grossing lead generation tool for this IBM division. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  16. 16. IBM CityOne Demonstration/OpportunityTraining today’s workforce for tomorrow. In IBM’s CityOne serious game, users learn how to effectivelydeal with business, environmental, and logistical issues to make a city thrive. The launch of the projectreceived such enormous publicity that it resulted in 7,000 pre-registrations, 10,000 registrations in the firstmonth, and became the #1 lead generating asset for this division in 2010. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  17. 17. Lowe’s Shop Class “How To” Videos Demonstration/OpportunityHow-to videos for one of America’s biggest home improvement stores. Quality video content generatesrevenue by converting passive viewers into active participants. With this strategy in mind, CENTERLINEpartnered with Lowes to revamp their online Shop Class series, and then began producing the videos,from script to shoot to post-production. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  18. 18. IBM “The Living Frame” - Event Opener OpportunityExciting a large crowd with a very cool 3D animation. The goal of this piece was to get peopleenergized about IBM Smarter Computing with a novel approach to illustrate the power of SmarterComputing across a lot of industries to an event audience. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  19. 19. IBM Mobile Storage Efficiency Calculator Opportunity/Purchase“Proof in the Field.” This mobile ROI calculator helps customers match solutions to their environments asthey are walking through them. This truly is a mobile sales tool for “in-the-field” sales support. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  20. 20. IBM Smarter Computing Workload Simulator Opportunity/PurchaseHelping to illustrate IBM product differentiation. This is an online comparison tool allowing users to analyzethe value of different computing environments. Its goal was to illustrate the real-cost savings andefficiencies, at scale, for customers exploring workload solutions on their own. The power in this tool is itsability to immediately render a simulated workload environment in 3D. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  21. 21. IBM Rational Customer Reference Program AdvocacyAdvocacy is earned by providing compelling, ongoing value... they kind of value that triggersreferences. By letting your customers tell their story in their own words, you create evidence of your valuein a more objective setting; and done right, your customer can gain a tool to express their value to theirown clients, which is a universal victory. Chevrolet Volt Invensys Rail Dimetronic BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  22. 22. IBM Reference Hub AdvocacyThis is the future of sales-enabling, enterprise Content Management Systems. The Reference Hub wasborn of the idea that your sales teams, business partners and advocates need to be able to createcustom content on the fly. It’s rip, mix, burn for serious business. BACK TO THE JOURNEY
  23. 23. Please visit for more.