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CeBIT Spatial@gov 2012 - Dr Rob Vertessy, Director, Bureau of Meteorology
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CeBIT Spatial@gov 2012 - Dr Rob Vertessy, Director, Bureau of Meteorology


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  • 1. Environmental intelligenceA valuable commodity in a changing worldDr Rob Vertessy, Director of Meteorology & CEO
  • 2. Environmental intelligenceConclusions drawn fromenvironmentalobservations and modelsto guide decisions andactions by governments,businesses andindividuals. © James Vallee |
  • 3. Intelligence across timescales PAST PRESENT FUTURE decades years weeks days days weeks years decadesPerspective Situational Foresight awareness
  • 4. Phenomena that we observe and model • Weather • Climate • Air quality • Ash dispersion • Radiation dispersion • Ocean dynamics • Tides • Storm surges • Tsunamis • River flood heights • River flow volumes • Groundwater levels • Soil moisture • Water storages • Water quality • Space weather
  • 5. 20,000 daily averageusers on site at all times 9.6m 90,000 up to 10th most visited unique visits in February 2011 during severe events website in Australia in January 2011 6mVisits on 2 February 2011 3b pageviews in 2011
  • 6. Statutory obligations – meteorology
  • 7. Traditional forecasting processExamine information Construct mental picture of Type text forecasts• surface measurements how weather will evolve (time Today Mostly cloudy with• satellite and radar images and space) from a range of a 40 percent chance of Rain• computer models in the IDV information sources mixed with snow. Highs in the low 30s. Tonight Cloudy. Lows in the 20s. Wednesday Decreasing clouds. Highs in the mid 40s.
  • 8. NexGenFWS Forecasting A huge paradigm and cultural change. Changes 100 years of forecasting operations overnight.Examine information • Automatic text forecasts• surface measurements Manipulate digital • Graphical forecasts &• satellite and radar images forecast database spatial products• computer models in the IDV • Point & click forecasts
  • 9. The NexGenFWSProject elements and the spatial infrastructure that supports it•Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE)•Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD)•Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) ADFD IDV
  • 10. Growth in seven day spatial forecasts as the system is rolled out 2012 – approx 342 2015 – locations aiming for (including extras in 650 locations SA and WA) nationally
  • 11. Graphical forecasts via the Forecast Explorer• 3 hour time intervals for 72 hours• 6 hour time intervals for 72-168 hours (7 days)• Select anywhere on the map and obtain weather forecast information for that point
  • 12. MetEye – Web Map ViewerA new way to view Bureau data: select data views ineasy-to-use interface with pan,zoom, "locate me" etc animate a range of forecastgrids (temperature, winds, waveheight etc) derived from AustralianDigital Forecast Database animate other data sources suchas radar, satellite and weatherprediction models Available early 2013 Accessibility (WCAG 2.0)
  • 13. Statutory obligations - water
  • 14. MDBC-operatedwater storages 2000-2009
  • 15. Water Information underpinned by spatial information : ges stora w ater 0 GL285 ~80,00
  • 16. The Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric)Geofabric products Outputs Topographic DrainageReporting regions Divisions and River RegionsReporting catchmentsCatchmentsNetworkCartographyGroundwater
  • 17. Geofabric Conceptual Architecture
  • 18. Water reporting Topographic Drainage Divisions & River Regions Murray-Darling Basin Drainage DivisionUpper Murray River Region
  • 19. Relating water features with measurementsWater availability at Lake Dartmouth Seasonal streamflow forecast Mitta Mitta River at Hinnomunjie
  • 20. Geofabric and National Groundwater Information Palm Valley Groundwater Springs NT. Jill McNamara NGIS - standardisedgroundwater information 3D Aquifer modelling Integrated surface water and groundwater
  • 21. Delivery of spatial products and servicesAll products delivered to the web in aspatial and temporal context.Forecasts•Australian Alps•City•Coastal waters
  • 22. Making good progress, but a long way to go.More to come
  • 23. Thank you