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Presentation at Reference @ the Metcalfe seminar at NSW State Library 4th May 2010. The NSW Reference & Information Services Group decided to explore some options for creating wearable promotions (tee shirts) and the use of RedBubble is where we ended up going to achieve this.

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  • At the last Readers Advisory seminar we launched #bookbinge – a month’s worth of reading during April As part of the discussion around this event the steering committee threw around the idea of promotional merchandising & one of the ideas we came up with was for tee shirts. Ellen & I took this idea on board & started exploring our options. Ellen covered the legal & financial aspects & I looked into how to turn artwork into tee shirts.
  • The company I found which seemed to be able to deliver everything we needed was RedBubble. In order to ensure we met various legal & financial obligations (ie, that no profit whatsoever came to the Reference & Information Services Group) we felt is was important that the production & sale of the tee shirts be handled outside of RISG & that it was a group venture rather than an individual one.
  • And so nswRISG on RedBubble was born
  • As its genesis was a result of #bookbinge we decided to use that twitter tag as the basis of the artwork to be used on our first tee shirt.
  • With the approach of this seminar we also wanted to be able to have shirts featuring the twitter tag #risg2010 available which promoted the day as well – the trick was getting all this done in time for delivery prior to today & by the close of #bookbinge at the end of April.
  • As a bit of fun, while playing around with various text scripts, this image was born – the font is called Reference Speciality & I thought that it was a nice play on words all round. It definitely appealed to my sense of humour.
  • The advantage of RedBubble is that the tee shirt colours are not limited to plain white, nor are the designs limited to round neck styles – here we have the vee neck
  • And the ladies fitted tee
  • The long sleeved tee – which yes, this is what I’m wearing today
  • And the hoodie – another cool aspect of RedBubble is that the text can also be placed on the back of the tee shirt if that’s what you want.
  • Current tee shirt prices range start at $25 Long sleeved tees are $27 & the hoodies are $41.25 It is important to note that these prices are set by RedBubble to meet their production & printing costs. The shirts have no mark-up so RISG does not receive any profit at all from the sale of the shirts nor does any money change hands within RISG – this way we meet all ICAC & ATO considerations. We have added this info & link to the #bookbinge page on the RA wiki & following today’s seminar this information will also go on the Reference blog & wiki So if you’d like your own #risg2010 shirt go online & order one in a colour & style to suit you.
  • risg2010 and RedBubble

    1. 1. I like your shirt
    2. 2. Thanks, I got it from RedBubble
    3. 3. Where?
    4. 14. http://www.redbubble.com/people/nswrisg