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Social Enterprise Conference 2012 Matt Barrie

Social Enterprise Conference 2012 Matt Barrie






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    Social Enterprise Conference 2012 Matt Barrie Social Enterprise Conference 2012 Matt Barrie Presentation Transcript

    • TheNextBigThingMatt BarrieCEO & Chairman You are hereFreelancer.comemail: matt@freelancer.comtwitter: @freelancer
    • The other70%of the world’spopulation areabout to jointhe Internet.
    • It’s 2011. World Population 6,970,000,000 Number on the Internet 2,080,000,000 (30.0%)Source: Internet World Stats & United Nation
    • Worldwide Internet Penetration 2011 North America Europe 266 million users 475 million users 77.4% penetration 58.4% penetration Asia 825m (of 3834m) 21.5% penetration Africa 110m (of 1014m) Latin America 10.9% penetration 204m (of 592) 34.5% penetration
    • Worldwide Internet Growth 2000-2010 Africa 2357% Middle East 1825% Latin America / Caribbean 1033% Asia 621% World, Avg 445% The other 5,000,000,000 Europe 352% people are coming Oceania / Australia 179% North America 146% 0% 500% 1000% 1500% 2000% 2500%
    • 81% of Users of top sites outside USA
    • More Chinese in 3y than the whole of USA
    • The other 5 billionare on an average wage of $10 or less per day
    • The first thing they aredoing is looking to raise their economic status.
    • And it’s never been easier to learn a trade.
    • Free Stanford Course in AI. Over 170,000enrolled, 8x thetotal number of students at Stanford.
    • Simultaneouslyevery industry is now digitised.
    • The World is Flat.
    • The World is Flat.
    • The World is Flat.
    • What does all this mean?What does this all mean? Goods Services Today Tomorrow
    • The World is Flat.The World is Flat
    • We are the global labor exchange Empowering Entrepreneurs. Globally.
    • In the west, we provide the productivity tool to assist those with a spark of an idea turn it into reality.
    • In emerging economies, weempower entrepreneurs tostart service organisations.
    • Freelancer.comWhat we do ➔ We provide the labour force that will enable the western world to power into a digital economy. ➔ We deliver jobs to emerging economies, in technical areas, that are desperately needed, at fantastic rates of pay. ➔ And we can do so delivering serendipity to both parties due to the huge wage gap.
    • Freelancer.comFreelancer Globally ➔ Started in 2004 ➔ World’s largest outsourcing marketplace ➔ ~ 3,500,000 users from >234 countries/regions ➔ ~ 1,600,000 posted projects to date ➔ ~ $130,000,000 spent through site to date, roughly equivalent to saving western businesses $500m to $1b in costs.. in $200 projects.. ➔ In top 300 websites globally (Alexa)
    • Peaked in top 200!Top 300 websites worldwide.Up from 5,000 two years ago.
    • Freelancer.com is hugein the developingworld.Now ranks 21st inBangladesh(155m population) Below: Amazon.com Apple.com MSN.com Bing.com BBC Etc..
    • The Online Economy
    • Freelancer.com “If I just have the spark of an idea now, I can get a designer in Taiwan to design it. I can get a factory in China to produce a prototype. I can get a factory in Vietnam to mass manufacture it. I can use Amazon.com to handle fulfilment. I can use freelancer.com to find someone to do my logo and manage my backroom. And I can do all this at incredibly low prices. The one thing that is not a commodity and never will be is that spark of an idea.” “America’s Dream Team” (Tom Friedman) New York Times Editorial 2010
    • Freelancer.comHow it works ➔ As simple as eBay ➔ Post a Project (FREE!) ➔ Review bids (60-80 on average), ask for samples ➔ Pick one or more Freelancers ➔ Set up Milestone Payments ➔ Only release funds when the work completes are you are 100% happy!
    • Instant hire! Can see performance, skill sets.
    • Can see complete history of work, payments, feedback & ratingCertifications
    • Small Business Owner Need aWant better Website packaging Need some new brochures Sell more! Need to find a manufacturer for new product Need to redesign my showroom
    • Things I bet you didn’tknow you could outsource
    • 280 choices for $290!Design a Logo
    • iPhone App .. for MangaUS $1300 18 Bids
    • Design a fully functional Dune Buggy I can drive at 30km / hourUS $268 36 Bids
    • US $270 Wifi powered lawn sprinkler that accepts changes from & reports to Twitter / Android / iPhone / Web
    • US $270 Marketer for an iPhone application in Korea!
    • Architectural drafting of a carwash and cafeUS $176 39 Bids
    • Mathematical modelling for chemical engineeringUS $251 13 Bids
    • Underpantsmanufacturer for kidswith autism
    • Compose a rap song to help Chinese students learn EnglishUS $157 3 Bids
    • US R&D firm needing help with hydrogen engine designUS $484 14 Bids
    • Who is bidding? Pakista Pakista UK degree, 2yr n n exp. German Uni student y India Indian company Banglades Banglades Chemical engineer h h
    • 2660 Suggestions !Lets have some fun..
    • 441 EntriesWhat happens when wepump $25,000 into this?
    • What does this all of this mean? It’s never been easier toassemble an army to help you.
    • What does this all of this mean?It’s never been a better time to start a company.
    • What does this all of this mean? Every business today is an Internet business.
    • What does this all of this mean?All this stuff is free.
    • Virtualised computer.. Only this computer is a hotel reservation system! • PBX • Hotel Reservations • Wifi • Minibar • MoviesFree!
    • What does this all of this mean?All this stuff is cheap.
    • What does this all of this mean?All this stuff is cheap. Even if none of this stuff makes sense to you, freelancers can put it together for you.. cheap!
    • What does this all of this mean?You can start a company off a credit card
    • What does this all of this mean?A new class of Venture Capital has arisen
    • What does this all of this mean?Digg.com • Outsourced original software for $60 • $6000 to get site all up and running • $1200 for domain and 12 months hosting Offer from Google for $200 million 4 years later
    • What does this all of this mean?PCTools / Spyware Doctor • Outsourced original software for $1000 • Bootstrapped to profitability • Raised financing only at very late stage Sold to Symantec for $300 million 6 years later.
    • What does this all of this mean?RetailMeNot.com • Built with $30 in one weekend • Bootstrapped to $30m in revenues Sold to WhaleShark for $90 million 5 years later.
    • What does this all of this mean?Omnisio • Initially funded $20,000 by Y Combinator • No further financing Sold to YouTube for $15 million 4 months later.
    • Internet Scale • 350m users in 6 years • 800m users in 8 years • 100m users in 45 days?!?
    • Internet Scale Growth 2% of.. The Internet. Alexa rank #16 in the US
    • Internet Scale Revenue • Founded in July 2007 • Financed in July 2008 • Makes silly flash games • 2011 revenue $1.2 billion • Founded Nov 2008 • 2011 revenue $1.6 billion • Spams you deals of the day • WSJ “made $1 billion in sales faster than any other business, ever”
    • Years to reach $1 billion in revenue
    • What does this all of this mean? The capital efficiency and growth rates of Internet business models are unprecedented.. in history.
    • What does this all of this mean? How would your business change if you had access tovirtually unlimited labor at next to no cost?
    • What does this all of this mean? So what are you waiting for?
    • What does this all of this mean?Thank you“Freelancer.com is the best thing ever happened in my life.. thanks to this website I am able to pay my school fees in time and not only that, I am paying school fees for my little sibling in primary school. Africa is a third world country (many are below poverty line). I can say my life has changed totally” – Duncan Mwirigi, Kenya “I can tell you loud that you saved my life: I was unemployed 5 years ago, too old to get a good job but too young to retire ... You could return a smile to my old/young face” - Lautaro Lacurcia, Uruguay
    • Tips on Getting the Best Results ➔ Open your mind. You can outsource anything! ➔ The better you specify the project, the better the outcome you will have. ➔ Don’t always go for the cheapest. Make sure they can do the job first. ➔ Ask for previous work, a portfolio or to do a paid/unpaid trial on some sample items. ➔ Pick people with a high reputation & good feedback. ➔ Don’t pay upfront. Use Milestone Payments.