Creative uses of Web 2.0 and iLrn by Cengage Learning


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Presenter: Andrew Tabor, Cengage Learning
Presentation Date: 10/22/2013

Join us for our iLrn Online Forum where Andrew Tabor, Sr. Product Specialist, will show you creative ways to use the resources in iLrn for improving your students’ reading level, writing ability, listening skills and presentation skills. This session will cover freely available Web 2.0 resources that complement iLrn, enabling you to incorporate video, audio, and other media. We will also show you how to create effective oral exams and other oral practice activities in minutes, and hope you will share your creative ideas during the forum, so that we can all learn from each other! This session is helpful for current and future users of iLrn at any skill level.

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Creative uses of Web 2.0 and iLrn by Cengage Learning

  1. 1. CREATIVE USES OF WEB 2.0 AND ILRN Andrew Tabor Sr. Product Development Specialist Andrew.tabor@cengage. com
  2. 2. AGENDA What is Web 2.0? Why go beyond written homework? Basics of ShareIt! Using Audio: In ShareIt!, online, with slides and images. Using Video: Creating tutorials, presentations, using cams Creating Presentations: Using images, slides, etc.. Using Google Earth: Using tools to capture student experiences.  Creating your own audio activities and exams using the above media.  OTHER IDEAS??       
  3. 3. WHAT IS WEB 2.0 AND 3.0?
  4. 4. Student centered Learner created materials Not simply presentational Collaborative Social It is not a change of technology, but a change in the way we use technology
  5. 5. ONLINE ORAL AND LISTENING PRACTICE?  Why do we need these activities?  Think about something that you like to do that took you time to learn to do well.  Now how many minutes do you think that average student spends actually speaking the language?
  6. 6. I TEACH WITH THIS IN MIND! “A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.” Thomas Carruthers
  7. 7. SHAREIT!  AUDIO: record directly or load an MP3, WMA, etc..  Video: Must create video outside of Shareit! And then load it. It will accept up to 150mb so record in moderate quality if more than 1 minute.  Images: Create them outside of Shareit! And then load them.  Documents: PPTs, Word, etc… Load directly.  Links: Use the text feature and students copy and paste.
  8. 8. AUDIO  Record Directly into ShareIt!  Audacity: / Most useful audio recording software with editing.  Speakamessage: Send audio, voice images, slide shows with audio, diary via email or links.  Record MP3: Same as Vocaroo.  Vocaroo: No login to record voice. Save as link or file.
  9. 9. SCREENCAST AND VIDEO  Jing: Video and images recorded from your computer   Tutorials Student presentations  Fotofriend: Create web videos with web cams. Easiest to use: Record and save! -booth  Mailvu: Use your webcam to record, but only allows the use of links.   Record introductions Show how to do something…. Recipe, reflexive verbs, etc …  Camstudio: Full screen recording with editing.   Google Earth tours Grammar tutorials
  10. 10. PRESENTATIONS  PowerPoint: ???  Microsoft Photostory 3: us/download/details.aspx?id=11132&hash=zqN1Pe%2bmnpM 59tM7G0cqGjbX%2f6lx913teOCvkyv9CbCd5P5tE8%2fzwZKKQ RSVvzvxxIw%2feB5O%2brrsiULA%2f1CCuw%3d%3d  Prezi: Multidimensional slide, audio and video presentation tool.  Narrable: Narrate images in a neat format.  Slideshare: Public loading of PPTs.  Capzles: -Up/
  11. 11. GOOGLE EARTH Publisher Provided Activities Create your own activities: Student tours: Students use Jing to show where they went and saw. Websites, subway, lost passport (must go to the embassy)  Semester long project:           Travel there Hotel for a few nights Food Entertainment Buy a home Take a long weekend at an attraction during a festival
  12. 12. CREATING YOUR OWN AUDIO ACTIVIT Y  Must have all files that you use loaded in the files tab.  Embedding of code is easy! I can embedd almost all of the files we created today.  Use for oral exams or practice for oral exams.  Create Shareit! activities with due dates. This tracks usage for you.
  13. 13. OTHER IDEAS?