J448 banana shark plansbook 3.20.12


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J448 banana shark plansbook 3.20.12

  2. 2. 1 | nutritionforsuccess.com
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary.................................3 Situation Analysis.....................................4 SWOT Analysis.........................................5 Creative Brief...........................................6 Strategy Target Audience Direction Media Plan.............................................10 Media Mix Budget Schedule Creative Execution................................13 Radio Outdoor Guerilla Earned Media Social Media Evaluation...............................................21 Conclusion.............................................22 table of contents | 2
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon faces an increasingly difficult challenge: raising awareness about hunger and combating it from a socio-economic front. To help PHFO’s efforts, Team Banana Shark approached a very specific aspect of the larger problem: Children in Oregon schools whose lives are affected by hunger. Our primary goal was to raise awareness about Oregon’s Afterschool Meals and Snacks program, as well as to encourage activism about the overarching issue. To accomplish this, we created a proxy organization, Nutrition For Success, whose purpose would be to spread the word about Oregonian child hunger in honed, clever ways. We targeted affluent, activist mothers whose prominence in their communities and children’s school life made them effective surrogates for our campaign. The tone we took was blunt, urgent, and slightly nationalistic; painting hunger as not just a social issue but as an enemy Oregon must defeat at all costs. With radio, print, and large-scale publicity stunts, we assumed the role of a moral whistleblower, eschewing safe language and timid platitudes for something riskier and potentially far more resonant.3 | evecutive summary
  5. 5. SITUATION ANALYSISIn order to gain a better understanding of the problem and the work we needed to do, we began byanalyzing the issue of hunger in Oregon and the ways in which Partners for a Hunger Free Oregonfunctions as an organization. One of the most compelling pieces of information we found were statisticsrelated to the cost of hunger in Oregon, and how it affects society. Namely, we were surprised to find thathunger costs Oregonians $1.2 billion dollars annually. The three leading causes of the cost burden include:CHARITYCharitable efforts are considered a short-term solution to hunger but it costs the nation $14.4 billiondollars a year. The bill falls on volunteers and organizations that provide food availability programs.ILLNESSMalnutrition causes weight loss, stunted growth, weakened resistance to infections and hinders mentaldevelopment. This mental and physical strain creates more doctor visits, higher rates of hospitalizationand missed work. The cost of the mental health and medical care is $66.8 billion.LIMITED LEARNING AND LOWERED ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITYChildren and adults who suffer from food insecurity are affected cognitively, which makes it hard toengage in educational, social and work environments. This causes limited earning potential for thosewho are hungry and lower work force productivity for business. The cost of limited learning and loweredeconomic productivity is $9.2 billion dollars.It was here that we found the inspiration that would drive our campaign. If we could take preventativemeasures such as ensuring that children were fed, and thus enabled to learn fully and lead healthier lives,then perhaps we could take a step in reducing hunger’s burden on society. situation analysis | 4
  7. 7. STRATEGYGrow and leverage public advocacy and funding for the AfterSchool Meal and Snack Program by raising awareness. Theprogram offers reimbursements to after school programsthat serve free and healthy meals & snacks to children inboth rural and urban areas of Oregon. strategy | 6
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE TARGET Our target is relatively affluent, middle-aged women, approximately ages 35-50, who are invested in their child’s school and the politics of it. They are chaperones and volunteers, interested in their community and involved with their child’s life. We’re also tapping into these womens’ inherent network of neighbors, fellow moms, friends and family. If we reach them through the thing they’re passionate about—their child and their child’s school—we are catching their entire social network in our web. CURRENT THOUGHT Many parents are either unaware of the scope of Oregon’s hunger problem, or have a warped view of what the hunger epidemic looks like. To some, child obesity contradicts the idea that there are hungry children in schools, and they are dismissive of the issue due to this misconception. DESIRED THOUGHT Obesity is actually a symptom of malnourishment and lack of proper nutrition, and a hungry child does not necessarily have to look emaciated and starving. What makes the problem so insidious is that it’s so subtle. We want people to recognize how widespread and complex child hunger is, how it affects our entire society, and the cost of it.7 | target audience
  9. 9. DIRECTIONALLEVIATING THE ECONOMIC COST OF HUNGERStart from the bottom. Let it work its way up.SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THOUGHTHealthy meals are the building blocks to a brighter future and a child’s physiologicalneeds must be met before society can expect them to learn and become successful.MANDATORIESFocus on the cost aspect of the campaign above all else. Don’t get caught up in theobesity angle, and be careful about stoking fiscal conservative’s ire by highlightingclass inequality. Cost, cost, cost. How does this hurt all of us?CHALLENGESSince we’re dealing with policy and economics, there will be resistance from peoplewho don’t believe the allocation of resources into this program is necessary. Fiscalconservatives may fight us, and we will struggle with parents who, as stated above,think all the overweight children in the halls means hunger is a myth.INSIGHT• Hunger costs Oregon an incredible amount of money.• The repercussions of childhood hunger are long-term and drastic.• Money is being wasted in schools because kids can’t develop fully and properlydue to the repercussions of hunger.• Healthy meals translate to better test scores, improved reading skills, and increased attendance.• A child’s physiological needs must be met before society can expect them to learn and become successful. Healthy meals are the building blocks to a brighter future. direction | 8
  10. 10. OUR STRATEGY starts from the bottom & enables children to work their way up. Society in turn benefits SUCCESS from their success. CONFIDENCE SELF-ESTEEM QUALITY EDUCATION FEELING NOURISHED/SECURE HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS BANANA SHARK’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS9 | strategy
  11. 11. WEBSITE MEDIA MIXOur Website will be used as a communication hub where our audience can donate, volunteer and learn more about Nutirion forSuccess and the After School Meal and Snack Program.SOCIAL MEDIATactic: Information hub / Action conduitOur media plan utilizes social media to reach K-8 Moms. More specifically, we will focus on Facebook. We will use social mediamostly as an information hub and conduit for action, where people who are interested in helping can be referred to for moredetailed information or commit to attending events or donating. We can also explore Twitter and Kickstarter as tools for raisingawareness and soliciting donations.EARNED MEDIA AND OUTDOORTactic: Publicity stuntWe will put a sign on the Washington and Oregon border that will mimic the “Welcome to Oregon” but it will read “Welcome toHungry Oregon.” The sign will drum up interest for Nutrition for Success and the After School Meal and Snack Program. We willmake sure that local media, both print and broadcast, are contacted in order to garner positive coverage and publicity.RADIOTactic: Radio spots for awareness and actionRadio spots can be strategically placed when we know many K-8 moms will be listening. We will conduct research to determinewhen and where we have our audiences’ ears. Do they listen to NPR/OPB at approximately 8 a.m. while they are getting readyfor the day? Or do they listen to the local pop music station on their lunch breaks? Whatever the case, these radio spots will be achance to inform and call these moms to action.PRINTTactic: Print communicationOur flyers will act as a source of information, as well as, spark interest in Nutrition for Success and the After School Meal andSnack Program.TAKEAWAYSTactic: Nutrition for Success pinsWe want our audience to have a physical object to share with their networks in order to spread the word about Nutrition forSuccess and the After School Meal and Snack Program. media mix | 10
  12. 12. BUDGET SAFEWAY GRANT The Safeway Foundation provides nonprofit organizations with support for local communities through priorities such as hunger relief, education, health and human services and assisting people with disabilities. In order to receive a grant, an organization must apply to be accepted. Once accepted, if it’s the organizations first time using the Safeway grant, they may receive anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. The grant will be used to fund our campaigns media outreach and provide an outlet to reach our target audience. ONLINE PRESENCE Our website will cost $100 per year for a domain name. With hired assistance to maintain the website, Facebook and Twitter it will cost $844.80 for three months with minimum at $8.80. EARNED MEDIA AND OUTDOOR We will allocate $200 to make the “Welcome to Hungry Oregon” sign. There will be a a follow up billboard that will run for 2 weeks at the a cost of $500. RADIO We will have one 30 second spot on a radio station in Portland, Oregon to be played every Wednesday starting April 4 and ending on June 27. It will cost $141 per spot for a total cost of $1,692. We will also have one 30 second spot on a radio station in Eugene, Oregon to be played every Wednesday starting April 4 and ending on June 27. It will cost $25 per spot for a total cost of $300. PRINT We will allocate $1,125 to print flyers. TAKEAWAYS The pins will cost $215 for 1,500.11 | budget
  13. 13. SCHEDULENutrition for SuccessSafeway Grant: $5,000Spring Media Plan 2012Months April May JuneWeeks 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4Media Total CostSocial Media Facebook Twitter Website $100Earned Media (event) $200.00 Billboard $500.00Radio Portland (30 second spot) 4 11 18 25 2 9 16 23 6 13 20 27 $1,692.00 Eugene (30 second spot) 4 11 18 25 2 9 16 23 6 13 20 27 $300.00Print $1,125.00Takeaways Pins $215 $4,132.00Paid WorkSocial Media (2 hours per day M-F) 3 months $844.80 Oregon Minimum Wage: $8.80 $4,976.80 schedule | 12
  14. 14. NUTRITION FOR SUCCESS WEBSITE The NFS website will be a very important tool in our campaign. It will be placed on all of our media that is distributed to our target audience and will provide information to those who want to learn more about NFS and how to become a volunteer for the local After School Meal and Snack Programs (ASMSP). In addition, it will have a “donate now” button, which will simply allow people to contribute any amount of money directly to childhood hunger and ASMSP.13 | creative execution
  15. 15. NUTRITION FOR SUCCESS FACEBOOK PAGEThe NFS Facebook page will be used as a place for our followers to raise discussion among themselvesand ask questions to NFS. We will not be using this page to bombard followers with information andwe hope that issues of childhood hunger are brought up by them, not us. This page will be used as acommunity chat board where people are able to ask questions, raise awareness and build networks onchildhood hunger related issues. creative execution | 14
  16. 16. 15 | creative execution
  17. 17. RADIOTo connect with our target and drive home the message of urgency and state pride, we chose to buyradio spots on NPR and Portland stations like 94.7 and 97.1. These spots would run in the morning andafternoon as children are dropped off and picked up from school. NARRATOR: “We’re Oregonians. This is our state. Our home. And unfortunately, Oregon, our home happens to be one of the hungriest in the nation. Children are going without food, and when something like that happens we need to stand up and call out, “Not here. Not in our state.” We’ve let hunger destroy us from the inside for too long, and it’s time to stop it. We all have the power to put an end to this epidemic of hunger. We have the power to feed our state’s children. Because we’re Oregonians, and this is our home.” creative execution | 16
  18. 18. “WE ARE HUNGRY OREGON” SIGN We have created the “We Are Hungry Oregon” sign to be strategically placed on the Oregon-Washington border. Its purpose is to be used as a replica of the “Welcome to Oregon” border signs in order to raise awareness of hunger in Oregon. It also contains a brief fact specifically on childhood hunger to tie in to the main focus of our campaign. In creating this sign, we hope that Oregonians returning home and newcomers visiting the state will be reminded of a severe issue in Oregon and look further into our campaign efforts. WELCOME TO HUNGRY OREGON WHERE HUNGER AFFECTS 17% OF CHILDREN nutritionforsuccess.com www.nutritionforsuccess.com17 | creative execution
  19. 19. FOLLOW-UP BILLBOARDThe “We Must End Child Hunger Together” billboard is designed to draw similar attention as the sign doesand will be used as a follow-up tool to guide viewers towards our website in a clearer approach. It will bestrategically placed about five miles in front of our Hungry Oregon sign and will allow viewers to make aconnection with the earlier sign and again be reminded of a major issue that their state faces. We hope thatusing both these tools together will encourage a viewer to look further into our campaign.WE MUST END CHILD HUNGERTOGETHER. NUTRITION FOR SUCCESS creative execution | 18
  20. 20. CHILDREN ARE GOING HUNGRY IN OREGON SCHOOLS. MAYBEABOUT IT BEFORE, OR THOUGHT ABOUT IT YOU’VE HEARD YOU KNOW THIS - WHEN YOU DROP YOUR KIDS OFF. IT’S AN ISSUE THAT GETS LOST IN THE SHUFFLE OF OTHER CAUSES, FLYERS BUT THE FACT REMAINS: Flyers describing the issue in a manifesto-like tone, decrying hunger in Oregon, will be distributed at PTA meetings and grocery stores. By striking a severe tone and stressing a call to action, the flyers urge parents to visit the website and get involved. OREGON IS ONE OF THE HUNGRIEST PLACES IN AMERICA, AND IT’S CHILDREN WHO ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF IT. THIS IS SOMETHING WE WON’T ALLOW TO HAPPEN. NUTRITION FOR SUCCESS JOIN OUR FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER AT NUTRITIONFORSUCCESS.COM19 | creative execution
  21. 21. TAKEAWAYSPins will be made and handed out to parents and supporters at PTA and school board meetings, as well asany events related to Nutrition For Success and Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon. Pins serve as a sort ofbadge that supporters can wear to foster a sense of community and pride in the program. FEED the BODY FEED theNUTRITION FORSUCCESS MIND nutritionforsuccess.com creative execution | 20
  22. 22. EVALUATION WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA Our website provider allows us to monitor how many hits our website gets each day. We will see an increase in hits as other aspects of our campaign are implemented and we grow awareness. Our Facebook page will be monitored and we encourage feedback and archive suggestions that could be successfully implemented to help the program. We will evaluate our page by the increase of “likes” and quality of engagement. RADIO We plan to include a tag line that encourages listeners to visit ASMSP’s Facebook page and website. If this message is successful, we will see an increase in web traffic on our website and Facebook. EARNED MEDIA AND BILLBOARD We acknowledge that it’s difficult to record the amount of exposure that it will receive from our target audience, but we will strategically place the billboard on a route that is used by parents on commute to their children’s school. PRINT Our print portion’s success will be judged by how many flyers we distribute, in addition to the increased web traffic we hope it will generate. TAKEAWAYS We will evaluate the success of our pins by the amount given away, their popularity and how often we see people wearing them.21 | evaluation
  23. 23. CONCLUSION Nutrition for Success strives to fight hunger in Oregon by raising awareness and fostering activism. We recognize that without proper nutrition, hungry Oregon children are not receiving the education they deserve, and there can be no progress on the hunger front if we don’t address this fundamental problem. WHEN WE AREN’T NECK DEEP IN ADVERTISING PROJECTS... Beckett Travis StanfordKelsey Reddicks Crystal Stanford Snedeker-Short Media PlannerAccount Manager Account Planner Copywriter Travis is a ColoradoKelsey is an avid Crystal loves Beckett doesn’t native that lovesscuba diver and bargain hunting and think you care what to be active. Heloves cooking. Her adventure having. his interests are. runs track for theguilty pleasures She really, really He enjoys cottage University of Oregoninclude: The loves Kanye West cheese, murder, and spends aBachelor, macaroni and Hillary Clinton, murder mysteries, majority of his timeand cheese, and even though a lot of stealing pet rats, and doing so. Music isgossip magazines. other people don’t. Cambodian culture. also a passion of his. conclusion | 22