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Portfolio mortgage lendatl-simplex_swiftrealty_touchrev

  1. 1. What is the local housing market doing?8/24/2012 4
  2. 2. Down Payment Saving Up?8/24/2012 Being gifted? 8
  3. 3. Job Stability Happy workers! Secure jobs!8/24/2012 10
  4. 4. Family ConsiderationsWe’ve only just begun … 11
  5. 5. Examining Trends8/24/2012
  6. 6. Case-Shiller Stats8/24/2012
  7. 7. Mortgage rates are at “sea level”!In other words, they’re at an all time LOW!!8/24/2012 23
  8. 8. What Do We Do? We make We provide a full in-housequality video service. We don’t bother our clients with the usualtestimonials hurdles that come with for your making quality video testimonials. business We arrange: website –  Locations using  Times and dates  Film and lighting crews professional actors. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  9. 9. Why We Use Professionals This is what they  “Lights, camera, do for a living! action!” Our cast and crew are Our actors are always ready, given power willing, and able to scripts which have deliver star quality been carefully performances! written to increase your sales!  You can bank on our product! Professionals give your video a sense of realism and inspire confidence! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  10. 10. Drawbacks of Using Your Client’s Location• You’ll need their home or place of business for filming. Either way it’s an enormous imposition and a blatant disruption of their routine.• Is their home or business large enough for the necessary crew and equipment?• Is the lighting suitable?• What about the general appearance? Is it clean and up-to-date? Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  11. 11. Testimonials Done Correctly Are Priceless!We use State-of-the-Art camera and lighting equipment for a perfect take every time!If shot with hand-held video cams and poorly lit, the result can do more harm than good.Our crew is well-trained and experienced.We can say without hesitation they’re the best in the business!Using inexperienced and untrained personnel will only result in a shoddy product that you wouldn’t want on your website. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  12. 12. Which Testimonial Package Is Right For You?3-Video Package: £1500 6-Video Package: £2500 10-Video Package: £3900Our basic package provides a This is a fantastic option and is This shows that the client trulygreat option for businesses on what most of our clients start understands the idea behinda small budget. We can script with. In 6 videos we can really testimonials. These are thein the vital selling points of write a powerful script which companies that see increases ofyour business and the guarantees a massive return. up to 300%. When you have 10advantages for customers. You We explore what your videos on your site, prospectswill, without doubt, see an prospects think while they’re will watch them all and beincrease in your sales and searching your site; we devote subtly encouraged to orderenquiries, but bear in mind lots of time to evaluating your right away. The results arethat the scope of information competition, and we really find amazing! Eventually everyoneabout your company is limited. out what makes your clients ends up with 10, but if you haveHigher returns will be seen by tick. This is one powerful the budget, save yourself theadding more videos. package! time and go for the full 10 now! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  13. 13. Our Money Back GuaranteeFACT: We specialise in testimonials. We’re one of a very few companies that do.FACT: Making video testimonials is an art. When done properly, they are worth their weight in gold! If poorly done, they can actually harm your business.FACT: Through trial and error we have developed a formula that works consistently to increase your sales from 50% - 300%. (The return you will see depends on how effective your current web marketing is.) OUR GUARANTEE: As unlikely as it is, if you’re not seeing an increase in your gross sales within the first 3 months, WE WILL REFUND YOUR FEE! That’s right! That’s how confident we are in our results! You know why? Because we haven’t had to make any refunds yet! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  14. 14. Quick Turnaround: We complete your testimonial within 4 weeks of your sanctioning the job to us. Affordable Prices: Our prices are brilliant.We offer three basic packages: 3 video testimonials - £1500 6 video testimonials - £250010 video testimonials - £3900 Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  16. 16. “The horse is here today, but the automobile is onlya novelty – a fad!”- President of Michigan Savings Bank advisingagainst investing in the Ford Motor Company“There is no reason for any individual to have a computerin his home. ”– Ken Olsen, President Digital Equipment, 1977“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”- Charles H. Duell, Director of US Patent Office, 1899"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible!"- Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895
  17. 17. Survey by Inman News: 1500 agents all making $100K+ annually 92% are in the office less than 15 hours a month. Almost half have never attended an office meeting. 75% have a facebook business page. 81% have a YouTube channel.
  18. 18. So . . . What’sthe Role of theReal Estate *SupportBroker and *TrainingOffice Now? *Advocate
  19. 19. SWIFT Real Estate Group is “What’s Next in Real Estate” It’s All About the Net (We use technology to make an agent’s life easier!) Support Agent Portal is available online: Anywhere you are and anytime you need it. Take your office with you wherever you go.My Contacts My Transactions My Forms
  20. 20. SWIFT Real Estate Group is “What’s Next in Real Estate” It’s All About the Net(We use technology to make an agent’s life easier!) Interesting Topics Seven Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Your Income Turning a $3 Box of Cookies into $20,000 Market Big with Small Dollars Technology Visual tour account Agent website Advocate We are here to make your life easier, not more difficult! Have someone in your corner! Coaching and Mentoring Agent Rewards Program Earn points for sales and referring business to the company!
  21. 21. SPECIAL FOR WEBINAR ATTENDEES$99 Per MonthWaive E&O ForThe 1st Year!Includes theVISUAL TOURS andPERSONAL WEBSITEfor FREE which ontheir own would costclose to $1,000annually
  22. 22. Let’s Take a Look at an Example: Typical agent selling 10 homes per year: Average Sales Price $150K Average Commission per sale - $4,500Typical Franchise Model:$4,500 x 10 = $45,000 MODEL:6% royalty and a 70/30 split $4,500 x 10 = $45,000Agent Net = $29,610 $99 Per Month $299 Transaction Fee
  23. 23. Ask yourself three questions… 1. Where Does Your Business Come From? 2. Where is the Real Estate Brokerage Business Going? 3. Does Your Current Broker Have A Vision for the Future?
  24. 24. Here at wehave the answers! “What’s Next in Real Estate!"
  25. 25. ! Please Note: This template wasdesigned to match Client’s website: Pleasecompare at: www.touchrev.com NIMble™ MicroKiosk The easiest way to provide customers with a vivid interactive shopping experience! Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  26. 26. What is the NIMble™ MicroKiosk? The NIMble™ MicroKiosk is a turnkey touch computer designed for commercial use in the retail industry.It is an interactive, multi-purpose “mini” kiosk designed toenhance consumer experiences at point of purchase andincrease product sales. Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  27. 27. Features of the NIMble™ MicroKiosk Unit is small in size; can fit easily on any shelf/aisle/end cap. Designed for commercial use, especially retail. High quality manufacturing. Easy to install. Requires only 1 cable! Many connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Cell, Ethernet) Competitively priced, low TCO. Available in multiple sizes. Easy to brand. Has the look and feel of the iPad. A true “touch” experience. Responsive and accurate multitouch. Easily connects to peripherals: barcode scanners, printers, MSR, RFID, etc. Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  28. 28. Quick and Easy Deployment Complete solution; ready to power on right out of the box! Standard VESA mounting options. Complete Android operating system; will work with existing Android apps. Standard 5V power adapter or Power-Over-Ethernet. New Android apps are easy to develop. No additional hardware needed. Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  29. 29. Technical Specifications The NIMble™ MicroKiosk is a multi-purpose retail Kiosk with the following features: 4.3” up to 15.6” screen sizes Wi-Fi & Wired Network connection Multi-touch Android OS Video playback Expansion connectors: USB, UART, GPIO, Audio Powered via 5V adapter or Power-Over-Ethernet Full enclosure with VESA mounts Models starting at just $149! Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  30. 30. NIMble™ DMS DMS is the NIMble™ Device Management Server. It allows you to manage multiple NIMble devices remotely. Can be a hosted SAAS solution or self-hosted Update content on many units at once Manage devices individually, by store, or by region… Collect user data in various regions Track usage Update applications or operating system software Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  31. 31. Retail Kiosk Facts and Figures Of this same sample of retailers, 75% of them are planning to customize the shoppers experience by integrating a smart device into their brick and mortar storefronts. As the majority of purchases still occur in the brick and mortar store, it is imperative that the store leverage the right technology to give customers the same kind of information and experience they get online, but with the added familiarity and immediacy of an in-person visit. *Data taken from White paper – “What’s Driving Tomorrow’s Retail Experience?” Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential
  32. 32. How can I get a NIMble™ MicroKiosk? Call Touch Revolution for information and pricing: (415) 655-4940 Email Touch Revolution for information and pricing: sales@touchrev.com Visit our website for more information: www.touchrev.com Property of TPK USA – Proprietary & Confidential