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    Portfolio   less is more slides Portfolio less is more slides Presentation Transcript

    • THE MOST TRENDS FACING SMALL BUSINESSES IN 2011 A comprehensive research study by acid test marketing
    • #1 Danger: The CLUTTER Factor Average consumer faced with commercial messages per day! The consumer is hit with an average of commercial messages per day!
    • 60,000,000 people are on the “Do Not Call” Registry! Unreachable Consumers 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Ad-Blockers Resenters Resisters56% resist buying from companies that advertise “too much!”
    • OK, here’s the secret . . . Select a narrow, specific “ideal” target market and communicate continually.
    • Some disturbing facts . . . Major corporations lose, and therefore must replace, a good of their customers every 5 years!A typical company’s customersleave at a rate of per year,a figure that is increasing annually!
    • The good news is . . . An average of of customers who complain about an incident will do business with you again you resolve their problem.
    • #3 Danger: Lagging Behind Web 2.0!Now more than ever, it’s vital for companies to embrace not only the latest technologies, but crucial social networks, as well!
    • #4 Danger: Increasing Marketing Costs Decreasing Effectiveness Cost Effect
    • The law of Diminishing Returns!In 2011 it costs more than as much as it did in 1992 to reach prospective Customers. In 2011 it takes to reach your buyer where it only took 4 in 1992. Therefore , in 2011 it costs achieved in 1992.
    • #5 Danger: Increasing Competition Increasing Failures! Over new businesses start every year! More than within the first 2 years!Lack of sufficient capitalPoor management skillsLack of sales
    • To Increase Your Odds of Success . . .Don’t waste another dollar guessing at what works best. Call today for aBusiness Assessment to identify your key leverage areas. The Team of experts at will determine your Lowest Cost/Highest Returns Sales and Marketing Strategies.
    • What is the local housing market doing?8/24/2012 4
    • Down Payment Saving Up?8/24/2012 Being gifted? 8
    • Other DebtAnything can happen! 9
    • Job Stability Happy workers! Secure jobs!8/24/2012 10
    • Family ConsiderationsWe’ve only just begun … 11
    • 2006 Atlanta Housing Market8/24/2012 14
    • Examining Trends8/24/2012
    • Case-Shiller Stats8/24/2012
    • Metro Atlanta Projection Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area Forecast change: first quarter, 2012 – first quarter, 2013 -1.4% Forecast change: first quarter, 2013 – first quarter, 2014 +8.2% Market fundamentals Median Family Income $65,000 (First quarter 2012) Median Home Price $104,000 (First quarter 2012) Change in Home Prices -17.4% (From first quarter 2011 thru first quarter 2012) Worst 1-Year Home Price Change -17.4% (1980-2012) (2012:Q1) Source: CNN Money8/24/2012 18
    • Now or Later?8/24/2012 21
    • Mortgage rates are at “sea level”!In other words, they’re at an all time LOW!!8/24/2012 23
    • Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%!
    • What Do We Do? We make We provide a full in-housequality video service. We don’t bother our clients with the usualtestimonials hurdles that come with for your making quality video testimonials. business We arrange: website –  Locations using  Times and dates  Film and lighting crews professional actors. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%!
    • Why Use Video Testimonials? The Way People Get Information 100% 80% 60% Read Text 40% Watch Video 20% 0%Because according to recent studies 92% of respondents say theywould prefer to watch a short video to gather more informationregarding a product or service they were interested in compared toonly 8% who would actually read an article. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%!
    • Why Use Video Testimonials?Because the power of audio and video engages a personby up to 30 times more than a standard website. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%!
    • Quick Turnaround: We complete your testimonial within 4 weeks of you sanctioning the job to us. Affordable Prices: Our prices are brilliant.We offer three basic packages: 3 video testimonials - £1500 6 video testimonials - £250010 video testimonials - £3900 Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%!
    • Who Is Deaf? Deaf individuals are in every country, every race, every profession. We are as unique, talented, educated, dedicated, and driven as the hearing community. Given the opportunity, we work together as equals. 2
    • National Association of the Deaf The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) NAD advocates for deaf human rights 6
    • TSSF PROGRAMS2012 7
    • Program: Business Partnerships Deaf CEOs and Executives work together withbusiness leaders to find solutions and integrate deaf professionals into the workforce.2012 8
    • Deaf Business ExecutivesUnique monthly networking opportunities to bring deaf CEOs and Executives together for mutual benefit. Key topic: Establishing how to help hearing professionals feel comfortable working with co-workers or employers who are deaf, oralists, or hard of hearing (HH).2012 9
    • Technology Initiatives2012 11
    • w w w. s e t h s h a n n o n . o rg Twitter: @sethshannonTSSF Thank You!2012
    • Interior and Exterior Design
    • Solar Panels
    • Replacement windows anddoors cut heating and cooling bills in half while enhancing beauty and functionality!
    • The glorious gleam of carpeting TheThe dazzling glint hardwood plush warmth of tileFlooring is basic. Whether luxury, function, or convenienceis your guide, we have a solution forevery budget.
    • Patios