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Social media 09


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  • You need to go where the people are. Social networks are just that, social, with much better potential for getting to know customers on a more intimate level.
  • You need to go where the people are. Social networks are just that, social, with much better potential for getting to know customers on a more intimate level.
  • Transcript

    • 1. What is Social Networking?
      • Sending messages to one another in real time and getting responses back quickly
      • Connect with prospects
      • Build relationships
      • Gain leads through connections
      • Build a sense of community
    • 2. Social Networking: Why participate?
      • Join the conversation at various online social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others.
      • Each group of consumers — Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers or Gen Y-ers—has their own distinct culture, set of values and preferences for where, when and how to communicate.
      • Meet them on their own terms or risk not meeting them at all.
    • 3. Social Networking: Why participate?
      • It’s where real estate is going!
      • Extend connections
      • Share info as an authority, join conversations
      • New PR and business opportunities
      • Build relationships
      • Additional traffic, attention and buzz
      • Competitive differentiation
    • 4. Determine your strategy using POST method:
      • People: Assess your customers’ social activities and understand if they even participate in social media
      • Objectives: Decide what you want to accomplish
      • Strategy: Plan for how your relationship with customers can change
      • Technology: Decide what social media to use (blog, twitter, networking)
    • 5. Top social networking sites
      • Facebook - connect with people around you
      • LinkedIn - join network of over 12 million
      • ActiveRain – Realtor networking, referrals
      • Twitter – ‘Tweet’ your friends means placing short bits of info out via cell phone message texting. Follow others and they can follow you.
      • Trulia Voices – online response
    • 6. Social Networking: Don’ts
      • Never put anything online that you would not want to see on the front of the newspaper or that you would not want a potential client or your boss to see.
      • No blatant promotional messages; share relevant info, contribute to other people’s conversations, and have fun. People expect you to engage in the online conversation as a person, not as a real estate agent trying to drum up business.
    • 7.
      • Get connected with former and current shere
      • Find potential clients
      • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know
    • 8. 10 things you can do on LinkedIn
      • 1. Establish a Profile
      • 2. Join and Start Groups
      • 3. Ask and Answer Questions
      • 4. Promote Your Reading List
      • 5. Share Links to Good Articles
      • 6. Post Status Updates
      • 7. Connect With and Recommend Others
      • 8. Conduct Polls
      • 9. Share Presentations
      • 10. Import Blogs
    • 9. What is Facebook?
      • Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to create a profile join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people.
      • Share photos, videos and blog posts with friends
    • 10.
      • Establish a Profile
      • Build a Community
      • Lead Conversations
      • Post Notes
      • Conduct Polls and Contests
      • Display Work
      • Deploy Widgets
      • Stage Events
      • Share Links to Great Articles
      • Post Video, Audio and Pictures
      10 things you can do on Facebook
    • 11. Good Facebook Updates
    • 12. Micro-blogging: Twitter “ Twitter is a free social networking and micro blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.”
    • 13. 10 Types of Twitter Posts 1. News and Information 2. Educational 3. Questions 4. Status Updates 5. Re-Tweets 6. Links to Articles, Events, Resources 7. Random and Personal 8. Replies/Conversation (DM and @ Messages) 9. Broadcasting Live Events 10. Promotional (10%)
    • 14. Trulia Voices connects you with serious home searchers – for free ! • Respond directly to local home buyer/seller questions • Sign up for email alerts and be the first to answer questions in your area • Answers remain posted for future home buyers/sellers searching Trulia Voices voices
    • 15. Trulia Voices in Seobastpol
    • 16. Create a free Trulia profile
    • 17. Google Yourself
    • 18.
      • Get connected
      • Don’t get carried away!