Goose 2.0 Victoria: New Media Only
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Goose 2.0 Victoria: New Media Only



Goose 2.0 Presentation in Victoria, BC with Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Goose 2.0 Presentation in Victoria, BC with Betsy Diamant-Cohen



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  • Describe, with a history of how it started and what it does now. Cen began recording experimenting with using apps & eBooks in storytime, and started getting requests from all over the country with people asking for more info. A community of practice was born which includes almost 200 members now (and everyone in the training is invited to join the think tank as well by using our contact form and asking to join) <br />
  • Cen <br />
  • There are a lot of concerns about the use of new media with young children <br />
  • Cen & Carisa <br /> mention parent learning; use of new media to support parental learning <br />
  • Cen & Carisa <br />
  • Cen & Carisa <br />
  • Cen & Carisa <br />
  • Cen <br />
  • Carisa <br />
  • Cen <br />
  • Cen <br /> Introduce this topic by asking the group, “How do you see people using tablet tech with young kids in your libraries?” then show slide and discuss concepts related to new media and the cultural saturation of this tech. The shift to reading traditional print media on tablets and eReaders require librarians to be more flexible now than ever before. With format in flux, curators of content need to become familiar not only with a variety of media formats but also devices, ways to access content and common misconceptions about digital media among consumers. We are in an in-between or ‘liminal’ space right now and future librarians may not need to be as ‘digitally ambidextrous’ but those willing to blaze this trail now will find the need is great. <br />

Goose 2.0 Victoria: New Media Only Goose 2.0 Victoria: New Media Only Presentation Transcript

  • Mother Goose on the Loose with New Media Goose 2.0
  • Children's Programming & Early Literacy Consultant Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen
  • Founder, @littleelit Cen Campbell
  • • Young Children, New Media & Libraries: • Promising practices for the incorporation of new media into library collections, services & programs for children 0-5 and their families
  • What is new media? • Not just tablets & apps: any emergent educational technology • Content creation via camera, video, microphone & writing/drawing & book creation tools, etc. • Multimedia/Transmedia • Wearable Tech
  • New Media is: • Manipulated • Networkable • Dense • Compressible • Interactive
  • What’s happening right now? •What are the current controversies? •What have your heard or read about lately •What’s brewing at LittleeLit ...
  • Concerns about new media & children • Commercial messages • Displacement of time doing other things • Eye/Neck/Body/Brain strain • Less creative and open- ended play •Less time running around outside •Sleep disruptions •Age inappropriate content •Under 2s (AAP)
  • These concerns are all valid • How can children’s librarians provide guidance for the use of new formats given that we have no long term research on the effects of mobile media with young children?
  • Model for Young Children, New Media & Libraries is a combination of: Pediatrics Pedagogy
  • Technology with young children!? •NAEYC/Fred Rogers Joint Position Statement •American Academy of Pediatrics •Brazelton Touchpoints Guiding Principles •Goose 2.0 Use of Technology Statement
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Parent Recommendations from the AAP Guidelines • Limit “entertainment” screen time to <1-2 hours a day • Discourage screen media for children <2 • Keep screen media out of child’s bedroom • Monitor media usage • Coview • Establish family media plan
  • NAEYC/Fred Rogers • When used intentionally and appropriately, technology and interactive media are effective tools to support learning and development • Intentional use requires early childhood teachers and administrators to have information and resources regarding the nature of these tools and the implications of their use with children
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children & Fred Rogers Center
  • Guidelines for Educators • Select, use, integrate & evaluate media in intentional & age-appropriate ways • Balance of tech & non-tech • Prohibit use of passive media • Limit use for <2 year olds • Consider recommendations from health orgs • Equitable access to technology
  • Brazelton Touchpoints
  • Guiding Principles
  • Guiding Principles to Focus on • Focus on the parent-child relationship • Recognize what you bring to the interaction • Be willing to discuss matters that go beyond your traditional role
  • MGOL Technology Use Statement •Technology handled with careful consideration, in moderation, in ways that fit in with the program's intent and don't overwhelm, that enhance but don't replace, and that encourage parent/child interaction are appropriate for use in Mother Goose on the Loose programs.
  • Children’s Librarians Must Engage with New Media for Young Children • Ubiquity of tablet technology • Whether it’s good for kids or not, parents are handing the devices over • Access to content (multilingual, diverse, high quality) • Societal need for Media Mentorship • Potential to increase the overall quality of content
  • Joint Media Engagement •The New Co-viewing (Joan Ganz Cooney Center) •Bringing families together around new forms of media •New media can serve as a focal point for interaction, not the end goal
  • Parent Learning •Support parents to be their child's first and best teacher •To do that they have to learn some skills and gain some tools •The use of digital media can support THEIR learning process
  • Avoiding App Mania •Just because you're going to model intelligent use of new media does NOT mean everything you do has to be app-based •Present stories, songs & rhymes in lots of different ways; use new media in a way that supports engagement and does not distract
  • Read this book for more information • New America Foundation • Lisa Guernsey, Director of the New America Foundation 's Early Learning Initiative • First edition was Into the Minds of Babes
  • And read this one too! • Those who can manipulate media • Those who are manipulated BY media
  • Mother Goose on the Loose with New Media Demo
  • Two little monkeys MGOL APP
  • Dear Zoo
  • Five fat sausages MGOL APP
  • Take Video Open them shut them
  • Evilio’s Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Let's go to Dover!
  • Leg over leg The dog went to Dover He came to a stile And WHOOPS! He went over!
  • Animal Sounds Free Animal Sounds App
  • MGOL APP: jack in the box
  • MGOL APP: dancing sheep
  • Grandfather clock
  • Fly buzzing app
  • Fais do do Colas mon petit frere Fais do do T'auras du lolo Maman est en haut Qui fait du gateau Papa est en bas Qui fait du chocolat
  • Twinkle twinkle the experience App