Solavei - Cell For Your Cause - Mar Vista Football


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Solavei - Cell For Your Cause - Mar Vista Football, Imperial Beach CA

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Solavei - Cell For Your Cause - Mar Vista Football

  1. 1. WE CAN HELP MAR VISTA FOOTBALL WIN TOO! *Organization listed are examples only and NOT endorsements by these organizations. Your organization fundraising needs and corporate missions may differ from the ones displayed.  Nonprofits  Trade Organizations  Community groups  Civic Organizations  Fraternity/Sororities  Foundations  Sports Teams  Individuals
  2. 2. INTRODUCING THE OPPORTUNITY AND CELL FOR A CAUSE FUNDRAISING PROGRAM  The demand for smart phone mobile service is HUGE and GROWING!  Solavei, a SIM only MVNO, uses T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network.  Solavei has grown from its Sept. 2012 launch to Jan. 2013 from 25,000 to 250.000 and on track to reach 500,000 by the end of 2013  As a independent Solavei member, Cell For A Cause, sponsors nonprofits and community groups to help them achieve their funding goals through a simple referral only revenue program within this HUGE market.  Cell For A Cause provides additional campaign promotions and support
  4. 4. THE COMPETITIVE SOLAVEI SERVICE OFFER  Solavei offers a very competitive mobile phone plan for its members.  The Simple Offer - Unlimited Voice/Text/Data mobile service on a nationwide 4G network for $49/month or FREE with “Share and Earn” referral program  Risk Free for members – No Contract, No Credit Check, No Activation Fee  Bring Your One Phone - BYOP plan works with most popular GSM phones - IPhone, Galaxy, Google Nexus, plus over 80 models. Members can also purchase unlocked phones online thru Solavei phone partner, Amazon, and Wal-Mart, etc.  All members, organizations including volunteers, are eligible for referral income.  Solavei handles all customer and technical support, billing, and referral payouts to the organization.  Referral payouts to members are paid out electronically to the member’s reloadable debit VISA card with check writing privileges
  5. 5. SOLAVEI VALUES ARE A CATALYST FOR CHANGE Relationships  Solavei, powered by relationships, NOT mass marketing dollars, passes on these promotional savings to its members. Stewardship  The average IPhone bill is over $100/month or $1,200/year. Organizations can help members become better stewards of their $1,200!  Members will receive a better service value for their $49 with a simple plan  Members support your cause with referral income from Solavei  Save the Difference, Make a Difference! Members can direct the savings to improve their communities with increased giving and investment. Sustainability  Solavei rewards monthly referral funds to member organizations year round, thus creating a powerful self funding model for your needs. Empowerment  Any members are empowered to share these values and help lift up individuals and organizations to do the same, creating a catalyst of change for their communities.
  6. 6. HOW THE SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN WORKS Representations by Solavei regarding potential earnings are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon in any way as a guarantee or indication of potential earnings. Your ability to generate revenue is entirely based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts. Detailed compensation plan available at Effective April 17, 2013.
  7. 7. AS A SOLAVEI MEMBER, MAR VISTA FOOTBALL RECEIVES:  Simple _ A Free Website that includes robust promotional and order processing. Your own website –  Social media platforms  Access to marketing materials: Campaign promotion and Brochures  Reloadable debit VISA card with check writing privileges  Assistance with Utah based Toll Free Solavei Customer Support  Campaign support from sponsor, Cell For A Cause  Cell For A Cause will assist empowered members who want to also “Share and Earn” Mar Vista FB
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS TO MAR VISTA FANS!  Coming September 2013, Solavei Marketplace
  9. 9. MAR VISTA FOOTBALL AND FANS WIN! • “Powered by Relationships” means “building relationships” where everybody wins! • Raises funds for campaigns and sustained efforts • Simple program to implement • Program can coexist with existing efforts • Increased connection with your members • Increased stewardship • Sustained giving to your cause • Empowered to help community • Increased connection to your cause FANSMar Vista FB
  10. 10. GET IN, GET SOCIAL, GET FUNDS:  GET IN - Multiple entry levels for all members • Cell For A Cause will give a $149 credit for a NO-COST campaign to help Mar Vista Football get started + marketing materials + personal vendor booth support. • Social Member WITH service plan AND compensation plan - $49/mo 3 month credit • Recommended standard entry point for organizations with mobile service • Ideal for service testimonials from organization’s leaders • Social Member WITHOUT service plan and compensation plan - $149/year No Cost • Alternatively organizations may choose this option for low cost entry point  GET SOCIAL – Mar Vista FB shares with fans who share with others • Social networks make it easier than ever to connect with your members, friends, and family for primary and secondary referral income. Members share something they already use everyday.  GET FUNDS – Mar Vista FB gets income! • Let’s discuss next steps! 858-848-5601