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A to Zoo: meeting from the TEC Center at Erikson


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This is the presentation I gave at the TEC Center at Erikson in Chicago on Oct 3&4 2013. In attendance were representatives of the Fred Rogers Center, the TEC Center at Erikson, the Association of …

This is the presentation I gave at the TEC Center at Erikson in Chicago on Oct 3&4 2013. In attendance were representatives of the Fred Rogers Center, the TEC Center at Erikson, the Association of Library Services to Children, Children's Technology Review, the California State Library, Digital-Storytime.come &

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  • 1. A to Zoo Thursday, October 17, 13 New Media
  • 2. Welcome • Thank you for coming, ALSC, Children's Technology Review & Fred Rogers Center • Thank you for having us, TEC Center at Erikson • What's the big idea, & ? Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 3. Let us tell you a story • As with most stories,this one starts with a mommy and a daddy loving each other very much • Two mommies and two daddies, actually. • In any case, this story starts with the children. Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 4. In the beginning... • Cen was a librarian who had a little boy named Jude • LittleeLit was born when Cen wondered what it might be like to use an iPad in storytime, and also what the effects of tablet technology were on her little one • Then several pilot projects, a call from the state library, national committees, the development of an app, introductions to VIPs & many conference presentations happened • LittleeLit has grown from a wee blog to a think tank developing best practices, presenting at conferences, writing a book & pushing for unity in libraryland around the use of new media in early literacy programming Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 5. This is what LittleeLit looks like Thursday, October 17, 13 I didn't know I was opening up a can of worms when I started it
  • 6. In the beginning... • Carisa was a social worker who had a little boy named Zan • One day Carisa went into a library to ask for help choosing apps to use with her young son and the librarian wasn't terribly helpful • Digital Storytime is a database that contains just under 1000 reviews that can be searched and sorted • Carisa has been the sole reviewer since 2010 Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 7. This is what Digital Storytime looks like Thursday, October 17, 13 Carisa totally meant to kick some a$$ when she started it
  • 8. Love at First Blog! • Cen contacted Carisa to ask if she'd like to co-present at NAEYC (they said no, but Carisa said yes!) • We began presenting and writing together about app evaluation and using apps in informal settings (libraries, museums, outreach & home) • That’s Carisa, Warren & Cen at Dust or Magic Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 9. Images from the LittleeLit think tank Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 10. An idea had been percolating • In my workshops, storytellers always asked where to find good reviews • I gave a list of review sites: SLJ, Horn Book, Kirkus (librarians trust those sources) Common Sense Media, Kindertown, Appitic, Moms with Apps • They said, but where are the REST of them? And who is doing the reviewing? And what IS an app, anyway? Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 11. My hubby made these images for me • We decided that as supportive as both of our hubbies are, we need to grow this project up • Carisa's database was built by her hubby, Marc Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 12. I met Lisa in Berkeley for Brunch • She mentioned the phrase "Media Mentor" to me as a concept that she, Chip and others had started working on • There was movement at a federal level to leverage the power, might and resourcefulness of the public library Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 13. Call to action for playing with libraries • "Now is the time for policy makers and practitioners to fully use the capacity of libraries and museums in their early learning efforts" • "In their 2013-2017 5 year plans, 100% of state library agencies are funding lifelong learning programs, 80% plan a focus on early learning" Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 14. Pioneering indeed • Problem: when you ask a librarian about apps, sometimes all your hear is the sound of tumbleweed • Librarians have the right skills to evaluate the children's digital publishing marketplace • We also have a presence in every community plus the trust of the public Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 15. What is he doing with his fingers!?!? • While there is a lot of innovation happening in libraryland around the use of new media in early literacy programming, there is a lot of work to be done to unify our profession's approach to new media with young kids • There is a huge need for "reference" resources & professional development Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 16. This is Mike with a stache Thursday, October 17, 13 eBooks in Early Literacy Conference in Tempe, Arizona: loud call for librarian help
  • 17. We made a big splash the last time we were in Chicago • A to Zoo for Apps Conversation starter • Chip, Lisa, Carisa, Cen + LittleeLit think tank all put out the call for librarian involvement in digital publishing for kids • We need to develop resources for digital books similar to what we have for paper books Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 18. But we kinda left everyone hanging... ...because we didn't have the bandwidth to actually BUILD the tool and provide the kind of wide-scale training it will take to get children's librarians as comfortable with digital books as they are with paper books Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 19. That is why we're here today We couldn't do it in our own. But we can do it if we work together. Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 20. Warren Buckleitner Thursday, October 17, 13 Children's Technology Review
  • 21. Chip Donohue Thursday, October 17, 13 NAEYC/Fred Rogers Position Statement
  • 22. Rita Catalano & Mike Robb Thursday, October 17, 13 Fred Rogers Center
  • 23. Amanda Armstrong Thursday, October 17, 13 TEC Center App Review Matrix
  • 24. Aimee Strittmatter & Joanna Ison Thursday, October 17, 13 Association of Library Services to Children
  • 25. I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!! Thursday, October 17, 13 But there's a wee glitch
  • 26. Here's what I propose • Development of an ascomprehensive-as-possible curation, evaluation & recommendation engine to be launched through public libraries and curated for home & storytelling use by librarians • An accompanying professional development system for training media mentors Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 27. The Tool • Comprehensive evaluation, curation & recommendation tool • Train children's librarian to review new media • Develop mechanism for establishing interrater reliability • Launch through public libraries Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 28. The Training • We are already developing a framework as part of the trainings & pilot projects we're conducting around the country • Digital badging system for training the reviewers to ensure interrater reliability • Training for library staff to serve as media mentors in their community (on-ground & virtual options) Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 29. California State Library Thursday, October 17, 13 is ready to rumble; other states have expressed interest
  • 30. Everybody Needs an Acronym • Access (community needs assessment; access to devices, expertise, space etc) • Content (curation, evaluation & critical thinking) • Engagement (joint media engagement; respecting child engagement & engagement in the marketplace) Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 31. I have all these pieces Thursday, October 17, 13 Help me put them together
  • 32. Suggestion: IMLS Grant • Phase 1: 2014 planning grant ($50,000 + 1:1 cost share) • Phase 2: 2015 implementation grant ($500,000 + 1:1 cost share) Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 33. Suggestion: pilot • California State Library implement training & review pilot with small number of libraries • Every Child Ready to Read is working toward developing best practices for new media incorporation • Mother Goose on the Loose is already developing best practices for 0-3 Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 34. The Vision • There will be a media mentor in every community who develops programming that models the intentional, appropriate and healthy use of mobile technology with young children and recommends high quality, ageappropriate media as a normal reference interaction • The librarian-curated app recommendation tool will be available for free to library users through every public library's website Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 35. Cross Pollination • So many folks have expressed their support for this project: developers, non-profit organizations, advocacy organizations, researchers, academics, journalists, philanthropists, local & state libraries • They are supportive because our society is in desperate need of guidance for the use of mobile media with young kids. We're downright confused about all this. Hang on. I have to tweet something. Thursday, October 17, 13
  • 36. So what are we going to do about this? Thursday, October 17, 13 We’re going to put a media mentor in every library, that’s what.