Course Tech 2013, Andrew Hurd, What Should I Get Out of a Conference Like This?


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I come to the Cengage Conference every year and I gain a wide array of knowledge but I don’t have time to
implement it when I get home. So what should I get from a conference like this? How do I bring the techniques
I learn into my classroom? What are the important items that help me become a better educator? Why is this
needed? Professors could be so much better if they made the time to just introduce one or two of the concepts they
learn at the conference into their classrooms. How do we make that happen?

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Course Tech 2013, Andrew Hurd, What Should I Get Out of a Conference Like This?

  1. 1. What should I get out ofa Conference like this? Andrew Hurd Assistant professor Hudson Valley CC – Troy NY
  2. 2. Top list from Cengage-Become familiar with the latest software and technologytrends; learn all about Office 2013 and Windows 8, forexample-Use what you learn by taking it back to the classroom-Network with peers from around the country; startconversations about issues/questions you face as aninstructor-Get to know our author speakers, who can answertechnical questions for you
  3. 3. Cengage cont…-Enjoy yourself! There is plenty of opportunity forsocializing and making new connections. Sit at a tableduring lunch where you dont know anyone, for example.-Make sure to visit the Digital Learning Annex, where youcan test drive products-Get to know the latest Cengage products - most bookswill be updated for Office 2013 in time for fall classes-SAM 2013
  4. 4. Information from key note speaker?• Conscious Connection in the Digital Age• Driven to the Drop of a Hat
  5. 5. This years topics• SAM 2013 — What’s new you ask?• Teaching Tech online• Helping students stay secure• Meeting your students on cloud 9• A model for student success in a high demand course• Unconference
  6. 6. More topics• Using SAM to assess college-wide technology literacy• Managing online/collaborative projects• Reaching and teaching: Best practices for teaching/engaging online students• Turn your class up-side-down: Engaging your students using inverted instruction
  7. 7. Even more…..• What is the web 2.0 and why should I care?• What next?? The future of the intro to computing course• Facebook in the classroom – love it or hate it?• And many more……
  8. 8. What you need to do?• Pick 1 or 2 topics• Get the presenters contact information• Write an implementation plan• Write a possible issues list• Talk to your colleagues• Get the support of your department/school
  9. 9. Pick 1 or 2 topics• How do you choose? – Make a priority list – Pick a hot topic that is relevant to your classroom – Pick something you are interested in – Pick something you feel comfortable exploring
  10. 10. Get the contact information• Take pictures of presenters and contact slide• Talk with the presenters at lunch or dinner• Ask them to share their materials
  11. 11. Implementation plan• What semester are you going to try and implement the new item?• How will it change your class?• How will it change your teaching style?
  12. 12. Possible issues?• Is it feasible?• Is it affordable?• Can your department/school support it?• Is there technical expertise?
  13. 13. So now what?• What topics will you choose this year?• Are you ready to change?• How are you going to approach the new topic?
  14. 14. What I chose from last year?• Engaging students in an online class – A different way to do assignments – A different way to assess• Addressing the visual learner – Flowcharts vs. Algorithms – Writing code by hand
  15. 15. Contact Information Andrew Hurd Hudson Valley CC Troy, NY 12180 LinkedIn: (518)-629-7268