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Strategies Of A Sales Letter That Really Sells
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Strategies Of A Sales Letter That Really Sells


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  • 1. Dan KennedyStrategies Of A Sales Letter That Really SellsOne of the biggest mistakes made by business people is operating with prejudice based onignorance. In the crucial areas of sales and marketing, this mistake is made most often by neglectingthe absolute most effective vehicle for obtaining new customers and reigniting the interest of existingones. An important mentor of mine, Dan Kennedy calls it "writing your own check". This vehicle isknown commonly as a sales letter.Basically, a sales letter done right gives you a salesman that does the job around the clock and neverasks for time and a half. You can tell good advertising copy because it is copy that creates money foryour business. Can visit too bad most business owners neveremploy a sales letter in any form.This omission is devastating to the bottom line, or at least what the bottom line could be. To clear itup, there is no one way or format to create a blow them out of the water, panting for more sales letter.So have no fear.I want you to run with the concept right now, so I am going to tell you all you need to know: Go to thelibrary and grab a stack of magazines from the popular genres. You are looking for things in the areaof fashion, entertainment, sports, and health and fitness. Pick one from specific and one more generalfrom each category. In sports, you might pick up Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest. Go through themand do nothing but look at the ads.Trust me; youll know really good sales copy right away. It is interesting to read and makes youinterested in the product or service being sold. Put a book placeholder and go get two or three pastissues. If you see the same or very similar ad in those back issues, the ad is very likely a successfulad.The strategy of the big boys who throw their money around on the expensive ads is mass marketingto a mass market based on branding using singing polar bears and football playing frogs or whatever.It is highly likely that they have no idea of the ultimate effect of the millions spent. Or visit Thats fine; they have that luxury in many cases. For the purposes of bringingyour product or service to everyday people with choices, you need to bring them benefit and make itreal clear up front what that benefit is.So strategy #2 is having a way of conveying a benefit to your customer that is unique in your market.Right up front you want to answer the question: "Why should I be doing business with you v. My otherchoices for the same product or service?" Bluntly, what can you do for me, and it better be unique
  • 2. and more beneficial than the the other guy can do for me.It is likely that you have heard about the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and the power of a goodone. Billionaire philanthropist Tom Monaghan turned Dominos Pizza into the goliath we see todaywith this USP: "Fresh Hot Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or Less, Guaranteed."A billion dollar empire ensued. With that USP, and the guts to try to back it up on a mass scale,Dominos eventually had the big boys racing to catch