Generation to Generation Fall 2011
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  • 1. GENERATION ‫דור לדור‬ to GENERATION   Portland, Oregon  •  Vol. 16 •  No. 1  •  Fall 2011  •  5772 ‫סתיו‬in thiS iSSuefrom the Ceo’S DeSk 2 The year in reviewfrom the BoarD PreSiDent 3 On building a new homeCeDar Sinai Park uPDateS 4 A news briefgoatS on CamPuS Draw SmiLeS 6 ...and work hard, tooSave the Date: SuPer DiamonD 8 March 10th at The NinesgooD timeS funD keePS giving 10 Remembering BeverlyBoarD memBer SPotLight 13 Eve Stern and Lance Volunteer Barbara Slader warms up the Rose Schnitzer Manor Choir before rehearsal. Steinberg reveal all Singing the Song of LifeCLiCking BeyonD the weBSite 14 Join us online, toovoLunteer BeautifieS roBiSon MheaLing garDenS 15 usic kindles hearts and souls at Cedar Sinai Park. Gerel Blauer’s green questour famiLy Photo aLBum 16 Whether it’s joining in the choir at Rose Schnitzer Manor,the year’S triButeS 18 dancing to the Latin beats at Robison Jewish Health Center,thank you, SPonSorS! 24what reSiDentS Say 25 or singing along to violin tunes at together with resident Malca Muskin. We listened and took note Adult Day Services, music features in In addition to weekly rehearsals, theheSeD SheL emet BurieS JewS every resident’s life. Choir performs at Robison Jewishin Dignity 27 Health Center, Cedar Sinai Park an- How to perform the Joy of muSiC, feLLowShiP nual meetings, and partner assisted- ultimate Mitzvah The love of music among Rose living facilities.SiSterhooD’S aPPLeS anD honey 28 Schnitzer Manor Choir members “Barry Levine plays brilliant jazz A beautiful summer day persisted even through last summer’s piano and makes our music sparkle,” in a Robison garden two-month hiatus. Barbara said. “And Susie GouzStanD uP for meDiCaiD 29 Choir Director and long-time helps every singer participate and Elders need your voice volunteer Barbara Slader said, “The keeps us all energized and smiling.”a LegaCy of Love, honor, Choir gives us all great joy and energy. Additional volunteers includeanD reSPeCt 30 Everybody feels younger and zippier Judy Sibelmann and Sheryl Chomak. The Fifth Commandment after rehearsals and performances.” Society is growing Barbara started the Choir in 2005 Continue reading on page 31
  • 2. from the Ceo’S DeSkBy DaviD fukS, Chief exeCutive offiCer, CeDar Sinai Park a s you know in your personal and family life, success builds not on good luck and avoiding challenges, but on the way you address those challenges. It’s my pleasure to report that Cedar Sinai Park just finished a remarkable year of organization- assisted-living certification. This will aid quality of residential and nursing al growth, qual- us in serving the growing demand care for those need it. ity of service, we are encountering in the assisted The development of the Kehillah and financial living area. We have also appointed Housing Program for young adults with stability. How- Kimberly Fuson, who has been special needs is an additional priorityever, it is easy to see that, in our Administrator of the Robison Jewish of our organization. This new ven-economy, challenges lie ahead in public Health Center for the last 10 years, ture will provide us the capacity tofinancial support that is so important to a new position, Chief Program serve our community even helping us care for the elders in our Officer. This position will create thecommunity. Our response to these capacity in our organization for de- going Strongchallenges rests on two strong pillars: veloping new programs and services Although there is thunder on thea commitment to sound manage- that best respond to our community’s hills, we have a lot to be grateful for.ment and a commitment to creative changing needs. Our organization is strong and man-service and program development, so Program development is a key aging its resources well. Our Boardthat we can adapt to new times and activity that will ensure Cedar Sinai leadership and community supportcontinue to provide our community Park continues to thrive in a changing are the envy of nonprofits across thewith the quality of service it deserves. environment. We are developing a new state. Our partnerships with the Jew- In management, we remain very nursing home model that will flexibly ad- ish community, Jewish Federationcareful about controlling our expenses dress the needs and personal desires of Greater Portland, Jewish Familywhile simultaneously investing in ca- of our residents through the & Child Service,pabilities that will enable us to work creation of households. We “Although there Sinai Family Homecreatively in the coming years. As we are also working to develop new is thunder on Services, and othermanage expenses, we will always do forms of home- and community- sister agencies re- the hills, weso with an eye towards assuring that based services to help people main strong and have a lot to bethose we serve never want for quality stay at home and thrive in are growing. Our grateful for.”of care or quality of life. the community for as long as partnerships with they wish. In that light, we are public policy mak-BuiLDing CaPaCity engaging in a conversation with the ers and providers in the secular com- Jewish community to better identify munity also are thriving.In the area of capacity development, needs for services that might help its Our successes and accomplish-we are implementing an electronic medi- members to remain at home when ments are a result of a lot of hardcal records system that will allow us to their health declines. In addition, work and particularly from our com-increase the efficiency of records- we are moving forward with plans to munity’s support. For this we arekeeping and work more closely develop a housing-with-services model in deeply grateful. •with other health care providers; our downtown affordable housing apart-this system will bring our records- ment building. Helping people to agekeeping into the 21st century. We are in place is our organization’s strongalso converting the May Apartments to priority, as is providing the highest2 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 3. meSSage from the PreSiDentBy miChaeL feveS, PreSiDent of the BoarD of truSteeS, CeDar Sinai Park W cedar sinai Park are very excited to be in the midst of a capital e at campaign to build a new healthcare facility. Many community leaders have stepped up and provided a foundation of funds that have brought us significantly closer to our sense of independence for those for we must recognize that everything goal. While this whom we care. we do is for one purpose: we want to support from In addition, by taking pressure serve you well if you need our help. the leadership off of the older Robison building, Our capital campaign will allow us of our com- we can make sure to be of greater service tomunity is crucial to our success, the that every person our entire community andsupport of all of the rest of us is the receiving services “Everything we do it will help us to assure thatkey to our ability to successfully com- in that facility has is for one purpose: our history of excellenceplete this campaign and to build the a private room. We we want to serve and our commitment tonew care facility. We will soon be ap- plan to re-purpose you well if you love, honor, and respectproaching our entire community and portions of the need our help.” can continue for genera-asking everyone to step up and help existing building tions to come. Many of ourto shape the future of elder care. in order to provide community’s leaders and increased rehabilitation and post- one hundred percent of our Board hospital care for those who come to of Trustees are participating in thisBuiLDing a new home us for a short stay before returning to campaign effort.Let’s take a moment to remember their own homes. I invite you to join us. •what we are building and why weare building it. The Robison JewishHealth Center has served our com- Join uSmunity very well for almost 60 years. Our organization is growing in manyWhen the “Home” was built, it rep- ways. As we experience this growth,resented the state-of-the-art in eldercare with hospital-like corridors anddouble occupancy rooms. All of usknow that this older building can-not be the model of our future. Thehousehold design of the new healthcenter will provide our communitywith services in an environment thatis not just homelike, but truly home.Each household will contain twelveprivate bedrooms surrounding a liv-ing room, dining room and kitchen.Each bedroom will have a privatebathroom and shower. This newarchitectural model has shown to en- Forty-eight residents will enjoy private rooms in our new health center.hance the quality of life, health, and5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 3
  • 4. what’S new at CeDar Sinai Parkw e’ve had an eventful year since the last issue of “Generation to Generation”. We launched new services, fostered fruitful friendships, and continued faithfully serving the community.With so much to share and to be grateful for, here’s the year’s news brief.we’re among the BeSt We have partnered with Jewish OJCF grant. The grant helped Hesed Family and Child Service to offer continue providing services and to Cedar Sinai Park “Mindfulness of Aging”, a series of successfully fundraise, doubling its has made the bimonthly educational seminars on revenues from 2010 (see p. 27). • 2011 list of 100 various mental health issues and Best Nonprofits coping strategies for elders, such as new growth, new Lot to Work For in exercise and humor, healthy grieving, Oregon. Oregon or coping with depression. Our growth has resulted in the grow- Business magazine’s program Facilitating the classes is JFCS Se- ing need for parking on our main cam- spotlights organizations that foster nior Services Director David Molko, pus. We are building a new 42-space an outstanding workplace, and we a Licensed Clinical Social Worker lot. Construction commenced after are proud to have been selected in focusing on geriatrics. Labor Day, with anticipated comple- the Large Nonprofit category. The A $2,000 Oregon Jewish Commu- tion in mid-October. final ranking appears in the October nity Foundation grant provided 50% We’re also exploring covering the issue of Oregon Business. • of program funding; a private donor lot with a roof that will not only pro- matched that amount. vide welcome protection from the grant ProJeCtS elements but also feature solar panels OJCF also contributed $3,000 to to help power our operations. •“Home: A New Jewish Response to Ag- Elder’s Family Learning Initiative, the ing” is a new program that will sup- program which helps families cope port seniors in with challenges and struggles as- annuaL event safely aging at sociated with caring for an aging We’re so proud of you, our support- home through relative. We have completed the ers! Our annual signature event, held access to in- preparation phase of the project and on March 5th at the Governor Hotel home care, care are ready to begin the public phase. and featuring 5 Guys Named Moe, management, Je- raised $150,000. Thank you for your wish cultural Hesed Shel Emet, which provides Jew- generous contributions. We look for- activities, rehabilitation, transporta- ish burials for the community’s low- ward to seeing you at the next event tion, and health / wellness education. income members received a $3,000 on March 10th, 2012 (see p. 8). • This program is funded in part by an allocation from the Jewish Federa- tion of Greater Portland Community the monthS aheaD Impact Grant Fund. 10/8 Yom Kippur 12/20–12/28 Hanukkah Federation’s Bob Horenstein 10/13-10/19 Sukkot 1/1 Resident New Year’s Day Party said, “We are pleased to help fund a 10/20 Shemini Atzeret 1/3 Sisterhood event comprehensive process that will lead 10/21 Simchat Torah 2/8 Tu B’Shevat to the creation of a new community 11/1 Sisterhood event 3/6 Sisterhood event service model that will enable seniors 11/24 Thanksgiving 3/8 Purim to live in comfort and dignity in 12/6 Sisterhood event 3/10 Super Diamond (see p. 8) their homes for as long as possible.”4 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 5. We are proud to honor the staff of the Robison Jewish Health Center. Thank you Cedar Sinai Park for your support of our community, you have our deepest and ongoing love and respect. Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan Schnitzer5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 5
  • 6. goatS on CamPuS work harD, Draw SmiLeSR ose schnitzer Manor Administrator David Kohnstamm is giving goats a great name. Faced with the daunting taskof removing invasive species like ivy and blackberries from theAl Lewin Legacy Trail, David recalled The goats get a lot of attention:his parents’ goat and what it could do people make a trip here just to seeto unwanted vegetation. them. Employee Ann Martinez said, A call to NW Goat Rental put “A resident came up to see the goatsthe wheels in motion. Members of with her family. It put a huge smileour executive staff and Board first on her face.”thought the idea amusing, but David Another employee, Trish Ticemanaged to persuade everyone. Since Coates, visits the goats daily on herthe herd of 12 arrived on September break. “They’re gentle and affection-1st for a one-month trial, we haven’t ate animals,” she said. “Visiting withlooked back. them is a highlight of my day.” “Residents love it, neighbors love Colleague Elizabeth Moore added, There’s also a chance David willit, staff love it,” David explained. “It’s smiling, “I love the goats. The project get the nickname Goat Whisperera great environmentally-friendly way inspired me to always look for cre- and start signing off with, “May theto make an impact on the trail.” ative solutions to problems.” goat be with you.” • Best Wishes from Irwin and Renee Holzman The Holzman Foundation j6 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 7. The Goodman Family is a proud supporter of Cedar Sinai Park5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 7
  • 8. Save the Date: SuPer DiamonD, a neiL DiamonDexPerienCe, marCh 10th, 2012, the nineS hoteLW e’re very excited to announce that our next annual event will feature Super Diamond, a Neil Diamond experience. Join us for a fabulous evening of timeless entertainment: music, deliciousfood, and great company in the heart of Portland. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 10th, 2012!Christi Goodman and Michelle Gra- sion creating nostalgia for the good mean support for quality of life fordow are once again chairing the Event old days and excitement for today’s elders.Committee, which is already hard at generation! To learn more about sponsorshipwork to bring you an unforgettable Super Diamond has played sold- opportunities call Debbi Bodie atevening. The intergenerational event out shows throughout the Western 503.535.4303 or email her at debbi.will feature the crowd-pleasing band United States, including Portland’s Diamond, a Neil Diamond Crystal Ballroom, generating an exu- Invite your friends and make it aexperience. berant audience response unheard party night! • of for a tribute band. In fact, manyaBout SuPer DiamonD would say Super Diamond has tran-This San Francisco band delivers a scended the label “tribute band” byhigh-octane, glittering, smoke-filled passionately immersing themselves inshow performing Neil’s power bal- Neil Diamond’s huge repertoire.lads and up-tempo hits with unre-strained enthusiasm. The show is make a DifferenCepure entertainment: classic music Make a difference by helping to spon-combined with fun, energy, and pas- sor the event. Your contribution will Photo: Super Diamond Connecting Needs with Practical Solutions From comprehensive pharmacy services and cost-saving group purchasing opportunities, to sensible software programs and extensive educational resources, Omnicare’s Long Term Care Group consistently delivers innovative solutions that encompass your needs in ways that best suit you. 888-545-OMNI Evergreen Pharmaceutical, LLC Tara Rubin 503-467-9434 ©2010 Omnicare8 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 9. Congratulations to the dedicated staff of Cedar Sinai Park. Your commitment and hard work is what makes it Oregon’s premier Elder Care Community! Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. BUILDER • DEVELOPER 11359 NE Halsey Street Portland, Oregon 97220 (503) 255-9680 www. Our sincere gratitude to the staff, volunteers, and contributors who give with their hearts in caring for elders at the Robison Jewish Health Center —Solomon D. and Rosalyn Menashe5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 9
  • 10. gooD timeS funD keePS givingB everly lindeMann’s MeMory lives on. The Good Times Fund Oregon Jewish Community Founda- established by Clarice and *Phillip Eder in their daughter’s tion, where the Fund was established, said, “Because of [Beverly’s] joy forname after her passing in 2003, has continued enabling our residents living, [the Eders] are making it pos- sible for others to enjoy life in herto enjoy outings to cultural, sporting, because it’s touching to hear those memory.”and other events around Portland. stories. The Fund truly is a blessing.” Since its transfer from OJCF to Thanks to the Beverly Eder The Fund’s name and purpose Cedar Sinai Park in August 2008,Lindemann Good Times Fund, come from Beverly Lindemann’s the Beverly Eder Lindemann Goodresidents last year had unique op- passion for the arts: she founded and Times Fund has received $7,760 inportunities to see a Cirque de Soleil ran Lake Oswego Academy of Dance, donations from 41 donors. We heart-performance, visit the Oregon Zoo, whose members perform at Robison ily applaud last year’s donors to theand cheer at a Blazers game. every December. Those who knew Fund for gifts totaling $2,540: Jac- According to Community Program Beverly have said she always made queline Constantine, Seymour Dan-Director Kathy Tipsord, “The Fund sure that everyone around her, no ish, Rosalie Goodman, Larry Gorin,has opened doors for residents, many matter what their age, took advantage Margaret Hasson, Bari Isaacson,of whom wouldn’t have been able to of the good times in life. Beverly es- Steven Kahn, Avrel Nudelman, Jimgo on their own financial accord. It pecially enjoyed working with elders. Poplack, Lois Poplack, Jerry Roth,makes Activity staff smile with a tear John Moss, then-Director of the Michael Sigell, and Janet Swire. • -5678 - 200 503Hansen, Hunter & Company, P.C., is a full-service CPA firm specializing in aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Stationserving the acute and post-acute health care industry in more than 35 states.Reimbursement Services • Medi-Cal cost reporting and consulting with profit/loss analysis, rate-setting, audit representation and settlement analysis. • Medicare cost reporting and consulting with profit/loss analysis by RUG category and by resident considering fixed versus variable costs.Clinical Consulting Services • Clinical audits with in-house RNs knowledgeable in Medicare, Medicaid case-mix and price-based systems • Billing audits • Compliance consulting (including IRO function of CIAs) • Quality Indicator consulting in preparation for SurveyAudit Services • For-profit and not-for-profit nursing homes, assisted living facilities and CCRCs • HUD audits • OMB A-133 audits • Fraud audits • 401(k) and 403 (b) audits • Residential housing auditsTax ServicesWe provide all types of tax preparation, planning, and consulting. Located on Airport groundsPlease contact us at (800) 547-3159 for more information. www.alofthotels.com10 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 11. can this thing go faster? live your life to the fullest at every stage “I am doing things I never thought I could.” Rehab & Pharmacy —Trudy Madsen, Robison Jewish Health ph 800-891-7575 Center Resident Lance Steinberg, President 1 SW Columbia, Ste. 1650 Portland, OR 97258 503-488-2020 or 866-921-0597 Fax: 503-488-2007 www.steinberginvestmentgroup.com5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 11
  • 12.   Lindon • Ogden • Salt Lake City • Sandy • Tooele • Winnemuc- ca • Boise • Coeur d’Alene • Hailey • Idaho Falls • Jerome •  Meridian • Nampa • Pocatello • Rexburg • Twin Falls • Albany  • Beaverton • Bend • Clackamas • Corvallis • East Portland • Eugene • Grants Pass • Gresham • Hermiston • Hillsboro •  Hood River • Klamath Falls • Madras • McMinnville • Medford • Newport • North Bend • Parkrose • Portland Metro • Red-    Supporting Our Communities mond • Roseburg • Salem • Sandy • Springfield • The Dalles  • Tualatin • Warrenton • Wilsonville • Chico • Concord • Elk  Throughout the West Grove • Eureka • Fairfield • Livermore • Madera • Manteca • North Sacramento • Rancho Cordova • Redding • Roseville •   Santa Rosa • Stockton • Turlock • Ukiah • Vacaville • Wood- Serving the cleaning product needs  land • Yuba City • Aberdeen • Auburn • Ballard • Bellevue • Bellingham • Blaine • Bremerton • Chehalis • Ellensburg of Northwest institutions and  • Everett • Grandview • Kennewick • Longview • Monroe • Moses Lake • Mount Vernon • Mountlake Terrace • Olympia industry.  • Port of Tacoma • Preston • Pullman • Puyallup • Renton •   Seattle • Spokane • Spokane Valley • Tacoma • Vancouver • Walla Walla • Wenatchee • Woodinville • Yakima • Bozeman • Butte • Hamilton • Helena • Kalispell • Missoula • Polson 800.547.2594  Lindon • Ogden • Salt Lake City • Sandy • Tooele • Winnemuc-   ca • Boise • Coeur d’Alene • Hailey • Idaho Falls • Jerome • Meridian • Nampa • Pocatello • Rexburg • Twin Falls • Albany   • Beaverton • Bend • Clackamas • Corvallis • East Portland • Eugene • Grants Pass • Gresham • Hermiston • Hillsboro • Hood River • Klamath Falls • Madras • McMinnville • Medford • Newport • North Bend • Parkrose • Portland Metro • Red- Supporting Our Communities mond • Roseburg • Salem • Sandy • Springfield • The Dalles • Tualatin • Warrenton • Wilsonville • Chico • Concord • Elk Throughout the West Grove • Eureka • Fairfield • Livermore • Madera • Manteca • Jewish Federation of Greater Portland North Sacramento • Rancho Cordova • Redding • Roseville • Santa Rosa • Stockton • Turlock • Ukiah • Vacaville • Wood- is a proud partner of Cedar Sinai Park. land • Yuba City • Aberdeen • Auburn • Ballard • Bellevue • Bellingham • Blaine • Bremerton • Chehalis • Ellensburg In the past year Federation has: Take me to Timberline. • Everett • Grandview • Kennewick • Longview • Monroe • Moses Lake • Mount Vernon • Mountlake Terrace • Olympia • Allocated $261,927 to Robison • Port of Tacoma • Preston • Pullman • Puyallup • Renton • Jewish Health Center Seattle • Spokane • Spokane Valley • Tacoma • Vancouver • Walla Walla• Awarded a WoodinvilleCommunity • Wenatchee • $35,000 • Yakima • Bozeman Impact Grant to fund CSP at Home • Butte • Hamilton • Helena • Kalispell • Missoula • Polson • Helped secure state funding through joint lobbying efforts get involved. donate. make a difference. 12 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 13. BoarD memBer SPotLight: eve Stern W hen eve stern was a little girl, her father used to take her and her siblings to visit Robison Jewish Health Center after Sunday school. Residents were always happy to have children visit them, Eve recalled. It was a delightful experience, Eve community and have stories to tell.” Kehillah Housing, an apartment said. “A lot of Eve’s path to the Board led through building for young adults with spe- the residents TASK, or Treasuring, Accepting, and cial needs. had bowls of Supporting Kehillah, which pro- “It’s encouraging to see greater ac- candy in their motes acceptance and inclusion in ceptance of this population,” Eve said. rooms and en- the Jewish community of people with Eve recently sent her last child tojoyed sharing with us.” disabilities. Eve established TASK college. She’s also very proud to be Her father’s lesson—that it was im- with her dear friend Gaye Schafer, on the Board—most recently, sheportant for kids to value people of all whose husband Bruce also serves on chaired the Annual Meeting—andages—stuck with Eve: since 2010 Eve the Board; it’s now a program of Jew- looks forward to continued involve-has been a Cedar Sinai Park Trustee. ish Family and Child Service. ment with the organization. “It was an honor to be asked to join Because of her experience, Eve is What’s more, Eve said, “When I’mthe Board,” she admitted. “People we also excited about Cedar Sinai Park’s old and live at Robison, I will have acare for are treasured members of our collaboration with JFCS to build bowl of candy in my room.” •BoarD memBer SPotLight: LanCe SteinBerg B oardvice President and Treasurer Lance Steinberg has an emotional connection to Cedar Sinai Park: his grandparents lived both at the Rose Schnitzer Manor and Robison Jewish Health Center. A fourth gen- absolutely fulfilling, as well as an honor “My role is as a member of a large eration Portland and a privilege, to help the organization and very capable board,” Lance resident, Lance I believe in so much.” said. “We’re all striving for the same decided to join In 2007, Lance got an invitation goal. We make sure that, as our com- the Event Com- to join the Board of Trustees. His munity ages, there’s a great place that mittee more expertise as a financial advisor and will take care of them in a dignifiedthan five years ago. He’s in charge of owner of Steinberg Aley Wealth and respectful manner and with topraising sponsorship dollars for our an- Management has been useful. Last year quality care. What excites me aboutnual event. Lance was voted Treasurer (following Cedar Sinai Park is its constant search Lance explained, “As a member the footsteps of his father Bob Stein- for ways to better itself, its residents, andof the local Jewish community, I re- berg who had held the same position its supporters.”ally believe in the organization. Cedar on a previous Board) and Executive Lance is married to Mary, and togeth-Sinai Park has been a centerpiece Committee member; he also chairs the er they have three daughters, Gabriela,of that community, and taking care Finance Committee and its Investment Adriana, and Marisa. He’s a competitiveof elders is a tenet of our faith. It’s Subcommittee. tennis player and a fitness enthusiast. •5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 13
  • 14. CeDar Sinai Park CLiCkS BeyonD the weBSiteA s you know, perhaps even from your own experience, social media has been gaining acceptance as a powerful way to communicate with friends, family members, or your favorite nonprofitorganizations. We’ve been hard at work bolstering our online presence, and we invite you to join us!As reported in the Jewish Review, PeterKorchnak joined our team in April as CeDar Sinai Park onLineOnline Communications Manager. Website: (basic info)His charge is to increase our online Blog: (news articles)presence and, according to Chief Facebook: (short updates)Development Officer Debbi Bodie, Flickr: (photos)to “share our story and the great workwe do with our community.” You can now find us online at thefollowing outposts (we’ll be expand-ing our YouTube and Twitter pres- GROWINGence as well): WEALTH &weBSite RELATIONSHIPS GRADOW capital management Our main website carries all Gradow Capital Management offers a the basic information about disciplined approach that rests on Steven M. Gradow our organization, including time-tested philosophies, objective analysis Presidentfacilities and services, educational and an appreciation of your individual concerns. Clarity • Integrity • Expertisecontent, and giving tools. Visit or call 503.534.3636 gcm is a fee-only registered investment advisory firmBLog For the latest news from around the campus, sub- ® scribe to the blog via emailor Real Simple Syndication or RSS.Be the first to know! (Many articleshere started out as blog posts.) Perkins Coie is proud to supportfaCeBook Cedar Sinai Park and its work. Like us on Facebook for short and sweet updates. Our practices include: NON-PROFIT ORGANIzATIONS • PERSONAl PlANNING • REAl ESTATE Ideal in a time-crunch and TRuST AND INVESTmENT SERVICES • FEDERAl AND STATE TAxfor Facebook fiends. contact: Ivan Gold, PartnerfLiCkr phone: 503.727.2214 • e-mail: 1120 NW Couch Street, Tenth Floor All of our photos live on Portland, Oregon 97209-4128 Perkins Coie llp ATTORNEY ADVERTISING Flickr, organized into sets by date and event. •14 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 15. voLunteer BeautifieS roBiSon heaLing garDenS complaints; I accept volunteer help.” On an overcast June day, new Rose Schnitzer Manor Queen Lois Poplack’s son was helping Gerel spread bark mulch in the Zidell Garden, underneath the 100-year old heritage tree towering over Robison Jewish Health Center. He admitted, “You just can’t say no to Gerel. I’ll help whenever she asks.” when the SPirit moveS you Still, Gerel does most of the work. So much, in fact, that she cannot estimate the number of hours she contributes every week. “When the spirit moves a volun-f teer,” Gerel said in general terms, but or Gerel Blauer, volunteering as a gardener at Cedar Sinai suggesting she was referring to her- Park is personal: both her mother and cousin lived at Robison self, “and the volunteer has the time,Jewish Health Center, and she’s a gardening evangelist. the volunteer volunteers as much as she can give.”Gerel’s first encounter with Cedar Si- shrubs, some of which she brought The sense of satisfaction Gerelnai Park took place in 1986 when her from her own garden. derives from her volunteer work ismother stayed at Robison; the second palpable to anyone who talks to her.occurred when she’d visit her cousin Seeking voLunteerS She said, “There’s the satisfactionhere in 2000. Both times Gerel felt of providing a pleasant environment,the building’s entrance area could be A few years in, Gerel realized the job making the Home a more beautifulmore welcoming. was too much for one person. Since place, and knowing I helped others.” “If the place looked uninviting, 2005, she’s had occasional volunteers Just then, a resident’s daughternobody’d want to stay here,” she said. help with the work. She said addi- walked by, glanced at Zidell Garden, Convinced she could help, she tional volunteers are always welcome, and said, “Looks beautiful!” •asked then-Administrator Kimberly needing only energy,Fuson and Community Program strength, and interestDirector Kathy Tipsord whether in exercise.they’d be interested in the Robison Gerel’s volunteerJewish Health Center being beauti- recruitment strategyfied. The two followed Cedar Sinai mirrors Cedar SinaiPark’s philosophy and said yes, pro- Park’s and is prettyvided Gerel would take the lead. simple: “When a fam- Gerel not only answered the call, ily member or a friendshe’s been taking care of the six comes by and they no-Robison gardens for over 10 years tice something needsnow. She tends to plants, flowers, and to be done, I accept no5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 15
  • 16. our famiLy Photo aLBum All photos on this page are from Robison Jewish Health Center. Clockwise from top left: therapy alpaca Napoleon visits with resident Helen Stavrakis; resident Pauline Popick enjoys an occasional computer game; residents Therese White and Shirley Schwartz open the family-style dining room at Levi Neighborhood; residents practice their Wii golf moves; resident Beverly James learns new Latin dance moves with Assistant Activity Director Ann Martinez. Center: “The kitchen is open whenever someone is hungry. Isn’t that how it should be?”, says resident James Barrett.16 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 17. Clockwise from top left: Robison Jewish Health Center Rose FestivalQueen Trudy Madsen with King Burt Nudelman; Rose Schnitzer Find these and other Cedar Sinai ParkManor Rose Festival Queen Lois Poplack with King Bob Taubman;Jacob “Coco” Cohen enjoys therapy dog Mort’s company with photos in our Flickr photo stream:volunteer Nancy Visenberg; Health Service Coordinator DorcasKish with resident Bertha Rose in the new Levi Neighborhood diningroom; Manor resident Sheldon “Shelly” Petcher enjoys the 4th of July with Assistant Activity Director Elizabeth Moore.5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 17
  • 18. triButeS from JuLy 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011roBiSon JewiSh Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Laura Polkow Faye Menashe Gary & Carolyn Weinstein John Barton David Copley FormanheaLth Center Martin & Sharyn Florence Korey Clement Len & Dolly Goldberg Schneiderman Barbara Weisman Mark Rosenbaum Carol Newman Frances Merrill Harvey & Ruth EpsteinGeneral Assistance Fund Robert & Lesley Glasgow Doug & Bette Clayton Harry & Rosa Epstein Charles Wetherell Carrie Davis Harvey TabackIn Memory Of— Harvey & Irma Keller Hugh & Fern Kelly Ian & Beverly GetreuAaron Spetner Cissi Carl Thomas & Victoria Martin Emily MatthewsDavid & Nancy Elliott Marilyn Hasson Joyce Mather Deborah Robins Kathryn Johnson David & Charlotte Ostomel Michael Minor Heidi Seger & Mike MutschlerAbby Rothschild Debbie Levin Oregon Refuse & Recycling Robert & Mimi Sorkin Seymour & Carol Danish Dove “Ducky” Weiner Association Hildegarde ZuckermanAdele S. Beck Arthur DeMuro Pride Disposal Company Elizabeth Cholakis Joan Goodstein Fred Hanna & Louise Heibner Priscilla Stinman Ronnie FoontAlbert Kailes Sharyl Soren-Hodges The Smart Revocable Living Ron & Ruth Katon David & Shelley Ail Michael Marsden Trust, Carla Smart Marjorie Mazer Mercia Asher Richard & Elizabeth Piazza Jim & Gail Timmons Dorothy Silverstein Jerry Gold & Julie Gladstein Robin Piazza Waste Connections Risa Wittman Gold Irving & Arlene Potter Yvonne M. White Hugh Salamon Margaret Gotesman Idie Salomon Frank Blumenkron Stan & Bev Eastern Elaine Grad Steve & Tracy Vogeltanz Marvin & Leah Nepom Larry & Linda Veltman Douglas & Heather Greene Donald Shiley Fred Gordon Irene Magun Goldberg Jerry & Evelyn Leshgold Ralph & Sandi Miller Ralph & Sandi Miller Melvin & Elaine Ball Harold, Sally & Debbie Mink Elaine Grad Eugene & Hattie Nudelman Carolyn & Gary Weinstein Dan & Janice Pitman David & Naomi Strauss Linda & Gene Nudelman Irv Rotenberg Ted & Davia Rubenstein Eric Lieberman Gerald Solomon Howard & Barbara Cohn Stuart & Monica Soren Irwin & Renee Holzman Betsy Bergstein Margaret Gotesman Bob & Mitzi Tobias Merritt Linn, Susan Korey & Christi Cawood Inge Hamburger Ron & Marcy Tonkin Dina Linn Martin Fromer Tami Kailes Les & Janice Wolf Victor & Toinette Menashe Maxine McComas Peryl Gottesman Wright Land Co. Michael Olds & Gloria Borg Olds Robert & Lesley Glasgow Solomon & Rosalyn MenasheAlice Lucy (Koppel) Kern Esta Bernstein Mark & Judy Peterman Victor & Toinette Menashe William & Lori Cohen Jerome & Amy Brem George Rickles Geffen, Mesher & Co. Michael Olds & Gloria Borg Olds Esther Spetner Rick & Marilyn Gilbert Harold, Sally & Debbie MinkAndrea Karlin Ada Kriegman Phil Stratiner & Louise Ruben Jerry & Shirley Nudelman Michael & Debbie Kovsky Ann Sommerfeld George B. Saxe Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Deb Montrose Kathryn Johnson Rob & Emily Ail Florence Pagnano Betty Raskin Nancy Elliot Gloria Londer Richard & Lisa Pagnano Sue Wendel Eve Black Esther Abouaf Isadore & *Joy RussellArline Zidell Alan & Suzanne Barzman Todd & Felicia Rosenthal Stuart & Susan Shleifer Garry & Judith Kahn Norm & Joan Friedman Grace Feuerberg Tom & Mardi Spitzer Joy Michael McNally Solomon & Rosalyn Menashe Melvin & Cathy Berlant Melvin & Anne WeinsteinBenjamin V. Siegel Phil Stratiner & Louise Ruben Hal Saltzman Jack Resnikoff Deborah Sepinwall Evelyn Moscow-Froehlich Soloman & Rosalyn Menashe Bernice Resnikoff Andrew Siegel Ann Akins Jeff & Sherri Weinstein Jack SilverBetty Donoghue The Brentwood Group Harold Dubiver Pat Silver Rebecca Hill Stan & Bev Eastern Myra Himmelfarb Janet Grayson Michael & Victoria Thoma Robert Ginsberg Harold Saltzman Nancy Fruchtengarten-BeamBlanche Stein Cheryl Lulias & Ann Greene Robert & *Carol Ginsberg Jeff Grayson Larry & Linda Veltman Leonard & Dolly Goldberg Leonard & Dolly Goldberg Nancy Fruchtengarten-Beam*Carol Ginsberg Merritt Linn & Susan Korey Harold Schnitzer Joel Hirschman Stuart & Jacqueline Barthold Raymond Packouz David Lippoff & Liz Rabiner Harold, Sally & Debbie Mink Debbi Bodie Gary & Sylvia Pearlman Lippoff Joy Russell Eugene Nudelman & Linda Lee & Betty Pilous Curt & Kathy Sheinin Morris & Sharon Babani Alexander Marylan Shapiro Harry Spector Owen & Lynn Blank18 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 19. Stan & Judy Blauer David Copley Forman Sharon Weil Norman & Suzan Wapnick Brad & Carol Clark Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Milton Q. Ellenby David Weiner Delphine Davis Lester Salmenson David Copley Forman Gary & Carolyn Weinstein Stan & Bev Eastern Stephanie Axman Minnie Silver Stanley Olds Ian & Beverly Getreu Melvyn & Elaine Ball Paul & Sharron Fishman Michael Olds & Gloria Borg Rick & Marilyn Gilbert Norman & Sharon Eder Larry & Linda Veltman Olds Margaret Gotesman Howard & Tamra Feuerstein Mona Sherman Steven Glick Marilyn Hasson Seth & Susan Garber Perry & Gerda Frumkin Margaret Gotesman Norm & Susan Kaplon Joel & Marsha Gilbert Morrie Charnekar Steven Menashe Harold & Jackie Lesch Robert & *Carol Ginsberg Barbara Reinhardt Victor & Toinette Menashe David & Liz Lippoff Larry & Carolyn Gorin Norman Savinar Ruby Sachter Sandy & Wendi Menashe Fred & Sara-Linn Harwin Miriam Friedman Sherma Wenner Victor & Toinette Menashe Betty Harris Rick & Marilyn Gilbert Sue Overbeck Marv & Leah Nepom Judy Hoffman Marvin & Leah Nepom Larry & Linda Veltman Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Howard Kostiner Gary & Carolyn Weinstein Ted Nierenberg Dan & Janice Pitman Kenneth & Marsha Lorber Pearl B. Lipkin Lynne Siegel Irv & Arlene Potter Richard & Harriet Maizels Michael Blackburn & Eileen Todd & Felicia Rosenthal Richard & Judith Matza Lipkin Happy Birthday To— and family Solomon & Rosalyn Menashe Phillip Grayson Alan Zell *Lester Salmenson Victor & Toinette Menashe Nancy Fruchtengarten-Beam David & Theresa Eisenberg Sam & Beulah Schauffer Avrel Nudelman Phillip Nudelman Alice Meyer Denny & Barbara Shleifer Dale & Earl Oller Alan & Eve Rosenfeld Dale Meyers Bob & Mimi Sorkin Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Pincus Gotlieb Barbara Lang Ruth Steinman Ezra & Marilynn Rabie Donald Epstein Bill & Debbi Levin David & Naomi Strauss Jeff & Francine Reingold Rachelle Braverman Barry Caplan Jack & Joanne Suter Bruce & Phyllis Ritchie Stuart & Susan Shleifer Gerri & Mark London Robert & Mitzi Tobias David & Diane Rosencrantz Ray Hornick Harris & Estelle Sprincin Larry & Linda Veltman Ted & Davia Rubenstein Dr. Larry Hornick & Family Norman & Susan WapnickJoyce Warshawsky Sharyn Schneiderman Richard Brownstein Bob Steinberg Fred & Sara-Linn Harwin Heidi Seger & Mike Mutschler Jon & Barrie Cress Barry & Barbara CaplanKenneth Golden Michael & Jan Sigell Jay & Susan Friedman Bud Marcus Paul & Joan Ash Gary & Carolyn Weinstein Arnold & Francine Frisch Larry & Sandra Huppin Sol & Mary Azose Alan & Linda Weinstein Robert & Lesley Glasgow Carol Chestler *John Barton Bruce & Susan Winthrop Leonard & Dolly Goldberg Ruby Sachter Richard Dobrow Lillian Kay Dorothy Hytowitz David Fuks Stan & Bev Eastern Richard S. Kay Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Gordon & Sondra Pearlman Donald Epstein Loren Lavalle David & Diane Rosencrantz Edith Thomas Esther Kligerman Louise Ruben & Phil Stratiner Ted & Davia Rubenstein Merritt Linn, Susan Korey & Jakob & Rachella Kryszek Lucille Weiss Norman & Sue Wapnick Dina Linn Vic & Toinette Menashe Arthur Hirschhorn Robert Tenner Ernest Scheuer Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Robin Kirsch Stuart & Jacqueline Barthold Mary Jean Scheuer David & Joan Weil Marian Davidson Robert & *Carol Ginsberg Evelyn FreedmanLarry Mudrick Les Gutfreund & Eve Stern Rose & Genevieve Himelstein Jeff & Debbie Freedman Jack & Raquel Zidell Marge Frank David & Shawn Looney Evelyn MaizelsLarry Tarlow Seymour & Carol Danish Roy Richardson Stan & Judy Blauer Leonard & Jane Krichevsky Victor & Toinette Menashe Ralph Miller Stan & Bev Eastern Marvin & Leah Nepom Elise Rosenfeld Ruth Hopfer Joeen Rodinsky Ruby Sachter Alan & Eve Rosenfeld John Barton Francine Frisch Norman & Suzan Wapnick Margery Senders Jack & Melanie Birnbach Victor & Toinette MenasheLeah Nathansen Irving & Pearl Trachtenberg Judy Frankenstein Henry Blauer Joan Goodstein Maurice Goldberg Robert & *Carol Ginsberg Bob & Mitzi TobiasLeo Greenstein Norm Friedman & Joan Garry & Judith Kahn Inga Hamburger Henry & Gerel Blauer Hirshberg Sanford & Wendi Menashe Ruby SachterLeo Richenstein Hans & Marilyn Grunbaum Sam & Beulah Schauffer Irwin Holzman Rob & Emily Ail Sharyl Soren-Hodges Stanley Samuels Jay Holzman Dennis Steinman & Betsy Jean Pierce Linda Ostomel Jim & Anita Miller Russell Monica Soren Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Irv LeopoldLeonard Donin May Georges Gary & Sylvia Pearlman Robert & Mitzi Tobias Arnold & Carol Barer Stan & Bev Eastern Rosemarie Rosenfeld Jean HassonLester Rosenberg Irwin & Renee Holzman Ron Timmerman Allen & Jo Cohen5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 19
  • 20. Jeanne Newmark Sandy Landskroner Howard & Barbara Cohn Alan Hanawalt James Rosenbaum & Sandra Lewis Gerald & Evelyn Leshgold Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Christi Goodman ~ In HonorJoyce Loeb Allen & Jo Cohen Jo Ellen Miller of receiving the President’s Irwin & Renee Holzman Irwin & Roz Caplan Allan & Marjorie Sherman Award for Cedar Sinai ParkLeah Nepom Bob & Mitzi Tobias Judy Wollstein Jeffrey, Anne, Josh & Sol Elaine Savinar Jerry & Bunny Sadis Leonard & Jane Krichevsky NudelmanMarilyn Forse Linda Ostomel Margaret Hasson Ted and Davia Rubenstein Leonore Weston Larry & Linda Veltman Jerry & Shirley Nudelman David & Jenni Shawcross’ Son,Mark Sidell Stuart & Nikki Director Marv Wolf Baby Carson Bette Greenstein Michael & Debbie Kovsky Allan & Marjorie Sherman Jamie SimonMilt Hasson Linda Ostomel Bette Greenstein Dina Linn ~ In honor of your Allen & Jo Cohen Milt & Jean Hasson Jerry & Shirley Nudelman new cookbookNorman Silver Allen & Joe Cohen Stan & Judy Blauer Victor & Toinette Menashe Jack & Raquel Zidell Phillip & Raya Gladstein Milt Carl Dina LinnPaul Zimmerman Victor & Toinette Menashe Victor & Toinette Menashe Betty Rose Williams Richard & Harriet Maizels Raymond & Dorothy Packouz * Norman Savinar Doug GoodmanRaya Gladstein Milt Carl Henry & Gerel Blauer Greg & Susan Goodman Victor & Susan Alhadeff Delphine Davis Paul Fishman Dr. N. J. Schlesinger Jerry & Julie Gold Marvin & Leah Nepom Bruce & Susan Winthrop Lora and Norton SchlesingerRaymond Packouz Ted & Davia Rubenstein Rabbi Joshua Stampfer Elizabeth Menashe ~ Lion of Milt Carl Stan & Joyce Loeb Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Judah Award Delphine Davis Rae Goldenberg Richard & Dianne Arensberg Victor & Toinette Menashe Irene Frisch Stan & Judy Blauer Ruby Sachter Evelyn Maizels Marvin & Leah Nepom Dick & Dianne Arensberg Shirley Harris Susan Mosler Ted & Davia Rubenstein Greg Ewer & Becky Horenstein Samuel & Jo Ellen Miller Fred and Sandy Shulmire’sRuth Gassner Shirley Harris Leonard & Jane Krichevsky Wedding Howard & Barbara Cohn Irwin & Renee Holzman Sandra Landskroner Ravid & Arlene RaphaelSandy Huppin Garry & Judith Kahn Stuart & Jacqueline Barthold Henry & Gerel Blauer ~ In Thelma Solomon Sandy Landskroner Seymour & Carol Danish Honor of being named OJCFSandy Weinstein Greg & Meg Liebreich Dick & Dianne Arensberg Legacy Society Honoree Barry & Barbara Caplan Bob & Robin Mesher Shirley Mark Milt CarlShirley Gittelsohn Harold & Sally Mink Henry & Gerel Blauer Jay Bodner Irwin & Renee Holzman Jerry & Bunny Sadis Irene Frisch Harriet & George BodnerSi Newman Allan & Marge Sherman Shirley Marks Jeff & Francine Reingold ~ In Stan & Bev Eastern Larry & Sharon Tarlow Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Honor of Receiving the CEO’s Harold & Sally Mink Milt & Ellie Zusman Shirley Nudelman Award for Cedar Sinai ParkStan Blauer Richard & Dianne Arensberg Jeffrey, Anne, Josh & Sol Bette Greenstein Get Well Wishes To— Shirley Rackner NudelmanStuart Lang Allan Sherman Merrit Lynn & Susan Korey Jim David’s Mother Irwin & Renee Holzman Stan & Bev Eastern Susan Kaplon Robert & Rita PhilipSuzanne Lieberman Shirley Harris Alan & Suzie Barzman Julie Donin Victor & Toinette Menashe Annette Lakefish Bette Greenstein Phil & Sandra NudelmanSy Chestler Rob & Emily Ail Ted & Davia Rubenstein Dr. Larry Mudrick’s Retirement Ruby Sachter Arline Hasman Sy Danish Sondra GreenbergMarvin Nepom Marvin & Lois Urman Stuart & Jacqueline Barthold Mark and Christi Goodman Joanne & Jack Suter David Lippoff Victor Menashe Doug and Lila GoodmanTom Georges Gary & Sylvia Pearlman Merritt Linn & Susan Korey Fund of the Oregon Jewish Yossi & Judy Malka Donna Brownstein Allan & Marjorie Sherman Community FoundationToinette Menashe Jon & Barrie Cress Michael Feves’ Presidency of Phil & Raya Gladstein Stuart & Nikki Director In Honor Of— Cedar Sinai Park Jay Holzman Gary & Sylvia Pearlman Alan & Eve Rosenfeld ~ In Victor & Toinette Menashe Lee & Becky Holzman Ed Srebnik Honor of Erin’s Engagement Michael’s Marriage ~ HarryVictor Menashe Hilliard & Elaine Golden Victor & Toinette Menashe Wilson & Thelma Geffen Lee & Becky Holzman Evelyn Maizels Arie Abrams’ Bar Mitzvah Allan & Marjorie Sherman Stan & Bev Eastern Harold, Sally & Debbie Mink Milt Carl ~ In Honor of theHappy Anniversary To— Norm & Susan Kaplon Arnold Hayden Birth of Your Great GrandchildBernard & Selma Brown Gordon Pearlman Larry & Carolyn Gorin Solomon & Rosalyn Menashe Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Norman & Sue Wapnick Caryn May Rita Lubliner Fund of theDick & Harriet Maizels Harold Mink Jennifer Mann Oregon Jewish Community Ronald & Barbara Coe Henry & Gerel Blauer Charlotte Wiener Foundation20 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 21. Rita Lubliner Employee Recognition Emily Georges Gottfried Barbara WolfRoberta Pollack Eric Weiss Joeen Rodinsky David Pollack Fund Estelle Golden Natalie LinnRyan & Jordana Levenick ~ In Frieda Wallick Barry & Barbara CaplanHonor of your new baby Henry In Memory Of— Gary & Anne Suttenberg Steve, Michelle & Mallory Aaron and Esther Spetner Gary & Brian Yellin In Honor Of— Gradow Kimberly Fuson and the Gilbert Family Fund of the Christi Goodman receiving theZachary Fruchtengarten & Family Robison Staff Oregon Jewish President’s Award for Cedar Nancy Fruchtengarten-Beam Arthur Katzky Community Foundation Sinai Park Jerry Katzky Kerry Gilbert Steve, Michelle & MalloryGeneral— Bea Matin Rosalie Gilbert Gradow Alice Kern & Family Kimberly Fuson and the Ted Gilbert Priscilla Kostiner receiving the Anonymous A Fund of the OJCF Robison Staff Gloria Patton Joshua Stampfer Community Ashley Furman & Liz Weckstein Harvey Taback Grace Rubin Enrichment Award Congregation Shaarie Torah Kimberly Fuson and the *Harvey Taback Jerry & Amy Brem Dale & Alice Meyers Robison Staff Heather, Michael & Sybil Kesten David J. Lipman Hildegarde Zuckerman Helen Stavrakis & Katheryn Haggadah Bookplate Emilia Gomez Kimberly Fuson A. Lesley Fayette Robinson Helen Greer Donations Howard & Evelyn Freedman Holly Robinson Ida Lowenthal Ira & Julie Gottlieb In Memory Of— Lubliner Robison Jewish Home Kimberly Fuson Larry & Corinne Spiegel Beryl Rhoda Janssen Endowed Fund of the OJCF Lester Salmenson Lora & Norton Schlesinger Marta Janssen Furman Max Birnbach Charity Fund Gail Maron Lorraine & John Gladstone Steven Bryan Labinger of the OJCF May Georges Lorraine Katz Sandy Seres Minnette & Jay Platt Hamerslag Steve, Michelle & Mallory Malcolm & Lynette White Joseph Lecker Molly Kohnstamm Gradow Marc & Sandi Scholnick Pauline Lecker Oregon Jewish Community Minnie Silver Marci LaBerge Morris Lenga Youth Foundation of the Bruce & Susan Winthrop Marilyn Soulas Eva Klin OJCF Morrie Charnekar Martha & Jim Harris Lillian Luxenberg Robert P. Weil Fund of the Barbara Reinhardt Maureen Nielsen The Luxenberg Family OJCF Sally Shulman Max & Sandy Levy Jack Mahler Ruth Zaske Kimberly Fuson and the Melanie O’Callaghan Petterson Conrad & Abby Myers Stan & Bev Eastern Robison Staff Melvyn & Elaine Ball Harry Stillman Sophia Glasgow Michelle & Joe Snell Lilian StillmanRestricted Fund Kimberly Fuson and the Milt Carl Hy PopickIn Memory Of— Robison Staff Paul & Sharron Fishman Larry & Linda Veltman Steven Anderson Paul & Nancy Frisch Rae PopickKenneth Golden Charles Soloway Robert & Joan Rosenbaum Larry & Linda Veltman Harriet Schatz (for Kehillah James & Deborah Soloway Robin Pope Lester Salmenson Housing) Rosemary Bosch The Luxenberg Family General— Ruth Bressler Akiba SchiffIn Honor Of— Alan & Barbara Hanawalt Samuel Seskin & Andrea Cohen Rose SchiffLes Gutfreund & Eve Stern’s Alan Greenstein & Laura Tranin Sara Pill Daniel Schiff & Kathy HassonMarriage Ann & Elaine Flowerree Shlachter Family Fund of the Jacob & Gertrude Sondheimer Jim & Ilene and Ann Flowerree Oregon Jewish Miriam Gerber Arty & Dorothy Arthur Balk Community Foundation Annette Veltman Barbara O’Callaghan Selma Wolfson Larry & Linda VeltmanGeneral— Bertha Rose Steve Moses Gene Veltman RJHC Sisterhood (for Bert Diamond & Nancy Steven & Elizabeth Rose Larry & Linda Veltman Activities & Ceramics) Vertegen Steven Stein RJHC Sisterhood (for Oneg Beverly Schwartz Stuart & Geri Luxenberg Happy Birthday To— Shabbat Fund) Bill and Barbara Crampton Susan Golden Hy Jackson Stan Blauer/ShedRain Corp. Christy Dana Suzanne Abrams Hal Jackson David & Kathryn Johnson Terrance & Beth O’Callaghan Donna JacksonAnnual Benefit Mitzvah  David & Roxanne Ushman Terry VinocurMoment Denzil Weitz & Kathi Kitner Timothy M. O’Callaghan In Honor Of— Donald & Sylvia Bushaw Judith BerdichevskyIn Honor Of— Donald & Marta Furman Happy Birthday To— Oscar BerdichevskySadie Levenick Edna Gluth Arline Hasman Karen Labinger Lewis & Lisa Horowitz Elaine Savinar Barry & Barbara Caplan Sandy Seres5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 21
  • 22. Mark & Miriam Myers of the Rabbi Joshua Stampfer Lester Solomon Religious, Social, and Conrad & Abby Myers Community Enrichment Award Molly Bodner Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Lucille Weiss Cultural Activities FundReligious, Social and Charlie Schiffman ~ As William & Judith Dunlap In Memory Of— Honoree at Maimonides Jewish Rachelle BravermanCultural Activities Fund Day School Banquet Madelyn Carmel Irving Rotenberg Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Rick & Frosty Gross Jerry & Evelyn LeshgoldIn Memory Of— David Singer ~ In Honor of Renate May Joan CahnAlbert Kailes your Bar Mitzvah Jeri Devereaux Patricia Powers Bud & Robin Marcus Ruth Henning Roz Vauthier Larry Mudrick Sue Howard Robboy Sandra Johnson Ron & Marcy Morris Happy Birthday To—Alice Kern Scott Caplan Larry Tarlow Ian & Beverly Getreu Allen & Joe Cohen Jerry & Evelyn Leshgold Leonard & Dolly Goldberg Kimberly Fuson and the Frieda Cohen Steve Rudolph’s Grandmother Phil Nudelman Robison Staff Len & Dolly Goldberg David & Debbie Menashe Phil & Sue MillerAndrea Karlin Louis Mark’s 95th Birthday Rachelle Braverman Michael & Debbie Kovsky Milt & Jean Hasson Happy Birthday To— Jennifer GottheinerArnie Hayden Vic Menashe Dina Linn Richard Brownstein Larry & Carolyn Gorin Ian & Bev Getreu Stuart & Nikki Director Leonard & Dolly GoldbergArthur Katzky Solomon Menashe Rosemarie Rosenfeld Bob & Idelle Weinstein & Get Well Wishes To— David & Debbie Menashe Scott Caplan Rose Weider Susan Newman Jerry & Evelyn Leshgold*Carol Ginsberg Ian & Beverly Getreu Happy Anniversary To— Stan Samuels Sam & Beulah Schauffer David Lippoff & Liz Rabiner Dick & Harriet Maizels Mel & Carol Seger In Memory Of Unveiling Lippoff*Dove “Ducky” Weiner Pearl Lipkin Bari & Mia Isaacson In Honor Of— Lance Killian Kimberly Fuson Eddy ShuldmanHarry Spector Get Well Wishes To— Ntl. Council of Jewish Women Carol Danish General— Debbie Levin Elayne Shapiro ~ On her book Kimberly Fuson Raymond Kimeldorf Stuart & Nikki Director publicationJoy Russell Judith Margles Ronald & Marcy Morris Tree of Life In Honor Of— Merritt Linn & Susan Korey ~Kenneth Golden Barbara Slader Their Marriage Bud & Robin Marcus In Memory Of— Dr. Silvia Kaye Leonard & Dolly GoldbergLesa Oziel Harvey Taback Charlotte Wiener Jerry & Evelyn Leshgold Jessica Taback Alan & Barbara Hanawalt General—Lester Salmenson Dina Linn Leonore Weston Kimberly Fuson and the Annual Benefit Fund Don Kirshner Robison Staff Douglas Goodman Employee Recognition Hanoch & Cheryl Livneh In Honor Of— Greg Goodman & Susan Schnitzer Ronald & Marcy Morris Christi Goodman Gary Pearlman’s New Design FundMinnie Silver Stanley & Madelle Rosenfeld Company Marjorie Nase Joanne Schwartz In Memory Of—Phil Nudelman Albert Kailes Phil Miller roSe SChnitzer Knitzvah Project— Roberta Wolff & TheRichard Brownstein Gerald & Evelyn Leshgold manor Delphine Davis Miriam Gerber Ronkales Family Eric LiebermanSue Overbeck Patricia Powers Mel & Carol Seger General Assistance Fund General— Esther & Frank KalesStan Samuels Richard & Diane Arensberg Roberta Wolff Ian & Beverly Getreu In Memory Of— Esther Spetner Donor Advised Fund of Lois Urman Bernard Kay the Jewish Federation of Harvey & Irma Keller Dr. Sivia Kay Greater Seattle Harold SchnitzerIn Honor Of— Gloria Coodley Mark Zeitzer Roberta WolffTo Les Gutfreund & Eve Stern Dorothy Hytowitz & Family West Portland Federated Harry Spector~ Your Marriage Kenneth Golden Music Club Robert Erlich Marvin & Lois Urman Ada Ash Hildegarde ZuckermanMilt Carl Phil & Judy Koppel Restricted Fund Myra Glasser & Richard Victor & Judy Menashe Hildegarde Zuckerman Knitzvah Moment KeoughPriscilla Kostiner ~ As Recipient Natalie Serody Delphine Davis Linda Knab22 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 23. Dina Linn Ruth Rykus Happy Birthday To— Rosalie Goodman Eva Rickles Jerry & Bunny Sadis Allan Weingard Harold Mink Steven Rhodeside Mike & Jan Sigell Larry & Carolyn Gorin Rosalie GoodmanRachelle Braverman Stan Constantine Beckie Harris Wear Miriam UnkelesDavid Lippoff & Liz Rabiner Jerry, Jerrie, Barb, John, Joel, Steve Lindemann Clarice Eder Lippoff Steve, Evan, Rebecca, Rachel Bernice Menashe Ruby SachterRuth Hopfer & Sam Rosalie Goodman Rosalie Goodman Dorothy Hytowitz Sybil Thomas Cassie Harris Shirley NudelmanSanford Clement Anonymous Steve Lindemann Rosalie Goodman Stuart & Nikki Director Pauline Lecker *Dick Brownstein Rosalie Goodman General—General— Happy Birthday To— Donna Jackson Alice Kern & Family Edward Neuwelt Dorothy Packouz Rosalie Goodman Ruth Lindemann Howard & Lois Tobin Michael & Jan Sigell Inga Hamburger Irwin Robinson Raya Gladstein Ruth Lindemann Jim & Ilene Davidson Sara Glasgow Cogan Mercia Asher Steve Lindemann Will & Melanie Dann Rosalie Goodman Building Development Mabel Dash In Honor Of— Bari Isaacson Fund Nikki DeWeese The Feves’, Hammers & Levenicks Ruby Sachter Jordana Levenick Margot Feves Rosalie Goodman General— Arnold Silver Dorothy Packouz Stan Hodes Glasgow/Cogan Family Michael & Janice Sigell Rosalie Goodman Fund of the OJCFHappy Anniversary To— Steve KatzStan & Judy Blauer Evelyn Maizels CeDar Sinai Park Steve Lindemann Steve Lindemann Lucio and Irene Villa  Ruth Lindemann Memorial ScholarshipIn Honor Of— Employee Recognition Thelma Solomon FundDina Linn’s Cookbook Fund Sandra Huppin“Cherished Recipes” General— Stuart & Nikki Director In Honor Of— Happy Anniversary To— Jeff & Francine ReingoldMerritt Linn & Susan Korey’s Cedar Sinai Park Hourly Staff Stan & Judy BlauerMarriage Members Rosalie Goodman Stuart & Nikki Director RSM Resident Council Emery & Min Zidell Mark Dohrmann & Julie In Honor Of— Endowment Fund Durkheimer General—Rebecka Porter Anonymous David Lippoff & Liz Rabiner In Memory Of— Merritt Linn & Susan Korey Lippoff becoming grandparents Carol GinsbergTony Magnotti Beverly Eder Lindemann to Avery Morgan Martz Nancy Brown Arthur & Muriel Silverstein Rosalie Goodman Sara Mishkin Good Times Fund Min Zidell for being honored by Jay & Diane ZidellStar of David the Min Zidell Garden Dr. Larry Mudrick In Memory Of— Rosalie Goodman Nancy L. BrownIn Memory Of— Carol Ginsberg Mark & Christi Goodman ~ In Hugh SalamonAbraham & Lena Pesserilo Larry & Carolyn Gorin Appreciation of your hospitality Michael & Reyna Eisenberg George Saxe Steven & Wendy Kahn Happy Birthday To— Jack & Ronnie Pesserilo Dr. Avrel Nudelman Merritt Linn & Susan Korey Jack ZidellHildegarde Zuckerman Irving Rotenberg In Honor of your Marriage Linda & Klaus Knab Larry & Carolyn Gorin Phyllis, Maurice & Jacques Aboaf Joy Russell Get Well Wishes To— Get Well Wishes To—Rachelle Behrman Braverman Rosalie Goodman David Lippoff Idie Salamon Shirley Kurnoff Leo Greenstein Rosalie Goodman *Dove “Ducky” Weiner Jackie Lyons & Family Rosalie Goodman Delores Lewis * Of blessed memory. Richard BrownsteinCommemorative Brick Larry & Carolyn Gorin Ruth HopferIn Memory Of— Rosalie Goodman Thank you for your generosity, tributeEve Rosenfeld Stanley Constantine donors. To make this year’s tribute gift, Marshall & Lynn Langfeld Clarice EderLester Salmenson Stephen Menashe visit Martin & Sharyn Schneiderman Rosalie Goodman5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 23
  • 24. thank you, 2011 Signature event SPonSorS!W e are Grateful to the following individuals and companies for helping us make the 2011 Signature Event happen through their generous sponsorship. We appreciate your support!DiamonD SPonSorS Ruben J. & Elizabeth Menashe Rich & Jill Schnitzer Edelson Harold & Jane PollinThe Goodman Family, Doug & Sol & Rosalyn Menashe Geffen Mesher & Co. Rotenberg, Potter, Weinstein Lila Goodman, Greg Goodman Lois Schnitzer Glasgow/Cogan Family Fund and Gotesman & Susan Schnitzer Steinberg Investment Group of the OJCF, Bob & Lesley Dick & Deanne Rubinstein Mark & Christi Goodman Glasgow, Dr. Nathan F. Eleanore Rubinstein*Harold & Arlene / Jordan PearL SPonSorS Cogan & William J. Glasgow Jerry & Bunny Sadis Schnitzer and Harsch AmSan Gersham & Pauline Goldstein Sussman Shank LLP Investment Properties Anonymous Rosalie Goodman Les & Martha Soltesz Aspen Mitzvah Gradow Capital Management LLC Marshal Spector and ShariruBy SPonSorS Lester Baskin, M.D. Hansen, Hunter & Company LevinsonConsultants for Everyone Karen & Manny Berman Kahn & Kahn, Attorneys at Law Timberline LodgeD.A. Davidson & Co. Capybara Ventures Sheri Katz & Joel Mullin USI NorthwestEvergreen Pharmaceutical Milt Carl McKesson Surgical-Medical Larry & Linda Veltman Carla Properties LTD Barry & Susan Menashe Sharon WeilSaPPhire SPonSorS Consonous Rehab Services Jack R. Menashe, President, Jim & Susan WinklerMichael & Chris Feves Dick & Cameron Davis/Alfred Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. Charlene ZidellFood Services of America J. Davis Company Michael E. Menashe Jay & Diane ZidellHolzman Foundation, Inc. Stan & Beverly Eastern Victor & Toinette Menashe Min Zidell Larry & Joyce Mendelsohn Metro Metals, Inc. in-kinD SPonSorS Metro West Ambulance City Center Parking Mt. Hood Solutions Emily Hensley Mulvanny G2 Architecture Jewish Review Myers & Company The Party Pros Providing quality patient care for over 55 years� Jerry Nudelman, Jeff Nudelman & Sharon Morell Families Naomi Weiss Newman and Jon Newman Bob & Rita Philip Perkins Coie LLP Platt Electric Supply, Inc. *In Loving Memory Cedar Sinai Park Presents Metro West Ambulance Services:� To schedule non-emergency transportation please call:� 503.648.6656� • Non- Emergency Stretcher Ambulance� • ALS/BLS Ambulance� Super Diamond • Wheelchair Transportation� • Bariatric Wheelchair Transportation� A Neil Diamond Experience • Comfort Car/Ambulatory Transportation� • Event Medical Coverage� • CPR and First Aid Training� Saturday, March 10th, 2012 • 24 hour room-to-room service� • 9-1-1 Emergency Ambulance in select areas� The Nines Hotel • Long Distance Wheelchair & Ambulance� Transportation�24 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 25. what reSiDentS SayE njoy these quotesby Cedar Sinai Park residents. “Words cannot express the joy I felt at “I’m doing things I never thought I my party. It is the most memorable could.” birthday of all my 80 years. You did“Thank you for loving me for just who everything with grace and charm.” “I’m trying to get [people] to under- I am.” stand how much happens here. May- “Is this a new part of the building? be I do a little too much.”“I can’t believe what the volunteers do It looks like home.” for us here. I’ve never seen anything “It’s not a senior moment, it’s intel- like it.” “I started a new life here.” lect overload.” • Consultants for Everyone, LLC State of the Art Technology and Wiring Helps You Keep Pace With Rapidly Changing Technology Advancements Over 80 years of combined experience connecting you to your customers. Phone: (888) 481-8983 Service Email: sidney@cfellc.com5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 25
  • 26. We are proud to support Cedar Sinai Park and all that it does for the community. Sussman Shank LLP is a mid-size full-service business and commercial law firm. 0-201 96 0 1 RY A N S A NIVER 1000 SW Broadway #1400 | Portland, Oregon 97205 503.227.1111 | Becoming a member of Robison Jewish Health Center and supporting its residents is easy. Visit, press the “MAKE A DONATION” button and select “RJHC - Membership” from the list of available funds. Thank you for your continued support! “I’d like to introduce you to [Assistant Activity Director] Ann. She is my caregiver, but more importantly, she is my dear friend.” —Pam Sawtell, Robison Jewish Health Center resident26 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 27. heSeD SheL emet BurieS JewS in DignityW hen in the suMMer of 2008 Florence, a Robison Jewish Health Center resident, passed away with no resources,relatives, or burial plans, Debbi Bodie made sure Florence hada proper Jewish burial. In addition with Hesed Shel Emet, and all taketo being Cedar Sinai Park’s Chief turns officiating at the funerals).Development Officer, Debbi also Debbi then finds a plot at a cemeteryhappened to be chair of the Cem- and arranges for the actual burial toetery Committee at her synagogue. take place (like the rabbis, all 11 area “I found out at 10 a.m. that Flor- cemeteries participate on a rotation). Hesed Shel Emet co-founder Debbi Bodie.ence had passed away, and by 3 p.m. The burial is arranged quicklyshe had a burial arranged,” Debbi from the time of the initial call.said. “You can’t pre-plan a Hesed funer- steps up for those who aren’t able to But, Debbi thought, what about al,” Debbi explained. “I coordinate it help themselves.”other community members in the at the time of need.” River View’s Executive Directorsame situation as Florence? With increasing David Noble said, “We applaud andShe got together for coffee presence in the com- support what Hesed has been doing;with Rabbi Ariel Stone and munity, Debbi has we do what we can to help. As a non-Hesed Shel Emet, or “true seen the program profit, we serve the whole communitylove and kindness”, was grow both finan- regardless of their circumstances.”born. cially and in terms Hesed Shel Emet is a of inquiries. She’sprogram assuring that all come to appreciate the uLtimate mitzvahlow-income residents of the support from As the program grows, Debbi contin-Oregon and Southwest Washington the program’s funeral home partners: ues to have its main purpose in thecan be buried with dignity in accor- Holman’s Funeral Service and River forefront of her with Jewish law and customs. View Cemetery Funeral Home. “Everyone has the right to be bur-Since its inception, the program, Holman’s director Daniel Holmes ied according to their faith, regardlesswhich operates under Cedar Sinai expressed immense gratitude for the of their resources,” she said. “HesedPark’s umbrella, arranged and paid program’s existence. “I’m grateful to Shel Emet is the ultimate Mitzvah, afor 9 burials for Jewish people with- Debbi for creating Hesed because it kindness to those who cannot returnout resources. helps ensure all members of the local it or give thanks for it. We need our Jewish community have a proper community to help us perform it forSwift aCtion requireD burial. It’s a wonderful thing she years to come.”•A typical Hesed burial happens likethis: a Jewish community member’s quiCk faCtS aBout heSeD SheL emetrelative or caregiver calls his or her Established: 2008 Donor levels:rabbi or Jewish agency to ask forassistance with the loved one’s burial. c/o Cedar Sinai Park • Supporter $18The rabbi connects the community 6125 SW Boundary St. • Sponsor $36member with Debbi (all 32 rabbis in Portland, OR 97221-1019 • Provider $54the Portland metropolitan area have 503.535.4303 • Guardian $72a memorandum of understanding5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 27
  • 28. SiSterhooD entertainS with aPPLeS anD honeyE veryroBison jewish Health Center Sisterhood member who out, be together, and see friends. We’re thinking about our next event turned up at the southwest garden on September 6th, would already.”agree that apples and honey go hand in hand with a beautiful Michelle concurred, saying, “Our guests really enjoyed the time in thelate-summer afternoon. The “Taste New Seasons Market provided garden with friends old and new, allof Apples and Honey” event was the apples for tasting; Robison kitchen to benefit the Robison Jewish Healthbrainchild of co-chairs and Sister- contributed apple cider and baked Center.”hood members Michelle Gradow and a honey cake based on Michelle’s Cedar Sinai Park’s DevelopmentChristi Goodman (below). grandmother’s recipe; and Sister- Assistant/Special Event Coordinator hood members chipped in with Trish Coates provided event logistics, honey sticks. Christi demonstrated registering guests and working with decorating centerpieces with apples Robison culinary and facilities staff for the fall holiday season. to make everything run smoothly. The event co-chairs agreed “A Taste Trish said the event was “a nice way of Apples and Honey” was a fun way to spend a late-summer afternoon to kick off the Jewish New Year. with friends. Everyone seemed to Christi said, “The event went well. enjoy coming together in the garden [Sisterhood] Members love to come for a good cause.” • Cedar Sinai Park Presents Super Diamond A Neil Diamond Experience A benefit for the Robison Jewish Health Center Saturday, March 10th, 2012 The Nines Hotel For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact  Debbi Bodie, Chief Development Officer, 503.535.4303 or GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 29. StanD uP for meDiCaiD funDing By DaviD fukS, CeoW hile advocates for eliminating cuts to social security and Medicare have been very visible, very few voices have beenheard on behalf of those who depend on Medicaid for assistance these decisions, they must do so while ensuring the well-being of our most fragile citizens. Cuts in Medicaid funding should be considered in thein receiving healthcare. This is no This is a time of economic chal- light of creating and reforming oursurprise. Because social security and lenge and tough decisions must be care system. We need to use a scalpelMedicare are available to all elders, made. As policy makers grapple with for cuts of this sort, not an ax.•a large and articulate constituencyexists for these programs. We ap-plaud the strength of their advocacy. Those served by Medicaid are thepoorest and most fragile people inour society. They include adults withdisabilities and elders who, whilethey had the good fortune to live for along time, have become ill and spentdown their resources in order to payfor healthcare. People depending onMedicaid often are unable to speakup for themselves. Although the recipients of Med-icaid may seem invisible to mostpeople, they shouldn’t be: the fastestgrowing cohort in American societyis elders above the age of 85. As careneeds increase with age, Medicaiddollars become a critical tool for low-income elders to have quality of lifethrough both home and community-based resources and through thelong-term care system. It is immoralto expect that these elders, who havebuilt the society the rest of us nowenjoy, should be ineligible for criticalservices when they are most in need. Medicaid also provides significantnumbers of jobs in healthcare. EveryMedicaid dollar circulates multipletimes in local economies throughthe expenditures of elder care work-ers. Significant cutbacks in Medicaidfunding will increase unemploymentin the healthcare sector and will beharmful to every state.5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫דור לדור‬ 29
  • 30. a LegaCy of Love, honor, anD reSPeCtE stablished in 2005, the Fifth Commandment Society recognizes people who include Cedar Sinai Park in their will or estate plan,helping to assure a future for the elders we care for. The Society has grown Edwin & Roslyn Srebnik *Marguerite S. Stahl Adrienne Stenger Jack Strauss Robert & Mitzi Tobias *Ida Toffto 175 members, whose David Copley Forman Raymond & Dorothy Packouz Ron B. & Marcy Tonkingifts support our mission *Al Frankel Gary & Sylvia Pearlman *Harry Turtledove Paul & Nancy Frisch Esther Perkel *Stephen Ungarof providing residential David Fuks & DeAnn Sullivan * Jean Philan Linda & Larry Veltmanand community-based care Fuks Lois & *Gerry Poplack *Silvia VerMeerto elders and adults with Kimberly Fuson *Dorothy Claire Rich Jaclyn Vidgoffspecial needs. Linda and Tom Georges III *Edward Rosenbaum Richard A. Weill Burton & Bernice Gevurtz Alan & Eve Rosenfeld David Weiner & Teresa Spada For more information Robert & Lesley Glasgow Rosemarie Rosenfeld Robert & Marla Weinerand to join the Fifth Com- *Mildred Goldfoot *Joy Russell *Dove “Ducky” Weinermandment Society, please *Harold & Rosalie Goodman *Arnold & Rose Rustin *Elsie Westcall Chief Development Douglas & Lila Goodman *David & Ruby Sachter Bruce & Susan Winthrop William Gordon *Norman & Elaine Savinar Jack WolinskyOfficer Debbi Bodie at Peryl Gottesman Charlotte Schwartz Vicki Zidell503.535.4303. Michelle & Steve Gradow John Leasing Selling Alan & Nancy Green Leonard & Elayne ShapiroWe recommend donors consult their Heidi & Gary Grenley *Jack & Patricia Silverfinancial advisor before making a *Fred Hajek Arleen Slivelong-term commitment. Arline Hasman *Dorothy Spiro *Of Blessed Memory Margaret HassonRichard & Dianne Arensberg Stan & Shirley HodesGloria Bacharach Arnold & *Ruth HopferWilma Jane Balick Irwin & Renee HolzmanJerome & *Gaby Barde*Leonard & Goldie BardeRicardo & Rosana Berdichevsky Marvin S. Horenstein Bari Isaacson Norman & Susan Kaplon We are proud to supportManuel & Karen BermanRichard Berman*Esta Bernstein Howard & Sandra Katz *Eileen R. Kaufman *Harvey & Jody Klevit Cedar Sinai ParkHerbert & Eve Black*Philip & Fay BlankHenry & Gerel Blauer *Ethel K. Lehman Kenneth Leondar & Irene Winters in all the good workStan & Judy Blauer*Mollie BlumenthalGeorge & Harriet Bodner Irv & Rhoda Leopold Millard Lesch Nira & Leonard Levine they do.Molly Bodner *Irving & Olga LiebermanEden Rose Brown David Lippoff & Liz Rabiner Dick and Deanne*Harry Bruss Lippoff*Cele Cahall Bud (Howard) & Robin MarcusMilt & *Cissi Carl Fran Matson RubinsteinBernard Carr Lou & Bernice MenasheNathan & *Sara Cogan Solomon & Rosalyn Menashe*Stuart Durkheimer Victor & Toinette MenasheBeverly & Stan Eastern Ralph & Sandi MillerRobert & *Ruth Erlich Harold Nadler j*Bernice Feibleman Marvin & Leah NepomLouise Feldman *Carol Spiro NewmanMichael & Chris Feves Herbert & Jeanne NewmarkPaul & Sherry Fishman *Jessie Overbeck30 GENERATION TO GENERATION Fall 2011
  • 31. Singing the Song of Life at CeDar Sinai Park Continued from page 1 a recent Latin dance session with memories of the times when they Assistant Activity Director Ann used to dance on a regular basis. Because music plays a major part Martinez. A new activity at Robison, “Back in the day, many residents in Barbara’s life, she missed the Latin dance reconnects residents used to go dancing Saturday nights, Choir during the summer break. “I with their dancing years and offers and they miss it,” Ann said. “Latin love music, I love making music with a comprehensive way to engage their dance helps them reconnect with people, and I love helping people minds and bodies. “Latin dance is a those experiences.” sing together.” less structured way to get people mov- The Choir ing,” Ann said. getting muSiCaL also fosters a “Everyone Latin dance also supports a broad, Volunteer Alan Rosenfeld has been sense of cama- feels younger full-body range of motion, exercises bringing music to Adult Day Services raderie and and zip- hand-eye coordination, and supports for 11 years. The weekly sing-alongs team spirit to pier after flexibility and cardiovascular activity. he leads with his violin and song its members: rehearsals!” At the same time, it can be done in a book, and together with pianist“People made modified form from the comfort of a Victor Morris, bring great joy to pro- new friends, chair or wheelchair so that everyone gram participants. and we’re a wonderful community. can participate. At 83, Alan has played the violin The Choir is the high point of the The upbeat nature of salsa, me- since he was five years old. As a chem- week for all of us. We enjoy singing rengue, or cha-cha also creates more ical engineer by trade, Alan admits to all kinds of songs and singing togeth- interaction between staff, residents, playing mostly by ear. “Songs from er makes us feel great!” and family members. Ann said, “Ev- my youth come back to me. It’s a way ery staff member or resident or even for me to reminisce.”a Latin Drummer’S tune family member who walks by when It also enlivens the program. Co-“I never thought I’d be dancing we dance stops by and joins us, if ordinator Nancy Heckler exclaimed, again,” said Robison Jewish Health only for a few minutes at a time.” “We love Tuesday mornings when Center resident Elsie Astorga after Dance also reignites residents’ these two gentlemen come play!” • generation to Generation PuBLiSher Cedar Sinai Park 6125 SW Boundary St. Portland, OR 97221-1019 managing eDitor Debbi Bodie ContriButing writer / DeSigner Peter Korchnak CoPy eDitor DeAnn Sullivan-Fuks PhotograPherS Bonny Chipman, Peter Korchnak, Ann Martinez, Elizabeth Moore, Katie Watry aDvertiSing / triBute anD SPonSorS LiStS Trish Coates aDviSorS / SuPPort David Fuks, Michelle Gradow, Irit Mandelsberg, Barbara Taylor, Lisa Tillman5772 ‫סתיו‬ ‫רוד לרוד‬ 31
  • 32. PreSiDent NON-PROFIT ORG Michael Feves U.S. POSTAGE PreSiDent eLeCt PAID Paul R. Frisch PORTLAND, OR PERMIT NO. 733 Senior viCe PreSiDent Paul Labby viCe PreSiDentS6125 SW Boundary StreetPortland, OR 97221-1019 Helen Bernstein Bob Glasgow Michelle Eastern Gradow Conrad Myers viCe PreSiDent/treaSurer Lance Steinberg SeCretary Sharon Morell truSteeS Dr. Eugene Borkan Brad Fishel David Copley Forman Tom Georges III Ivan L. Gold Steve Gradow Carol Koranda Liz Rabiner Lippoff Susie Marcus Jack R. Menashe John Moss Avrel Nudelman Danielle Pacifico-Cogan Andrew Rosengarten Bruce Schafer Dr. Rodger Sleven Martha Soltesz Robyn Spring Beverly Steinour miSSion: Eve Stern Linda VeltmanCedar Sinai Park provides residential and community-based care to our elders and adults Sharon Weilwith special needs, allowing them to live with comfort, independence, and dignity in a Jim Winkler PaSt PreSiDentSmanner and in an environment based on Jewish values. Manuel S. Berman Milt Carl Beverly F. Easternour famiLy of ServiCeS: Stanley S. Eastern David Copley Forman Paul Frisch • ROSE SCHNITZER MANOR • ROSE SCHNITZER TOWER Dr. Victor Menashe Independent and assisted living Affordable housing for seniors Stan Rotenberg and people with disabilities Abby Rothschild Ruby Sachter • ROBISON JEWISH HEALTH CENTER Jordan Schnitzer Skilled, intermediate, and memory care • KEHILLAH HOUSING Jim Winkler Affordable housing for adults SiSterhooD rePreSentative Donna Silver Jackson • ROBISON RESIDENCE with special needs (in development) reSiDent rePreSentative Residential care Florence Blitch Chief exeCutive offiCer • SINAI FAMILY HOME SERVICES David H. Fuks • ADULT DAY SERVICES  In-home care (joint venture with Jewish Cfo/aSSiStant Ceo Daily respite care Family & Child Service of Portland) Bill E. Stinnett Chief Program offiCer Kimberly Fuson roSe SChnitzer manor aDminiStrator Supported by David Kohnstamm Chief DeveLoPment offiCer Debbi Bodie