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Overview of Causata's Customer Experience Management platform and applications, including case studies. For more info visit

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Causata Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Customer Experience ManagementOverviewMarch 2013
  2. 2. Causata v4 CXM Applications
  3. 3. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.3 www.causata.comCausata’s Customer Experience Solutionwebsite click dataemail campaigndatamachine dataCRM campaigndatasocial campaigndatamobile app datapersonalized real-timeweb experiencestargeted email andmessaging campaignscontext-driven sales andservice relationshipsrelevant social andmobile adsHbase NoSQL data storeWeb PersonalizationMobile & SocialAdvertisingEvent PathingMicro CustomerSegmentationNext Best OfferMulti-Channel Personalized OffersBehavioral Predictive AnalyticsMarketingAttributionCustomer LifetimeValueEmail ContentTargetingIdentity Graph Predictive Profile Machine LearningCausata enables B2C companies to turn their most valuable customer data into more personalized andtimely actions (offers, promotions and ads) to create richer customer experiences.1st-Party Data
  4. 4. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.4• Seeded with established industry-specific events and attributes• Pre-defined analytic variables forcommon industry analysis• Best-in-class predictive models andmachine learning algorithms• Campaign optimization Dashboardspre-built via SQL InterfaceIndustry Specific Analytic ApplicationsFinancial ServicesShare of WalletBalance ConsolidationDigital Media & TechnologySubscriptions RenewalOptimize Customer Lifetime ValueCommunicationsReduce ChurnCross-SellHospitality /EntertainmentRecommendationsPersonalized Content
  5. 5. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.5 www.causata.comHBase Data Store• Causata event storage powered byindustry-standard HBase database• Built-in high availability and shardingof tables• Linear & modular scaling to dozens ofTBs in response to system usage• World-class monitoring via Cloudera• Event load statistics for data qualitypurposesClouderaMonitoring
  6. 6. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.6 www.causata.comFlexible Identity Graph• User-configurable Strategies to definehow strictly profiles are assembled• Flexible event storage allows you to trydifferent Strategies for differentpersonalization applications• Interactive animated customertimelines highlight how profiles areassembled• Discover common profile linkages andidentifiers through Identity StatisticsIdentityGraphHistory
  7. 7. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.7 www.causata.comCustomer Analytics with Explore• Simple Variable handling in CausataAnalytics simplifies analyst workflow• Group variables by labels or datatypes, and easily create customermicro-segments• Use refined variable sets andsegments consistently with CausataDecisions for decisioning offers• Export predictive variables to yourmodeling tool of choiceVariableExploration
  8. 8. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.8 www.causata.comPaths• Causata’s new Customer Journeyanalytics application• Visualize and break-down customerjourneys across channels• Drill down into common paths to finddrop off points or cross-sellopportunities• Establish key customer segments forpersonalized, multi-channelcampaignsCustomerPaths
  9. 9. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.9 www.causata.comMachine Learning• Reinforcement Learning techniquesautomatically optimize cross-channeloffers to specific customer segments• Online models continually learn decisionafter decision, offer after offer• Configurable settings to optimize for long-term goals, such as lifetime value, or short-term goals, such as next best offer• It’s not a black box; gain visibility into theperformance of your machine-learningdecisions via Causata campaign statisticsand attribution dashboardsMachineLearningStatistics
  10. 10. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.10 www.causata.comPredictive Modeling• Open-source R Package available toseamlessly access Causata data via R• Build powerful R models from Causata’spredictive record sets to derive betterpredictions of customer intent• Publish linear and logistic regressionmodels from R to Causata to powerCausata Decisions in <50 ms• Model scores are available over APIs andSQL queries to make your organizationsmarter about customersWorkacross R &Causata
  11. 11. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.11 www.causata.comAccess your Causata Data through SQL• Causata SQL Interface enables SQLqueries into the Causata data store• Access Causata’s powerfulevent, identity graph and focal pointquery features• Leverage Causata event and customerdata via 3rd party tools such as R• Build business dashboards inQlikView, Tableau or other BI toolsAccess viaODBC tools
  12. 12. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.12 www.causata.comMarketing System Integrations• Decisions API & Profiles APIintegrate Causata decision resultswith common marketingsystems, such asCMS, Email, Advertising and CRM• Import/export customersegments, campaigns, offers, targeting criteria and more• Pre-built integration with AdobeCQ, ExactTarget, SFDC and moremarketing applications Adobe CQIntegration
  13. 13. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.13 www.causata.comCausata ArchitectureReal-Time DecisionsBatch LoadsReal-time Events (JSON)Data Capture ServiceIdentity Association ServiceCampaignManagementTime Series Event Store (HBase)Predictive ModelsCustomer Profiles Machine LearningScenario RecordsWeb & MobileBehavioral DataCRM &Call Center DataDatabases &Data WarehouseTransactional Data ETL ToolsSQL QueriesWebPersonal-izationEmailContentTargetingMobile &SocialAdvertisingMarketingAttributionEvent PathingMicro-SegmentationNext Best OfferModeling ToolsR PackageIntegrationPMMLMulti-Channel Offer PersonalizationPredictive Analytics Applications
  14. 14. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.14 www.causata.comSummary• Open, horizontally-scalable, predictive analytics DMP with real-time decisioning• Store granular data in time order to retain causal information and rapidlyassemble structured predictive records• Exploratory analysis and advanced scoring models through advanced modelintegration, machine learning and real-time APIs• Automated, global optimization of marketing actions across webcontent, email, call center and social/mobile content to drive business goals• Integrated into 3rd party systems as a web service to scale linearly based on datavolumes• Direct measurement of business returns through use of control groups forbenchmarking
  15. 15. Customer Case Studies
  16. 16. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.16 www.causata.comCustomer Case Study | Online BankPainMaximize ROI for each marketing dollar spent on online customer cross-sell and retention.OpportunityNext Best Product offers for millions of end consumers.Data SourcesKnown and anonymous web clicks, email clicks, bank transactions, mobile app, customerdetails and bill pay application.Predictive Analytics & DecisioningPredict next best product interests and offer response likelihood across investmentproducts, loans and new services. Optimize log-in and log-off pages with offers.ResultsImproving online offer conversions and product applications from 60% to 120% versuscontrol groups receiving random offers.
  17. 17. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.17 www.causata.comCustomer Case Study | Top 10 AutoManufacturer with Digital Agency PartnerPainBetter understand customer browsing behavior (pathing) and improve online performance throughpersonalized content and offers. Accelerate web conversions to dealer test drives and car quotes.Opportunity3 million consumer web interactions monthly via website. Predictive analytics and scoring for 1:1website content targeting.Data SourcesWeb click behavior, car sales/leasing data, and demographic data.Predictive Analytics & DecisioningPredict most likely car of choice and offer response likelihood. Optimize content and offerplacement.ResultsDispelled myths about certified pre-owned car and income-level/demographic browsing behavior.Identified most successful paths and offers to convert visitors to test drives and car quotes.
  18. 18. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.18 www.causata.comCase Study | Online GamingPainBetter understand online (web, mobile) betting behavior and sports interests inorder to optimize customer loyalty and profitability.Opportunity50 million consumer web interactions monthly, and 150 million offsiteinteractions. Opportunity to understand customer and prospect interests earlyand optimize Acquisition, Conversion and Retention.Data SourcesWeb click behavior, email campaign clicks, data warehouses for customerdata, ad impressions/clicks and online survey data.Predictive Analytics & DecisioningPredict next best interests and offer response likelihood. Optimize landing pagesand online ads with most relevant sporting and offer content. Reactivate lapsedcustomers with targeted email campaigns and offers. Move from last-clickattribution to equal weighting.
  19. 19. © 2013 Causata Inc. All Rights Reserved.19 www.causata.comCustomer Case Study | Subscription SoftwarePain$100s millions annually in lost revenue from auto renewal refunds and retailchannel churn.OpportunityBuild predictive churn and up-lift models to run proactive campaigns acrossmultiple digital and call center channels to increase auto renewal rates.Data SourcesKnown and anonymous web behavior, email campaign clicks, subscriptioninformation, customer service inquiries, product use machine data.ResultsLaunching multiple in-market retention campaigns in 2013 expected togenerate $10m+ in retention savings for both direct and indirect renewals.