Life Skills by Center for the Greater Good


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A white paper on Life Skills by Center for the Greater Good.

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Life Skills by Center for the Greater Good

  1. 1. CITIZENS FIRST HOUSING Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Written by Ravi | | 410 East State Street Eagle, ID 83616
  2. 2. Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Center for the Greater Good believes that Life Skills and Entrepreneurship is are essential tobreaking the cycle of poverty. In affordable housing developments, it is not uncommon to find highlevels of unemployment and low levels of education. Very essential skills such as balancing one’scheckbook are sometimes not in the skillset of a resident. Furthermore, a significant portion ofresidents in a community may not be native speakers of the English language. With a firm foundationof life skills, not only are residents able to take full advantage of the services available for them, butalso have a stable and healthy lifestyle for their whole families. Entrepreneurship is yet another powerful force that can effectively help a resident break thecycle of poverty. In most communities with social services available, residents do not fully understandthe process to be an entrepreneur, and also lack the skillset or guidance to become an entrepreneur.We believe that with the proper programs in place and opportunities created by partnering withlocal businesses, entrepreneurship will serve as a powerful tool in enabling residents to have a brightfuture.Life Skills The effectiveness of services provided depends greatly on the basic life skills that most of ustake for granted. It is typical to see social services go wasted because the residents do not have somebasic skills. For instance, no matter how good a computer literacy class is, it will be worthless to aresident if she or he cannot read or write. Using technology, Center for Greater Good will ensure that specific emphasis is made toprovide life skills training to communities through life skills centers. Basic skills such as homework,balancing personal budgets, tax preparation, fitness, family counseling, parenting, job skills, howto interview, etc. will be made available for communities so that the residents effectively break thecycles of poverty.Entrepreneurship Center for Greater Good recognizes the research and policy work of the Kauffman Foundationon the subject of entrepreneurship and the foundation’s efforts to advance education and trainingand provide grants. Education prepares one to become an entrepreneur, and the economic systemgives you the opportunity to be one. Entrepreneurship not only breaks the entrepreneur out of thecycle of poverty, but also enhances job creation, and solves many economic as well as social servicesfrom the bottom up. Leveraging the funds with high benchmarks and the standard to use state ofthe art techniques and best practices is key to effective social services. Center for Greater Good willaddress the entrepreneurial opportunity and potential through programs at the communities for boththe youth and adult population to inform and educate residents about entrepreneurship to createjobs that lift residents out of poverty. 2