Welcome to the New World of Adobe Creative Cloud! - Course Technology Computing Conference


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Welcome to the New World of Adobe Creative Cloud! - Course Technology Computing Conference

Presenter: Sherry Bishop, Cengage Learning Author

Adobe is breaking into a brave new creative world by releasing, updating, and hosting all of their products in the Adobe Creative Cloud. This is a fluid world that changes as new desktop applications, apps, and tools are added. Adobe programs such as Dreamweaver CC will be available by subscription to the Creative Cloud, a mix of physical and virtual services with access to all Adobe products and services. Not only is the Creative Cloud your hub for downloading Adobe products, it also serves as a social meeting place and storage repository for file sharing. Come learn how this exciting world facilitates learning and sharing. If you are already using the Adobe Creative Cloud, come share your creative experiences.

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Welcome to the New World of Adobe Creative Cloud! - Course Technology Computing Conference

  1. 1. Welcome to the New World of Adobe Creative Cloud! How Will it Change Teaching and Learning?
  2. 2. What is the Adobe Creative Cloud? adobe.com/products/creativecloud
  3. 3. Manage Creative Cloud Files creative.adobe.com Dashboard with Files tab selected
  4. 4. Download Apps & Services creative.adobe.com Dashboard with Download Center tab selected
  5. 5. View Tutorials and Inspiring Videos creative.adobe.com Dashboard with Learn tab selected
  6. 6. Tutorial Assets helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/learn/start/dreamweaver.html
  7. 7. Sample Dreamweaver Tutorial helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/learn/start/dreamweaver.html
  8. 8. Creative Voices helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/voices.html
  9. 9. What Apps are Included? adobe.com/products/creativecloud/tools-and-services.html
  10. 10. Learn New Features Quickly adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/features.html
  11. 11. Access the Cloud • Go to creative.adobe.com • Sign in with your Adobe ID sign in. creative.adobe.com
  12. 12. Access Adobe Applications • Download the Creative Cloud (desktop) app first. • Download the apps you want. • Call Adobe tech support 1-800-642-3623 with any problems or issues.
  13. 13. Resolve High Resolution Issues • Go to Control panel. • Bump the resolution down to around 1024 x 768 or higher if you want to try for the highest optimal setting you can use. • In Control panel, change the display scaling to small (100%). • This issue is being addressed by Adobe and will be corrected.
  14. 14. Access Creative Cloud Services - Typekit typekit.com
  15. 15. Locate Fonts in Typekit typekit.com Insert sample text Search text box to find fonts Purchased Fonts tab
  16. 16. View and Download a Font typekit.com Icons show whether the font is available for web or desktop use Use fonts
  17. 17. Sync a Font with Typekit typekit.com Sync fonts via Creative Cloud Desktop tab
  18. 18. Create a New Kit in Typekit typekit.com Create a new kit Web tab
  19. 19. Prompt to Launch Creative Cloud in Typekit typekit.com Launch the Creative Cloud desktop if it is not currently running with font sync turned on
  20. 20. Fonts List in Creative Cloud Account Adelle font is synced Creative Cloud app open on desktop
  21. 21. Use a Font in Word Adelle font is added to Word font list Microsoft Word open on desktop
  22. 22. Behance creative.adobe.com/products/behance
  23. 23. Behance Filters behance.net
  24. 24. Behance Projects Filtered by a School behance.net Arkansas State University postings
  25. 25. Behance Project Example behance.net Information about project – including copyright information
  26. 26. Behance Terms of Use behance.net/misc/terms
  27. 27. Host Websites • Full Creative Cloud membership includes hosting for up to 5 sites through Adobe Business Catalyst. • Students can post assignments and tests for easy access to evaluate.
  28. 28. Access Help/Tips in Help Hub helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/topics/getting-started.html
  29. 29. Participate in Forums forums.adobe.com/community/creative_cloud
  30. 30. Resources: Adobe for Academics www.adobeforacademics.com
  31. 31. Filters for Available Resources www.adobeforacademics.com Selected activity
  32. 32. Resource Examples for Activities www.adobeforacademics.com/tutorials/544 Assets included for projects
  33. 33. Creative Cloud Facts • Adobe CS6 products are still supported on Creative Cloud. • If your school or students are using CS6 apps, they can keep them updated with Creative Cloud. • Typekit is currently available in twelve languages.
  34. 34. Cost • Educational 1-year subscription: $19.99 a month. • Billed monthly. • If the subscription is cancelled prior to term, you are charged 50% of the remaining plan fee. • If the subscription is cancelled within 30 days, the full monthly fee will be refunded.
  35. 35. Student and Teacher Plans adobe.com/products/creativecloud/buying-guide-education.html
  36. 36. One More Plug for Adobe MAX! max.adobe.com
  37. 37. Thanks for attending! • sbishop@mail.northark.edu • • • • TAA Community – taaonline.net/member-community • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Revealed with CC updates • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Illustrated with CC updates • Interactive Media Design and Development