Project: Technology!


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Slides from the 4-hour tech workshop I gave at the MaFLA fall conference, 2012. Great resources for foreign language teachers!

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Project: Technology!

  1. 1. PROJECT:TECHNOLOGY!Catherine RitzMaFLA Fall Conference, 10/2012
  2. 2. Learning objectives / agenda• To make your classroom tech-friendly, giving you resources to support class management as well as Web 2.0 and Mobile student-centered projects and activities.• AGENDA: 1. Management 2. Web 2.0 resources for student projects/activities 3. Mobile resources for student projects/activities Dinner Break & Dessert Break
  3. 3. Ice-breaker• Your name?• Where you teach & what language you teach?• What your level of tech comfort is?• What tech resources are available to you?• What does technology look like in your classroom?• Quick Poll: • Laptop? • Smart phone? • Cell phone? • iPad?
  4. 4. Stage 1: Management• Establish the foundation for a tech-friendly classroom: • Class website/blog • Class management site (homework posting, etc.) • Flashcards • Work seamlessly from multiple computers • Stay current in new resources
  5. 5. Class website/blog• Blogger or WordPress • Rethink your class website • Create a department website and PUBLICIZE your department!! • OR
  6. 6. Class management• • Like a class FB page w/out the worry. • Students join your group and can post audio/video/ text/questions/polls, etc. • You can send reminders to students on assignments (includes calendar) and can facilitate group work.
  7. 7. Flashcards• • Make (or find already) free flashcards with audio. Includes games and can embed flashcards on a website. • Can also make class accounts and track how students are using.
  8. 8. Multiple computers• • Download to every computer you use and it looks just like a regular folder! • You can share files/folders easily.
  9. 9. Professional development Personal Learning Networks• • The best online professional development! • Please follow me @ritzforeignlang, then see who I follow, then look for other teachers. This is not personal, it’s 100% professional resources w?id=0ASnpJkDhdWidZGY1M3BuZ2RfMzFkaHA3aDlobQ &hl=en_US&authkey=CNbdw7ID sharing, asking/answering questions, helping other teachers and getting help from them!
  10. 10. Break-out…• Set up accounts and begin creating sites/pages/etc. for whatever resource you would like to practice with!
  11. 11. Stage 2:Web 2.0 for student projects/activities• Enhance your projects/classroom activities with technology & “publish” them on your class website: • Fun voice recording • Digital storytelling • Timelines • Comic strips/animations • Interactive images
  12. 12. Kooky voice recording• • Free site where you can upload a digital photo and make it talk. Very fun! • Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog. • App equivalent: Babblizer• • Free site where you make an Avatar talk. Can record voice or type text and set accent. • Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog. • No app.
  13. 13. Digital storytelling• • Free. Beautiful art to inspire writing! • Can create class and add assignments. • Can “embed” or share.• • Free. Register, then create digital books that can be purchased, or can just share the link! • Add art from online, or select images from their databank.
  14. 14. Timelines• • Create free timelines with text, images, and links. • Can embed on websites or share link.
  15. 15. Comic strips/Animations• • Animations with voice recording• & • Free comic strip creation
  16. 16. Interactive images with or w/o voice• • Free recording site designed for musicians. • Create free account. • App available. • Can post sound to Twitter, Facebook, email it or get “embed” code. • Can leave comments at timed intervals on recording.• • Take any image and make it interactive. With the use of SoundCloud, you can add audio (and with YouTube, you can add video)! • Can “embed” on other sites. • No app.
  17. 17. Techie talk: the embed code• Essentially, something interactive that is posted on another website. Like a YouTube video you see on any website.• All you need to know… • Copy & Paste (don’t mess with anything inside the brackets) • Use the “HTML” editor on Blogger
  18. 18. Break-out…• Choose one or two resources you would like to use, create an account and test them out.• “Embed” your creations in your newly created class website for practice. (Or email me your “embed” code and I will post on my website:
  19. 19. Stage 3: Mobile-friendly• Allow cell phones & smart phones in your classroom to enhance instruction and make it more engaging for your students. • Voice recording • Videos • Digital storytelling • Polling • Clickers
  20. 20. Voice recording• Google Voice • Set up free account with Gmail. Choose phone number and link to your phone, then select “Do Not Disturb.” • All calls go to your inbox and can be “embedded” or played online. App available. • Just like leaving a voice mail for someone!
  21. 21. Video cameras• Videos • SmartPhone = built-in camera and video camera • Use the “Splice” app (free) to link multiple scenes together. • Email video (if small enough) or upload to class YouTube Channel (you can set the videos to private, so only you can see)
  22. 22. Digital Storytelling• • Free site with restrictions (or $1 per registration for department). • Students create digital narrations with text or audio. Teachers and others can comment. • Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog. • App available.
  23. 23. Polling• • Free polls, just need a regular cell phone
  24. 24. Clickers• • Free site. Use online or with apps (teacher app & student app). • Create “quizzes” or quick student questions. • Best with apps when all students have Smart phone.
  25. 25. Break out…• Either set up an account online for a mobile resource you’d like to test out, or download the app on your Smart phone and practice.
  26. 26. Resources from this workshop• •• •• •• • •• ••• My sites• •• •• • www.arlingtonworldlanguages.blo•• • ••••