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During my exchange semester in Seoul, I took the course called New Media Advertising. Here is my Facebook Content Analysis for Urbanears, the famous Swedish brand which sell headphones.

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Urbanears' facebook content analysis

  1. 1. URBANEARS Facebook content analysis - LIM Céline
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OF CLIENT « The multi-talented in-ears headphones» • Urbanears is a Swedish brand of headphones created in 2008. The products are famous through all around the world. It is famous for headphones but also earphones and accessorizes. They are famous because of the amount of colors. • Aim of the brand: to make the headphones a vital essential in our everyday life for music lovers but also for those who want to be at the top of the fashion style. • The products are selling in different kind of shops: music stores, in the stores in which we can find a lot of famous brands (eg. Lotte Outlets)
  4. 4. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE • Urbanears has 57 110 fans on their facebook fan page and more than 1956 persons talk about it in their posts. • On its facebook fan page, we can find links for different social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, for their newsletter, to their videos, which promotes the news products) • The fan page is updated at least 4 times a week. • Urbanears use its fan page to communicate with its customers.
  5. 5. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE We can find different kind of posts even if most of them are: PROMOTIONAL In order to promote about a new products. 1091 likes for this post, 14 comments and 30 share. Because this brand is well-known for the amount of colors it propose, this post is a success. Urbanears communicate on the its strength: the new colors which are going to be launched. Customers always want and still wait for news colors. That is why this news has a lot of likes. Moreover, the visual strike people’s mind. It seduces easily all the amateurs of music and fashion.
  6. 6. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTIONAL On few of its posts, we can notice that Urbanears has chosen to put pictures without any of their product. Although there is not product on it, it still communicate on it strength. Plus, the comments show that people are really care about the colors. Even if, there is not headphones on it, people also talk about it. 178 likes, 14 comments and 1 share.
  7. 7. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTIONAL Plus, to promote its products, the brand doesn’t hesitate to insist on the fact that everyone use Urbanears’ products These two comments show that, every generation use it. Young people, like older who love fashion and music are addicted to the headphones. They also use famous people to promote about their image. Once again it shows that whatever the social class, everyone use Urbanears. 544 likes, 7 comment and 29 share 236 likes, 8 comments and 22 share.
  8. 8. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE INFORMATIVE To inform that the brand is a partnership, or official sponsor with music event. Thanks to the comments, we can see that, people are more interested by the headphones than the event. It is really good for the company but also quite bad. If the brand communicate on that sponsorship is to have an important visitbility towards customers and strike their attention. But if people don’t notice that, Urbanears’ reputation won’t increase anymore. BUT, for the product is really interested. With that, the brand can see the new trends of colors which attract more, so that, they can launch new colors and increase their sales. 1765 likes for this post and 60 share.
  9. 9. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE INFORMATIVE Through their post, Urbanears want to show to customers that it is famous, and has influence. Here the post has 120 likes and 3 share. And the brand tag the famous Christian Louboutin, the famous French shoes and bags designer. The brand wants to strike the fact that even big firm also use their headphones for their photoshoots.
  10. 10. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE INTERACTIVE Urbanears wants to involve customers on its posts. To exchange with them and create a relationship. To that, they use: - videos clips - surveys… When customers feel like the brand takes care of them and cares about their opinions, they are more available and easier to convince and to influence in the act of purchase. And, sometimes, people are more predisposed to pay intention when they see images than a text with informations. 11 likes and 6 share 146 likes, 5 comments and share
  11. 11. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PERSONAL Here, the famous brand express their opinions, and values that it defending. This is a good strategy and today, every brands used to communicate on environment which became the new trend… 220 like, 1 comment, 12 share
  12. 12. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTION 12 like For this post, only 12 persons like it. This post promotes the new mixtape on which the famous brand collaborate with. Why this post doesn’t interest poeple? Even if everybody and everyone can use Urbanears’ headphones, everybody don’t have the same taste of music. So maybe people don’t like it and don’t find interest on this featuring.
  13. 13. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTION Strangely, this post didn’t come up with a lot of reactions. There are only 12 likes and 2 comments from the same person. Maybe because fans who are very interested, followed a procedure by themself on the brand’s website.
  14. 14. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE INTERACTIVE By updating this post, the brand hope to have answer from his fan but it is not the case actually. No one answer, and only 15 persons like it. This one is a remind of the previous one and maybe because this post come long time after the first one so people forgot what they said…
  15. 15. URBANEARS’ SOCIAL MEDA PAGE Conclusion • Most of their posts are promotional. Through their posts which are really different from each other, they use their strengths to attract customers, to make them react and comments all the posts. • And because, they use more promotional posts, they have more risks to fail in some posts. As we can see, some of them don’t attract customers; they don’t react because they don’t find interest in it. • Plus, all posts of this brand is really differents. They try to change theme (from fashion, to a product’s launched…) They want to innovate in their post to avoid annoying their fans and that way, they will attract more fans. • But in general, Urbanears fan page is really lively not only because the community manager of that brand often updates news, but it is also thanks to the fans who interact between them, and towards the news.
  16. 16. COMPETITORS - WeSC • WeSC is a famous Swedish brand of clothes inspired from skateboard and streetwear, created in 1999. The brand sell clothes, it also sells headphones and some accessorizes. This brand is very popular in Sweeden but also in all around the world. • Today, WeSC wants to develop their business more especially in the US because in Europe, its image and business is going well and they want to keep its underground image.
  17. 17. WeSC “We Are the Superlative Conspirancy” • On their facebook fan page, they have 276 923 likes and 534 talk about this brand in their posts. • Their fan can find out informations about different events that WeSC create. There is a link for their Instagram page, their newsletter and for their videos, which promotes products. And they communicate more than 3 times per week. But, the community is not as much active as the others’ brand’s fan.
  18. 18. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE Good examples PERSONAL With 256 like and 5 shares, I think this is one of the most popular news on WeSC fan page. This post is about the cat that has the same logo as the brand on his head. This is a success because it is a really original post, which is not about the product directly. It is more about the corporate part of the brand.
  19. 19. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTION The post below is success because there are 13 like and 5 comments. People are receptive to the information tat WeSC wants to promote. Here, the brand to communicate about Superlative Conspirancy Magazine release. To that, they ask to celebrities to promote the event. WeSC posted a video on vimeo.com which is another social network only for video. And the short film in black and white has an impact on customers.
  20. 20. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE INTERACTIVE Actually this post is considered as a good interactive post. The brand wants to help its customers to get a job. There are 15 like and 1 comment. Which means that people who like this comment thought that this job offer is interested. Even if nobody had commented this post, the fact there are some like show that customers appreciate the fact that the brand take care of them.
  21. 21. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE • Finally, in some of its posts we can say that, the brand combine interaction and promotion. This combination is a success because it generates 16 like, 7 comments that are in Swedish and 2 share. Maybe, to strike people’s mind and to give them the envy to come and comment the posts, WeSC have to change their way to communicate towards the general public OR to expand its target even if the brand want to keep its “underground” image.
  22. 22. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE Bad example INTERACTIVE WESC is a brand that is not only focus on their headphones. It also promotes its others products. Here, the brand wants to get in touch with its customers. But it doesn’t seem to work. I think the brand wants to receive some comments from its customers but, here, none comments except a French man who put a negative comment. They only have 40 like which is actually not bad.
  23. 23. WeSC - SOCIAL MEDA PAGE PROMOTION WeSC wanted to promote the partnership that had been set up between the brand and Happy Socks. But it is an error I think. After watching the video, I can understand why people react as much as it could be. Happy Socks is not as underground as WeSC wanted to be. So that is why, people didn’t react a lot.
  24. 24. COMPETITORS – BEATS ELECTRONICS • Beats Electronics is a well-known brand of audio products created by a famous rapper and hip-hop producer Dr Dre. Since the few past years, this brand became more and more famous towards everybody but especially towards young people from 18-24 years old. Today, the brand uses a lot of product placement (we can see it in a lot of video clips or movies) and co branding. They also use a lot of famous people to be their personality endorsers. • The proof that, the brand became more and more famous, Beats has 6 127 858 like and 65 293 persons talk about it. We can find link to their photos and schedule. • Compare to other brands, this page is really simple. They don’t need to promote their social network because they know that its notoriety always increases. • Beats updates post nearly everyday and each time, there are a lot of reactions from fans.
  25. 25. BEATS ELECTRONICS Good examples INTERACTIVE • Beats always stage their product. Here below, they stage the speaker as if this accessory is vital. They always make a link with a celebrity because they know that, using a famous person will create reaction from fans. People like to comment what celebrity does whatever the situation. Here, it is like a game for them. They have to guess who use that speaker… 4 935 likes, 109 comments and 32 share • Another example: Because they know the kind of subject that interest people in the US and in the world, they play on it. Here, they talk about Baseball game, and ask for people’s opinion. And, we know that, when a brand asks for people’s opinion, they feel flatter so it will be easier to reach their target. People are more receptive. 7752 like, 72 comments and 200 shares
  26. 26. BEATS ELECTRONICS PROMOTION • In most of their post, we can see that, they use to promote their products in two ways. The first way is to use personality endorsers. These celebrities are famous singers or athlete. As I said before, Beats knows that, today, in our society, famous people can have an influence on people’s mind, and they are like opinion leader in fashion for example... When a celebrity has an accessory, people want the same because they think so that they will be cool. So that, celebrity endorsers push people to the act of purchase. • In most of their posts, we can see headphones or speakers. They always show us and point out their products.
  27. 27. BEATS ELECTRONICS • In this post, actually they promote the famous rapper Pharrell Williams’ story about his new cover, how he made it... But tacitly, the brand wants to promote their product. Adding these promotion, we can say that we see Beat products everyday in our life. As if Beats products are integral of our life. • Here with two famous athlete, this post generates 8 402 like, 717 comments and 276 shares. Furthermore, to encourage people to comment this post they play on the news: the soccer game PSG versus Barcelona and they choose to point out two headline act. • Beats’ communication strategy is really interesting and nearly perfect because they know how to provoke their customers and make them react. 3 116 like, 11 comments and 37 share.
  28. 28. BEATS ELECTRONICS INFORMATIVE 4550 like, 42 comments and 84 shares. This event may have been an important that is why there are so many reactions from customers. Here, they just want to inform that they are the main sponsors of this event.
  29. 29. BEATS ELECTRONICS Bad examples INFORMATIVE This post is only informative and there are not a lot of comments. This post had been updated two days before the events so that is difficult for people to move to the event. The delay was too short to provoke strong reactions from people. Here, we can find two comments that are really different from each other. The first one is a French who ask for help because the sound of his headphone has a problem. This comment hadn’t absolutely no link with the post. And, the second comment is directly in link with the event. So, can find two kind of comments, those who are linked with the event and the others which are not. 1 593 like, 12 comments and 21 share
  30. 30. BEATS ELECTRONICS PROMOTION For this post, even if there are 2 939 like, 29 comments and 29 share we can see that in comments, most of them are « off topic ». Here, the post’s aim is to promote the co branding between Just Blaze and Beats. I think this producer is famous for those who are hip hop fans but towards the general public, he is unknown.
  31. 31. BEATS ELECTRONICS For this second post, opinions are mitigated. Some people talked about the event, thanks Beat to give them opportunities whereas other people talked about anything else. This post didn’t provoke a lot of reactions because the two celebrities are not really famous except in the US. Maybe customers don’t feel affect by this posts... Customers, who comment the post, are people who are concern by hip hop music and culture and who know about these two artists. 2 596 like, 25 comments and 5 share
  32. 32. BEATS ELECTRONICS INTERACTIVE This post has only 1 539 comments, 23 comments and 24 share. Plus in this post we can see some negative comments, and it also looks like there is a mis-understanding. As if the post is not clear in how customers can participate to that events. And, one of the fan tried to participate to it but it seem that it doesn’t work well. Beats have to propose something easy to use for its customers to not create confusion and negative comments.
  33. 33. SIMILARITIES / DIFFERENCES SIMILARITIES: • All brands promote their products by posting photos of their headphones.. Except for WeSC which pormote more its events than its products. But, for Urbanears and Beats, the contents are nearly the same. • All brands use promotion and interactive posts to provoke customers and to create a relation with its customers. • In their posts, to avoid falling into the routine, brands try to change their content by uploading videos because people are sometimes more receptive in front of images than words. DIFFERENCES: • • Urbanears is the brand that tries to diversify the most its content. It tries to use informative, promotive, interactive and personal posts compared to the others. Urbanears communicate really on its products and only on it without using a lot of celebrity endorsers. Compared to Beats which use a lot of celebrities. And everybody knows that celebrities have a strong power to influence people easily (like opinion leader).
  34. 34. SWOT STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES - Diversify of kind of posts - The brand is really focus only on (personal, promotion, interactive) the products. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS - Diversify its posts in order to - Beat’s communication and posts expend its targets because more are nearly perfect. Each time, the and more people use headphones brand has a lot of reactions from not only for listening music but also its fans. as an accessory that they can add to their outfit. This few years, the market of headphones (music) increase
  35. 35. INSIGHTS Compared to other brands, I am astonished to see that Urbanears is only focus on its products. It never communicates on the corporate part of the brand. Plus, it only highlights its products by promoting them with different kind of posts (interactive, personal, promotion and informative) and by striking people with the brand’s strengths.
  36. 36. RECOMMENDATION PERSONAL The brand should communicate more about the corporate environment and the corporate identity of Urbanears. It will allow customers to learn more about the brand’s values and to understand easily why the brand act like this or like this. Maybe the brand can also communicate about the staff, so that; customers can feel close to it and to feel concern about the brand’s problem if there are (for example if there is some layoff...) Moreover, to help customers to know more about the company, Urbanears can produce and realize short films or photos report to show them a part of the manufacturing process. This will help to create customers loyalty. People are sometimes more receptive towards videos and images than in front of a long text. INTERACTIVE For example, once a month, the brand can give the opportunity to its customers to create / personalize their perfect headphone. This game will be on Urbanears’ website http://fr.urbanears.com. Of course, the website’s link will be post on its Facebook fan page. Participant’s prototypes will be post on Facebook and the best; will be chose by fans on the fan page. The winner will receive his model in real. This will generate views on Facebook but also on the brand’s website. This is a kind of game that the brand can create to interact with its customers and to create a relationship between the brand and customers.
  37. 37. RECOMMENDATION INFORMATION -> FEED BACK Once a week, Urbanears can update on its Facebook fan page like a press review. The brand can upload articles or link towards other social network (Instagram...) or articles from webzines or magazines, to show that famous fashion designer, athletes or models use the brand’s products. PROMOTION The way that the brand promotes its products it is really interested. The brand should continue the way it promotes its headphones. Maybe, Urbanears has just to use celebrity endorser to create “face recognition”. We all know this brand thanks to the product and that the headphone exist in every colors. And because today, using celebrity endorsers will help the brand to increase its sells, its turnover. Plus, celebrities have a strong influence on people’s opinion.
  38. 38. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT INTERACTION SOCIAL CONTENT “Today is the most important day of the month. For those who loves music and want to be at the top of fashion; for those who have a lot of imagination and want to have his own headphone. This is for you! Go on the http://fr.urbanears.com and create your prototype. The winner will be the one who will receive the most of like from the fans on our official fan page and we will make it become a real product. 3, 2, 1 GO!” This will generates view not only on the brand’s fan page but also on its website. Plus this will create a relation between - The brand and the customers: it will create a relationship and a dialogue. - The customers because they will exchange and talk between them.
  39. 39. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT PERSONAL SOCIAL CONTENT The brand can invite a serious TV news channel (CNN, BBC…) to make a report in its factory in order to show customers how Urbanears produce its headphones. The brand has already done one. But this one will be more corporate and focus on the manufacturing, the staff…. (eg Urbanears Re:Plattan Headphones) It will establish a climate of confidence between the brand and Urbanears. The reports have to make the customers believe that the report isn’t created or altered for its audience.
  40. 40. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FEED BACK SOCIAL CONTENT “Today in the Vogue magazine Imogen Poots, model for the famous fashion designer Chloé, is on the cover page. Find her interview in which she explained why she ask to shoot with our product for this photo-shoot session for this brand even if there is a gap between our brand and Chloé + link” The aim is to show that the brand is well known not only in Europe but also in all around the world. This can have an impact on customers’ mood and can influence them to buy products.