Why multinationals turn to sina weibo

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Most of the largest foreign firms have already started promoting their brand on sina weibo in China. …

Most of the largest foreign firms have already started promoting their brand on sina weibo in China.
Among them Siemens, Electrolux, Microsoft, Unilever, etc.

In this presentation, given to the GlobalCOM meeting in Bangalore, I explain the benefits and features of using sina weibo for marketing in China.

By Christian Dougoud, EASTWEST PR

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  • 17. Weibo will go mobile318 million phone usersaccess internet via mobile phonesUSA population = 300 millionFuture development
  • 18. Weibo will go internationalWeibo will not remain a local phenomenonFuture development
  • 19. Cost of a weibo campaignEASTWEST will provide support for:- Creation of a weibo account- Branding- Business account verification (requires business license)- Community building to increase followers- Daily posting of company news- Upload of company material: photos, white papers, video- Activity report, traffic and followers analysisOne-time account setup fee: USD 790Maintenance ( up to 15hours/month): USD 1,500/monthsMaintenance ( up to 25hours/month): USD 2,500/monthsFuture development
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  • 22. FeaturesAccount statisticsEmbedded video releaseTagsPhotosAbout usVerified company account(requires license)SpokespeopleFollowersNewsLogoLatest post
  • 23. Objectives Increase editorial enquiries Generate traffic to the Chinese IEEE-SA website Build relationships with key media, online bloggers, industry influencers
  • 24. Create Create branded account & Company Verification Translate news into Chinese Synchronize Twitter, Facebook content with Sina Weibo Shoot video releases in Chinese
  • 25. Publish News Industry updates Interview opportunities Event live posting Whitepapers Photos
  • 26. Promote Research followers:Media, analysts, partners Promote events Link to video networks Optimize keywords
  • 27. Monitor Editorial enquiries Competitor watch Interactions/Comments Issues/Crisis
  • 28. Analysis Followers profiling Video views Reposts Traffic to main website
  • 29. Singapore | Beijingwww.eastwestpr.com• 18 years experience in B2B in Asia• Offices in China, London and Singapore• 400+ clients and counting• Expertise in traditional and digital PR• Affiliates in 12 Asian countriesCompany overviewEASTWEST PR is a public relations agency based in Asia since1995, with offices in Singapore and Beijing, China.
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