CENTIRO CASE STUDYCentiro helps Nobel Biocaresave 40% in transportation costs                                             ...
CENTIRO CASE STUDY                                                                                               CENTIRO H...
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Centiro case nobel biocare efficiency and innovation


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Centiro case nobel biocare efficiency and innovation

  1. 1. CENTIRO CASE STUDYCentiro helps Nobel Biocaresave 40% in transportation costs “Thanks to our solution, the nurses and administrative staff are freed from routine repetitive work,” says Fredrik. Valuable time can be spent on customers and patients instead of on logistics. A new way to look at transport – and 40% lower cost A key element in Nobel Biocare’s supply-chain architecture is the Transport Management solution from Centiro. ”The introduction of Centiro has been an important enabler to reduce our transportation costs with 40 %, transform our business model and take a whole different position in the market. AYesterday, losing your teeth due to success factor is the consistent way we have a singleaging or accidents could really make interface with our carriers on all our sites. The real- time consolidation offered by Centiro has been ayou lose your smile. Nowadays, lots of huge success:people win their smile back thanks toNobel Biocare. “This has not onlyThe dentist smiles too, thanks to lower capital tied- had a substantialup and higher delivery precision. Nobel Biocares’ impact on transportcommitment to supply-chain innovation is making economy; deliveriesheadway into the market. are also timelier, up from 94% to 97% measured in relation toA winner in fierce competition customer promise.”Due to the slowdown in world-economy, the Fredrik Helgesson, Head of Supply Chaincompetition has hardened. “We realized we had to Managementput distance between ourselves and the competitionin times where prices were dropping and our But Nobel Biocare didn’t stop there.product was becoming commoditized”, says FredrikHelgesson, Head of Supply Chain Management. Turning tables: Power and visibility to the“Our goal has been to make our supply chain the customermarket standard, with efficiency, innovation and One of the supply chain innovations has been thecustomer value as keywords.” And thanks to Centiro customer-facing transportation portal provided byTransport Management, Nobel is no longer just selling Centiro. Precision and customer satisfaction increaseproducts – they sell a complete supply-chain solution when Nobel lets the customer assume responsibilityto their customers. The end result is shorter waiting for everyday supply-chain decisions. “At the sametimes and therefore less pain for their patients. time, we give our customers visibility, control over costs and the ability to choose service level and transport setup themselves.”
  2. 2. CENTIRO CASE STUDY CENTIRO HELPS NOBEL BIOCARE SAVE 40% IN TRANSPORTATION COSTSLocal decisions, central controlOn the flip-side of the same coin, Nobel can now get NOBEL BIOCARE FACTSan overview of how costs and transportation quality Turnover 581 million Euro (2010)develop in real time. But it does not stop at merely Net result 115 million Euro, 19.7% (2010)looking at yesterday’s data in a rear-view mirror – the Employees 2 465portal has had a considerable effect on the business:“We now use more road transport and send less by Sales-units 34air. A beneficial side-effect is a lower environmental Distributors 34impact.” Customers 65 000 SKU’s 3 800SAP + Centiro = true Deliveries per day 7 000Nobel Biocare’s SAP system is integrated in real time Employees, supply chain 100with Centiro’s global SaaS environment in Sweden. Location 6 locations using CentiroThe solution uses standard SAP iDoc interfacesto create a seamless process with global control.“When we introduce change based on our insight,we can make sure all sites reap the benefits quickly.This speed of change used to be unthinkable,” saysFredrik. “When we introduce change based on our insight, we canMoving forward, Fredrik and his team will continue make sure all sites reap theto meet the competition with a smarter and stronger benefits quickly. This speed of change usedsupply chain. And Centiro will go with him. “We to be unthinkable,”have two strategic software platforms – SAP andCentiro. And there is still a lot to be done to improveour customers’ profitability. The combined focus ofinnovation and efficiency will lead to more and leanerservices that surround our core product,” concludes CONTACT THE TEAMFredrik. Phone: +46 33 - 290 390 Mail: sales@centiro.se “The introduction of Centiro has been an importantenabler to reduce Nobel Biocare’stransportation costs with 40%,transform our business model andtake a whole different position in themarket.”Fredrik Helgesson, Head of Supply Chain ManagementCentiro design logistics management software with people in mind. Software to help you differentiate your organization from your competitors, raise your customers’ satisfaction and loweryour operating costs. Our solutions are designed for a world of unknowns, in order to help you master your logistics challenges.