CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Leif Hanlen, Director of eHealth Business Team, NICTA
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CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Leif Hanlen, Director of eHealth Business Team, NICTA






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CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Leif Hanlen, Director of eHealth Business Team, NICTA CeBIT Big Data 2012 - Leif Hanlen, Director of eHealth Business Team, NICTA Presentation Transcript

  • f or Leif Hanlen a n e t a s it m a e Director, Health Business Team d ig t do re? NICTAB a a h th c W al he
  • “Current medical practice reliesheavily on the unaided mind torecall a great amount of detailedknowledge – a process which, tothe detriment of all stakeholders,has repeatedly been shownunreliable”Crane and RaymondThe Permanente JournalWinter 2003 Volume 7 No.1Kaiser Permanente Institute forHealth Policy 2
  • Who is NICTA?∗ Australia’s ICT research center of excellence ∗ Making fundamental advances in ICT that can underpin the development of globally competitive products, processes and services. ∗ Contributing skills and outcomes that are changing the profile of our ICT industry. ∗ 700 people (300 research staff) ∗ 5 laboratories 3 View slide
  • Transforming innovative technologiesto advance the understanding ofhuman diseases and to improve thehealth and well being of Australians 4 View slide
  • Where does the data come from? Clinical notes analysis 1Mb per person per day, 95% population Implants 1 Tb per person per hour 10% population Genomics 1 Tb per person Proteomics 20% population 100 Tb per personWearables 10% population1 Mb per person per day50% population 5
  • Meet the next Chief Information Officer. 6
  • This is her office: 7
  • Health data (old)Design systemPredict queries Hope 8
  • Health data (old) 9
  • Lots of data stores, no interoperability 10
  • Keep the data, use it better ity un m om nco atiCluster analysis forenterprise ov Inn 11
  • How to run the cluster? Epicure ∗ Secure data, application and storage service ∗ All algorithms ARE data ∗ Input, and output securely stored ∗ Analytics as a service 12
  • Smart health space challenge: Build a 20-bed hospital∗ Health systems suffer from 20:80 rule ∗ 20% of the “work” occupies 80% of the workforce (acute care) ∗ 80% of the “work” is only given 20% of the funds (chronic, aged, community)∗ Better use of information is the only solution 13
  • Secure data, real time, useful.∗ Based on middle-ware, operates in each GP office∗ Middle-ware ensure openness and security∗ Big data in the harvesting and then parallel analysis of records 14
  • Old vs new∗ IT solutions in-house or ∗ IT solutions by community procured with in-house evaluation∗ Data never leaves ∗ Data secure, effectively ∗ Security by lock down open∗ National innovation applied ∗ Innovation local, grows locally national 15
  • Social TV: content recommendation 16
  • Clinical Information Processing Automatic analysis of fungal outbreaks 17
  • ∗ Hospital acquired infections ∗ Difficult to detect, need meta data Specialist notes∗ Problem: Huge cost per year ∗ 1000 hospital deaths per annum ∗ $100m per year since 2004 ∗ Aspergillosis is most common IFI: ∗ Cost an extra $79k per patient ∗ Extra 8 days in hospital∗ Testing with multiple Health partners Alerts, and prompts 18
  • Participatory medicine: social impact 19
  • Interoperability, technology adoption, community care NATIONAL E-HEALTH ICT in the next generation’s workflow Embedding LIVING LABORATORY 20
  • New Health precinct Teaching Clinics + Lab 2-Storey GP super-clinic 21
  • What & why?∗ Demonstrate ICT in-situ (not in research office)∗ Real problems: engage clinicians early and often∗ Data interoperability: big-data is your friend….∗ Developer community: virtual ∗ Vendors, SME’s, researchers, clinicians, government (state + federal) ∗ Many partners, including internationals∗ Teaching and clinical training with ICT embedded 22
  • Interacting with the new Health∗ Our ambition: systemic change for health analysis∗ Partnerships welcome∗ Website: ∗ 23
  • Like this? NICTA is hiring. Work here Change this: