CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Steve Bennett, National Head of Analytics, News Ltd
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CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Steve Bennett, National Head of Analytics, News Ltd






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CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Steve Bennett, National Head of Analytics, News Ltd CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Steve Bennett, National Head of Analytics, News Ltd Presentation Transcript

  • ‘Big Data For The Rest Of Us’ Steve Bennett National Head of Analytics News Limited © 2012 News Limited Slide 1
  • Talking Points• Introduction to News and IM• What If You’re Not Google• 3 Challenges• Our Approach To Analytics Copyright The New Yorker © 2012 News Limited Slide 2
  • News Limited• Publisher of 110 Newspapers, 57 Magazines, 33 major online businesses• Media assets including TV networks, channels, production companies, Movie studios, sports franchises (• 10 million Australians each day• Part of News Corp the global media group © 2012 News Limited Slide 3
  • News LimitedNews Corp © 2012 News Limited Slide 4
  • Myself• Business head of analytics, information management and data governance across News• Co-founder Business Intelligence Group CORTEX - an online community of BI, PM, DWH, ETL and Analytic professionals (• 20 years building analytic capabilities• Oz Analytics – an occasional blog about analytics with a Pacific rim perspective ( © 2012 News Limited Slide 5
  • • Business owner of our information assets• Strategic information planning• Data governance (Policies, Processes and Procedures)• Data management• Enterprise analytic insights• Collaboration• Analyst accreditation © 2012 News Limited Slide 6
  • Graphic Novel illustration copyright Peter KuperHow mostpeople at Newssee me © 2012 News Limited Slide 7
  • How I see myself Copyright The New Yorker © 2012 News Limited Slide 8
  • Big Data, Big Hype? ‘Big Data’ Searches on Google © 2012 News Limited Slide 9
  • Copyright Geek & Poke© 2012 News Limited Slide 10
  • Life As a NoGOOGLE• News is a big company and (like Google) we are: – dealing in ever increasing volumes of data – pulling-in more data sources and points – enjoying the benefits of the move to digital – trying to better engage with our customers – trying to ‘do’ analytics better, faster, deeper. © 2012 News Limited Slide 11
  • Life As a NoGOOGLE• News is a big company but … – We are a company with a long history – Our business has been content creation (not IT) – Digital is not our only channel – Big data to us is more data covering more aspects of our markets – Data is still data – How is it different from 10 years ago? – How relevant is a ‘big data approach’ to News? – Is big data the answer to how to sell more content in Newcastle? © 2012 News Limited Slide 12
  • Life As a NoGOOGLE• Currently we have: – 20+GB customer experience data a day (versus Google’s 40PB?) – 20+ major data warehouses – 100+ reporting and analysis suites – Collaboration platform with 100+ portals – 1,000’s of Access solutions & Excel instances – Every reporting and analysis tool ever produced anywhere ... but little NoSQL. © 2012 News Limited Slide 13
  • Major market changes: © 2012 News Limited Slide 14
  • Life As A NoGOOGLE } © 2012 News Limited Slide 15
  • Challenge #1: HiPPOs• News, like other big companies, is a place where the highest paid person’s opinion counts the most• Without data, opinion fills the vacuum• Most opinions are based on experience – but how relevant is this in a business where the fundamentals have recently changed?• Data is a good HiPPO repellent• Information is even better but it’s expensive. © 2012 News Limited Slide 16
  • Challenge #2: Low Hanging Fruit• We haven’t kept pace with technological developments• So there is still great value to be realised from our ‘old’ information assets• The biggest challenge is getting decisions based on data• This depends on getting better at the basics and bootstrapping our analytic capabilities• A portfolio approach has been adopted – one that includes good old-fashioned BI, analytic modelling, big data mining and most importantly: cultural change. © 2012 News Limited Slide 17
  • Challenge #3: Experiment to Fail• Traditional BI infrastructure has a limited ability for RAD (Rapid Analytic Development)• We have traditionally relied on skunk works and PCs for much of our business analytic capabilities• New analytic solutions exceed the limits of this approach because of the size of those sources• … decision making based on advanced data analysis is rare• … the idea of RAD experimentation is not widely accepted• Our strategy has been to establish an analytic sandpit to prove analytic value prior to seeking business case approval. © 2012 News Limited Slide 18
  • © 2012 News Limited Slide 19
  • © 2012 News Limited Slide 20
  • Our Approach To Analytics• We are in the middle of a corporate transformation – Moving from a conglomerate of diversified media businesses to a single company with digital at its heart – Leading the move to paid content – Major changes internally – Rapid growth of analytic teams © 2012 News Limited Slide 21
  • Our Approach To Analytics• CoPs: – Functionally shared interests (sales, finance, marketing, editorial, circulation) – National centre of excellence – Top-down setting of KPI’s © 2012 News Limited Slide 22
  • Our Approach To Analytics• Corporate analysis priorities: – Demand forecasting – Efficiency analysis – Opportunity identification – Customer experience analysis – Consolidation of sources of truth © 2012 News Limited Slide 23
  • Our Approach To Analytics © 2012 News Limited Slide 24
  • Analyticsremains a workin progress © 2012 News Limited Slide 25
  • Our Approach To Analytics• Investing in Skills: – Standard training program – Analyst manager CoP – Hiring skilled staff – Analytic sandpit © 2012 News Limited Slide 26
  • Key Characteristic of an Analyst Copyright The New Yorker © 2012 News Limited Slide 27
  • …and a Chief Data Scientist Copyright The New Yorker © 2012 News Limited Slide 28
  • My Bookshelf © 2012 News Limited Slide 29
  • Questions?Mail: | Tel: +61 413 666 724 | Web: Blog: | LinkedIn: bigthings | Twitter: @innovate61 © 2012 News Limited Slide 30