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  1. 1. Tormented<br />
  2. 2. The film 'Tormented' is where we got the idea for our opening 2 minute film. Tormented starts off with a the main Character, a teenager in school uniform being arrested in frot of her classmates. the screen then fades to black and the title '5 days early' fades in then fades out. We then fades into a close up of the same girl giving a speach, we then find out that it is someone's funeral. A boy then gets up and acuses her of killing this person. The boy then gets chucked out of the churched by the gym teacher. The camera tilts up the church, and then it cuts to the sence of the burial.<br />
  3. 3. Mise-en- Scene: <br />A police car with blue and yellow squars. Studints crowed around an entrents to the privet school. You can see that it is a privet school because of the school uniform and if the building. Worry on her face due to her facual expression. Has a grin on her face as she is saying the speech. Smartlly dressed black jackets and ties, because there at a funeral. We can see it is a funeral because of the cofin in the left hand coner and of the sitting arangment. Anger on the boys stands up and you can see the church door behind him. He intarups the speach. The man at the ulter is angry. You can see the church windows behind him. Boy gets throungh in go the grounds of the church by the gym teacher. You can tell he's a gyn teacher because of his dress black top and track suit top. Shows the area of the church being sarounding by trees.<br />
  4. 4. Camera work:<br />Tracking shot from police car to school building were you have a long shot of girl being taken. Jump cuts and close up shots of the girl being taken. Cut to black screen. Close up shot of girl talking. Over the shoulder shot of girl looking at the audience. Mid shot of girl talking and another jump cut close up of her talking. Mid shot of boy standing up and Mid shot of man telling him off. Long shot of boy talking. Another mid shot of boy talking. Long shot of teacher grabing boy. Mid shot of teacher draging boy out, Long shot of boy being taking out of the church. Mid shot of boy being through, low angel of over the shoulder shot of boy on the ground. Revers shot of boy and teacher. Mid shot of church doors being closed. Close up of boy shoting. Long shot of church. Tilt shot of the church.<br />
  5. 5. Editing: Jump cut at the begining of the opening scen. Fade out to a black screen and fade in to a speaking scene.<br />Sound: Stats off with bright bubbley music for 'pathe', then music for 'BBC films'. A dot sound with an eco for 'Slingshot'. For the beging of the film the music stars off low hellicopter sound. As the scene moves of a girls voice starts to sing in a high eco voice. You then get the sound of some electoric church bells. When the scene cuts to a black screen the voice starts to fade out. A girl voice starts to talk in a loud serios voice.<br />