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Enterprise Jim Stewart Stew-Art Media
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Enterprise Jim Stewart Stew-Art Media


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. CeBIT Enterprise Jim Stewart twitter @jimboot Vlog YouTube Vlog Transcripts CEO Stew Art Media Pty Ltd Department of Infrastrucutre MultiMedia Victoria Department of Victorian Communities – Youth Central, Skilled Migration Department of Industry, Innovation and Regional Development Rich media content production A Sensis company Online Crisis Analysis
  • 2. My Credentials • 1998 Designed & built Net video architecture that delivered 300,000 streams /month • 1998 - 2001 Produced over 150 live webcasts (Sting, Black Eyed Peas et al)+ 1000s of hours of Australia’s 1st Interactive Net radio stations content inc daily news show • Ranked 100s of sites in Google since 2005 • Weekly SEO Vlog 2006 Content Creation Across The Enterprise Social Media 2010 = Websites 1995
  • 3. 12 mil Aussies online 3 mil use YouTube YouTube 2nd biggest search engine Why Video? Our Experience Employees seek us out $100,000 client found us through YouTube Authority 2007 = 3 employees 2009 = 12 employees
  • 4. Video Vs Audio Audio = Personal Branding Builds Trust Video = Why Video? Increases Sales Blendtec increased sales 5 fold after “Will it Blend Series” @dmscott
  • 5. Why Video? High Impact Video without a video camera
  • 6. Why Video? Conveys complex ideas simply • Bunnings - Videos for DIY • Pant/Machinery demonstrations etc Increasing Viewership Text
  • 7. Increasing Viewership Get involved. Subscribe, comment, befriend, watch Digg your vids, Vodpod Use Youtube Insights TubeMogul, HeySpread Content Creation More content = more entry points for your brand
  • 8. Singular & plural are different Page Title Page file Internal name Ranking Article Elements Heading Hyperlinked Key Phrases Use of BOLD
  • 9. SEO 101 Know your keywords - Google Insights Get them in your titles Use them in your description Look for related videos ENGAGE! Encourage comments, Shoutouts etc. Create Playlists Search MarketingTools •Google Analytics •Google webmaster tools •Google Toolbar •Google Insights •Google Safe browsing diagnostic
  • 10. SEO & Social Media Search = Discovery Social = Community “I think I just “Just go to YouTube & search Googled.........” for...” Search brings experiences back to the community. PPC Vs FPC Client Case Study $20 million turnover Average sale value $5000 Managed their own PPC Unhappy with current SEO
  • 11. PPC Vs FPC Client Case Study PPC $110 $100 $90 FPC $80 $70 Month 1 PPC Vs FPC PPC $150 $120 $90 FPC $60 $30 Month 2
  • 12. PPC Vs FPC PPC $150 $113 $75 FPC $38 $3.85 $0 Month 3 Client Case Study Show Me The Money! Establish an average sale value and average close rate Item Qty Value Close Total Rate Contact Us 61 $5,000 20% $61,000 Newsletter subs 27 $5 $135 Totals $61,135 Represents approx 3000% ROI
  • 13. Increasing conversions Users who Users to leave the enquiry form and do not fill it out. Results form Landing Page Users who Fill out enquiry Pages they A/B surf to after Leaving form Testing 8% conversion increase over 30 days amounts to $14,000 new business SEO & Social Media Twitter Nofollows backlinks. Scrapers don’t. Real time content social traffic Search has greater reach Search is for people who don’t know you
  • 14. Distribution & Syndication TubeMogul- YouTube, Howcast, Viddler, Dailymotion, Veoh, Sclipo et al Heyspread RSS Feeds! The Future of video
  • 15. This slide has been left blank intentionally