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Spatial@gov conference 2011 alys wall
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Spatial@gov conference 2011 alys wall


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Developing and Implementing aNational GroundwaterInformation System in AustraliaAlys Wall16 November 2011
  • 2. Outline• National Groundwater Information System background• Arc Hydro for Groundwater Data Model• Modernisation and Extension groundwater projects• National Aquifer Framework• Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Project
  • 3. NGIS VisionThe National Groundwater Information System (NGIS) hasa broad scale vision:To assemble nationally consistent groundwater informationavailable across state and territory boundaries that can beused to produce water information products and services.
  • 4. NGIS PhasesNational Groundwater Information SystemPhase 1: Jurisdictional workshops, communicationand development of the NGIS concept (complete)Phase 2: Jurisdictional pilot NGIS implementationand feedback (current, completion: June 2012)Phase 3: Routine enlargement of national data set(future)
  • 5. NGIS Phase 2 Components1. Development a National Groundwater Information System that will support the provision of data from jurisdictions2. Contribute to the National Water Commission’s Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE Atlas) Project
  • 6. Project Goals: NGIS data structureState Case Study Datasets• Develop data model and processing system• v 2.0 NGIS schema and data dictionary released 15September 2011Modernisation & Extension Fund Projects• Round 5 underway• Project goal: each state to provide case study datasets ofbore data
  • 7. NGIS Project GoalsModernisation and Extension ProjectsProj ID Project Name Project Proponent Historic Data Entry and Retrieval -5NSW01.07 NSW Office of Water Groundwater5NSW01.10 NGIS Trial Integration NSW Office of Water Collection, Management and Reporting of Performance Data for5NSW15.01 Gosford City Council Bore Fields within Gosford City Council Department of Natural Phase 2 Implementation of the NGIS5NT01.1 Resources, Environment, in the Northern Territory the Arts and Sport5SA05.03 Continuing Development of NGIS Department for Water, SA
  • 8. NGIS Project Goals Modernisation and Extension ProjectsProj ID Project Name Project Proponent Enhancements to the DPIPWE Groundwater Information The Department of Primary Management System (GWIMS) to Industries, Parks, Water5TAS01.04 enable the supply of Tasmanian and Environment Groundwater data to the National (DPIPWE) Groundwater Information System (NGIS). The Department of Primary Assistance for development of Industries, Parks, Water5TAS01.06 Hyrogeological Units - Tasmania and Environment (DPIPWE) Department of Improving the quality of groundwater5VIC13.07 Sustainability and data and information Environment 3D visual modelling of aquifer5WA01.03 Department of Water, WA systems Implement NGIS database for digital5WA02.03 bore log data collected by Water Water Corporation, WA Corporation
  • 9. Arc Hydro Data Model General model for representing water resources, including surface water components and groundwater components centered on a common frameworkSurface water components Groundwater components Network Geology Drainage Arc Hydro Boreholes Framework Hydrography Hydrostratigraphy Channel Simulation Temporal (Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 10. Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model(Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 11. Bore Hole DatasetsTypical data stored using “From” and “To” values From To (Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 12. Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model(Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 13. Arc Hydro Groundwater 3D Borelines(Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 14. Arc Hydro Groundwater GeoSections and Interpretation(Aquaveo, 2010)
  • 15. National Aquifer FrameworkNAF Goals:1. Develop common language and terminology2. Produce framework for hydro-stratigraphy units, or hydrogeologic Units (HGUs)3. Document a national classification of HGUs and aquifers National Aquifer ID system4. Provide a tool for states to add NAF attributes to NGIS core data
  • 16. National Aquifer Framework• Project to identify and grouphydrogeologic unitse.g. Victorian Aquifer Framework• Nationally consistent approach• Key component of NGIS project
  • 17. NAF – what is it?• Three tiered system Groundwater Province
  • 18. HydrogeologicUnit
  • 19. South AustraliaHydrostratigraphy• Similar approach toVictorian framework• Produced by Steve Barnett(Department for Water)
  • 20. GDE Atlas – Project BackgroundGroundwater Dependent Ecosystem Atlas Project● SKM started project in 2010● Partnership with CSIRO● Map national level information as a publicly available, web-based system● Currently available state-based mapping and modelled remotely sensed information● Bureau to host GSE Atlas web mapping
  • 21. Project Goals: GDE AtlasBureau to provide technical advice and hosting strategy• Versioned data, update frequency not set• Developed from jurisdiction data and remotely-sensed data• Compatible with Bureau data structures• Agreement on collaboration plan for web development• Access on Bureau website – March 2012
  • 22. GDE Atlas Requirements – Use Cases
  • 23. GDE Atlas wire frame
  • 24. Conclusion• NGIS and GDE Atlas – Phase 2 – completion June 2012• NGIS based on Arc Hydro for Groundwater Data Model• Modernisation and Extension funded groundwaterprojects have supported NGIS and provision of case studydatasets (NGIS prototype)• National Aquifer Framework – provides NGIS structure• Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Atlas Project,to be hosted on Bureau website, March 2012
  • 25. Thank you…Alys Wall02 6232