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Social Tsunami: Riding the Wave for Student Engagement and Success - Course Technology Computing Conference
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Social Tsunami: Riding the Wave for Student Engagement and Success - Course Technology Computing Conference


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Social Tsunami: Riding the Wave for Student Engagement and Success - Course Technology Computing Conference …

Social Tsunami: Riding the Wave for Student Engagement and Success - Course Technology Computing Conference

Presenter: Beverly Amer, Northern Arizona University

More than 66% of higher education faculty don't teach the use of social media in their discipline. Yet nearly 100% use it outside the classroom for personal and professional reasons. The wave of social media use in society is now rapidly rushing onto mobile platforms, leaving many faculty - and their courses - treading water. With our students already regularly surfing on their mobile devices, the time is right for exploring how to turn the tide of social media into tools for student engagement and success. Interested in learning more? Then paddle your board to this session for ideas from this presenter's sabbatical research for successfully navigating the social storm and staying on top of the wave! Goals/outcomes: Attendees will learn about the various forms of social media, current research surrounding effective use of social media in higher education, and explore practical and meaningful approaches for incorporating social media - in all its forms - into their courses to help increase student engagement and success.

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  • 1. Social Tsunami: Riding the Wave for Student Engagement & Success Beverly Amer, presenter
  • 2. What We’re Talking About • Social Media • Student Engagement & Success
  • 3. What Do I Mean By Social Media? • A group of Internet-based applications that: – build on the idealogical and technological foundations of Web 2.0 – allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content (Kaplan 2010)
  • 4. What Do I Mean by Engagement & Success? Student Success Educationally Purposeful Activities Acquisition of Desired Knowledge Skills & Competencies
  • 5. Quick! Write Down… • As many social media apps or sites as you can name
  • 6. Now…Engage • Cross off those you use for personal purposes • Circle those you use professionally • Put a star by those you use in class
  • 7. Stand Up If You… • Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Hangouts, or Pinterest with your classes • Use any other social media with your classes – Which ones?
  • 8. Here’s What the Research Says… • 78.9% of faculty agree that digital communication has increased communication with students • 48% say their stress level has increased due to digital expectations • 67% report an increase in the number of hours they work
  • 9. More Research… • 70% of faculty have used social media in the past month for personal use • 55% use it for professional reasons (not teaching) • 41% use it in teaching – Blogs/wikis most popular – Twitter least popular
  • 10. What About Mobile? • 59% agree that the interactive nature of online & mobile technologies can create better learning environments • 56% agree that online & mobile technologies are more distracting than helpful to students for academic work
  • 11. Let’s Be Practical… • Professor Uses – Twitter – Pinterest – YouTube – Google+ Hangouts • Student Project Uses – LinkedIn – Twitter – Pinterest
  • 12. Social Media Resources • Facebook international growth: • Flower Petal Image: • Another aggregated graphic: marketing.jpg • And another: • 2013 TECH FACTS: infographic • Pew Internet: • Forbes article: • JIME article on Pinterest in Education: • Educause site: • Faculty views on Online Education: • BLOG from Courtney Hunt: •