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Fall 2013


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  • 1. Generation Generation TO ‫ דור לדור‬Portland, OR | Vol. 18 | No. 1 | Fall 2013 | Kehillah Welcomes its Residents Harold Nadler’s Legacy p. 14 Kehillah - A dream come true p. 16
  • 2. The Goodman Family is a proud supporter of Cedar Sinai Park 2 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 3. Generation Generation TO 16 20 Fall 2013 / Vol. 18 / No. 1 contents 18 4-6 Editorials 7 Employees of the Quarter sisterhood FALL FAIRE 8 ESL Graduation 9 What’s New 10-11 CONGRATULATIONS 12 Annual Event 14 HaRold Nadler’s Legacy 15 Charitable Gift Annuities 16 Kehillah Opens 18 Affordable Housing 19 Housing with Services 20-21 Family Photo Album 22-29 Tributes List 31 In a Nutshell 32 Cedar Sinai Park Online On the cover: Kehillah Board Member Eve Stern, new resident Erika Menashe, and CEO David Fuks warmly welcome the community at the dedication of the Kehillah apartments... a promise of independent living for developmentally disabled adults. ‫3 | דור לדור‬
  • 4. From the CEO’s Desk by David Fuks, Chief Executive Officer, Cedar Sinai Park The place of the nursing home to meet the needs of elders in our community is changing. This is a change for the better. The traditional use of the nursing home as a long-term destination should be considered only as a last resort. We want to help you or your loved ones to stay home for as long as possible... and we want to help those who need rehabilitation to be able to return home as quickly as possible. Cedar Sinai Park’s Capital Campaign to develop a new household-model care center and to renovate the Robison Jewish Health Center will help to give shape to a system of care built on Jewish values - one that also recognizes the changing needs of our community in the 21st century. This new array of services to be provided in these settings will take place in a broader context of service where home and community-based care will be available. Expanded care options in your own home. Cedar Sinai Park is in the business of helping people to succeed wherever they choose to live Certainly, as we age, we might need some help. That help could be a few hours of assistance in your own home to take care of small household tasks. For others, a higher level of support at home in order to manage medications or take care of other daily activities (such as bathing) might be needed. Perhaps, assistance with shopping, or getting to and from a doctor’s visit might 4 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION be what makes the difference. Cedar Sinai Park is working to develop a variety of home service and home care options in collaboration with its Jewish agency partners to assist our community with aging in their own homes. A NEW care center to help you get back on your feet and back in your own home. We recognize, however, that for many of us a time will come when we need to enter the healthcare system for a short period to respond to a serious care need. Hip or knee surgery, for example, may require a follow-up stay in a traditional rehabilitation setting in order to help a person get back on their feet and back home. For others, more serious healthcare events might require more extensive transitional rehabilitative care. As a community, we must be prepared to provide an array of rehabilitative services that will guarantee access to the highest quality of care possible. Private rooms in the new care center AND in a renovated Robison Jewish Health Center. We are pleased that the days of companion rooms will soon be but a memory. As you can see in the chart on the next page, 36 beds in three households in the new care center will be available for rehabilitation services. Residents in these private rooms will enjoy access to
  • 5. expanded serviceS proposed for the new care center and renovated Robison Jewish Health center: ServiceS Capacity Payment Mix Post-Acute Transitional Care 3 Households - 36 beds Medicare, HMO, Private Pay Enhanced Care 1 Household - 12 beds Private Pay Renovated Robison Rehabilitation Care 12 beds - private rooms Medicare, HMO, Private Pay Renovated Robison Long-Term Care 36 beds - private rooms Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay Renovated Robison Residential Care 15 beds - private rooms Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay a private bathroom with a shower, as well as the other amenities of the new household model. In addition, 12 rooms in the Robison Jewish Health Center will also be renovated for the purpose of rehabilitation care. Residents will enjoy the improved amenities of these private rooms and of the Robison building’s renovated environment and easy access to the rehabilitation gym. New care offerings in residential or long term settings. We also recognize that there are some conditions that will still result in the need for residential or long-term care stay. The fourth household in the new care center will have 12 private rooms and will operate as an enhanced residential care setting for individuals whose healthcare needs have exceeded their ability to remain in their own home. Additionally, 15 private rooms will be renovated for residential care in the Robison Jewish Health Center. Thirty-six private rooms will be renovated at Robison for specialized long-term care stays. The household model has been shown to improve both quality of life and healthcare outcomes. Those in our community who need a helping hand at home... or are facing post-surgery challenges, progressive diseases or the end stages of life, deserve the opportunity to live with comfort, privacy and dignity in a care setting that reflects their cultural and spiritual values, in addition to receiving the highest-quality healthcare available. ‫5 | דור לדור‬
  • 6. Message From the President by Paul Frisch, President, Board of Trustees “A place To Call Home.” For those of us affiliated with Cedar Sinai Park, the most oftenasked question by friends and family in our community is “how are things at the ‘home’?” By this, of course, they’re lovingly referring to the “Robison Jewish Home” (now Robison Jewish Health Center). For over 80 years, Robison has been “home” to our loving bubbes and zaydes, our favorite aunts and uncles, and our attentive friends and neighbors. For generations, this traditional nursing facility has had a profound impact on so many families in our community. “Home” is a powerful word. It connotes warmth and safety.... and evokes feelings of connectedness and love. Robison Jewish Health Center will always be “home” thanks to the love from the dedicated employees who provide the residents with tenderness and care... from the volunteers who bring smiles to every face... and from the visiting preschoolers that enthusiastically give out hugs. organization Cedar Sinai Park). For more than a decade, CSP has had a “chair” at the “healthcare services table” - advocating for elders at the local, state and national levels. We have more access than ever before to life-saving medicines... and we’ll likely live longer than our parents and grandparents before us. As the many baby boomers age (approximately 8000 people a day are turning 65), we will have to be innovative in planning for our 70s, 80s and 90s. Cedar Sinai Park wants to help members of our community to remain in their own homes successfully for as long as they can. We have been working for more than a decade to develop healthcare services that will help people to thrive in their own homes as they age. At times, healthcare needs exceed the ability of elders to remain in their own home. For some people, short-term rehabilitative care after injury or illness will make an enormous difference in getting them back on their feet and returning As individuals, we never stop learn- to their community. We are proud ing. As time passes, we evolve. The that 65% of those that come to same is true of Robison (and parent us for transitional rehabilitative 6 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION services are able to return home or to a lower level of care. For those whose healthcare needs cannot be managed in their own home, we recognize that our more traditional residential or long-term care services may be needed. Your support of the Capital Campaign will allow us to renovate the Robison Jewish Health Center and create 63 private rooms, plus build a new care center with 48 private rooms... ALL with private bathrooms and showers! Each of the four households in our state-ofthe-art care center offers communal social areas, including an open kitchen and a community living room for relaxing with friends. Whether you are in a house, an apartment, or even a private room in one of the Robison’s new households, the saying “Home is where the heart is” still applies. With our incredible staff and array of services, we’re confident you’ll feel right at home with us!
  • 7. Employees of the Quarter Cedar Sinai Park wants to do everything we can to help members of our community to remain in their homes successfully for as long as they can. And for those that need transitional or longterm care, we provide a place to call home. We are proud to honor Luis Palacios as Employee of the Quarter at Robison Jewish Health Center. As the congenial and hard-working Lead Server for both lunch and dinner, Luis creates a convivial dining atmosphere for our residents. He joined our staff four years ago after living in Mexico City. During his off hours, Luis enjoys cooking hearty meals for his three active boys. Sisterhood’s Fall Faire Please join us in recognizing Usiel Solis as Employee of the Quarter at Rose Schnitzer Manor. As an attentive Server in our dining room since 2010, Usiel enjoys going out of his way to please residents. Oregon’s lush green trees and ample rain remind him of his native country of Guatemala. A part-time student at Portland Community College, Usiel is thankful for all the support he receives from residents and staff of Cedar Sinai Park. Sisterhood charmers looking for the latest fall trends (left to right): Donna Jackson, Evelyn Hirsch, Selma Moss and Fran Stone. It may have been raining non-stop the weekend of Sept. 29th, but that didn’t prevent loyal Sisterhood members from gathering for the Sisterhood Fall Faire in Zidell Hall at Rose Schnitzer Manor. The event, co-chaired by Christi Goodman and Michelle Gradow, presented an opportunity for browsing the latest fall clothing and jewelry trends; noshing on tasty samples of local coffees, candy and food; and getting information on creating colorful fall floral bouquets and the latest hairstyling tips. Co-Chair Michelle Gradow showed some of the treasures that can be found at Consigning Woman - a designer consignment shop in trendy Lake Oswego. In addition to Consigning Woman, vendors included Chicos, Posh Lingerie, Ruby Jewel, Mother Peach Caramels, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Buddies Floral and Salon 13. ‫7 | דור לדור‬
  • 8. ESL Class photo (left to right): Rath Sok, Irit Mandelsberg, Carolyn Caldwell, Elizabeth Moore, Catalina Hernandez, Zumra Dervisevic, Maria Reyes, Yuliy Berengard, Benito Lopez. A reason to celebrate! Cedar Sinai Park employees graduate from “english as a Second language” class. On Tuesday, Sept. 10th, eight proud graduates of CSP’s “English as a Second Language” class gathered with friends and family for a celebratory graduation ceremony in Zidell Hall. The graduation pamphlet summed up the graduates’ spirit: “We come from all over the world (and) we all learn from each other. We laugh and cry. We embrace our differences and discover our similarities.” In gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their experience with the English language, the beaming graduates shared stories with the audience... where they were born (the Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Guatemala and Mexico), and the difficulties and joys of their experiences. The last to speak, Benito Lopez (who teaches Spanish to the residents at Robison Jewish Health Center), showed the audience the Guatemalan flag, and captivated the room with a recording of his homeland’s national anthem. The class wishes to thank the CSP administration, employees Elizabeth Moore and Irit Mandelsberg, and resident Arnie Silver for their support; CSP’s Education Training Director Carolyn Caldwell for her loving dedication; and CSP’s Culinary Department for the delectable snacks! Lance Steinberg, President 1 SW Columbia, Ste. 1650 Portland, OR 97258 503-488-2020 or 888-829-6299 Fax: 503-488-2007 8 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 9. What’s New at Cedar Sinai Park Rabbi Abby believes in providing a safe space for people to be angry, sad, skeptical, joyful and grateful. As Cedar Sinai Park’s Director of Spiritual Life, Rabbi Abby is excited to work with residents by provid- ing a listening ear and sharing the wisdom that she has learned. This is my dream job in my dream city! Please Welcome the new director of spiritual life Rabbi Abby Cohen! Cedar Sinai Park is thrilled to have Rabbi Abby Cohen join our team. She enthusiastically proclaims, “This is my dream job in my dream city!” Rabbi Abby grew up in New Jersey, and was drawn to Judaism from an early age. She graduated from Bennington College with a degree in art and music, and later moved to New York City where she got involved with Congregation Ansche Chesed. After meeting many cantorial students, Rabbi Abby travelled to Israel and fell in love with learning Torah. She continued her religious intellectual studies in New York at the Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theology Seminary of America. Before moving to Portland, Rabbi Abby spent a year as a Chaplain Resident at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, California. Her experience doing hospice work and serving in a hospital will be a great asset to fulfilling Cedar Sinai Park’s mission and dedication to the Fifth Commandment. ‫9 | דור לדור‬
  • 10. What’s new continued... New Roles emerge for some of cedar sinai Park’s staff Congratulations are in order! Thanks to Cedar Sinai Park’s steady pattern of growth, we are delighted to announce Stefani Corona as the new Rose Schnitzer Manor Assistant Administrator/Health Services Director. Originally hired as a Registered Nurse, Stefani has worked at Cedar Sinai Park for seven years. The care and love she shows residents daily is genuine. She recently exclaimed, “I feel very blessed to work here.” Pina Ibabao is Rose Schnitzer Manor’s new Assistant Health Services Director. Pina started as Health Services Coordinator 13 years ago. When asked what she likes about working at Rose Schnitzer Manor, Pina declared, “I LOVE our residents and staff. They are my second family.” Congratulations to Samira Tahirovic, now the Health Services Coordinator. Samira started as a Personal Assistant 14 years ago and greatly enjoys all Cedar Sinai Park residents. 10 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION Stefani Corona Pina Ibabao Samira Tahirovic
  • 11. Congratulations to our Lucio Irene Villa Memorial Scholarship Fund Award Recipients! Cedar Sinai Park employees wishing to further their education in the field of nursing, geriatrics or related disciplines were awarded scholarships from the Lucio and Irene Villa Memorial Fund in October. The proud recipients  include  Janneth de Andres and Susan Dilla, Certified Nursing Assistants; Elia Huanca-Roman, Med-Aide; Pina Ibabao, Assistant Health Services Director;  Polina Munblit, Culinary Worker; and Usiel Solis, Server. The Scholarship Fund honors Irene Villa who came to Rose Schnitzer Manor after the loss of her husband, Lucio. An active resident, Irene made many new friends, and truly appreciated the kindness of staff and caregivers while living at the Manor. Irene’s cousin, Jeff Reingold, and his wife, Francine, started the fund to honor the dedicated staff who gave Irene excellent care. The awardees received certificates from Jeff Reingold during the recognition ceremony. CEO David Fuks elaborated, “Irene possessed a genuine enthusiasm for learning and it is CSP’s honor to continue her legacy by nurturing the education of our outstanding staff. We are honored that our employees are inspired to further their careers… and that we are able to help them reach their educational goals.” Scholarships from the Lucio and Irene Villa Memorial Fund are available to all staff, and we encourage anyone to apply. ‫11 | דור לדור‬
  • 12. SAVE THE DATE – SUN. MAY 18th, 2014! Cedar Sinai’s annual event: “Jewtopia: Live” Join Cedar Sinai Park for the outrageously funny one-man show “Jewtopia: Live!”, performed by Bryan Fogel, the creator of the smash off-Broadway play, major motion picture, and book of the same name. The show is a humorous look at the experience of being Jewish in the modern world. Kosher hor d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. All proceeds will benefit the Robison Jewish Health Center. Tickets will be available to the general public in 2014, but sponsorship presale opportunities are available now. Please visit or call Trish Tice Coates at 503.535.4422 to learn more. You won’t want to miss this Portland premiere, so mark your calendar! It’s not about the zeroes - it’s about insuring the continuity of Jewish institutions important to you. A legacy gift of any size makes a difference! 12 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION To discuss creating your legacy for Cedar Sinai Park and our shared Jewish Community contact: Debbi Bodie at 503.535.4303 | or Julie Diamond at 503.248.9328 |
  • 13. Best wishes to the residents and staff at Cedar Sinai Park. Landgraphics, Inc. Commercial Landscaping Services t The definition of... heartstrings–your deepest feelings of love and compassion; love–a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; compassion–a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering. With eternal gratitude to the wonderful Executive Council and staff of Cedar Sinai Park, who demonstrate love and compassion every day. In memory of Marian Davidson ‫31 | דור לדור‬
  • 14. One Community Member’s Legacy Love. Honor. Respect. Harold Nadler was a beloved resident of Rose Schnitzer Manor for 10 years. He and his wife Rosalyn moved from New York City and joined our community in 1999. Prior to their arrival in Portland, Harold served as a New York public school administrator for 29 years. Known to his friends as Hal, Harold was a very active resident at Rose Schnitzer Manor, volunteering at the library and gift shop, as well as sitting on Cedar Sinai Park’s Board of Directors as a resident representative. His dear friend, Jack Straus, who has been a RSM resident for 11 years says, “What a great guy he was. Hal made a lot of friends, often acting as a tour guide to new residents and staying involved with many things.” Sadly, Hal’s wife and true love passed away. Though Hal was devastated, he was very appreciative of the constant support and companionship he received from RSM residents and staff after his wife’s death. Soon after, Hal arranged for a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) through the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation (OJCF) for the benefit of Cedar Sinai Park and the Community Endowment Fund of the OJCF. This gesture of gratitude is Hal’s Legacy. In an interview in 2006, Hal exclaimed, “I was happy to arrange for a Charitable Gift Annuity. I received a nice tax deduction, too. There are many benefits to this kind of annuity.” Then, in the same spirit, Hal’s friend Jack followed suit, creating a Charitable Gift Annuity in 2008... recognizing the ease that this risk-free choice offers, while ultimately creating his own legacy. Jack explained, “I like the steady income and fact that the funds will be used later for the things the organization needs. I trust that Cedar Sinai Park will take care of how they use the money.” Hal ultimately moved back to New York City in 2009 to spend his final days with his daughter Judith and family. Judith called to say, “I wanted to let you know how very proud (my Dad) was to be supporting the Jewish community of Oregon and, especially, Rose Schnitzer Manor where he lived for so many years.” Cedar Sinai Park is blessed to have had Hal Nadler and Jack Straus as part of our community and to be a part of their enduring legacies. The strong partnership between OJCF and Cedar Sinai Park makes it very easy for interested donors to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity. See the opposite page for more info. or contact Debbi Bodie, Chief Development Officer of Cedar Sinai Park, at 503-535-4303 or Hansen, Hunter Company, P.C., is a full-service CPA firm specializing in serving the acute and post-acute health care industry in more than 35 states. Reimbursement Services • Medi-Cal cost reporting and consulting with profit/loss analysis, rate-setting, audit representation and settlement analysis. • Medicare cost reporting and consulting with profit/loss analysis by RUG category and by resident considering fixed versus variable costs. Clinical Consulting Services • Clinical audits with in-house RNs knowledgeable in Medicare, Medicaid case-mix and price-based systems • Billing audits • Compliance consulting (including IRO function of CIAs) • Quality Indicator consulting in preparation for Survey Audit Services • For-profit and not-for-profit nursing homes, assisted living facilities and CCRC’s • HUD audits • OMB A-133 audits • Fraud audits • 401(k) and 403 (b) audits • Residential housing audits Tax Services We provide all types of tax preparation, planning, and consulting. Please contact us at (800) 547-3159 for more information. 14 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 15. A Gift That Keeps on Giving: Charitable Gift Annuities this agreement with an organization dear to YOUR hearT ensures stable income for life, then becomes your legacy. Here’s how it works The donor signs an agreement with the charitable organization of his/her choosing and makes an irrevocable gift of cash or securities. The organization invests the gift and makes fixed annuity payments to the donor for life. The annuity rate is based on the amount of the gift and the age of the donor. A portion of the annuity payment may include tax-free return of principal. Part of the payment is interest earned and is taxable as ordinary income. Upon the donor’s passing, the remaining value of the original gift (called “residuum”) becomes an endowment gift to support the Jewish community. Cedar Sinai Park partners with the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation (OJCF) on Charitable Gift Annuities. Anyone can arrange for a CGA with a minimum gift of $10,000 at the age of 65 or older. The foundation follows the investment guidelines and rates recommended by the American Council of Gift Annuities. OJCF takes on the financial responsibility for the annuity payments. If someone outlives their life expectancy or the market takes a downturn, OJCF will still make the required annuity payments. This safeguards the donor’s income stream from the CGA. “CGAs provide a sense of security for the donor as they know that a payment will be received every quarter. It also serves as a nice reminder of the good they are doing for their community,” says Julie Diamond, Executive Director of Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. For more information, please contact Julie Diamond, Executive Director of OJCF at: or 503-248-9328 Or Debbi Bodie, Chief Development Officer of Cedar Sinai Park at: or 503-535-4303 (Left to right): Rose Schnitzer Manor residents Sheldon Petcher and Jack Straus trade stories and catch up on the latest news. ‫51 | דור לדור‬
  • 16. (Above): New resident Matt Blumberg, RSM Administrator David Kohnstamm and Building/ Environmental Services Director Tammy Heard. (Above): Kehillah supporter Gaye Schafer and Board Member Eve Stern are part of the crowd celebrating the dedication. (Above): Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman explains why Kehillah is such an important part of our community. (Above): Kehillah Manager Frank Hudson warmly welcomes resident Cole Takahashi. Dedication Day for Kehillah “A dream come true” for community families Kehillah, Cedar Sinai Park’s newly completed apartment building for developmentally disabled adults, opened its doors at a celebratory dedication event on Sept. 9th. Under the welcome shade of a large tent, residents and supporters in high spirits gathered to hear speakers, and explore this new home for independent living. “Ten years ago, independent living for our daughter, Erika, was just a dream. Now with the exciting opening of Kehillah, that dream has come true”, says Jerome Menashe, father to Erika Menashe, a new resident of Kehillah. A program of distinguished speakers recognized the importance of Kehillah and the impact it will have on many families in the community. Dan Saltzman, a Portland City Commissioner; Patrick Shea of the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and Vince Chiotti from Oregon Housing and Community Services gave thoughtful remarks, underlining the unique partnership between Cedar Sinai Park and the public sector to serve adults with disabilities. Dr. Eugene Borkan, a member of the Kehillah Board, shared his own experiences raising a special-needs child and what Kehillah will mean to parents concerned about the well-being of their child when they are no longer able to provide care. Rabbi Abby Cohen, Director of Spiritual Life at Cedar Sinai Park and a parent 16 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION to two developmentally disabled adults, led the crowd in the traditional blessing, as she affixed a mezuzah on the door of the building.... signaling its transformation from a house to a home. The dedication event was also an opportunity to recognize the many donors and partners that helped to make Kehillah possible. Cedar Sinai Park CEO David Fuks acknowledged the generous contributions of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, National Council of Jewish Women, Portland Development Commission, Wayne D. and Joan E. Kuni Foundation, and Jerry and Helen Stern Family. Special thanks were also given to RH Construction,
  • 17. (Above): New resident Samantha Canape (center) takes her parents on the grand tour. (Above): New resident Cole Takahashi, mother Ann Wilson, family friend Hadley Steinberg and Kehillah supporter Ellen Kesend explore the new eco-friendly building. Architect Bruce Sternberg, Jewish Family and Child Service, as well as the Kehillah Board and staff of Cedar Sinai Park. Kehillah will collaborate with a number of volunteer services, including Jewish Family and Child Service, as well as tenant-employed providers to offer residents much needed support and life skills training that will assist in their ability to live independently in the community. None were more honored at the dedication event than the new residents of Kehillah. Brimming with excitement and beaming with pride, they offered guided tours to the apartments. In addition to the 14 individual apartments, the building offers communal social areas, including an open kitchen and a community living room, as well as a conference room where residents can meet privately with support services or family. “Kehillah is a dream come true for our family,” says Ann Wilson, mother to resident Cole Takahashi. “The reality is even better than the dream.” Frank Hudson joins Cedar Sinai Park’s community as Kehillah Manager. Frank was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  After completing his stint in the United States Marines, Frank attended the University of Illinois.  In 1988, he moved to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark Law School. After getting his J.D. degree in 1992, Frank started working for the Portland City Attorneys Office. Then in 2005, he worked for two non-profits - Transition Projects Inc. and Central City Concern. Both non-profits focus on alleviating poverty and homelessness; they also provide counseling and other services to many people with physical and developmental disabilities. Frank learned about Kehillah through his volunteer work on elder law issues. When asked about what is the most exciting thing about his new role of Kehillah Manager, Frank explained, “I enjoy working with people with varied abilities because they are sincere, good natured, and do not dissemble.  I find it rewarding to watch these remarkable people attain higher levels of self-determination and independence than they previously thought possible.  In addition, it’s fantastic to work at Kehillah because our residents’ families are totally invested in making this endeavor a success.” 17
  • 18. Affordable Housing THE TRUTH IS FINDING QUALITY HOUSING WHEN WE’RE OLDER MAY BE DIFFICULT. It is important to plan ahead. The availability of affordable housing is limited, and the waiting lists for this housing are usually long. Should you feel that affordable housing would be an important resource to you (or to someone you know), it is wise to plan NOW to put your name(s) on the waiting lists for apartments where support will be available. For those in our community who may have this need, you should know that Cedar Sinai Park is now the general partner for four affordable housing buildings in downtown Portland (see box to the right). Specifically designated for people over the age of 62, or people with disabilities, these apartments are close to shopping, the Art Museum, Portland State University, and all of the many resources that make downtown a great place to live. Our four buildings include: Rose Schnitzer Tower 230 apartments 1430 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97201 503.222.7467 The 1200 Building 97 apartments 1220 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 503.222.7467 The Park Tower Apartments 162 apartments 731 SW Salmon St. Portland, OR 97205 503.227.3367 Lexington Apartments 54 apartments 1125 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 503.227.3367 There are two advantages to consider when seeking affordable housing in one of our properties. First, is the remarkable value of a government rent subsidy to those who qualify. These subsidies require an individual to use only 1 /3 of their monthly income for rent... minus a utility allowance. For example, if your monthly income is $1,000 (and the electric bill is $40), your rent would be $333 minus a $40 allowance to pay for electricity. Second, Cedar Sinai Park is developing a health and social service program to assist elders and people with disabilities that live in our buildings, so that they might continue to age at home and live successfully in the community. To learn more about the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, call Matthew Strickland at Rose Schnitzer Tower - 503.222.7467. If you (or someone you know) think you may need affordable housing in the future, we urge you to put your name(s) on the waiting list. Each of our four buildings has its own list, so if you’re interested in any of the buildings, we encourage you to apply to ALL. Just call Matthew Strickland at Rose Schnitzer Tower 503.222.7467 - for more information. 18 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 19. The Development of Housing with Services By providing quality care services, we prevent or decrease need for Hospitalization. For over two years, Cedar Sinai Park has led in the development of a consortium of providers dedicated to the creation of a new model of health and social services “near the subsidized housing of low-income elders and people with disabilities.” Research has shown that lowincome elders living in subsidized housing tend to have higher needs for health care and social support than their “same-age peers living in their own homes.” Because of this, we are focusing on increasing care management and health services available to individuals in those settings. The goal is quite simple. By providing high-quality care and making it easier for people to have access to the services they need, we will prevent or decrease the need for hospitalization or nursing home care. Our planning process will continue into the 2014 calendar year... and we hope to begin providing services by April 2014. To create this consortium of services, Cedar Sinai Park is collaborating with the following providers: Cascadia Behavioral Health, Lifeworks Mental Health, Jewish Family Child Service, Outside In, the Asian Health and Service Center, Sinai Family Home Services, Home Forward, Care Oregon and Sisters of Providence Elderplace. A health and social service center is also being developed in the 1200 Building in downtown Portland, where some providers will collocate services for ease of access to the downtown low-income housing community. Future plans also under consideration by Cedar Sinai Park include further development of home and community-based care to help all members of our community remain in their own homes. ‫91 | דור לדור‬
  • 20. Our Family Photo Album (Above): Residents Diana Kwartler and Sheldon Petcher (in back) with children of employee Elfinesh Sima (not pictured). Employees’ children received donations of new school supplies and enjoyed an afternoon of face painting, hotdogs snow cones at the Backpack to School BBQ. (Above): Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Milt Hasson gets in the 4th of July spirit by proudly modeling a very patriotic chapeau. (Above): Rose Schnitzer residents Evelyn Hirsch and Murray Kauffman enjoy a perfect summer day. (Below): Robison resident Estelle Moses (of blessed memory) at a party in her honor celebrating her 100th birthday. (Above): Resident Ruth Schlacter hugs one of Robison’s favorite visitors... oh-so-hairy Rojo the Llama. 20 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 21. (Above): Rose Schnitzer Manor residents Miriam Gerber, Lillian Steinberg, Florence Blitch and Suzanne Liberman don their sunglasses for another adventure (or a Blues Festival). (Above): CSP Chief Operating Officer Kimberly Fuson and Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Charlotte Weiner are so huggable! (Above): New resident Molly Bauermiller (seated, right) signing up for a beautiful new Kehillah apt., surrounded by her parents and Kehillah Manager Frank Hudson (far left) and Project Coordinator Lisa Tillman (far right). (Above): Phyllis Madsen gives daughter Trudy a big kiss. (Below): Rose Schnitzer Manor Choir members at a recent performance: Lenore Selling and Cherie Rubenstein (in front), Milt Hasson and Susie Doolen (in back), and Annette Gerard (hidden). (Above): Robison resident Esther Hanson and RJHC Enrichment Director Jennifer Feldberg ogling the shiny antique cars at the CSP Annual Antique Car Show. ‫12 | דור לדור‬
  • 22. Tributes Fiscal Year 7/1/2012 to 6/30/2013 ROBISON JEWISH HEALTH CENTER General Assistance Fund IN MEMORY OF Hy Baderman Arnold Carol Barer Winifred Beech Juliet Mills Dorothy Berkey Ira Julie Gottlieb Henry Blauer Leonard Dolly Goldberg Henrietta Brody Eric Beryl Brody Bernard Carr Victor Toinette Menashe Robert Donin Gary Sandra Ettinger Ruth Freeman Solomon Rosalyn Menashe Dotty Friedlander Harold Sharon Weinstein Hilliard Golden Lorraine J. Lichtman Maria Goloborodko Misha Goloborodko Sandy Gordon Phillip Raya Gladstein Peryl Gottesman Marian Brown Stan Bev Eastern Rebecca Fleischman Reuben Janet Mack Gary Sylvia Pearlman Ted Davia Rubenstein Louise Ruben Phil Stratiner Alan Green Seymour Carol Danish Stan Beverly Eastern Judy Hoffman Steve Heather Friedman and Family Sue Friedman Phillip Raya Gladstein Leonard Dolly Goldberg Jill Horenstein Stanley Joyce Loeb Milton Lynn Marks Victor Toinette Menashe Alan Lana Miller Harold * Sally Mink Raymond Dorothy Packouz Gary Sylvia Pearlman Ted Davia Rubenstein Jewely Sandoz Family Robert Mitzi* Tobias Sue Halupowski David Liz Lippoff Eleanore Horenstein Donald Spiegel Deborah Davis Jay Diane Zidell Carol Keller Ira Julie Gottlieb Harvey Keller Joaquin Louise Lorente Mae Keller Ira Julie Gottlieb Ida Kleinrock Rebecca Fleischman Robert Leslie Peltz Asher Peltz Tova Peltz Rakhie Koener Yelena Mikhail Benikov Marvin Lazarus Harold* Sally Mink Pauline Lecker Dr. Richard Dobrow David Liz Lippoff Lee Levy Stuart Jacqueline Barthold Jay Susan Friedman Robert Ginsberg Leonard Jane Krichevsky William Luxenberg Martin Julia Feves Bernie Ellen Fine *Of Blessed Memory 22 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION Howard Paula Luxenberg Michael Barbara Luxenberg Louis Mark Dr. Morton Ida Berenson Howard Barbara Cohn Robert* Erlich Family Arlene Jim Fromer Susan Gerson Ilene Goldberg Larry Carolyn Gorin Gerald Evelyn Leshgold Stan Susan Marcus Marvin Leah Nepom Raymond Dorothy Packouz Jean Pierce Dan Janice Pitman Philip Dorothy Reiter Jane Slinger Avron Sandra Spector Tim Prudence Spofford Judy Menashe Philip Dorothy Reiter Mildred Miller Miyo Beppu and Family Hiromi Chambers Norman Mary Gatzemeyer Shellie Strimling Howard Linda Zwibel Suzanne Miller Norm Susan Kaplon Jason Handaly Robert Mitzi* Tobias Harold Mink Philip Raya Gladstein Janet Hasson Jacquelyn Nudelman Louise Ruben Phil Stratiner Dorothy Morgenstern Sharyn Martin Schneiderman Susan Morton Bud Robin Marcus Martin Neuwelt Bruce Louise Magun Norman Olds Michael Gloria Olds Ruth Omenn Susan Gerson Robert Lesley Glasgow Sasha Neuwelt Gregg Eleanor Reiter Philip Dorothy Reiter David Diane Rosencrantz Stuart Susan Shleifer Larry Linda Veltman Jerry Pearlman Raymond Dorothy Packouz Claire Puziss Jon Barrie Cress Linda Ostomel Gary Sylvia Pearlman Anita Reinhorn Mercia Asher Herbert Black Miriam Friedman Susan Gerson Jerry Roth Rob Emily Ail Allen Jo Cohen Seymour Carol Danish Inga Hamburger Victor Toinette Menashe Raymond Dorothy Packouz Ted Davia Rubenstein Jerry Rubenstein Rich Marilyn Klesh Sharyn Martin Schneiderman Stanley Samuelis Robert Ginsberg Steve, Michelle Mallory Gradow Julie Sandler Herbert Black
  • 23. We gratefully acknowledge our donors for their generous contributions to Cedar Sinai Park which helps us provide the highest quality of health care and life care. Debbi Bodie, Chief Development Officer, Cedar Sinai Park Dean Schamp Ralph Sandi Miller Florence Natalie Schenk Terri David Brown Eliana Fromer Les Mindy Milfred Charles Rosenblum Michael Silvia Zurovski Betty Schneiderman Sharyn Martin Schneiderman Sidney Seligman Allen Jo Cohen Ramona Shackleford Irwin Renee Holzman Arthur Silverstein Sanford Wendi Menashe Edith Slavin Darlene Allen Zimbardi Maertz Steve Solomon Dale Earl Oller Shelia Springer Gerel Blauer David Barbara Klau Joan Wirta Gladys Stein Sondra Greenberg Ruth Subotnick Fred Lottie Kaufman Harvey Taback Jessica Taback Abe Tobin Susan Denny Joel Susan Saxe The Havurah Group of Temple Beth Israel Alan Pearl Shapiro The Havurah Group of Temple Beth Israel Irving Trachtenberg Alan Eve Rosenfeld Charlotte Ushman Anna Christiansen Andrea Oatis Brenda Olson Donald Spiegel Deborah Davis Gary Vicky St. Arnauld Therese White Frank Nancy Ketchel Margie Winkler Owen Lynn Blank Edward Elaine Epstein Victor Toinette Menashe Eric Tiffany Rosenfeld Harold Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Merritt Yoelin Leonard Dolly Goldberg Stanley Joyce Loeb Ray Dorothy Packouz HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Richard Arensberg Stan Beverly Eastern Vivienne Bonnin Ida House Stan Geffen Gary Larsen Barbara Durkheimer Robert Mitzi* Tobias Raya Gladstein Victor Toinette Menashe Jean Hasson Allen Jo Cohen Margaret Hasson Dan Janice Pitman Milt Hasson Allen Jo Cohen Herbert Hochfeld Rick Marilyn Gilbert Lawrence Huppin Ken Schwartz Sharon Bridges Jack Barbara Schwartz Joanne Schwartz Becky Israel - 90th Solomon Rosalyn Menashe Victor Toinette Menashe William Karasik Robert Mitzi* Tobias Bruce Karsh Bernice Karsh Jack Lakefish - 95th Rob Emily Ail Kenneth Leondar - 85th Jerry Muriel Feuer Jan Leonard Bernice Karsh Stanley Loeb Irwin Renee Holzman Robin Marcus Gary Sylvia Pearlman Jack Barbara Schwartz Joanne Schwartz Jerrold Matin Robert Mitzi* Tobias Harold Mink* Robert Mitzi* Tobias Gordon Pearlman Amy Jerome Brem Philip Reiter Robert Mitzi* Tobias Alan Rosenfeld - 90th Lee Funes Irwin Renee Holzman Marvin Leah Nepom Eleanor Rubinstein - 100th Stan Beverly Eastern Steve, Michelle Mallory Gradow Bette Greenstein Merritt Linn Susan Korey Stan Susie Marcus Marvin Leah Nepom Jacqueline Nudelman Jerry Stern Ted Davia Rubenstein John Tennant Ralph Sandi Miller Frieda Tobin - 90th Itz* Goldie Feinberg Linda Veltman Ronald Barbara Coe Howard Tamra Feuerstein Richard Harriet Maizels Gary Sylvia Pearlman Bob Weiner Elliot Suzanne Axel Peter Rita Bedrick Melvin Cathy Berlant Jack Melanie Birnbach Debbi Bodie Larry Susan Gouz David Susan Honigstock Vera James Neil Teresa Lefkowitz Harold Jackie Lesch Bob Mimi Sorkin Bruce Shelia Stern Jay Zidell Dale Earl Oller Min Zidell Dale Earl Oller Judith Perry HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Barry Barbara Caplan Gary Sylvia Pearlman Stan Beverly Eastern Lou Bernice Menashe Arnold Sue Hayden Larry Carolyn Gorin Milt Jean Hasson Allen Jo Cohen Stan Shirley Hodes Dick Dianne Arensberg Gerald Evelyn Leshgold Allen Jo Cohen Jeanne Herbert* Newmark - 60th Victor Toinette Menashe Richard Mary Peizner Delphine Davis Robert Mitzi* Tobias Evelyn Gerald Leshgold GET WELL WISHES TO Herbert Black Alan Joan Lippman Robert Mitzi* Tobias Larry Black Alan Joan Lippman Frieda Cohen Marilyn Hasson Barbara Cohn Rae Goldenberg Jimmy Filler Ralph Sandi Miller Bobbye Finkelstein Robert Mitzi* Tobias *Of Blessed Memory ‫32 | דור לדור‬
  • 24. Carla Properties, Ltd., is proud to support the mission of Cedar Sinai Park t In appreciation of Cedar Sinai Park. Tom Alix Goodman j 24 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 25. Philip Gladstein Mercia Asher Susan Kaplon Leonard Jane Krichevsky Rochelle Leisner Allan Marjorie Sherman Merritt Linn Betty Williams Bud Marcus Jack Barb Schwartz Jack Menashe Sanford Wendi Menashe Ronald Meyer Leonard Jane Krichevsky Donald Naomi Olds Paul Norr Rob Emily Ail Dorothy Potenza* Miriam Kornberg Leslie Sidell Bette Greenstein Jan Sigell Linda Ostomel Betty Rose Williams Louise Ruben Phil Stratiner Morrie Zimring Ralph Sandi MIller IN HONOR OF Barbie Enkelis Miriam Kornberg Kimberly Fuson and the Robison Staff Victor Levy Irwin Renee Holzman Victor Toinette Menashe Irwin Holzman - Award for Sponsorship of Financial Literacy Program Victor Toinette Menashe Jakob Kryszek - Receiving The Circle of Life Award from the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center Ray Dorothy Packouz Stuart Lang Lee Holzman Jeff Menashe Wendy Gutman Victor Toinette Menashe Solomon Rosalyn Menashe Victor Toinette Menashe Jerome Dora Newman Your Son’s Wedding Mel Carol Seger Aaron Norr Your Engagement Rob Emily Ail Jerry Shirley Nudelman Jerry Julie Gold Gary Pearlman Lee Becky Holzman Isadore Russell Betsy Russell Beverly Stein Barbara Morgenstern RESTRICTED FUNDKehillah Housing IN MEMORY OF Lou Mark Jerry Helen Stern Harold Mink Jerry Helen Stern Isaak Premysler Jerry Helen Stern ANNUAL BENEFIT – MITZVAH MOMENT IN MEMORY OF Henry Blauer Shemaya Blauer EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION FUND IN MEMORY OF Werner Berg Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Dorothy Berkey Richard Linda Jessell Anita Birkland Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Edna Charkoff Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Morrie Charnekar Barbara Reinhardt Blanche Cohen Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Jean Fox Barbara Weisman Pauline French Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Lillian Gitelson Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Kitty Goldschmidt Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Alan Green Rosemarie Rosenfeld Sue Halupowski Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Nellie Higgins Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Angela Kellner Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Sybil Kesten Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Ida Kleinrock Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Pauline Lecker Robin Baer Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Larry Carolyn Gorin William Luxenberg Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Louis Mark Seymour Carol Danish Mildred Miller Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Suzanne Miller Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Betty Mirin Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Dorothy Morgenstern Les Martha Soltesz Martin Neuwelt Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Edward Neuwelt Ruth Omenn Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Dorothy Potenza Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Claire Puziss Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Kenneth Roberts Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Marion Rosenthal Barbara Weisman Stanley Samuelis Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Florence Schenk Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Edith Slavin Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Barbara Smith Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Bobbi (Barbara) Spiegel Lisa Morasch Shelia Ruth Cohen Springer William Cohen Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Debra Letney Irving Trachtenberg Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Charlotte Ushman Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Dottie VanDaam Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Sylvia Weisbard Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff Therese White Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff IN HONOR OF Barbie Enkelis - Receiving The Song of Miriam Award Martin Sharon Schneiderman David Fuks and the Robison Staff Herbert Black Beverly Huddleston Bruce Sandra Koester Ariana Gilbert - Bat Mitzvah David Rabiner Suzy Wagner James Winkler Kimberly Fuson the Robison Staff *Of Blessed Memory ‫52 | דור לדור‬
  • 26. We thank all the angels that support Cedar Sinai Park. Tonkon Torp is proud to support Cedar Sinai Park and the work it does for seniors in our community. 503.221.1440 Best wishes to Cedar Sinai Park residents, staff and volunteers. Diane David Rosencrantz j 26 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 27. Program of Neveh Shalom 2nd Grade Class Maureen Nielsen Harvey Keller* - 90th Edward Jill Neuwelt Larry Carolyn Gorin Jerome Dora Newman James Nudelman GET WELL WISHES TO Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation Lore Labby of the Oregon Jewish Rosemarie Rosenfeld Community Foundation Merritt Linn Tamara Rene Ovalle Rosemarie Rosenfeld Raymond Dorothy Packouz Dan Janice Pitman GENERAL Anna Marie Pizzariello Marvin Rosumny Anonymous A Fund of the Grace Rubin Oregon Jewish Community Ernest Mary Jean Scheuer Foundation Sam Seskin Andrea Cohen Bob Aptekar Judy Wilkins Congregation Shaarie Torah Stuart Jacqueline Barthold Eugene Jan Silver Max Birnbach Fund Lee Spector Leslie Hammer of the Oregon Jewish Spector Community Foundation Beverly Stein Steven Joyce Boro Helen Stavrakis* Lillian Bristol Craig Stone David Terri Brown Anne Suttenberg Debra Burchiel Gary Marcia Suttenberg William Lori Cohen Jacob Tanzer Gerda Eiseman Gary Tobin Michael Barbie Enkelis Howard Lois Tobin Ann Flowerree Charlotte Ushman* Elaine Flowerree Jeffrey Waite Susan Golden Ruth Waite The Peryl Gottesman Richard Wallick Irrevocable Trust David Joan Weil Cynthia Hanson Robert P. Weil Fund Sandra Hart Nellie Higgins* of the Oregon Jewish Tom JoAnn Hornsten Community Foundation Lewis Lisa Horowitz John White Lorraine Katz Lois Yoder Robert Mildred Katz Ruth Zaske Dr. Susan Katz Ken Jennifer Zeidman Bruce Sandra Koester Kathy Lesley LIBRARY FUND Robert Liebman Elaine Friedman IN HONOR OF Lubliner Robison Jewish Home Endowed Fund Moses Felberg – Bar Mitzvah of the Oregon Jewish Lauren, Jessie Community Foundation Lana Botney Steve Moses Susan Mosler RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL Jerry (Cookie) Nash CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Leah and Marvin Nepom Endowment Fund FUND of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation IN MEMORY OF Aliyah Jewish Learning HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Reina Greenwald Stuart Jacqueline Barthold Lee Levy Richard Mary Peizner Jerry Roth Marvin Lois Urman Stanley Samuelis Loree Sakai Barbara Lang Larry Carolyn Gorin Linda Ostomel Larry Carolyn Gorin Kathleen Myers Marshall Naiman Phyllis Pepper Barbara Platt Julie Marc Platt Jack Pauline Reiter Scott Reiter Rabbi Kim Rosen Barry Rosen Dr. Mrs. David Rosencrantz Linda Runyon Idele Saul Lawrence Phyllis Sager Faye Samuels Sharon Segal Arden Lois Shenker Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner Dr. David Xuan Sibell Mike Siegel Kris Alman Leonard Simpson Robert Joan Smith Diane Solomon Les Martha Soltesz Edward Pauline Stern Jennifer Stoloff Jane Roosevelt - Bat Mitzvah Suzanne Liberman IN HONOR OF GENERAL Benjamin Mansfield Bar Mitzvah Sydney William Baer Melvyn Elaine Ball Nancy Beren Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Dr. Richard Dobrow David Eschenbach Pierce Ethier Howard Jenat Feldman Jimmy Mary Lou Finley Steven Laurie Forrest Richard Elaine Friedman Robert Carol* Ginsberg Steve, Michelle Mallory Gradow Rabbi Daniel Carol Isaak Congregation Beth Israel Lisa Katz Barbara Levine Hanoch Cheryl Livneh Charles Mansfield Jim Lora Meyer Joyce Milam Marjorie Jathan Janove HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Bev Eastern Todd Felicia Rosenthal Sue Hayden Larry Carolyn Gorin Larry Huppin Sharon Tarlow Alan Rosenfeld - 90th Seymour Carol Danish Murray Weglinski - 90th Mel Carol Seger GET WELL WISHES TO TREE OF LIFE IN MEMORY OF Florence Harry Ellis Elizabeth de Wilde Raymond Shirley Hornick Dr. Laurence Hornick LUCIO IRENE VILLA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND GENERAL Jeff Francine Reingold *Of Blessed Memory ‫72 | דור לדור‬
  • 28. CEDAR SINAI PARK EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION FUND IN HONOR OF Beverly Huddleston Sandra Bruce Koester CSP NURSING HOME CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Linda Veltman John, Melissa, Sam Max Matterazzo BEVERLY EDER LINDEMANN GOOD TIMES FUND IN MEMORY OF Sam Huppin Rosalie Goodman Bev Lindemann Ruth Lindemann HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Clarice Eder Rosalie Goodman Stan Shirley Hodes Melvin Janet Swire Douglas Goodman Rosalie Goodman Rosalie Goodman Bari Mia Isaacson Milt Hasson Rosalie Goodman Larry Huppin Rosalie Goodman Donna Jackson Rosalie Goodman Jack Lakefish Rosalie Goodman Lorraine Lichtman Rosalie Goodman Eleanor Rubinstein Rosalie Goodman Jack Schwartz Rosalie Goodman HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Ken Joan Goodman Rosalie Goodman Samuel Jo Ellen Miller Rosalie Goodman Jack Barbara Schwartz Rosalie Goodman Norman Suzan Wapnick Rosalie Goodman GET WELL WISHES TO Sharlene Harvey Rosalie Goodman Jean Hasson Linda Ostomel Bud Marcus Rosalie Goodman David Sharlene Harvey Ronald Meyer Rosalie Goodman Betty Rose Williams Rosalie Goodman IN HONOR OF Milt Hasson - Being named Volunteer of the Year Linda Ostomel Family Jack Barbara Schwartz Birth of Grandson Rosalie Goodman GENERAL Rosalie Goodman Mia Isaacson RHEA WEINSTEIN EMPLOYEE OF THE QUARTER FUND GENERAL Robert and Marla Weiner Congratulations on the birth of your new Granddaughter, Sarah Liliana *Of Blessed Memory 28 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION Neil Teresa Lefkowitz EMERY MIN ZIDELL ENDOWMENT FUND IN MEMORY OF Winifred M. Beech Jay Diane Zidell Eleanor Horenstein Charlene Zidell Louis Mark Min Zidell Ruth Peretz Omenn Jay Diane Zidell HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Eleanor Rubinstein Min Zidell Steve Shain Min Zidell Frieda Tobin - 90th Charlene Zidell Min Zidell Nancy Brown IN HONOR OF Alice Potter - Great Grandson Min Zidell Eva Walleston* Three Great Grandchildren Min Zidell
  • 29. ROSE SCHNITZER MANOR GENERAL ASSISTANCE FUND IN MEMORY OF Edna Gluth Victoria Russell Eleanor Horenstein Jonathan Sallie Cohen Dora Horowitz Terry Vinocur Mr. Mrs. Joe Parnas Robert Parnas* Jerry Roth Vince, Isabelle Sean Engel Florence Schenk Gabriella Donnell HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Diana Golden* Georgiana Gorasht Murray Kaufman Sylvia Goldfarb Michael Kovsky - 70th Gary Sylvia Pearlman Molly Kohnstamm Stanley Joyce Loeb Herbert Rosenbaum Stanley Madelle Rosenfeld Eleanore Rubinstein Dale Earl Oller Rick Vagy Raul Lidia Krivoy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Gabriel Barbara Acee Debbie Levin Stan Shirley Hodes - 65th Lou Bernice Menashe David Liz Lippoff Bari Isaacson Jerry Helen Stern - 65th Gerald Evelyn Leshgold IN HONOR OF David Copley Forman Ken Mary Rait Merritt Linn Stan Beverly Eastern Eddie Shuldman Her generosity and patience as a teacher Kathleen Jaffe GENERAL Eric Chilton Nancy Stone Jonathan Levy Samuel Metz Robert Parnas* RESTRICTED FUND IN MEMORY OF Bernard Kaye Dr. Sivia Kaye EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION FUND In Memory of Ken Golden Estelle Golden Esther Frank Kales Roberta Wolff Family May Keller Richard Linda Jessell Pauline Lecker Jeffrey Hoort Martin Ricks Marc Sandi Scholnick Elton Karen Strauss Rob Weinstein Barbara Weinstein Louis Scherzer Roberta Wolff Family IN HONOR OF Kimberly Fuson In Appreciation Larry Carolyn Gorin Robert Lesley Glasgow John, Melissa, Sam Max Matterazzo The Dan Hall Staff at Robison Jewish Health Center Marc Sandi Scholnick Polina Mulblit William Goldie Rosenbaum Cherie Rubenstein Wendy Don Dominguez Gordana Muharem Safic Robert Erlich* Amy Shapiro Leading the Service David Fine HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GET WELL WISHES Philip Gladstein Steven Reyna Gustav STAR OF DAVID IN MEMORY OF Dorothy Potenza Bob Potenza Diane Covert Bernice Karsh COMMEMORATIVE BRICK GENERAL IN MEMORY OF Don Wendy Dominguez Emily* Jeff Gottfried Bruce Sandra Koester Eugene Janssen Bill Pakula Alison Stenger Marcia Wilson Jerry Roth Jacqueline Constantine RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL CULTURAL ACTIVITIES FUND IN MEMORY OF Abraham Goldwasser Marsha Goldwasser Dorothy Potenza Charles Rosenblum Therese White Michael Koppel HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Molly Kohnstamm Ilaine Cohen Suzanne Liberman Victor Toinette Menashe Linda Veltman Fred Marilee Karlsen HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Larry Veltman Stuart Nikki Director Stuart Barbara Lang Susan Mosler Linda Ostomel Linda Veltman Barbara Lang Nikki Director Linda Ostomel Linda Larry Veltman Robert Lesley Glasgow IN HONOR OF Marilyn Forse* Will Melanie Dann *Tributes were made in honor of the following individuals who have since passed away. *Of Blessed Memory ‫92 | דור לדור‬
  • 30. We are pleased to support the commitment of Cedar Sinai Park to love, honor and respect. Visit for the latest news about Cedar Sinai Park and our residents. 30 | FALL 2013 | GENERATION TO GENERATION
  • 31. Cedar Sinai Park in a Nutshell Cedar Sinai Park provides residential and community-based care to our elders and adults with special needs, allowing them to live with comfort, independence, and dignity in a manner and in an environment based on Jewish values. A personcentered approach to care is at the heart of our mission. In everything we do, we recognize that people, including our eldest and most frail citizens, have the right to control decisions made about their lives. Our family of services ensures that we’re with you wherever you or your loved one choose to live. • Rose Schnitzer Manor: Independent and assisted living • Robison Jewish Health Center: Traditional long-term care, memory care, rehabilitation. • Robison Residence: Residential care As a nonprofit organization, we’re committed to delivering a broad-based continuum of personcentered care that can be tailored to every individual’s unique needs. President Paul Frisch President Elect Lance Steinberg Senior Vice President Paul Labby Vice President Liz Rabiner Lippoff Vice President Susie Marcus Vice President John Moss Treasurer Sharon Morell Secretary Linda Veltman Immediate Past President Michael Feves Trustees Dr. Eugene Borkan Elise Brickner-Shulz Rachael Duke Deanne Froehlich Leslie Geller Ivan Gold • Adult Day Services: Daily respite care • Affordable Housing: Four buildings for seniors and people with disabilities (see p. 18) • Kehillah: Affordable housing for adults with special needs (see p. 16) • Sinai Family Home Services: In-home care (joint venture with Jewish Family Child Service) Supported by Michelle Eastern Gradow Steve Gradow Carol Koranda Shari Levinson Albert Menashe Jack Menashe Joanne Van Ness Menashe Conrad Myers Andrew Rosengarten Bruce Schafer Eddy Shuldman Dr. Rodger Sleven Martha Soltesz Beverly Stein Sharon Weil Jim Winkler Past Presidents Manuel S. Berman Milt Carl Beverly F. Eastern Stanley S. Eastern Michael Feves David Copley Forman Paul Frisch Dr. Victor D. Menashe Stan Rotenberg Ruby Sachter Jordan Schnitzer Jim Winkler Sisterhood President Evelyn Maizels Sisterhood Representative Donna Silver Jackson Resident Representative Arnie Silver Rose Schnitzer Manor Chief Executive Officer David H. Fuks, MSW Assistant CEO Bill E. Stinnett Chief Financial Officer Richard Horsford Chief Operating Officer Kimberly Fuson RJHC Administrator Lesley Sacks, MSW RSM Administrator David Kohnstamm Chief Development Officer Debbi Bodie ‫13 | דור לדור‬
  • 32. NON-PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID PORTLAND, OR PERMIT NO. 733 6125 SW Boundary Street Portland, OR 97221-1019 Generation Generation TO Fall 2013 / Vol. 18 / No. 1 Publisher Cedar Sinai Park 6125 SW Boundary St. Portland, OR 97221-1019 Managing Editor Debbi Bodie Contributing Writer Photography Daniella Marchick Designer Jen McClure Copy Editor DeAnn Sullivan Fuks Continue Reading Online In print, Generation to Generation offers only a selection of stories, photos, quotes, and other information. Visit our outposts on the Internet to further explore life at Cedar Sinai Park. Read, watch, comment, Like—let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. Website Hot off the design and coding presses, our newly redesigned website contains everything about our organization, including facilities, services, educational content, as well as this and past issues of Generation to Generation. With a couple of clicks, you can donate to benefit our residents. Subscribe to the blog via email or RSS to be the first to know the latest news from around the campus and beyond. Flickr Most of the photos from around Cedar Sinai Park are on, a photo site, where we organized them into sets by date and event for easy viewing. Facebook Like our page at facebook. com/CedarSinaiPark to see the latest updates in your feed. YouTube Visit our YouTube channel for our, yes, videos. Enjoy and please let us know how we are doing!