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Pleas cover story
Pleas cover story
Pleas cover story
Pleas cover story
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Pleas cover story


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  • 1. Online 101 ways to be successful in theENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY!!!Kevin Liles talks about his book “MAKING IT HAPPEN” Successful black women in the Love Hard!MUSIC INDUSTRY Marcella talks about sincere Management. Manifesting dreams into reality… Pg. 26
  • 2. Love Hard!Marcella talks about sincere management. What makes a successful manager? By: Tayzia Stevens It is very nice to have you here today Marcella! Tell us a little about what Love Hard Management Provides. Love Hard This is truly an honor! Thanks for having me. Love Hard Management is exactly what our name is “Love Hard Management” . We manage Mission Statement: artist who are passionate about their craft and is willing to work hard and be able to accept the tough love our staff provides in order for the “ Our Mission at Love Hard artists to remain relevant and become legendary. We also pride Management is to provide ourselves on being one of the few management companies who dedicated and trustworthy provide the artist with financial knowledge of reading Profit & Loss management to our clients.” statements as well as expense reports on a regular Basis. As well as provide personal financial education for career What would you say is your Corporate Social Responsibility Model? longevity. Artist need sincere managers that will help them Our Corporate Social Responsibility model is definitely the classical remain relevant and become model. We are not in the business of only looking out for the interest in legendary in the industry” our stockholders but the entire company as well as the community as a whole. I personally am a utilitarian. I understand that my decisions will Marcella Jade Pleas not only effect me but the people around me. Love Hard Management’s Founder heart beats from this outlook.
  • 3. “We pride ourselves in manifestingdreams and maintaining these dreams as Love Hard! Continued…today’s reality.” ~Marcella By Tayzia Stevens What are some of the achievements of your company? What tools did you use to achieve these goals? Love Hard has managed the careers of artist who started from the very bottom of the music industry and worked their way to the top by becoming influential to fans across the world. We have artist who are active in charity work not just donors. Our artist are financially aware and are raising the bar for themselves as well as their peers. We tap into the artist self values and what their ultimate life goals are not just in music but in general. For longevity we also show the artist the basics of Accounting. How to read profit and lossWhat are your company’s core values? statements and expense reports. So many artist do not know how to do that and end up becoming bankrupt byOur core values are, Honesty, integrity, Passion, and there 2nd album. Our artist are not only musicians butwork ethic. We value the opinions of the artist but pride business men and woman. We pride ourselves inour selves in “being real with the artist and one manifesting dreams and maintaining these dreams asanother”. A person with out these values do not today’s reality.deserve a place with our company. Peoples lives are inour hands.What do you believe the biggest ethical dilemma in the Conclusionmusic industry today? I would like to thank you again forWhere do I start (laughs). Well Honestly I believe that thebiggest ethical dilemma in the music industry today is the taking time out of your schedule to joinlack of passion by some artist. Some artist seem to forget us today. Love Hard seems to be whathow much power they have over the people who listen to this industry needs. Passionate honesttheir music, or they know that they have this power and donot use it in a good way. I don’t blame it on the artist. I individuals who are focused on theblame it on the people who are surrounding them allowing greater good!for this to happen and only focused on self-gain.
  • 4. ReferencesEbony logo retrieved 2/26/12chttp://zdennismediagroup.comattachment_id=509Desjardins, Joseph. An Introduction to BusinessEthics, 3rd Edition. MBS Direct p. 55