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Please take a look at our catalog and call us today to order @ 614-985-3764

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Rilax Catalog

  1. 1. Home Health Tech PRODUCT SHOWCASE200 E. Campus View Blvd. Suite 200 n Columbus, OH 43235 n 614-985-3764
  3. 3. WelcomePEOPLE HAVE A DESIRE TO REMAIN INDEPENDENT IN THEIR OWN HOMES.FORTUNATELY, THIS IS OFTEN THE LEAST ExPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE. A bITOF TECHNOLOGY CAN PROVIDE A SAFER AND HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT.Independent Living With Home Automation Home automation is a comprehensive term which describes any combination ofresidential sub-systems working together. Sub-systems include lighting, blinds, security,audio, phone, heating/cooling, data network, video, irrigation, home theater, etc. Independent living customers can benefit greatly from home automation integration: One Touch Goodnight: A single buttonn Coordinated Window and Thermostat: n turns off the TV, shuts off all indoor A/C turns off when any window is lighting, arms the security system, opened, and turns itself back on when sounds an alert if the garage is open, windows are closed. turns on outdoor security lights and Phone Scam Alert: Voice announcements n adjusts thermostat to night mode. or TV/monitor displays warn senior not Automatic Mute: Mute the whole-housen to answer when the caller audio when the phone rings, preventing is unknown. undue stress and injury. Control Everything: Program keypads to n Caregiver Entry Control: Provide secu-n operate nearly any device, such as a fire- rity code which only works during certain place, fans, motorized window curtains, hours/days and records In/Out times. or an audio system.Automated Lighting Automated lighting is a type of home automation ideal for Independent Living. A centralcontroller operates indoor and outdoor lights for your customer, providing increasedsecurity, safety, energy savings, and convenience to any home. Lighting control systems are designed for installation in existing homes, newconstruction, rental units or anywhere in between. Independent Living customerswill enjoy the following benefits: Pathways of light appear when rising fromn security system and adjusts the bed. Move safely and effortlessly from the thermostat to save energy. bedroom to bathroom to kitchen. Simulate a lived-in look for evenings n One button turns off all lights at night, orn nobody is home. all lights on in an emergency. Lights turn on automatically as you enter n Lights can turn on automatically if then a room, with dimming appropriate for security system detects an intruder, or the time of day. flash to make the home easier for police Lights turn off automatically when a n to find. room is not in use. Smoke alarm can trigger dimmed lights,n Lights can flash to signal the doorbell or n to optimize visibility in smoke-filled rooms. phone ringing.n the resident leaves for the day, one As One button at a stairway turns off all n button turns off all lights, arms the upstairs or all downstairs lighting. 3
  4. 4. GrandCareCREATING A CARE TRIANGLE AMONG INDEPENDENT SENIORS, THEIRFAMILIES & CARE PARTNERS. GRANDCARE SYSTEMS PROVIDE PEACE OFMIND FOR ACTIVE SENIORS & A CONNECTION TO FAMILY & FRIENDS GrandCare offers the most feature- which monitors activities of daily livingpacked wellness and communication system and wellness. Monitor door openings, bloodon the market today. It combines aspects of pressure, weight, medications, wake-upssmart home, online communications, and and more. The system can then be ac-healthcare in one flexible, user-friendly and cessed by family and caregivers using theaffordable package. web-based interface to assess the wellness GrandCare is a touchscreen placed in and safety of the resident. The system canthe loved one’s home. The system provides also be instructed to send an alert email,access to news, weather, pictures, email, text message or phone call to caregivers ifreminders and more with the touch of a something is amiss.finger. They can also play games, search GrandCare is fully customizable, expand-the Internet, listen to music and other able and moderately priced. It is profession-interactive activities to improve their ally installed with little or no new wires,cognitive mind. and seniors need no technical or computer When a loved one’s medical condition expertise to use GrandCare!requires enhanced attention, family mem- n Simple to set up and easy to use.bers and caregivers can activate the activity n Customized to fit any individual’s needs.and wellness monitoring and alerts. The n Flexible and expandable.unit communicates with a wide range of n Low-cost option for independent living.unobtrusive sensors and wellness devices, n No technical expertise required! 4
  5. 5. REMAIN INDEPENDENTn Stay longer in your own home with im- CAREGIVER OPTIONS proved safety and security. Residents receive personalizedn Enjoy all the benefits of the Internet with service and care facilities run more no technical know-how required. efficiently with grandcare. It’s ann Improve memory with interactive games. inexpensive system to monitorn Have the system remind you of birthdays, activity & wellness of residents anniversaries, events and daily activities. without compromising their dignity.n Stay current on important events with a Managing a senior care facility family calendar and messages. requires top-notch service at a costn Improve your health with easy manage- residents can afford. Service is a ment of chronic conditions. delicate balance between providingn Keep track of weight or blood pressure. quality assistance and respecting independence. GrandCare decreases operatingbENEFITS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY costs while maintaining qualityn Save money by avoiding or delaying the service. Residents receive enhanced need for more supervised care. services, facilities run efficiently,n Keep the family connected with pictures, and less time is spent on tedious messages, video conferencing, emails administrative work. and more.n Make informed decisions on level of care with better assessment information.n Save money by using services only when you really need them.n And much more! RESIDENT OPTIONS With a Trillium for each resident, take advantage of ADL alerts and continual communication. Or provide a communal location for residents to play games, take read- ings and more with a Kiosk. STAFF OPTION With the portable Trillibit, travel from room to room to collect vitals and record care notes. 5
  6. 6. Listening DevicesWE OFFER A COLLECTION OF CUTTING-EDGE ASSISTIVE LISTENING DEVICESFOR INDIVIDUALS ExPERIENCING MILD-TO-MODERATE HEARING LOSS.FreedomTalk Amplified Phone This phone helps you overcome hearingand vision challenges. Caller ID announcesthe number in a clear voice and displays iton a large backlit screen. Need to be sureyoure dialing correctly? An oversized, talk-ing keypad confirms each key you press.The system features eight photo dial but-tons, so you dont even need to know thenumbers of your friends and relatives. Justpress a familiar face. If you want to be sure you dont missyour messages, the systems simple digitalanswering machine functionality makesmessage playback loud and clear.$149.95CLCSC1000HearingEasy FreedomTalk Amplified SOSBig Buttons Cordless Phone Alert Phone An ideal solution if The ClearSounds The Talk500ER has greatyou simply want a value- FreedomTalk Expandable features including a uniquepriced amplified phone, this Cordless Phone and answer- pendant for fast and easymodel features a specially ing system bundle includes emergency dialing. The pen-designed circuit to provide one Expandable Cordless dant is easily programmed toextra loud receiver levels Phone and Answering Sys- dial up to 30 numbers at thewithout the need for AC tem and one FreedomPhone touch of a button. Does notpower. Expansion Handset. require monitoring service!$39.95 $169.95 $119.95CLCSC48 CLCSA600BUN CLCSTALK500ER 6
  7. 7. Presto Printing Mailbox While most seniors prefer to stay in their own home as they age, loneliness can be an issue. And if they are among the 58% of adults over 65* who don’t go online, keeping in touch with family and friends can be difficult. With Presto computerless email, seniors can receive email, digital pho- tos, and other documents without the hassle and expense of a computer or Internet connection.TV EARS Doctor recommend-ed TV Ears has helpedthousands of peoplewith hearing loss hearthe television clearlywithout turning up thevolume! The 2.3 system HOW IT WORkSworks with Plasma Anyone on the approved senders list simply sends emailand LCD flat screen just like they would to anyone else. Presto transforms theTVs, in the presence messages into beautiful, easy-to-read e-letters, and preparesof fluorescent lighting. them for delivery. Up to five times per day, on a scheduleThis system covers up you choose, the Printing Mailbox dials into the Presto ser-to 600 sq. ft. vice to check for messages. If there are messages, they are TV Ears Tips automatically printed. There is nothing the senior needs toprovide acoustically do- no mail program to log on to, no attachments to down-sealed chamber that load- they don’t even need to push a button. They simplyreduces room noise and pick up the automatically printed messages, read and enjoy!provides comfort and n spam Noclarity for outstanding n computer or Internet needed Noword discrimination so n Connects to the existing analog phone linethat TV dialog is clear n toll charges Noand understandable. n Selection of puzzles and articles available$79.95 $99.95TV10341 PRESTOPM10 A subscription to the Presto Mail service is required. 7
  8. 8. Door IntercomsNO NEED TO ANSWER THE DOOR EVERY TIME SOMEONE kNOCkS.DOOR INTERCOMS OFFER AN ExTRA LEVEL OF SECURITY FORTHOSE LIVING INDEPENDENTLY, WHILE PROVIDING COMMUNICATIONCONVENIENCES FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FRIENDS.On-Q Selective Call Intercom Seamlessly blending leading edgetechnology with stunning design, SelectiveCall is the most advanced intercom in theindustry. The system allows broadcast orroom-to-room communication at the touchof a button, and enables up to 3 simultane-ous conversations – the only intercomin the industry to do so. And it’s allbased on efficient Cat5 wiring.n to 32 locations per system Upn Simple, intuitive user interfacen to 3 conversations Upn customizable room names 96n built-in digital door tones 20n High-resolution color LCD interfacen Room unit features a high resolution color Includes Intercom Distribution Module, 4 LCD interface, with advanced customiza- Room Units & Power Supply tion options like personalized room names and list sorting Door Unit: $169.95 OQIC5002$1,029.95 Door Unit With Video: $389.95OQIC5400 OQIC5003DoorBell Fon Door Answering The DoorBell Fon replaces a regular door-bell to let you answer the door from anyphone, even a cordless system. When a visitor presses the button on thedoorbox, it rings your home’s phones witha distinctive ring. You greet your visitor bysimply picking up the phone. If you’re on thephone, you’ll hear a call-waiting tone that isanswered with a simple switch-hook or pushof your flash button. The DoorBell Fon con- $179.95nects to 2 doorboxes and allows you to flash ACDP28WTbetween the 2 doors. Intercoms also available in Ivory, Brass,n waiting tone indication Call Aluminum, Bronze and Black. 8
  9. 9. 3-Channel Intercom Kit 5-Channel Intercom Kit Use your existing doorbell to connect No wiring required! The 5-Channel Wire-an intercom doorbox and communicate to less Intercom Console provides a wirelessan interior intercom module via the existing audio communication link between up toelectrical powerline in your home. five console stations and one or two remoten Expandable up to 4 stations. wireless doorbell intercom units.$54.95 $119.95WHDB301 WHDBI5CExtra Outdoor Doorbell/Intercom Box $24.95 Extra 5-Channel Intercom Console $59.95WHDB300 WHI5S 9
  10. 10. Windows & DoorsTHESE SYSTEMS GIVE COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE TO OPEN AND CLOSEDRAPERIES, DOORS, WINDOWS, SkYLIGHTS AND MORE. IDEAL FOR bOTHYOUNG AND OLD LIVING WITH PHYSICAL DISAbILITIES. Add-A-Motor Drapery New feature permits hardwire connection to third-party devices that have timer controlled dry contact relays. These con- trollers can open and close drapery on a time schedule. Motor can also be controlled by IR emitter, and learning remote control. n Heavy duty motors offer quiet, reliable operation. n Precision engineered. n Easy installation. n Motor can be oriented on either end of track.Makita Drapery $349.95 10’ Single Rod When you want the best AD1000quality drapery system,Makita is the choice. $499.95n Reliable matched compo- 20’ Single Rod nents and direct drive AD2000n Clutch for manual operationn Timer is included for CONTROLLER ONLY programming the system $669.95 Add a motor to to open and close up to 4 9’ Single Rod existing drapes without times per day MKDRP20 modification.n Remote operates drape from up to 32 away $749.95 $99.95n Rated for a minimum 18’ Single Rod AD80 30,000 openings/closures MKDRP2110
  11. 11. Sentry Window System Vega Window System BioReader Keypad A low profile design and The UCS Vega Motor Sys- The Napco BioReaderquiet motor are two of tem Provides 12-inch chain Digital Keypad is idealthe exciting and powerful operation for skylights and for those with mild tofeatures engineered into awning or hopper windows. acute cases of arthritis.this new motorized system. Can be installed on top- No need to keys – youIncludes motor, controller, opening or bottom-opening can open the door byrain sensor and hardware. windows. entering a code on the numeric keypad or by$584.95 $499.95 using your finger.TR435100005 UC40902M $299.95 NPBIOREADERMSOpen Sesame Automatic Door Opener At the touch of a button,the Open Sesame automaticdoor opener gives completeindependence to enter andexit home. This professional gradedisabled access system un-latches a locked door, thenopens, pauses and closes it– all automatically. Proximity Reader This remote controlled Access your homedoor opener can be oper- with a proximity card.ated with a variety of Simple installation,wheelchair mounted remote quick programming,controls, wall push pads high reliability, andand other specialty controls great looks are allcustomized to accommo- combined in this Stand-date almost any physical Alone Proximity Reader.disability. Includes 10 cards.$1,879.95 $139.95OSRSPD SEPR112SAIncludes everything you need. 11
  12. 12. Emergency CareWHEN LINEAR INTRODUCED THE PERSONAL EMERGENCY PENDANT,IT CREATED A SIGNIFICANT MARkET FOR EMERGENCY REPORTING.THE CURRENT LINEAR PERSONAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM (PERS)PRODUCT LINE MAxIMIzES THE POTENTIAL OF THAT MARkET.Linear PERS-2400B The Linear PERS-2400B Personal Emer-gency Reporting System is a supervisedwireless emergency reporting productdesigned for medical alert applications. Thetable-top or wall-mount Console providespushbutton emergency assistance to anyonewho desires additional security and peaceof mind. For the visually impaired, each but-ton on the Console is molded with braillecharacters to identify the button’s function. The Console receives signals from upto 16 Linear wireless transmitters (soldseparately). Activating a transmitter causesthe Console’s digital communicator to sendthe appropriate alarm report to the centralmonitoring station via the standard tele-phone network. In addition to the centralstation report, audible and visual indica-tions occur and the alarm relay energizesduring an emergency activation. The emergency alarm can be triggered by PERS-2400b ACCESSORIESthe large EMERGENCY button on the face ofthe Console or with a wireless transmitter.The fire alarm can be triggered by wirelesssmoke alarms. Supervised transmitters regularly sendstatus reports to the Console and low bat-tery reports when their batteries are low.When the Console receives a low battery Personal Wristband Transmitter $34.95report, the TROUBLE indicator flashes. If LNDXS62Athe Console fails to receive a status reportfrom a transmitter for a period of 24 hours, Personal Pendant Transmitter $34.95 LNDXS64the TROUBLE indicator will light. All supervisory conditions can sound a Carbon Monoxide Detector $104.95local annunciation and be reported to the LNDXS80central station. Smoke Detector Transmitter $104.95 LNDXS73$139.95 2-Way Audio Module $44.95LNPERS2400B LNVB4B12
  13. 13. Linear PERS-3600B Linear’s Newest Wire-less Emergency ReportingConsole! The PERS-3600BPersonal Emergency Re-sponse System connects toa telephone line and auto-matically places a call forhelp whenever assistanceis needed, any time of theday or night. The table-topconsole provides “pushbut-ton” emergency assistanceto anyone who desires ad-ditional security and peace UNATTENDED COOkING IS A TOP CAUSE OFof mind. The Console’s emergency FIRES IN RESIDENCES. PREVENT YOUR LOVEDalarm can be triggered bythe large, easy to find, help ONES FROM bEING PART OF THE STATISTICS.button on the top of theConsole or by using a wire- CookStopless wristband or pendanttransmitter. For the visually CookStop continuously checks for movement in theimpaired, each button on kitchen. If the resident leaves the room, or falls asleep,the Console is molded with CookStop shuts the stove off.braille characters to identify Is an unattended pan heating on a stove in a resi-the button’s function. The dential unit you manage — right now? Is someoneConsole can also function asleep with the stove on? Did they get distracted talk-as a fire alarm triggered by ing on their cell phone and step away from cooking?compatible wireless smoke CookStop can be watching for you — and shut downdetectors. that fire risk! CookStop is a proactive solution, stopping the cause$239.95 of the fire. Smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers are reactive solutions – by the time they activate, smoke,LNPERSKIT5BIncludes Console, Wristband flames, and risk are already present.Transmitter, Cords & PowerLNPERSKIT3B $359.95Includes Console, Pendant CSWXWTransmitter, Cords & PowerThe PERS-3600B uses the STOP A FLOOD bEFORE IT STARTSsame transmitters as the Ask us about Automatic Water ShutOff Systems!PERS-2400B (see left). 13
  14. 14. Personal HealthYOU DON’T NEED ANYONE TO TELL YOU jUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TOkEEP YOUR MIND SHARP. YOU ALREADY kNOW HOW MUCH DEPENDS ON IT!Dakim BrainFitness Now you can keep your mind sharpwith award-winning Dakim BrainFitnessSoftware for both PC and Mac, now availableat Home Controls. It’s designed specificallyfor Boomers and Seniors to cross-train thebrain in six cognitive domains and strength-en attention, focus and concentration. Dakim’s challenging brain games – basedon standardized neurological exercises andtests are like no others. Created for adults,they are engaging, sophisticated, richly individuals with the highest brain functionproduced and filled with videos, music, as well as for those with mild cognitiveexciting graphics and humor that make impairment. Dakim BrainFitness is moreevery session fun … for adults! No cartoons, than fun – it’s been shown in a clinical trialchild-like themes or robotic voices! to improve memory! Dakim BrainFitness self-adjusts acrossfive levels of challenge in real time to opti- $249.95mize every brain fitness workout for active DKDBBX0112HKA14
  15. 15. TRACk YOUR bLOOD PRESSURE, WEIGHT AND ACTIVITY OVER TIME TOHELP YOU ObSERVE YOUR TRENDS AND ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH GOALS.A&D LifeSource Wellness Connected Complete Health Monitoring System This combo pack contains the tools youneed to get you moving towards betterhealth at any stage of life. Through dailytracking of blood pressure, weight andphysical activity, you can become aware ofyour personal progress and take a proac-tive approach to caring for your health. TheWellness Connected software applicationautomatically receives your measurementsand graphs it in a user-friendly interface. With ActiHealth (optional subscription),you can view your wellness data fromany computer and even remotely track Includes Wireless Activity Monitor, Wirelessthe progress of family and friends. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor & Cuff, Wireless Precision Scale, ActiLink USB$289.95 Transceiver, Downloadable WellnessANCP1THW Connected Software, Instructions & BatteriesOnyx II Fingertip Instant-Read EarPulse Oximeter Thermometer The Onyx II, the most The A&D Instant-Read Eartrusted name in fingertip Thermometer has an attrac-pulse oximetry, is now inte- tive design to provide a fast, bLOOD PRESSUREgrated with Bluetooth Wire- accurate and easy way to MONITOR kIOSkless Technology allowing take a temperature through The Professionalpatients to take vital signs the ear. A reading Blood Pressure Healthanytime, anywhere. They is provided in just one Monitor is a fully auto-can send their vital data second! It does not require matic blood pressurewirelessly through devices a protective lens cover – monitor with a unique,such as cell phones, PDAs its waterproof tip is easily ergonomic design.and PCs, etc. cleaned.$495.95 $29.95 $3,044.95 ANTM2655NO9560 ANUT302 15
  16. 16. Caregiver Systems17 SENSOR PADS18 WANDER ALERTS19 MOTION SENSORS16
  17. 17. Sensor Pads STANDDOWN IS A REVOLUTIONARY ADVANCE IN FALL PREVENTION, OFFERING CAREGIVERS A CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE FALL PREVENTION SYSTEM WITHOUT COMPROMISING SECURITY OR PIECE OF MIND. StandDown All-in-One Self Contained Sensor The StandDown All-in-One Sensor offers caregivers the ultimate in convenience in every fall prevention monitoring situation. Place StandDown on the wheelchair and situate resident. Switch Patient Tamper Proof switch to On and monitoring begins automatically! There are no plugs to connect, wires to route, alert units to locate or batteries to replace! StandDown can be quickly wiped down with standard disinfectant for easy cleanup. When unit is not in use, $89.95 StandDown folds for easy storage. It is latex free. For Wheelchairs USSD1 StandDown features a “Pause” function that allows caregiver to momentarily accompany resident away from the unit. Alarm emits $104.95 a low sound reminding caregiver to turn StandDown back on upon For Beds resident’s return. USSD2 Cross Point Wireless Sensor Pads – With Voice Alert* Sensor pads available in multiple sizes, for wheelchairs, toilets and beds. Cross Point has introduced two new Sensor Pads are used to notify caregivers sensing systems, built on their very popular when a resident needs assistance or enters Voice Alert System. This new line of products a restricted area. They are used by residents are helpful for caregivers of residents with who are bed-ridden, in a wheelchair or Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to suffer from various forms and degrees of provide notification when a resident needs dementia. The pads trigger a wireless signal help or is inclined to wander. that plays at a Voice Alert receiver in the The system has three components: home or facility notifying a caregiver that a The sensor is connected to a Voice Alert resident needs help. wireless transmitter box, that sends a Incontinence Pads: The Cross Point radio signal to a Voice Alert receiver Incontinence Sensor Pad mounts under bed located up to 300 away. sheets or under a light cloth on a chair to Sensor Pads: The Cross Point Wireless notify a caregiver when a resident has wet. $33.00 * $30.25 $89.95 $72.95 Sensor Pad Incontinence Pad Receiver Transmitter CIVAX22 CIVA1322 CIVA6000R CITXPCBBRJ11 17
  18. 18. Wander AlertsCARE FACILITIES APPRECIATE THE FREEDOM FOR STAFF TO MOVE AbOUTAND STILL bE AbLE TO MONITOR PATIENTS WITH A TENDENCY TO WANDER.Multi-Resident Wanderer Alert The EM-900WA Wanderer Alert monitorsup to 40 residents who wear a transmitteras a pendant or bracelet on a wrist or ankle.When the person wearing the alert devicewanders a selectable distance from the unit,Short (50’) or Long (500’) the alarm sounds! It’s portable, allowing continuous moni-toring while away from the work station.The transmitters continuously send signalsto the Wanderer Alert Monitoring station.Whenever residents wander away or moveoutside areas or facilities, the signals are nolonger received from the transmitter. The $729.95 USEM900WAWanderer Alert detects the missing signalsand sounds the alarm. Wanderer Alert Pendant $189.95 The LCD displays the person’s name, lo- USWPT900cation, etc. received from the transmitters. Can be used as a pendent, or bracelet, wornStaff can quickly respond to the emergency. around the neck, wrist or ankle. ExIT ALERT The Exit Alert detects patients attempts to exit homes or facilities and immediately sends signal to the Enunciator, horn/ strobe unit alerting staff of patient’s attempt to exit. The Battery operated,Single-Resident wireless Sensor Mat/Trans- mitter Unit can be mountedWanderer Alert Inside or Outside of Door or Using a wireless pendant Window. Caretakers are ableto signal to the Wanderer to enter and exit by switch-Alert, the Wanderer Alert ing the unit on and off with-unit sounds the horn/strobe out tripping the alarm.alarm and/or dials a phone, The Exit Alert system cancell or pager when the even notify you when thepatient wanders away. batteries are low!$709.95 $559.95USWA900 USEAXPx 18
  19. 19. Dakota Alert PIR Alert OPTEX Wireless 2000 With a wireless range Install motion sensors atof up to 600’, the system the driveway entrance, frontallows you to monitor many door, back door, side gate OCCUPANCY SWITCHlocations that were difficult … wherever you want to be Turns lights on andbefore. When the sensor alerted. Receiver emits 1 of off in a room baseddetects motion, the receiver 3 different types of tones on whether a roomsounds a chime. Up to four to announce the arrival and is occupied or not. Asensors can be added to location of a visitor. Up to great energy saver!monitor more areas. 2,000 range $64.95$139.95 $179.95 LVODS10IDDAIRWR3000 OPRCTD20U 19
  20. 20. 200 E. Campus View Blvd. Suite 200Columbus, OH 43235