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Playboox Playmaker is the only sales playbook application that enables salespeople to easily access and consistently apply your best practices, processes, and tools to advance and close specific deals.

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Sales Excellence Enablement for

  1. 1. Sales Excellence EnablementPlayboox OverviewBest-in-class sales The Problemorganizations, as Your best reps account for the bulk of your business - typically, the top 20% of ameasured by higher- sales organization generates upward of 60% of its revenue. Counting on a smallthan-average quota percentage of your reps for a large percentage of your revenue is not aattainment and win sustainable, scalable, or winning formula. Plus, what happens if they leave?rates, excel at The Opportunityimplementing and Enabling the rest of the sales organization to act and perform like your highreinforcing their sales achievers could substantially improve quota attainment rates, win rates, averageprocess yet roughly 90 deal size, and forecast accuracy.percent of companiesare NOT able to achieve The Playboox Solutionthis because the tools at A sales playbook enables sales excellence by capturing and codifying your salestheir disposal, namely organization’s best practices, processes, and tools so salespeople can easilySFA applications and access and apply them to advance and close business. Playboox’s Salessales training, are not Excellence Enablement solution consists of three core offerings:suited for the task.  Sales playbook content development: Playboox consultants follow a rigorous, well- honed, and collaborative knowledge capture methodology to identify and documentPlayboox bridges the what your best salespeople say, ask, do, and use at each stage of your sales processgap between SFA and and deliver this as graphically-rich hard-copy sales playbooks and tools.sales training. Our  Sales playbook training: To ensure absorption and adoption by your sales team, wesolutions are expressly deliver workshops that introduce the best practice concepts and supporting salesdesigned to help sales tools using a variety of training media, frameworks, and templates to increase bestorganizations organize practice understanding, acceptance, and use.and optimize their salesprocesses and best  Sales playbook software: Playboox Playmaker is the only sales playbook application that enables salespeople to easily access and consistentlypractices while apply your best practices, processes, and tools to advance and close specific deals.leveraging existing sales Playmaker helps your salespeople follow opportunity management best practices bytechnology, sales tool, making it easy for them to capture, organize, and share key deal information, andand sales training instantly update a deal’s winnability score as they navigate through each stage ofinvestments. your sales process, all without having to go in and out of individual opportunity records. A built-in filtering system allows sales management to narrow the pipelineBuilding upon to hone in on the most critical opportunities they want to more deeply,Playboox Playmakermakes it easy tostandardize, share, andevolve your company’sbest sales practices toensure each salespersonis performing optimallyat every stage of thesales process. Alldelivered in a simple,compelling andinteractive manner via agame-like interfacethereby increasing usageand adoption. Playboox Tel 415-517-4769 28 Second Street, Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94105 All rights reserved. Copyright 2011 Playboox