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CeBIT Spatial@gov 2012 - Mark Reichardt, President & Chief Executive Officer, Open Geospatial Consortium (United States)
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CeBIT Spatial@gov 2012 - Mark Reichardt, President & Chief Executive Officer, Open Geospatial Consortium (United States)



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  • 1. ® ® Future DirectionsLinking People, Policy and Place Through Interoperability Mark E. Reichardt President & CEO mreichardt@opengeospatial.org +1 301 840-1361
  • 2. A man walks in to a room to talk about interoperability & standards
  • 3. Pandemic Disease Events ®OGC
  • 4. Extreme Weather / Climate Change Source: VirtualSteve at the English language WikipediaOxfam East Africa at http://flickr.com/photos/46434833@N05/5933226731 ® OGC
  • 5. Waddenzee Markermeer A6 A7 A9 Amsterdam A2 Utrecht Haarlem Noordwijk A4 M t.o.v. NAPNoordzee A12 + 5m Druk 0m op de toetsen Delft A13 Den Haag -5m ® OGC Source: GSDI9 Presentation: "Working Together With Water: A living land builds for its future", Bart Parmet
  • 6. Waddenzee Markermeer A6 A7 A9 Amsterdam A2 Utrecht Haarlem Noordwijk A4 M t.o.v. NAPNoordzee A12 + 5m Druk 0m op de toetsen Delft A13 Den Haag -5m ® OGC Source: GSDI9 Presentation: "Working Together With Water: A living land builds for its future", Bart Parmet
  • 7. A Diversity of Perspectives Logistics & Transport Education & Research Sustainable Development Energy / UtilitiesHealth E -Government Public Safety Defense & Intelligence Consumer Services Geosciences ®OGC
  • 8. Fundamental Goal: Interoperability• You know when you don’t have it: – Custom Integration – Increased cost – Reduced flexibility and agility – Duplication of effort – Missed opportunities for improved decision making http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/apollo/apollo13/lores/as13-62-9004.jpg – Other consequences http://er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/apollo13.html ® OGC
  • 9. Domain Working Groups in OGC Mountain View CA, USA December 2009 Bonn, Germany, March 2011 ®OGC
  • 10. OGC Interoperability Program Testing, Validation, Demonstration • Testbeds, Pilots, Experiments & Plugfests – Technology providers and users in rapid, hands-on collaborative engineering efforts – Produce: • Tested and validated draft standards and best practices • Industry technology implementations • Live demonstrations to validate utility of standards in user context – Advance • Research on the use of IT to help solve geospatial interoperability problems • Maturity of interoperable implementations for ®OGC organizations to base procurement decisions
  • 11. OGC Based Implementations Worldwide OpenIOOS.org Source: onegeology.org Landgate, Western AustraliaGeoportal of the Catalonia SDI NSDI - India GeoPortal Map Viewer ® OGC
  • 12. OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) StandardsEnables discovery and tasking of sensor assets, and the access andapplication of sensor observations for enhanced situational awareness Sensor Model Language (SensorML) Observations & Measurements (O&M) Sensor Planning Service (SPS) Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Catalogue Service SWE Common Data Model SWE Service Model PUCK --Complementary Standards-- IEEE 1451 smart sensor standard ® OASIS (alert) standards OGC
  • 13. Mobile: Open GeoSMS• Significant potential for many applications• Characteristics – Multilingual http://maps.google.com/maps?q=38.9985, -77.030275&GeoSMS – Cross Platform / Multi-device I am here and need assistance – Harmonized with many existing applications – Incorporates relevant ISO standards• Adopted in 2011 ®OGC
  • 14. ®Intelligent Cities
  • 15. Integration of 3D Built / Geospatial• Interoperation across the AEC / CAD / Geospatial domains – 3D City Models – 3D Visualization Services – Location Services – Indoor Location / Navigation Adapted from BuildingSmart Alliance presentation• Enabled by Standards ®OGC
  • 16. OGC CityGML - Urban Models www.virtual-berlin.de • Urban Planning / Operations • Emergency Mgt / Response • Transportation / Routing / Logistics • Retail Site analysis • Sustainable / Green Communities • City Services Management • Noise abatement • Telecommunications placement • Tourism • Many other uses ®OGC
  • 17. Solar Energy Production Analysis Assessment of the suitability of roofs Assessment of the suitability of roofs for the production of solar energy and for the production of solar energy and the estimation of potential CO2 savings the estimation of potential CO2 savings based on the 3D city model of Hamburg based on the 3D city model of Hamburg Source : LGV Hamburg, Fa. simuPLAN ®OGC
  • 18. Standards Partnerships: From the Doorway to the Urban View ® Adapted from buildingSMART Alliance graphicOGC
  • 19. • Prior year renewable rates – 2011 20.56% – 2010 18.3%• Geospatial information and technologies are key• Policy tools: – Feed-In Tariffs ® OGC 19 http://cleantechnica.com/2012/07/26/germany-26-of-electricity-from-renewable-energy-in-1st-half-of-2012/
  • 20. ®Water Resources
  • 21. OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group• Venue and mechanism for seeking technical and institutional solutions to the challenge of describing and exchanging data describing the state and location of water resources, both above and below the ground surface.• Adoption will be through: – OGC standards, best practices and related papers – Through ISO where appropriate – World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and its Commission for Hydrology (CHy) and Information Systems (WIS) activities.• Co-Chaired by OGC and WMO ®OGC
  • 22. OGC WaterML OGC® WaterML 2.0: Part 1- Time Series• OGC WaterML 2.0 Standard for data exchange of time series and sample observations –Community wide international encoding standard Editor: Peter Taylor, CSIRO –Based on OGC Geography Markup Submitting Organizations: Language, OGC Observations & Australian BOM Natural Resources Canada CSIRO Kisters AG Measurements CUAHSI Deltares USGS disy –Adoption by OGC in 2012 US NOAA San Diego Super Computer Center German Federal Institute of Hydrology Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute International Office for Water - Sandre ®OGC
  • 23. ®Emergency / Disaster Management Making Location Count.
  • 24. Disaster Prediction and Warning• Typhoons and earthquakes trigger landslides and flooding on a frequent basis• OGC services used with an array of spatial data and sensors to provide situational awareness for forecasting, detecting, alerting and response to debris flow situations.• Rapidly deployed network of debris flow sensors, and distributed services performing sensor data analysis and processing ®OGC Source: Feng Chia University, GIS Research Center
  • 25. The Situation Typhoon Typhoon invaded or approximated Taiwan in these 2 decades Tracks Pre-typhoon 2008/11 Post-Morakot 2009/8 ® Source: Feng Chia University, GIS Research CenterOGC
  • 26. 01.白布帆站 02.九份二山站 (Baibufan Station) (Jiufen-Ershan Station) Monitoring Stations 03.神木站 (Shenmu Station) 04.上安站 (Shang-an Station) 05.郡坑站 (Jyunkeng Station) 06.豐丘站 (Fongciou Station) 07.大粗坑站 (Dacukeng Station) 08.鳳義坑站 (Fongyikeng Station) 09.射馬干站 (Shemangan Station) 10.華山站 (Huashan Station) 11.大興站 (Dasing Station) 12.豐山站 (Fongshan Station) 13.松鶴站 (Songhe Station) 14.坪頂站 (PingDing Station) 15.蘇樂站 (Suru Station) 16.玉峰站 (Yufong Station) 17下田埔站 (Shiatainpu Station) 18.羌黃坑站 (Cianghuangkeng Station) 19.集來站 (Jilai Station) 20.來義站 (Laiyi Station) 21.大鳥站 (Daniao Station)Debris Flow Monitoring Station×21Landslide Monitoring Station×1Sediment Concentration Monitoring Station×3Mobile Debris Flow Monitoring Station ×3Grid Debris Flow Monitoring Station ×14 ® OGC Source: Feng Chia University, GIS Research Center
  • 27. ®OGC
  • 28. ®OGC
  • 29. ® ®What’s Next? Quite a bit
  • 30. Aeronautical Info. Management (AIM)• Develop and test standards-based service- oriented architecture to support the provision of aeronautical information directly to flight decks and Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)• Support vision for Aeronautical Information Management – Interconnected systems with many actors and many users – Need for real-time information used in flight planning, navigation, rerouting, etc – Right information at the right time at the right place to the right user – End-to-end management of information ® OGC
  • 31. Aeronautical Info. Mgt. Architecture NNEW – NextGEN Network Enabled Weather TAF – Terminal Aerodrome Forecast ®OGC WXXM – WFS – Weather Info. Exchange Model OGC Web Feature Service
  • 32. FAA Request for Information Draft NextGen Air Transportation Network Enabled Weather (NNEW)“Services of the NNEW System and the 4-D Wx Data Cubewill be developed in accordance with Open GeospatialConsortium (OGC) standards. These include three OGC-defined service standards: Web Feature Service (WFS), andWeb Coverage Service (WCS), and Web Map Service(WMS).” ®OGC
  • 33. OGC Web Services Phase-9 Testbed See http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/ows-9 ®OGC
  • 34. OWS-9 Testbed Sponsors (Providing Requirements and Funding) ®OGC
  • 35. OWS-9 Participating Organizations ®OGC
  • 36. From data to mobile device in OWS-9 ®OGC
  • 37. Secure data caching on Mobile Devices Retrieve Data Go OfflineGeospatial Data Archive Base Maps Geo-Package ® ManagementOGC Source: Compusult
  • 38. Augmented Reality http://www.openarml.org/ ®OGC http://de.blackberryinsight.com
  • 39. Indoor Spaces and Locations – Semantic 3D city and building models provide (nowadays) • the geometry and • a thematic differentiation of the indoor areas (at least separation in building parts, floors and rooms) • OGC standard CityGML – OGC IndoorGML in development to support indoor navigation ®OGC
  • 40. Other Active Focus Areas ®OGC
  • 41. Policy and Guidance Worldwide ® OGC© 2012, Open Geospatial Consortium
  • 42. Observation from OGC Founder“Interoperability seems to be about the integration of information. What it’s really about is the coordination of organizational behavior.”David Schell, OGC Founder and Taichung, Chinese Taipei, June 2011 Chairman Emeritus United Nations, New York USA, January 2005 ® OGC
  • 43. Thank YouMark ReichardtPresident & CEOmreichardt@opengeospatial.orgDenise McKenzieExecutive DirectorMarketing & Communicationsdmckenzie@opengeospatial.orgwww.opengeospatial.org @opengeospatial ® OGC