Anna Liu - NICTA - Future-Proofing Your Data Centre 2011
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Anna Liu - NICTA - Future-Proofing Your Data Centre 2011






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Anna Liu - NICTA - Future-Proofing Your Data Centre 2011 Anna Liu - NICTA - Future-Proofing Your Data Centre 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Outsourcing Data Centres to the Cloud? Opportunities and Risks Dr. Anna Liu Principal Research Leader National ICT Australia
  • NICTA – National ICT Australia• Federal and state funded research company established in 2002• Largest ICT research centre of excellence in Australia• Research Excellence and Wealth Creation for Australia as key goals• ~700 staff/students working in 5 labs across major capital cities• University founding members• Research outcome deployed across 1 billion+ mobile devices
  • Where are we at? I want my cloud! Hmm… lots of hype here? 2/16/2011 (c) 2010 NICTA - Commercial-in-confidence 3
  • Agenda • Evaluating Cloud ComputingAbout NICTA • Cloud migration and proof of concept Experience so far • Looking forward to the future 4
  • Why Cloud Computing• Reduce cost and complexity • Economies of scale • Pay per usage• Innovation Possibilities • Handling Big Data Sets • Service Delivery platform • Collaborative, engaging user experience• Realising Green IT initiatives
  • Perceived Risks Ownership of data security Return on Lock in investment Integration with existing assets Identity interoperability management regulation privacy Service Level Agreement Migration challenges 6
  • Australian Cloud Adoption • Software as a service • Enterprise and SME • Productivity suites, CRM • Telco and SaaS vendor partnership • emerging tier 2 System integrator • Platform and Infrastructure as a Service • SME, startups well on their way • Enterprise doing evaluation • Government Cloud, Community Cloud, Private Cloud • Data centre consolidation, SOA, shared services • Financial industry and government leadership • True cost benefit compared to public cloud? 7
  • Typical Cloud Applications• Internet scale web applications • User base from around the world • Integration with existing web APIs • Transient campaigns• Many Mobile devices connecting to cloud • Good adoption in utilities industries• Development/Test environment • Dynamic provisioning of dev/test resources • Pay for usage• Bursty workload • Web apps• Large scale data analysis • eScience, Financial risk calculations, Government statistical data 8
  • A Line of Business Migration Experience• Assessing feasibility in terms of • functionalfit, Security, Performance, Cost benefit, • commercial implications, integration with existing systems etc• Key findings • Technically feasible (functionality, performance, security all ok) • Commercial and contract experience similar to retail purchase experience • cost benefit observed • Integration with existing systems presents some challenges • Operationalise cloud use with existing process is non-trivial 2/16/2011 (c) 2010 NICTA - Commercial-in-confidence 9
  • Customers’ Responsibility in IaaS Cloud Application Application App Data App Data Application ApplicationOS/Application Security (Cost Center Charging))OS/Application Security (e.g., Active Directory) (Cost Center Charging (e.g., Active Directory) Patching Patching Backup Backup Monitoring Monitoring Application Installation/Configuration Application Installation/Configuration Billing Billing OS OS OS OS OS OS Antivirus Antivirus Patching Patching Backup Backup Monitoring Monitoring OS/Middleware Installation/Configuration OS/Middleware Installation/Configuration Customers’ ResponsibilityAccess ControlAccess Control Infrastructure Configuration Infrastructure Configuration to IaaS to IaaS (VPN, VMs, Disk, …) (VPN, VMs, Disk, …) Infrastructure Infrastructure Usage Report Usage Report Amazon EC2 Monitoring Monitoring and and(IaaS providers) (CPU, Disk, Net, …) (CPU, Disk, Net, …) Basic Billing Basic Billing
  • Looking forward to the future• There will be a class of applications that you will not move to a public cloud • Classified, Sensitive data governed by regulation, compliance • Latency intolerant applications • Line of business applications that does not require the reach • Where cost benefit, and migration effort just doesn’t add up!• Need to be ready to manage across local servers and remote public clouds2/16/2011 (c) 2010 NICTA - Commercial-in-confidence 11
  • NICTA Adaptive Cloud TechnologiesVisibility and Control Across Boundaries Diagnose and Plan Your Future • Extensible architectures supporting various plug-insMonitoring Engine Understand Decision Making Support • Diagnose and suggest optimal at a Glance system configurations Hybrid Cloud Environment Automate • Auto generation of Monitor Adaptations reconfiguration workflowsEverything You Have Public Cloud In-House Data Center• Integrated monitoring across local and remote public clouds• Works with existing enterprise monitoring and mgmt tools 2/16/2011 (c) 2010 NICTA - Commercial-in-confidence 12
  • Summary and Conclusion• Cloud Computing can bring cost and efficiency benefits, good fit in a number of scenarios• Some challenges and risks remain• Conduct proof of concept to ramp up readiness for your team, gain insights for future business decisions• Need to anticipate a hybrid future of both local servers and public cloud use2/16/2011 (c) 2010 NICTA - Commercial-in-confidence 13
  • • Linkage with National ICT AustraliaGetting Involved • Contract Research, Expert Advisory Services, Architecture Reviews • Technology Trials • Public and In-house Training Courses • Market Surveys, Case Studies • Professional in Research Residence, @annaliu