Social Media Seminar at the FSB
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Social Media Seminar at the FSB



Social Media Seminar slides from the seminar at the FSB (federation of small business) 29 June 2010.

Social Media Seminar slides from the seminar at the FSB (federation of small business) 29 June 2010.



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Social Media Seminar at the FSB Social Media Seminar at the FSB Presentation Transcript

  • How to Social Media for Business (and still keep your hair)
  • Introducing Cémanthe Harries Changed the spelling of my name when I was 21 All kinds of jobs not needing a degree Just Before business: Ops manager in training company - community development, marketing and mentoring Government contract - growing and supporting a community, gov social platform Business: - ran business helping grow other businesses - company name taken – rebranded to New Media Angels - recent clients have included forex trading company in Cyprus, sales and marketing company, online travel booking company and nutritionist in South Africa “engage, connect, learn”
  • Introducing New Media Angels Helping you to grow your business profile and customer relationships through social media - Social Media Training – groups and one to one - Social Media Account Setup and Management – “engage, connect, learn”
  • why?
  • what?
  • Consider This... advertising marketing social media “In addition, word of mouth generated by social networks is a form of marketing that must be earned—unlike traditional advertising, which can be purchased.” McKinsey & Company
  • Social Media is more like PR, Networking, Marketing and Communications – Mixed! It’s a collection of Tools enabling you to engage, research, communicate, converse and connect with potential clients And build the profile of your company
  • 9 categories of social media for business 1. Social Networks: 2. Microblogging: 3. Professional: 4. Video: 5. Bookmarking: 6. Photo Sharing: 7. Membership: 8. Blogging: 9. Info Sharing:
  • who?
  • Target Market Twitter: US market at around one-third of the Twitter user base. Blogging: 77% of Internet users read blogs, 58% say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog LinkedIn: average age is 41, 64% are male, 50% are decision makers YouTube: In general, 20-to-35-year-old bloggers embed most of the videos (57%), followed by teenagers (20%) and bloggers over 35 (20%).”
  • how?
  • What – do you want to say? Is it about you, your company, your business, your industry, your clients/customers... Why – do you want to say it and will people listen? It is to connect or engage, what can you say that will get interest, do you know what people want to hear... Who – are you talking to? Do you know who your target audience are, what they like, what they don’t like, what they want to know... When – will you do it? How often, what days of the week, morning, noon or night, national or international, how many times a day or week... Where – will you be? What social networks will you use, what platforms will you be on, where are your clients... How – do you get your voice heard? Be informative, interesting, original, useful, consistent, friendly, conversational, present, engaged in the community
  • when?
  • consistency
  • where?
  • mobile - Social Networking on the move - Payments on the move - Smartphones - Services on demand Mainstream consumers will be interested in using location-based social services – source Stratemerge
  • geo-location - Location tagging - Community connection - Privacy and safety - Services on demand
  • connection - Online connection - Global businesses local based - Internet calls - Instant news
  • relationships
  • “Our business is about technology, yes. But it's also about operations and customer relationships.” Michael Dell – founder and CEO of Dell Inc. $6.5 million in + = Twitter-driven sales
  • The Big 5 with New Media Angels
  • Facebook - Be yourself - Don't sell - Build relationships - Have fan page and group - Engage
  • Twitter - Time to establish expertise - Minimum 10 tweets a day - Get involved in conversation - Profile business & personal mix - Quality of tweets and RT
  • LinkedIn - Keep profile updated - Get involved in Q&A - Organise to meet up - Connect with others - Join groups
  • Blogging - Be consistent - Short informative posts - Relevant content - Ask questions of readers - Tag with search phrases
  • YouTube - Build a channel - Upload your own videos - Add related videos - Build network - Post to website
  • Case Studies
  • Case Study 1 Mark Lee Tax Advice Network
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog Fun and Jokes about Accounting
  • TaxBuzz Blog
  • Social Website face updates follow subscribe
  • Learning Points - Even the industries you wouldn’t expect to be social can be there - Start with the Big 5 - Be creative - Be where your clients/customers are - Showcase expertise - Make it easy for people to follow you - Social Website
  • Case Study 2 Karen Mercer My Coffee Stop
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Social Website contact sharethis video facebook
  • Learning Points - Even local based businesses are there - Quality not quantity - Use other social platforms – like flickr - Be where your clients/customers are - Showcase expertise/awards/PR - Make it easy for people to contact you - Social Website
  • 7 Important things to remember so that your Social Media approach doesn’t...
  • 1. Be Yourself...
  • 2. No selling...
  • 3. Consistency... = Mon = Tues = Wed = Thurs = Fri
  • 5. Face to Face Meetings...
  • 6. Manage Time...
  • 7. Just do it...
  • next steps?
  • Self-manage: Social Media Power Hour One hour Any questions Central London Venue
  • NMA Manage: Account Setup and Management Do all for you, include building relationships! Facebook Twitter the angels! Blogging YouTube
  • Connect with New Media Angels! Website: Email: Don’t forget to book your Social Media Power Hour